– I feel like you'repulling a prank on me. (Owen coughing) Hi, I'm Owen. I'm a food content creatorbased out of Los Angeles. – Hi, I'm Gideon. I'm based in Dayton, Ohio. I'm also a food content creator. So we're doing somethingreally cool today, we're swapping ourfavorite childhood snacks.

– So I was born in Italy spent my time half in Florida, half in Italy. Summers were spent in my Nonna's kitchen. So a lot of these snackswill be pretty much Italian. – Yeah, I'm excited. I was born and raised in the Philippines for like my first 13 years of my life and I'm excited for you to try it.

You ready? – Definitely. – I'm hungry. – Okay, I feel likeI've had those before. – Really? – Are they filled with chocolate? – Mhm Yeah but it's like, I guess this is the Filipino one. – Stick-O,.

– Stick-O. – I like that name. – Oh – There's like no chocolate in here. (Gideon laughs) You said these were filled. This is empty. – Hey man. Don't blame me,.

Blame the Stick-O guy. Cheers. – It's good. Honestly, I just want chocolate in here. Like I thought it would be filled, it's just like empty. It's like they forgot. (Gideon laughs) – Speaking of chocolate,we got Pan de Stelle.

One of my favorite cookies growing up, they're just chocolateand then they have stars. Okay so normally I eat this with milk. Otherwise just like a really dry cookie. Really dry. – Do you guys want milk? I would've loved some. So we now have milk. – Cheers.

– Dude you gotta let it like soak. – Yeah I'm not a fan oflike soggy cookies though. – No but like not toosoggy but like a good, you gotta find the right balance. All right just go for it. – I feel like if thishad like a cream filling, I would but I'm keeping my- my Stick-O. – Oh I'm keeping it all day. – All right.

Onto the next snack. – Nice, I recognize this. Really confused by that. (Gideon laughs) – Mik-Mik? Or is it supposed to be milk-milk? – It's just powder, milk powder.

You just suck it you don't need water, you don't make a drink out of it. – Well this ischocolate milk powder. Cause chocolate makes everything better. Have you had Nesquik before? – Oh yeah. – But have you had likethe powdered version where you make it yourself? – I Don't think so but yeah,.

I like that you can put more. – Yeah, that's why. I just do like one spoonful at a time and then I'll mix. I just got some on your jacket sorry. Here you go. – Thank you. – It's gonna be strong. It's good though Right?.

– More, I'm kidding. – Oh, okay. – I brought Mik-Mik. Everything we need is inthis plate right here. – I don't believe you. I feel like you're pulling a prank on me – Ask Mik-Mik man! – If I have a dry cookie, the last thing I want ismore powder in my mouth.

I can't even open this. – That's why I brought scissors. I got you bro. – Oh it smells like milk. It looks really cool, but like I literallyjust, You're coughing! I don't want to Drink like- – Do it cough with me man. (Owen coughing).

– It disintegrates as soonas it touches like saliva. – Yeah, you don't need water man. You just need your saliva. Last time I had this was probably like 15 years ago. – I got like powder all over me now. I mean it was a cool, like it was- – It's fun right?.

It's Fun. – I love the name too like ” Mik-Mik”. – I'm Keeping mine, sorry. – I'm like, there's justno way I would like go out and get this like ever. Time for some more snacks, I'm hoping it's savory and something I can actually eat.

(Gideon laughing) – Ta-da! As a kid I ate a lot of like sweets. This is one of my all time favorites. – Classic – White rabbit. So you know it? – Yeah, that was like my favorite candies too.

– Okay all right. But yeah, it comes wrapped in a paper and you get to eat it, it like melts. And I haven't had itin like over 10 years. – Really? – It's not this wrapper you can eat. It's this wrapper. It's like a little present.

Oh. A lot harder than I remember. I don't remember it being like this. It hurts. I'm not gonna lie. (both laughing) And it stuck to my tooth right now. – It's like a Jolly Rancher. – Yeah. – But it does taste the same.

– It does. It's like white taffy. And so what did you bring me? – All Right. You asked something savory, I got you. Prawn crackers or justshrimp flavored chips by Oishi. – Whoa.

I like it a lot. – I do too man. – It's like puffy but has chip qualities. – A lot of Asianslove like chip crackers, like shrimp chips like this. I think like this has likethe perfect saltiness. Cause some brands are just really bland. – Smells a lot fishierthan it actually tastes. I think it's verysubtle, not overpowering.

– It tastes better than it smell though. – Yeah, I'm swapping. This was like rock hard. (Gideon laughing) And not as good as I remember. – As much as I love white rabbit, I think I'm going with a savory. I'm keeping mine. Okay. You ready for the next one?.

– Let's do it. – Let's do it. – This takes me back. – Me too actually. – All right, is that a steak? – Like I used to eat like the cheese flavor but I remember when this was dropped it like changed the game.

I hope it tastes like steak. – It smells like just a standard chip. – Really? – Yeah. – Okay. Not to be too critical,but like what is this? Like this is a crumb. You know what I'm saying? Like it's too small. – No.

It's not that deep, bro. – Zero resemblance of steak. But it's great. (Gideon laughing) – It's good right! – There's no big chips in here. It's all- – Right there. – Dude,.

