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THIS LOOKS AMAZING! My Hero Academia Season 5 FINAL Trailer – My Hero Academia


Alright guys so it is the middle of the night at the time of this recording but we have just received a new trailer from my hero academia season 5 and it is damn impressive opening up with a few shots of our boy deku we have the impending battle of class 1a versus 1b to follow something that fans.

Of this series have been waiting ages to see animated here we additionally have a proper look at some of the various winter edition costumes possessed by our many fledgling heroes now something i would like to point out to you all is the somewhat easy to overlook artistic change.

This season seems to possess the faces of our characters and such appear to be far more rounded and smooth now for my hero academia i absolutely love this i think this style definitely is a great fit and perhaps more in line with the stylings of horikoshi himself i find that there is a certain charm to.

It one that may further serve to truly separate this series from its many contemporaries i mean these close-ups are just so good this is perhaps the best the anime has ever looked and it is clear that they have made just as much of an effort for this season to look good in motion as well now in knowing that.

Another micro academia film is in the works some people have expressed their doubts that the anime will be able to live up to its full visual potential on account of limited staff allocation but at least for this portion of the season at least for me such fears have.

Certainly been put to rest now without getting into spoiler territory at all if things hold up visually in this regard i am fully expecting season 5 of the anime to be my absolute favorite thus far this is a season i have been seriously anticipating for a multitude of reasons.

But one of the biggest reasons being the continuation of our quirk evolution series here on the channel as finally anime fans will come to know of the many incredible class 1b quirks that were not present in the sports festival furthermore we'll of course be covering.

Each and every episode of the season over here just like the last one and i assure you that there is no better place to discuss so i highly suggest you subscribe to the channel from now additionally with this trailer we also received a preview of the new opening song.

And it's pretty nice we are now officially one month away from season five of my hero academia so people get excited you can find a link to the trailer in the description along with links to our patreon page as always as we produce even more animate and manga content.

Over there but yeah when it comes to bringing you some of the best my hero academia content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i am slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.