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THIS RUINED BLACK CLOVER…!? Asta EMBARRASSES Lucifero- Black Clover Chapter 329


Asta and libe in the final moments of their devil union mode successfully managed to cut the king of devils as a pharaoh into pieces and as they stood there menacingly above this once perceived to be ever powerful entity the creature was in a state of complete and utter disbelief his reality was the making of a ridiculous impossibility he.

Would further lament that such a thing couldn't possibly be happening after all he is the greatest devil in existence the lucifero the apex of his of his kind with the absolute most powerful magic no one could ever hope to harm him this was the very reality he had experienced understood and felt comforted by for an eternity yet now these two fledglings.

Who possess absolutely no magic at all had not only harmed him but cut him down it was all too much to bear and as such the fiend would refuse such a result angrily exclaiming that there was no way he could ever lose as they would suddenly feel it the crushing gravitational pressure induced by lucifero's magic which firmly planted.

The two brothers on the ground both were shocked by this sudden outburst despite all the damage the pharaoh had sustained only just before and things were especially rough because libre was at his limit he couldn't coat their body in enough anti-magic to negate the gravitational effects from which point fleshy remains that were lucifero would.

Begin to rise as they remain planted beneath him and understandably angered he'd reprimand the two for looking down on him furthermore making it clear that half of his strength was still down in the underworld meaning he wasn't at his full power just yet otherwise such weaklings could not have possibly pushed him to such an extent very clearly.

Refusing the circumstances he was now faced with and on account of the tantrum we went on in a previous video a number of people felt the need to bring up the fact that like the guy saying right now lucifera was not at 100 yet believing this to be telling of the fact that he still had more fight left in him the things were not over just yet but as.

Indicated here and by the remainder of the chapter that is simply not the case unfortunately enough for those people although unless such manifestation came along with the missing fifty percent that would make lucifer an interesting memorable and or worthwhile character honestly you can keep it but as lucifero flailed about in refusal the hopefully.

Interesting devil that came along with him a dramalack would continue to observe and lucifera was looking downright pitiful in this display crying out that the two could not do anything anymore they should simply fall and be crushed just continuing to curse their names by saying that in the end it was their loss calling them pieces of.

Repulsive filth as just then a black spear would emerge in front of him again this would be to combine magical efforts of captain yami and vice captain knocked of the black bulls as they would emerge from the darkness together much to the annoyance and concern of lucifero both bloodied and still very much impaled by the severed hands of lucifero these two.

In union would let it be known that here and now they would surpass their limits from which point lucifer began to retort by saying that their resistance was futile and they still could not attack him furthermore the boy could not even stand yet before the devil could even finish that sentence he would hear the dragging of a massive blade across the.

Ground as his eyes would widen and bulge it was asta he had risen back to his feet the gravitational influence of the monster was no longer a factor thanks to yami and knocked and of course asa's physical prowess and endurance is unmatched so it makes sense that he would be able to will his body in such a way and lucifera was clearly disturbed.

And unsettled time after time after time while facing this kid lucifer's understanding of logic has been challenged defied and utterly dismantled asta this deviant that stood to subvert all expectations would now huff and puff and his bloody state and lucifero's expression would swiftly shift to one of certain fear the fiery desire of.

Vengeance was visible in nasa's eyes and as he lifted his blade lucifero shuddered which prompted a bit of laughter from yami as he would have to wonder if this almighty king of devils was afraid of some kid lucifer would then grit his teeth and immediately begin to flee like a coward as from over his shoulder the devil will yell out.

Speaking of next time the next time they meet he'd be sure to kill them all and do so with his full power a downright embarrassing display that only serves to make the memory of this character that much more unsavory but to cut him off would be the sudden appearance of one of yuno teleportation stars one of which would be positioned near lucifero and.

The other back above asta this would then suddenly teleport astha within striking range as he lifted his sword overhead and at this point lucifero with his eyes wide would notice you know as he spayed kingdom prince would question the notion of them all meeting again as there wasn't going to be a next time confirming as much by way of asta as he.

