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Three Devil Fruits!? Blackbeard’s Awakening and Real Power Explained – One Piece


One piece is a story of progress and their characters have sailed down the brand line they've only gotten stronger over time growing both as people and as Fighters now while we have seen most of that from the straw hat Pirates they aren't the only ones who've gotten better over time Marshall D teach has gone from a nameless pirate in a bar the.

Terrifying emperor of the sea he is a far cry from the man on a raft who is easily taken out by the knock-up stream during the sky Pia Saga now Blackbeard has the power to level Islands he is an overwhelming threat that could very well be the final villain of the series but could he get even stronger teach is already intimidating but there is.

Potential for his power to get outright cataclysmic if video we'll be looking at how much room Blackbeard still has to grow as a villain by the time he faces Luffy this man is said to become a full-on monster let's get to it part one never twice without a third let's start with one of the things that says teach apart from other villains he can break.

The rules of his world's power system for most people eating a second devil fruit leads to a violent death the human body can only withstand one set of powers at a time somehow though Blackbeard has managed to avoid that grisly fate he absorbed the power of the guragurunomi via some mysterious action he took under a black sheet how this.

Happened is still unclear but it does leave us with some room to speculate if each was able to gain a second set of powers why not a third perhaps you could even gain a fourth or a fifth that sort of escalation seems unlikely however if it was that easy to acquire new powers teach would have eaten every devil fruit he possibly could.

Instead he picks his targets carefully he read a book talking about the yamiyami no me which inspired him to seek it out he set up events at Marine Ford to lure out Whitebeard and take the girl girl Nami from an already injured man Teach is looking for very specific devil fruits which suggests his ability to absorb them is limited still he may.

Go for three we saw him on Amazon Lily hunting the power of the marrow marinomi his Jolly Roger Bears three skulls which at least suggests he plans on ending up with three doe fruits but what could the third be we can make some deductions here the yamiyami Nomi's Darkness would interfere with any other kind of logia it absorbs everything including the.

Energy rejected by other devil fruits it would end up nullifying any energy attack he makes leaving a second lokia essentially unusable for teach and even if he was able to suppress that effect the gains from this path would be low the me and Yami yamidomi have given Blackbeard a lot of attack options a new fruit should give him something his.

Existing powers do not offer a paramecia is certainly possible teach has recently tried to take one however these fruits are usually highly complex the abilities they Grant tends to be very specific they require skill and intelligence to use to their fullest take out the kuri for an example he's an extremely proficient Warrior and.

A large part of that comes from his devil fruit but he is creative and well trained katakuri ate his fruit at the age of five and has been practicing with it all his life while teach is smart mastering a paramecia requires a large amount of effort it would have to be an extremely potent paramecia to justify the time spent learning to control it.

Instead a zohon is the most likely choice it would give teach additional strength and endurance counteractingly enhanced pain caused by the yamiyami Nomi almost any Zone type would be useful to Blackbeard but we have seen his love for powerful fruits he is not going to settle for a regular animal.

Transformation when more potent options are available he will likely be focused on mythical zoans specifically looking for the rarest and most powerful he can find kaido's devil fruit would have been a good pick but that would have required teach to face kaido and he is not all that fond of fighting legendarily strong opponents Blackbeard actually has a.

Mythical Zone type user on his crew Katarina Devon has a you know inonomi model Kitsune that does mean that there was a mythical Zone type fruit that teach had easy access to and did not claim but that does make sense the Kitsune fruit does not fit Blackbeard's fighting style it is focused on shape-shifting likely boosting the.

User's mobility and reflexes Blackbeard strongly favors raw power over speed or evasion using Shadows to pull his enemies in close for a strong punch a form that focuses on strength and resilience would be best for him he would prefer a tank power set if you will and one fruit fits that idea perfectly.

Model daibutsu used by Fleet Admiral sengoku this group allows users to turn into a gigantic Golden Buddha it is extremely resilient and packs substantial physical strength sengoku himself used it at Marine 4 to battle teach and did extremely well even against attacks over tearing his Island to shreds this would be the ideal final.

Devil fruit to complement the gurugurunami and the Yami Yami Nomi this Trifecta leaves teach with the ability to absorb whatever he wants break whatever he doesn't withstand anything that could be thrown at him there are no obvious flaws in this combination of powers anyone facing Blackbeard the bodenzapa should be very afraid and you.

Should be afraid if you are not subscribed make sure you are and while you're checking that be sure that you run the Bell and hit the like button for your daily dose of plot armor now how else can Mr ah Get Ridiculous part two Mastery of Mantra his command of hockey was once believed to be.

Marshaled the teacher's greatest weakness unlike the Admirals of the Navy we have seen little sign of Blackbeard using these strange abilities there were some fans speculating that he would serve as a mirror to Shanks the leader of the redhead Pirates has no doubt for abilities relying entirely on hockey in combat teach would be his.

