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This Nen Secret Just Changed Everything About The War in HXH – Hunter x Hunter Chapter 398


Hunter Hunter is picking up steam this week last time we gotta look into the past as it was a flashback to the Phantom troop as children this week we returned to the presence on the black whale and see an unlikely team up between spiders and Henrik let's dive into the details chapter 398 begins with feitan thinks Nobunaga and the man they.

Captured the four men are in a rather long hallway within a hidden area of tier three right away their captive isn't too keen on opening the door he tearfully begs to leave if he opens it unfortunately Finks denies this request instead the man must go inside the room as well both Nobunaga and Finks are trying to confirm a theory Finks.

Believes the old man who vanished is a conjurer's clone if he is he should be in the hidden away space Nobunaga isn't sold on the idea though he repeats that the old man had a teleportation ability either way both Fink's and obunaga know they're still walking into a possible trap then fix explains his theory if the old man is a conjurer's clone then he'd.

Have two uses first surveillance and secondly the center for the Trap radius assuming it is a trap to begin with we don't really know either way it does sound like a sophisticated trap whoever set it up knew what they were doing that being said there is an interesting distinction while discussing the conjure possibility Nobunaga says that the.

Teleportation is closer to something and emitter does why because conjurers create spaces with complex rules which is an interesting statement specifically due to what we've seen of nob's net abilities in fact if Contra abilities don't mix well with an emitter then nov is a master at what he does however let's get back to the chapter Nobunaga.

Also says that the old man could just be a lookout meaning the Trap could be someone else's ability Finks is clearly annoyed by his rambling he tells his fellow true member to shut up though he does suggest the old man could be a specialist instead their discussion starts to turn into an argument which is interrupted by their captive he tells.

The group that the door is locked from their side feitan being feitan he demands the man open it while also threatening him stall again and you get torn a new the man unlocks it with caution inside is merely a bathroom plus another door that's also locked meanwhile feitan swirls his blade as a silent threat.

Things find this aspects confusing the way they went in was the only entrance so how could it be locked Nobunaga offers up an explanation if he's a clone the old man can just disappear after locking both the hidden room and bathroom feitan sees it as possible though he does wonder about the purpose of it good question considering this is.

Again an elaborate trap not to mention setting this up would take some time thinks believes it could be a distraction in order to buy time to set up the Trap feitan then proposes that the doors themselves are the Trap Nobunaga agrees locking the doors is meant to buy time if someone goes through the wall which is exactly what.

Nobunaga did to be honest the way he speaks about it reminds me of when going used the same technique to escape him Finks is open to nobunaga's Theory though interesting considering they argue quite a bit this chapter so maybe Nobunaga is Right using that logic that means they can nullify the Trap their captive is the one who tests this of.

Course course nothing happens when he steps back into the hidden room however they instruct him to go into the hallway and then re-enter through the normal door thinking himself smarter than the Phantom troop he tries to run feitan catches up to him almost instantly obviously the guy is sweating and terrified he's been held hostage by.

These people and threatened and now his attempted Escape failed feitan then ominously tells him to pick right or left the man is clearly confused and panicked by the Obscure statement Nobunaga calls for the man to return and Finks does too they only do so because feitan would cut off the man's ears otherwise actually it's worse than that.

Feitan said it would be one ear but Nobunaga argues it would be both meanwhile Fink says that once feitan gets started it won't just be ears it's pretty brutal but they are trying to be nice especially seeing as getting him to come back as a trick by going through the door again their captive promptly disappears this not only confirms their.

Theory but also triggers the Trap without the old man present so Nobunaga thinks the nenues is a landmine type the difference between a boundary and landmine type are explained too a boundary does exactly as it says multiple traps can be set but with net infused items like charms ropes and so on that act as triggers basically like a.

Trapdoor honestly the way it's described it does remind me of cursed Tools in Jiu Jitsu Kai said granted the series was also inspired by Hunter Hunter meanwhile a landmines trigger is created by an end being applied to a specific area typically two to three spots if it were a landmine type the nen user would need to be close by which means the menus are.

Causing this is probably at their encampment they wonder how to get there Nobunaga suggests triggering the Trap unfortunately that could mean another trap waiting for them as well the way Nobunaga approaches this is actually really strategic he thinks about the cause and effect whoever set this up is dangerous and shouldn't be.

Underestimated although it's possible the trigger needs to be reset each time it sounds like a pain but there must be a trick to it Finks wants to test this so they obtain another unwilling participant this time someone from the our crime family appeared just like their captive before and the old man their latest hostage disappears so the.

Trap is not single use in other words it doesn't need to be reset in order to work honestly I gotta admit I like how this is presented we know the layout of the room plus we're seeing how the troupe is coming to conclusions then feitan offers to go first through the Trap but just before he does hinrig and Kenny show up kenrig offers to help.

While Kenny backs him up by saying the cha R men are spying on two possible highly members and the cha R family only knew about it because of Henrik besides that henrig also found the secret room as well henrig tells the troop he has no issue with him it's the Hialeah family he has problems with and considering he may face them soon he can help solve.

That they rupture the balance within the cocking Mafia so they must pay Nobunaga thanks him but declines so does Finks on the other hand feitan asks how henrig plans to find the enemy's Hideout the xiu underboss shows the troop a transmitter he says that with this device they can find the base's location basically like GPS.

Sadly there's gotta be a fight on the other end of this door's trap so if they were to use another random person their mole would probably be killed quickly then the transmitter would be found out within five minutes henrig offers a solution using his net ability Henry can turn an object into a living thing as we've seen it's very useful for.