You think this is big. – As big as it get, man. I think – I don't know about that. I feel like this would pair very nicely with what we have right here. I know it looks like a very boring ham and cheese sandwich andthat's cause' it is. But a little backstory,.

My grandma, my Nonna used to make this for me in the afternoons. So in Italy it's actually called “Tost”. You're basically sayingtoast in a European accent. – Right. – But that's what it's called. – Cheers man. I mean you can't go wrongwith ham and cheese, man.

I'm just having my moment man. – You know, sometimes it's just thesimple things you know. – But yeah this is really good. – I'm keeping mine all day. – I'm swapping mine. – All right, well let's try some more. – Whoa, Bring in the milk.

– I'm gonna need milk for this as well. I'm not gonna lie. (Gideon laughing) – I knew it. – This just reminds meof winter and Christmas. This is Bucaneve. They're cookies with, it's like a shortbread taste. Either I go to Italy on Christmas.

Or my Nonna used to visit us in Florida and she would bring this to us. Okay normally they should be fully intact, these are a little crushed. – Yeah, that's way betterthan the chocolate one, to be honest with you. – And I'm a chocolateguy and I'd prefer this. – Yeah, like you said, shortbread. – Like shortbread.

– Yeah, Yeah. And I'm a big fan of shortbread. – So what did you bring me? It looks like corn. – Yes. – In a bag. – Yes. This is sweet corn. Actually one of like my favorite snacks.

It's pretty balanced, like it's sweet but it's also savory. – Love that. I mean that bag is justasking to be popped. – You wanna pop it? – Oh, it is just not asking to be popped. Dude, what is this made out of? – I got you. – Wow,.

That like took a lot of energy out of me – Actually here you go man. – Oh, you like little puff balls? – Yeah. – Hmm. You taste the corn for sure. I wish it was a little saltier. – Really? – Yeah.

– That's something I can eat like the whole bag just in one sitting. – I would almost prefer if this came on like a cob – like an actual corn. – Yeah! I think that'd be reallyfun to like recreate. – Yeah. – You know what I mean?.

(Gideon laughing) Like it's- No? Maybe that's just me. But yeah, I would probably swap just cause' like savory and like if I'm snacking I'm probably gonna pick that. But like nostalgia, Christmas Nonna,.

Like I gotta keep it you know? – Right. As much as I love your story man, so you know so sweet. But keeping my sweet corn chips. – All Right. – Okay I think it's time for a last snack. – Bring it on. More corn bro?!.

– Corn. Yeah. We love corn in the Philippines man. So this is Boy-Bawang. I still remember thefirst time I've had it. My uncle just randomly like showed up and he just tossed me a bag, he's like “Here, you're welcome”. And I'm like “Okay”. – Like one at a time or multiple?.

– Multiple. – Hmm It's like you didn't like it. – No that's good corn. – This is adobo flavor. – Not getting much of that. It tastes like a seasoned corn fritter, nut of sorts. – Well it says it's a fried corn.

– Oh, okay. But then that- my description was home point then. Would I get this over chips, probably not. You know how airlines are like here are your nuts, like peanuts. I think this should be a replacement. – It's better, right?.

– Yeah, they're better thanlike regular peanuts and stuff. – This is the thing I used to like, whenever I would eat this, I'm gonna put like vinegarjust to balance it out. – This is cool though. I've never seen that. You put it in the bag? – Yeah just put it in the bag and I just shake it.

But I just thought it was good. I don't know if other people would do it in the Philippines. – It doesn't taste likestraight vinegar at all. Just gives it that like little kick. – I dunno. I think it just brings out the other seasonings more. The acid just-.

– Really elevates it you know? Have you had one of these before? – Weren't those banned? – So they used to not beavailable in the States. – Mm. – When I would go to Italy, we used to eat this all the time. I still eat them all the time and they all come with a toy,.

Which is the best part. – That's what I was hoping. I was like “Is there a toy?” – This is the yummy side. They provide a little spoon for you. You have to build it too. They're usually really cool toys too. – Mine's built already though. – Okay Some come already built.

That's actually really cool. Have you had this before or no? – No, no, no. Oh dude, you're in for treat. So the best way to do this, you like get half of the chocolate stuff and then one ball and then you eat it all in one go.

It's just like, it's unreal. It's all over my lips. – Yeah, it's very messy. – I kind of want some milk. like isn't that, like just so good. Come on. – It's really good yeah. – Like the texture of a Kit Kat,.

The little ball thing. – Just like you're eating Nutella – If you haven't had one, you'd need to go and try one. Like these things are insane. – Oh yes – There's a lot of pieces of that. It looks about, it looks like he's dancing.

He's like twerking. – I feel like I can eatmore of this when I'm like, you know, this is really fun but um- – Dude you just made a toy and you're gonna pick a vinegar and a bag. – Yeah I don't wannahurt my uncle's feelings. – I'm keeping mine too. – All right, That was a lot of fun, man.

– It was. I loved hearing about yourstories in the Philippines. No milk and bag though next time. – I think I drank enough milk today. – All right. – And for next week. All right thank you guysso much for watching. If you have a favorite snack leave it in the comments below.

– We'll see you next time.