Opposite no hockey but two extremely potent devil for the abilities to even the scales after all he is the man who gave Shanks that distinctive ice car it made sense to draw some parallels between the two of them however that idea was always flawed teach hasn't focus on haki as much as some other characters but he is always possessed it.

An impel down he was able to sense Luffy's growing hockey even before Luffy's training with Rayleigh during the time scam that alone shows some skill with observation after those two years his Mastery has only gotten stronger when teach fought on Amazon Lily he was able to block a mountain shattering blow via a reinforced arm.

It's clear he has at least gotten the basics of armun hockey down that leaves conquerors hockey as he won type that Blackbeard may not possess even that is unclear we've only seen teach in one bite since the time scale that is not enough for her to say safely that he does not have conquerors hockey he just hasn't been made to use it yet however.

We also haven't seen any signs of advanced hockey techniques being employed by teach he hasn't demonstrated anything even close to armor projection or future sight abilities are tough even for hockey users not everyone can use them and it is not clear if Blackbeard can either hockey is usually strengthened by either.

Intense training or facing strong opponents Blackbeard keeps running away from the latter preferring fights he knows he can win for sure has he been training then well he might have been we know Blackbeard was familiar with hockey for a long time after all he is the first person in all of One Piece to use the term he could sense Luffy's growing.

Hockey as far back as Jaya looking at his Bounty poster he remarks I thought 30 million was low for someone with that level of hockey even when he wasn't unknown figure teach was very familiar with this mysterious power and that fits with what we know of his History Blackbeard was able to injure Shanks even prior to acquiring the yummy yummy.

Nomi that can have been easy for a man with no devil fruit it makes sense to assume teach is very familiar with hockey his exact level of skill with it is a mystery but underestimating him is a very very bad idea part three the next level of power there is one area of growth that will make Blackbeard go from a dangerous combatant to a walking.

Natural disaster Awakening as though Flamingo explained this is a second level of no fruit Powers reached when a person's body fully catches up with their abilities as far as we are aware teach has yet to awaken either Brazil fruits given that they are already both insanely destructive it is hard to imagine what a.

Part of version of either would even look like we do have some existing examples to look at though they give us a baseline to try and work out what Awakening could do for Blackbeard paramecia type Awakenings tend to boost two factors scale and precision though Flamingo was able to convert buildings into additional strength using it for.

Powerful attacks against Luffy as well as forming the destructive bird cage that almost level dress Rosa entirely but Blackbeard is already at that point on me was able to reduce Marine 4 to Rubble if its scale grows beyond a single Island it will be outright cataclysmic Blackbeard may be able to level the entire Red Line outright or.

Bring down a whole archipelago like total land with a single attack then Goku claimed that the gregurnami gave Whitebeard the power to destroy the world that may not have been a metaphor what could perhaps be even more scary however is the idea of increased Precision the earthquakes created by the Gregory Nomi are extremely destructive.

But they are tough to use in a fight they are more of a danger to the local environment than any one specific Target imagine a teacher could focus all the island shattering power into a single punch without the wind-up it would essentially cause an internal Quake shattering bones and organs with just a touch.

This would be disturbingly potent as an attack when you add in hockey or teaches existing physical strength it grows downright terrifying further early does not require a solid surface to carry the Quake we have seen Blackbeard use it to create a seaquake knocking an entire fleet out of his way if the girl girl know me can affect water Awakening may.

Allow it to affect the air this would give teach a limited form of telekinesis letting him knock foes away from extreme range more importantly it would let him use igorome in a fight without leveling the entire area even intense air pressure shifts won't be as destructive as an earthquake letting teach Cut Loose without the worry of hurting his own men.

With all that being said it is much hard to predict what an awakened Yami Yami no me might be able to do up until now we have seen no signs of any lokia user reaching the awakened stage there is no real precedent for what those abilities would look like when enhanced however we can work out the basics although for users who achieve Awakening Raw grow.

Generally more powerful and have a wide variety of uses for their ability teach will likely gain more control over the yamiyami numi's darkness you will have an easier time using it defensively and you will probably be able to draw in multiple targets at once but then we get to what might be the scariest possibility of Blackbeard.

Reaching the awakened State Mass power nullification the ability to shut down his enemies though through Powers is a unique and highly dangerous ability for teach it has only one weakness it needs him to make direct physical contact with his enemy hockey using foes can generally free themselves from Blackbeard's grip through Force limiting.

His ability to make use of this Power white beard downright humiliated him at Marine Ford when teach lot nullifying the gurugurunami was enough to win the fight now imagine if that physical contact requirement was gone Blackbeard just needs to project his shadow to nullify his enemies Powers that's far from unreasonable as far as growth goes.

Most lokia users have a lot of abilities reject their energies but this would be a significant power boost for Blackbeard is simply getting within the range of his Shadows The trigly Nullification enemy dull fruits would be totally useless against him he would be quite literally Untouchable the only way out of an ability like this would be to.

Force teach to move away from his blanket of Shadows the yamiyami Nomi projections only last as long as he is concentrating on them if you keep him too busy to maintain his control Zone Say by forcing him to run away you might be able to stop this technique but even that is a long shot part 4 where things get complicated we have gone over all.

