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This is Why Luffy is Officially Overpowered


One battle ends and another is coming up fast Oda is not giving these straw hats a break anytime soon let's get to it we open chapter 1070 on the Fallen sentimaru Luchi is standing over him while Luffy is charging over to his Fallen Friend even with gear fifth up Luffy looks worried apologizing to ax guy for distracting him Santo Maru.

Weighs this off however he is still conscious and he won't make any excuses he saw Lucy's attack coming his defense simply wasn't good enough for the proud warrior the embarrassment might hurt worse in the blow even Rob Lucci has to extend sent to Maru some respect for still being conscious after an attack like that his whole specialty is.

Overwhelming offense someone remaining conscious after an attack from him is pretty impressive still the cipher pull agent is blunt snapping a big Punk's bodyguard to fall down already as long as he is still conscious Lucy's team won't be able to co-op the seraphim they'll be locked into centimaru's last orders which were to fight cp0 merciless.

Leopard man lunges at the Sumo claws out he will end this more violently if he has to Santo Maru raise the hand groggly trying to protect himself thankfully battle ax has an ally here now Luffy hooks one stretchy leg around Lucci twirling around before launching his foe away with a gomogomano booming white whip the Assassin flies through the air.

Defenses against the robbery God of Freedom cp0 are gobsmacked as a Grizz Warrior just vanishes into the distance like a blasted off-team rocket while Luffy is still spinning around Chopper and jimbei are still trying to leave the scene with the first son of the sea Collins was Captain he has bought them time with that big attack they have a.

Chance to lead together why not take it unfortunately Luffy can't stop spinning the classic cartoon 5 of gear fifth has turned against him with his Tasmanian Devil bet Luffy just keeps twirling away from them completely out of control as your refugees keep running towards the factory thankfully these seraphim are still loyal to Egghead for the moment.

And I'm more than able to provide cover for their Fleamasters as Hawk takes Point using his massive sword to carve a wide path through the luckless cyberpole grunts as shark is every bit as effective however the gym they replicant does beneath the ground rushing against the surface to drive waves through the agent's ranks setting them every which.

Way Kaku and Susie hold the rear despairing at this turn of events they are not supposed to damage the seraphim they are highly valuable weapons after all plus they are about to be extremely hard to repair once they are done killing Mega puns but if they're going to complete their mission they don't have an alternative they're going to.

Have to fight them but destroying them is a mission failure to see Muses that it is more terrifying when you remember that these are just the child versions how much more powerful will they served from me once they reach adulthood back in the lab stratum control room Frankie is despairing he points out the jinbei serafin's power set it is obviously the.

Suisunomi Senor Pink's ability naturally Frankie is more than a little upset by this the only way a devil fruit is supposed to respawn is that the original wielder dies he has vegapunk flat out if his sworn brother died off screen thankfully vegapunk confirms the baby man is fine just locked up and inhale down with that idea ironed out these.

Straw hats guess that Vega pug must have copied his fruit the old punk denies that too stating is the only fruit he can copy directly are zoons Vega Punk takes a second to mute some of the options with copying devil fruits he knows that Caesar's method these smile fruits are completely unacceptable Nami agrees with him muttering that the clown.

Could die many many times for his past misdeeds and it wouldn't be enough for her but it's unclear if vegapunk is objecting to the byproduct of Caesar's work or just the visual imperfections this man considered a mythical Zohan a failure from being pink his standards are high regardless vagapon continues musing about those self-same fruits he.

Is sure that he can develop even mythical zoans with enough time money after all he managed to basically replicate kaido's fruit still he is unconvinced as to whether the copy could be awakened if they could however that would open the floodgates for some crazy things imagine Nami Zorro and Sanji all with the hitohitomi maronika the old the.

Oxa is thinking back to his efforts with the most stressful fruit of all he tried to duplicate them but they proved the most Troublesome curious we have seen regular pacifists use laser beams are those not duplicates from kazara's fruit then again we know that Frankie duplicated the technology so that's sort of a given however he has.

Found a way out for paramecia fruits with the original user's lineage Factor he can create a blood additive that grants a copy of the original user's devil through Powers we get a brief cut to a snake seeing the liquid flowing through her arm Vega Punk proudly declares that he is called this new blood green blood a little uncreated but.

Hey what else was he going to call it and the Angelic Hancock duplicate shows off her granted power for us in short order using her big sisters trademark heart pose she lets fly with a perfect meadow meadow mellow these cyber bull Asians are turned to stone in an instant which raised an interesting question since the green blood is taken from the.

Lineage factor of Boa Hancock would this allow F snake to revive people her counterpart turned to stone it would provide a loophole to escape dilemma Hancock used the force teach into a stalemate back on Amazon Lily also based on previous comments by Oda I'd like to assume these CP agents were turned to stone on account of the seraphim being.