Reconnaissance and capture their lucky Henry has such a versatile ability otherwise it's unlikely they'd have found the base or at least find each other Henry elaborates on his ability further if he were killed in search the oyster wouldn't immediately be found the bigger the object the less time it can spend transformed which means the oyster.

Is small enough to last two hours Fink's likes the idea and asks who will swallow it next comes one of the funnier moments of the chapter Nobunaga is immediately disgusted by the oyster he even covers his nose saying that the taste of it makes him want to throw up it's probably my favorite moment considering Nobunaga comes across as so Analytical in this.

Chapter seeing him have such a big reaction is hilarious feitan also refuses but for different reasons he won't eat anything someone else has touched Henry expected this though he planned to eat it anyway Brave of him too especially because he'll be going right into the enemy's Lair swallowing it in a single gulp Henrik then tells.

The troop about the receiver the device is simple in design and in function it can locate the transmitter but it isn't very precise the closer the transmitter is the louder the noise it emits is it also has a max radius of one kilometer which is a bit more than half a mile not to mention the receiver doesn't calculate altitude so if they're close.

But see no one then it's either above or below them hidrick assures the group he'll try to hide the transmitter before it's found otherwise it would be discovered once he was dissected by the highly members after all it has a transformation limit of two hours Henrik promptly disappears into the Trap leaving the troop Nobunaga has a good.

Impression of the underboss suddenly something is noticeable on the receiver the transmitter is pretty far away thinks estimates it to be in the 500 to 1000 meter range interesting range considering the black whale is 1500 meters long feitense tells the group to head to this Center of tier 3. if The Hideout is there they'll know both fakes.

And Nobunaga argue over it but feitan still insists someone should go granted he is annoyed by their bickering this is a serious situation so there's no time to argue besides they're running unlimited time anyway speaking of Henrik materializes in an almost Barren room the effect of the teleportation seems to cause a temporary loss of balance this.

May be due to the ability itself or it could just be because of the rapid change of environment but once he is able to stand hinrig notices that he is alone in the room is a poster and a sink with a hose there are multiple doors but only three have signs on them they look rather ominous as if painted in blood fresh blood is also present on the tiled.

Floors very likely this is the blood of the chargrants they sent beforehand upon seeing it henrig wonders if the others that went through were interrogated before he continued to ponder Nobunaga appears he doesn't lose his balance and looks ready for a fight in fact Nobunaga is surprised that no one is there to meet them kenrig is confused he didn't.

Expect Nobunaga to join him however the troop member simply replies that Henry could use the help granted both Finks and feitan objected to Nobunaga doing this they worried that Henrik may have set the Trap however Nobunaga says that Henry's response shows his innocence he didn't believe the underboss set the Trap and he was right despite hinrig.

Still being confused Nobunaga asks what he wants to do next should they watch or do something he also asks for henrik's name again and the question feels like a bit of an insult though earlier Nobunaga did say he liked enrig so it's actually meant more as a compliment now he tells Hendrick he couldn't be bothered to remember it a bit of a weird dynamic.

Between the two but I like the team up Henrik gives his name a second time and decides to take action Nobunaga agrees with him it's what he wanted to pick too despite the lack of information they have then Nobunaga touches the wall and sends his Nan he confirms this place to be their Hideout and cut at the wall the cuts quickly disappeared proving his.

Theory that the room is protected Nobunaga wonders who could be responsible it could be a conjurer transmitter or even a specialist he tells him rig that the mysterious nen users stage must be strong because his Katana couldn't cut through it he Ponders if the Nan user is close by due to the power of the stage this is due to.

A limitation making the barrier harder to counter then we see Morena whom Nobunaga and Finks agreed to kill interestingly enough we were introduced to her Mafia Family prior to the troop flashback they're a formidable group that is bankrolled by the fourth Prince Sarai de quigo row while Marina is the most dangerous there's also Dogman.

Cerebellum and tevolars to worry about either way Henrik States this place was used for travel in the footage he has because of that he agrees with Nobunaga the true member says there will be plenty of security so they might as well head straight to the group's leader Henrik suggests they begin to open doors and there's six in total Nobunaga.

Volunteers but Henrik wants to open them himself so they can hopefully learn how any traps work by having the spider keep an eye on him it's a solid idea considering they deduce so much about the nen trap just by testing ideas and watching in fact that's all they can really do they're in the heart of enemy territory plus they don't know where.

They are so they're both at a clear disability Advantage the doors themselves reveal rather normal looking rooms there's a bathroom a shower and three toilets must mean Hialeah is a large family as Nobunaga points out is it a part of the Trap it's genuinely something we find peculiar due to the utility of the rooms nobunado wonders if.

The group will eventually come to do their business but waiting isn't something henrig wants to do the underboss reminds Nobunaga that he picked action they must do something as Henrik picks a door he States his confidence in Nobunaga even if Henrik dies he believes Nobunaga can keep the transmitter safe he uses an honorific.

Which Nobunaga objects to maybe he just hates politeness then henrig swings open the door to a familiar scene the room is none other than the place where chiffon and Mont Blanc were disposing of a dead body perhaps Nobunaga and henrig will run into them the final text reads what kind of demons are awaiting them spooky personally I think this chapter is a.

Good setup and has us excited for what's to come Naga and henrig be running into will the other spiders end up joining in with that being said I'm Jack Stansbury peace out