The conventional sources of power in one piece Blackbeard has potential in everyone he's got a lot of room to grow as a threat but he is not limited to those three categories Blackbeard is never played by the rules or be content with what he has when he sees more power he takes it what else is leopard Blackbeard to steal well for a start.

There are the wonders of science we know there is something strange about Blackbeard's body he may have already undergone some kind of genetic enhancement if so he could try to take this further judge Vin Smoke's experiments show us just how much power you can get with this approach coach germa 66's abilities are downright.

Incredible they are a legendary Fighting Force if teach is able to apply some of these lineage factors enhancements to himself his strength could Skyrocket trying to take some of the research and Equipment mads worked on has to be tempting it is not clear if these abilities can be applied to adults however.

The Big Smoke siblings were all experimented on when they were extremely young however judge's technology gives us a second option The Raid suit these high-tech spandex sorry armor suits enhancy uses physical strength greatly given Blackbeard's focus on pure Brawn they would synergize nicely with his fighting style they may even help unlock.

Existing physical enhancements when Sanji used his he started to gain some of the abilities judge attempts to imbue him with as a child if Blackbeard is a modified human a raid suit may push those abilities even further however judge isn't going to give his technology out to Blackbeard without a fight neither would queen or vegapunk tiege.

Tends to prefer easier targets he might focus more on ancient civilizations he has shown some interest in this area already he is able to recognize lunarians on site an impressive feat for an almost extinct species Otis stated that in the real world teach would be an archaeologist Blackbeard still considers it a hobby of his.

Remember that in the one piece World some historical information is banned due to fear of ancient weapons being recreated it makes sense that someone interested in power would study archeology it would put them on the path of finding some of these long-buried doomsday devices there is a lot to find hidden in the history of the one-piece.

World ancient civilizations were Advanced enough to build working spaceships there is an entire civilization of robots on the moon these are all things that would theoretically be useful for a yonko new ships and new recruits but there is one piece of long-lost technology that won't require a teacher reach for these stars to claim.

It that is the ancient weapon pluton Luffy and his friends have left the world's worst Battleship behind them sealed underwater in awano the momentos get resolved not to open the borders pluton should be out of anyone's reach for the moment however the thing keeping the pseudocrisy powerful warship hidden is the wall of rocks around iwano if.

Blackbeard learns about the facts here it'll be very easy for him to break through the borders thanks to the guruguru no me after that all he has to do is let the waters drain dock his ship near the rubble and go find it pluton will be his for the taking getting it back to the water would be a hassle with such an incredible ship would certainly.

Justify the work to Blackbeard according to crocodile pluton is powerful enough to destroy whole islands in a single shot that places it on par with whatever emu used to wipe out Lucia Kingdom it's also supposed to be hard to damage the only thing the waters have in shipwrights could think of that might stand a chance in a battle against.

Pluton was a second pluton thanks to Frankie destroying the blueprints that is no longer an option on paper nothing is left of Poseidon and Uranus that can stop this massive Battleship Blackbeard must be salivating at the prospect of such an incredible warship it even has thematic resonance for him pluton is named after a god of death after all.

What better to fight against Nika the God of the Sun than the ruler of the Underworld the only thing stopping Blackbeard from claiming pluton is the fact that sunken wano is largely unknown at present he should have no idea that the ancient Battleship has been buried like this almost no one does the barrier around wano is a closely guarded seeker.

Of the koziki clan as is the ancient land hidden below even kaido never learned of his presence during his 20-year ruling of wano it would take incredibly bad luck for this information to reach someone like Blackbeard and unfortunately our protagonists aren't so good at keeping things to themselves as soon as Robin learned the truth she went.

To share with her crew naturally this led the straw had to loudly talk about pluton being hidden in wano and how Odin wanted to unleash it by opening the borders they said all that in a public tea house where anyone could hear them and unfortunately Caribou was listening in the mud man spy was very excited to hear.

About pluton and plan to immediately let a certain person learn what he found out we don't technically know that he's going to report this to Blackbeard but there aren't many alternative options Caribou has a history of killing Marines so he probably wouldn't be offering this information to the world government kaido big mom and doflamingo have all.

Fallen by this point and karubu probably knows us none of them would be in a position to properly compensate him the announcement of cross Guild forming had not reached wano yet which rules out crocodile as a potential Patron as well unless his employer is a new character lifebeard is the only possible option left the Caribou was able to get a.

Denden Mushi call out before infiltrating the sunny teach may already know about pluton if he does it won't be long before he makes a move to Claymont and it won't be pretty we saw how ruthless Blackbeard got on Amazon Lily if he wants something he will kill everyone between him and it lights open Yamato and the scabbards are ready for.

This fight not the black beer Pirates will be leaving wanna in Ruins with enough Firepower to destroy anyone left that stands in their way but hey that's just a possibility what do you think Blackbeard is going to get up to next do you think he'll be able to grow more powerful than luky's gear fifth let us.

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