Adorable as opposed to anything weird S Bear follows her blow up with an ursa's shock causing the ground and nearby buildings who crumble around the cp-0 arms men it is clear at this point that there is no loss of power via this green blood method if it can duplicate Awakening well watch out for S Flamingo that's all I'm saying that little guy.

Would be a handful [__] pug is impressed with all them you say that the seraphim may go down in history as the most powerful creatures these Seas have ever seen he doesn't seem happy about that fact however and these straw hats certainly aren't over the moon at this Nami knows glumly that this explains why the world government abolishes warlord.

System they've got new powerful clones of the rebellious Originals once programmed to perfectly obey orders and they're cuter they can sell so much more merch of these new world Lords USAF is already terrified of the level of power of vegabung is Unleashed with this project the we had were their egos with various.

Personalities which limited their ability to cooperate imagine Maureen Ford if all the Warlords had stayed focused and perfectly loyal to the world government things would have gone very differently Sanji and Robin are more ready to deal with a threat noting that these creatures are powerful navy weapons and to get a continued Taste of.

Their power we cut back to the battle below explosions are going off while a few loyal assistants try to call on sento Maru he has to withdraw this is his last chance to get out of there before cp0 takes him down even if at least he seraphim under Cypher pulls control he has to save himself but before the Superman can answer Rob Lucci.

Pulls himself out of a cheetah man-shaped hole in the wall working out a crick in his neck he's not going to give The Bodyguard an offer a peaceful withdrawal he grins at the Fallen Center marutu pointed teeth before launching himself forward with soru blurring as he goes almost too fast to see senzo Maru raises a hand one last futile gesture.

You don't mess with Master like Luchi unless you're ridiculously powerful mythical so on user of course before Lucci's blow can connect Luffy's gigantic head emerges from the ground laughing at the charging kitty cat it's like an entire building materialized out of nowhere just look at that massive gaping black maw straw.

Hat's Gone full Kirby Now Behold Luffy's very own mouthful mode even Lucci's surprise at that calling out Straw Hat as he does a double take he sharp enough to back away before he's eaten zooming away with his sorrow granted speed we'll be challenged down on some of the rubble around the ring chewing briefly before spitting out a barrage of rocks of the.

Big cat Lucci punched the rubble undeterred but has bought Luffy time to set up something new he's jumping towards one of these glass tubes that run above Egghead Island bending it back like a rubber band the god of Freedom takes a second to materialize a set of cool goggles to celebrate the moment before pulling his makeshift slingshot.

Back as far as it can go and calling out his new attack's name booming White Rocket he launches himself at Luchi pushing a spear of force right through the cheetah man's gut if it weren't for the cartoon physics of gear fifth Luffy would have gone full Temple of Doom here Lucci staggers bellowed Away by his foe's incredible power.

Luffy's just busting a gun at this it's exotic as big hit coming off that cool he has so much fun with gear fifth some herself into the air as Lucci is pushed into another explosive building Rob Muse says that he is on the verge of losing Consciousness barely able to hold on while that sure sounds like Luffy has this fight in the bag eagle-eyed fans.

Might peg this as a bad Omen for the straw hat Captain Lucci had these same reaction to Luffy's first gear third attack during their fight on Ennis Lobby almost word for word given how much longer Luchi was able to endure after that point Luffy might have some trouble finally taking out the big cat for now though we cut away to a snake who has.

Finally gotten jinbei and Chopper towards the vacuum rocket even when jimbei having to haul the gargantuan Punk Atlas with them the trio has made excellent time Sarah from Hancock pointed out to them ordering the pair to get aboard already jinbei thanks her for the help calling s snake an extremely kind version of the woman he knows the.

Young Hancock stammers that she is just following orders blushing red and showing herself just as soon Andre as the original it's the first time we've seen some real signs of sentience from the seraphim are they more than robots or is this just an echo of Hancock somehow preserved by the green blood if they have gratitude towards vegapunk.

That might help them shake off the effects of Lucy's Command Ship either way an announcement blares over egghead's PA system T minus one minute to take off please refrain from trying to board last minute Chopper calls Luffy to hurry up and join them they are almost out of time to escape this fight Straw Hat holds back conflicted even.

Gear fifth can hide that frown Luchi is still standing and he can't get sento Maru out of there in time Luffy would have to leave an ally behind if he left now the fury idea of this sits badly with the captain Cento Maru summons the last of his strength and yells up that he is trusting Luffy with Grandpa Punk a straw has job to get him off of the.

Island right he can't do that if he's busy fighting sniper pole down here getting his grin back Luffy confirms as much he will get vegapunk safely away from egg dead no matter what he will honor centomaru's wishes above anything else in no time Straw Hat had joined the others in the rocket capsule ready to blast off Bonnie's awake now strapped.

Into one of the front seats and yelling about what happened to vegapunk and Luffy the straw hat Captain sitting beside her isn't looking so good now that he's lost gear fifth he has turned into a wrinkled old man with his tongue hanging out it's a pretty good Vega Punk impression actually is this some kind of drawback to using gear fifth we've seen.

