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Time Skip Asta vs Evil Wizard King! Devil God Lucius Appears – Black Clover Chapter 332


the wait is finally over guys after three months of hiatus black clover has returned and right out of the gates the bottom makes it abundantly clear that play time is over too as many of you may have heard over on twitter it was rumored that black clover would be getting a time skip following these.

Shocking events of chapter 331 well it looks as if that rumor turned out to be true but before we jump forward in time let's take a look at what lucius obratas is doing in the opening pages of the chapter the chapter starts off with lucius paying the recently defeated lucifero a visit in the seventh layer of the underworld although we don't see.

Their fight it looks as though lucius is able to defeat this half of the devil's body without any issue after all he himself has no battle scars as he lies they're defeated lucius begins to extract what seems to be the king of the devil's heart lucifero sounding like an old man tells his attacker that even though he may have.

Lost half of his body he is still the king of all devils and possesses the most powerful magic in the world lucius agrees with him on that front but as he says himself this world the ones who are superior using magic are us humans and with that the eldest of grata's sibling grabs his apparel's heart and bites into it like ryuk to an apple though it's.

Unclear what his master plan is seeing as how lucius needed lucifer's earthly half defeated it looks like the infamous clock theory might end up being true fast forward one year and three months and we see our boy asa at his very own special extraordinary merit awarding ceremony talk about a mouthful on the left of him we see some of his fellow.

Magic knights including but not limited to a blushing noel on his right you can see most of his family from the orphanage among them we see father orsi crying tears of joy and i mean who wouldn't the child who he raised for years the one who is constantly yelling and obsessing over sister lily has now achieved the title of senior magic.

Knight upon receiving his new rank fugillian vermillion leader of the crimson lion squad congratulates asta giving him some kind and motivating words while also filling us in on what has happened in the world of black clover over the past year due to kira said disappearance or as we know it his presumed death at the end of lucius the.

Devil trials have mostly died out with him but not before finally acquitting asta and libre although some of the general public still distrust him which i just do not understand these citizens saw him save their lives what reason do they have to distrust him still it's honestly pretty ridiculous over kingdom civilians are weird with all that.

Cleared up asta at long last is back on his path to becoming the wizard king but it seems that asta's longtime rival yuno is one step closer than he is as soo gaelian reveals yuno was actually given the rank of grand knight beating out real's record as the youngest grand night in history something the captain is quick to whine about although.

Fugileon is quick to point out that admittedly after deserves the very same ranking as his rival but for some reason most likely public distrust he's only been promoted to senior mage thankfully this like many things does not bother the wizard all too much because as he says neither him nor you know have reached their goal yet with all the.

Formalities out of the way assa and the others are free to get some food and chat amongst themselves someone does point out that the wizard king has seemingly disappeared but that's quickly shot down by another unknown guest mentioning how he does have a habit of transforming and disappearing hmm.

Pretty strange speaking of the wizard king it seems that the position is up for grabs or at least without asta phrases it opened to change as he stuff split in his mouth austin tells captain swigelyan and nozelle that he had heard the two of them along with mario leona where nominees have become the next wizard king as exciting as that sounds.

It is quickly shot down by the two captains you see they were in fact nominated but all three turned the position down after the battle in the spade kingdom seeing themselves as inadequate for the position well two of them mario leona said no because it is too much work and i'd imagine she would much rather be spending her time.

Training and such especially in regards to overcoming her mad proximity issues featured towards the end of the previous arc another factor behind the decision was the current state of the other kingdoms however there have still been cases of demonic activity surrounding the clover kingdom which most of these squads are out investigating right now.

Including judo and the golden dawn alongside the black bulls and their mobile base although strangely enough we don't get any mention of the diamond kingdom i wonder what's going on over there now before we get into the hilarity that ensues amongst some characters be sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications on numbers.

And upload and smash that like button for some polymer today now if you remember back in chapter 330 charlotte leader of the blue rose squad finally confessed her love for captain yami only for him to not hear it just imagine how awkward that is for the magic knight which is why understandably when yami comes over to talk to her and the other.