Would finally deliver the killing blow onto lucifero in brilliant fashion and what a spectacularly incredible shot this was absolute eye candy yet unfortunately that is all we can compliment about this devil in the grand scheme of things the visuals alone as beyond that i have a hard time even considering him to be a character at all.

But after doing this asa would collapse yet again as all his comrades would either be in disbelief or smiling it was over they had done it as from above would be the sound of clapping and clapping by way of a dremelac who had a smile on his face you congratulate them for their total victory as lucifero laid dead his mouth a gate as asa now had a.

Chibili bay on his shoulder now this chapter of black clover was especially controversial this was most definitely make or break for a lot of people and from the looks of things it's a lot more break lucifero to be quite honest was a garbage antagonist especially for a character that had been hyped up for so long he was an utter disappointment to.

Say the very least frankly zagreed was several times better than this guy in pretty much every regard there is still hope for addy being an interesting character which i'm certainly hoping for but that does not change the fact that lucifero was so pathetic he was nothing more than a combative obstacle to be overcome by our heroes he was afforded.

No agency at all beyond being a byproduct of escalation and even then as stated before the application of his magic was mediocre at best he just hits really hard there are side characters with more interesting magical abilities there's also the fact that not a single one of our combatants will be leaving this conflict in any way that is at all.

Disadvantageous in the slightest nobody at all black loafer does not kill its characters and one might argue that lucifera was just killed in this very chapter but to that the point still stands black clover does not kill his characters lucifero is not a character not really at least yet even then for as problematic as a failure that is.

Lucifera may appear to be i do not believe that this character alone is the primary issue to be addressed rather it is my understanding that lucifero is merely the straw that broke the camel's back the final catalyst of swords that serve to trigger the ultimate disillusionment of many readers for a story to not only grip viewers but.

Maintain that hold particularly in regards to battle shonen stakes are absolutely necessary and it is after getting this far after being presented with the prospect of insufferable and unending cataclysmic carnage at the hands of devil kind only to then have absolutely no meaningful ramifications in the aftermath of such confrontations.

That has confirmed the true extent of our worst fears there is nothing to fear now mind you shonen is an incredibly vast genre and so i won't pretend that there aren't other series out there guilty of similar grievances take some of the most popular and powerful franchises in the world such as dragon ball and one piece for instance in the.

Case of dragon ball by way of the series namesake mortality is hardly much of an issue at all considering a simple wish may serve to mitigate such dangers however despite dragon ball villains tending to be several times more powerful than our heroes just as luciferol stood to be most fans don't feel betrayed by the realization of.

Their power the ability to such a point feels justified meanwhile again lucifera was hyped up for a very long time only to be an empty character i mean hell even the wordless kid boo had some semblance of personality then in regards to one piece often times it feels like no matter how insane the situation they may find themselves in characters just.

Don't die and this is an issue i've had with that series for years and years despite loving it so much the difference being that one piece places its stakes elsewhere to the point where in many cases death would be a mercy and when oda does kill a character it is monumental speaking of which even beyond this arc there are no meaningful deaths.

In black clover sure you could argue with characters such as morgan regita or ashir silva yet all of those characters were made to die their relevance in the story entirely revolves around their demise and is evident from the very first moment we encounter them the dark triad mostly all appear to be dead at this point but such deaths were not.

Really provided much agency as the devil swiftly took their places to unsatisfying effect and i mean if you can only kill villains that's kind of just like a disney movie regaining the faith of readers in this sense is likely to be an arduous task all things considered yet there is a question if tabata even cares to after all even.

Despite the grievances of some it is still his story and if this is what he desires of it then it is what it is so be it after all there are plenty of fans who don't mind a lack of stakes or deathless antagonists presumably because they enjoy the protagonists enough to make up the difference which is certainly a strength of the series.

Lacked by others so it is certainly a give and take sort of thing as with all entertainment the enjoyment of it all depends on the consumer and what they value so this isn't to say that you should feel ashamed for enjoying the series either way and if on the flip side you feel disappointed you are well within your rights to feel as such quite.

Honestly at least in this respect black clover hasn't really changed it has been this way for some people they are getting exactly what they signed up for while for others that lack of development and or growth kind of sucks but that's enough for this tension thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.