Similar issues at the gear 3rd and gear 4th wore off with Luffy being limited for a Time afterwards we didn't witness what happened right after the kaido fight back in wano the chopper doesn't seem surprise at this practice happened then too and we just didn't see it in less than a minute these straw had soared through the twisting vacuum tubes.

And arrived at the lab stratum they announced her cheerleading informs the pirates that all subsequent trips have been suspended the frontier Dome has been fortified ready to repel all possible attacks however infiltrator may have slipped through everyone should be on high alert we see a band of Egghead Personnel already working to Bear Kaylee.

Factory shelters they are ready for a Siege at this point below the dust of battle is clearing Kaku has chosen to get a little sentimental the giraffe man can deny the dedication sentimaru showed to his job vegapung really couldn't have asked for a better bodyguard for now though cyberpole is left wondering what to do next.

He knows that they have orders now they're supposed to wait for the Marines to arrive with reinforcements Lucci isn't willing to listen however if cp0 just bunkers down on the factory layer these straw hats will get away and yeah he's entirely right we've seen how they could too the Vega Force One could fly down to the sea level easily and it is.

Still carrying the Thousand Sunny these straw hats have an extremely easy way to escape the Island right now unless if you zero can think of something drastic they need to work out a way to contain the Vega punks in lab stratum and fast up in the lab usop is struggling to parse everything that has happened the world government seriously wants big.

Upon debt they're going all out to take him down but isn't that a major waste he's a super smart scientific genius why kill someone who can make all this sci-fi technology for you veg up on counters that it makes sense if you turn it around a bit would you be comfortable with someone being able to do all this stuff if you thought he could turn.

Against you even though he never intended to fight the world government he can understand their paranoia as surprisingly so Nami she knows rather calmly that it makes sense to take out a potential liability usop is a little shocked at how cold weather Navigator can get when talking about the potential assassination of a friendly looking old.

Man Vega bug knows that this is an extremely serendipitous term of Fate for him Luffy and the straw hats have arrived exactly when he needs them the straw hats all start reacting to this finally registering the idea that vegapunk might end up accompanying them usop is pretty hyped about this Prospect he's down with.

This old man and all his cool science Frankie is effervescent about the chance to travel alongside his Idol already planning to show off the Frankie Shogun and all the enhancements he has made to the sunny it's a dream come true for the cyborg nami's a bit more skeptical we're marking on the heavy cargo of that oversized Cranium while Sanji just wants.

His foot cuffs finally undone can't really fault him for that with enemies closing in they don't want to be stuck like this elsewhere in the lab stratum Luffy and friends have finally disembarked Luffy seems back to normal and is Wild by how cool the cloud Island looks now that he's walking around at jinbei has handed Punk Atlas off to the.

Island staff for medical attention and mechanical attention while with her being a cyborg and everything meanwhile Chopper is following an Irate Bonnie asking her where she's going the sorbet princess doesn't means words she's already heading off to try and find vegapunk all this stuff was cp0 on the island Under Siege changes nothing for.

Her she wants the old man to turn her father back to normal if he refuses she'll kill him herself she's in no mood for shenanigans or excuses back on the factory layer cp0 has Consolidated their forces the agents are standing ready for battle and are securing all the exits from the lab they can find Lucci even found a new suit more importantly with.

Sento Maru down all four seraphim are now under the control while the Vega punks outrank cp0 in the command hierarchy for now they got four of the most powerful creatures in the world under their command Kaku notes the defense system will be tough to get through but Lucci is undeterred he's taking this personally now and is.

Resolved not to let a single one of those piratical rats Scurry off this sinking ship of an island these straw hats are responsible for his one defeat no surprise he wants them to go down with vegapunk however the more dangerous has yet to arrive we cut to a marine ship in nearby Waters where an old man hears a report via Den Mushi oh my so.

The straw hat crew has Allied itself with vegapunk on paper that should make for a straightforward Escape but boy are they in for a surprise that they think it'll be easy we'll proceed as planned get as many warships as possible to Egghead yes that confirms it Andro kizarro is making good time for once it won't be long until he arrives at.

Egghead and if you thought Cipher pole was exceedingly destructive well the Admiral may be even worse his Zara's philosophy of lazy Justice doesn't sound too intimidating but he makes a point of not caring about the consequences of his actions while Lucci shown minimal restraint you shouldn't expect the old man to think twice about how he bites.

That would be effort if he needs to take out vegapunk he'll take out vegapunk no matter what or who could end up in the way with all those warships in route it sounds like he's basically launching an impromptu Buster call on Egghead this is going to get extremely messy for the first time these Straw Hat crew is going to have to fight an admiral head on to.

Get out of this battle intact are they ready for this we'll Punk Atlas and her light punching gloves help the straw hats against kazaru how will Lucia and cp0 make it up to lab stratum leave us your answers in the comments below as always I'm celesteobotaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.