Captains she flinches and swiftly runs away without a word being the duncey is yami doesn't understand what's up with her in his words she's been acting weird since they returned from the state kingdom just think about that charlotte is so embarrassed that she has been hiding away from yami for over a year that is dedication thankfully finn ross.

Speaks up and informs yami of charlotte's confession which i wasn't expecting in the slightest it is a really interesting twist and i'm very happy as a case because the alternative was just way too disappointing after being reminded of the confession he received while on death's bed and having his love life being questioned by finra.

Of all people yami also speeds away announcing that he is heading off to the toilet leaving finra speechless while on the toilet yami ponders what this could possibly mean interestingly enough naomi mentioned that the strange feeling he was picking up from charlotte's key must have been love which further goes to show just how oblivious yami is i mean.

He can feel her feelings but somehow still doesn't pick up on them so processing his newly learned information on the toilet yami asks himself a hilarious flurry of questions including seriously for real is she just going to be like this from now on and man he probably would have kept on going if it weren't for finros calling him out to.

Leave with the captain's hysterical romance covered we move on to asa's love life who also has secret admirer is that he has no clue about both noel and mimosa are having full breakdowns as they think about the relationship with asta mimosa says to herself that ever since protecting asta back during the final battle of the spain kingdom arc he.

Has been all she can think about meanwhile noel thinks back to the time she has spoken to us ever since realizing her feelings for him saying that she has now become too self-conscious to even hold a proper conversation with him both royals continue their breakdowns as they think about their unique situations but hey.

Secretary is there not to help them but to further fuel the fire she tells both girls that asa is actually about to confess right this instant a statement that only sends them to a further frenzy as they wonder who he could be confessing to mimosa even questions if it could maybe just possibly be her watching this all go down nero knows how.

Amusing this whole thing is before eventually taking the two to where assad's confessing and here's where we see it asa is proposing to sister lily now being 18 years old asta promises that this will be his last attempt at proposing to the nun telling her that he will definitely make her happy the two nobles watching this go down in secret.

Are left completely speechless as they try to comprehend what they are watching sadly for asta liz answer is no telling our hero that she sees him as family like a sweet little brother out just now surprisingly instead of refusing to accept her answer like he's done in the past asa quickly accepts her answer.

Before telling lily that he understands up until this day he did not want to give up but he has learned that sometimes he can't change how people feel and this is a major maturity moment for astha here but with that asa puts a big old smile on his face and tells sister lily to witness his unchanging promise to become the wizard king after.

All it isn't a proper black clover return if assa doesn't yell that out and with that proposal lily smiles thinking to herself how amazing asta has become before responding i know you can do it zooming out of that panel and we can see asa's little audience still freaking out and red in the face with nero just sitting there with a blank one now it.

Would be really nice that the chapter ended on that happy note but zabota surely did not forget to include yet another painful cliffhanger at the end of the chapter because on the very last page of the chapter none other than lucia's obras appears before asta and in fools of rather's fashion mind you they fall for cape and sweater dress.

The finals of grata's sibling and host to astaroth the time devil congratulates hosta on coming so far before announcing that this is the end for him whatever he means by that i'm certain it will be bad for asta and even worse for the clover kingdom maybe even the world lucius's appearances early on can only mean one thing after over a year of preparing he.

Is ready to launch a plan he has probably been scheming ever since he or julius became wizard king seeing as how he was revealing himself in the center of the noble realm during a time when all the captains say for one are gathered together i'm sure we're about to see things go down next week and i for one cannot wait also don't let it go.

Over your head that he is targeting asta first and foremost he is trying to take care of the one person who can possibly be a monkey wrench in his plans he's a very calculated villain and we love that over here and listen at this point we are working on his time in the comments i gotta know that you guys are just as hyped for the final arc of black clover.

As we are this is the end we are leading up to and it is time as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you