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Toga Revives Twice and Destroys The Earth! Deku Can’t Stop This – My Hero Academia


Let's be honest here my hero Academia has been serving up absolute Insanity week after week lately and with its final Arc throwing just about every possible chakra at us from unbeatable villains and improbable comebacks to what could be its first major character death it's easy to let things slip through the cracks it's a jam-packed Arc.

And there are a lot of fights to keep track of however one that's worth keeping an eye on is the long-awaited showdown between himokotoga ochako Oraka and tsuyu asui background it's been a good 13 chapter since we got any news about this matchup so naturally it's won a lot of readers probably haven't been thinking about much lately.

Now I have a feeling that's a mistake this fight which is actually the third matchup between froppy ravity and toga has insane dramatic potential and it's bound to be one of the most emotional conflicts in the whole Arc I mean it's toga how can it not be we haven't seen a whole lot of this battle yet though when the heroes carry out their plan to split.

Up the villains using a copy of korogiri's warp gate Quirk toga uravity and frappe are warped to a remote tropical island more specifically they're sent to a kuto aquarium the Island's Main Attraction which is run by gang Orca by putting 200 kilometers between toga and the rest of the fights playing out elsewhere they're hoping to.

Keep her contained a solid plan considering that there doesn't seem to be anything toga won't try however even before the battle begins she tries something audacious dragging Deku who's supposed to fight shigaraki at UA through the portal to the aquarium naturally deku's first priority is getting back to his assigned.

Battleground but monoma whose copy Quirk was responsible for the warp gates isn't able to warp Deku to UA that gives toga time to confess her love asking Deku to become her boyfriend this naturally rattles him and he asks what exactly she means when she says that toga explains that being boyfriend and girlfriend to her would mean becoming so alike that.

They're essentially one person yikes Deku naturally rebuffs this Advance saying that doesn't appeal to him and tells her that he could never hurt someone he truly loved that statement reminds toga of the hurtful words of her parents and others in the past and she becomes enraged the heroes who say such things in toga's mind are as Twisted as.

Her parents they believed Heroes and those they protect are the only ones who count as real people so to them she was not normal toga prepares to attack the two and ochako grabs her telling toga that she's thought about her since they last met toga isn't impressed and tries to stab ochako an attempt that was thwarted when Deku used black whip to.

Restrain her so froppy can get her away from ochako luckily the latter isn't badly hurt but she's worried about this Sun change in toga's behavior and at that point Deku is finally able to leave the battlefield that's all we've seen so far and from the looks of it this fight is pretty much just getting started it's been a handful of chapters since we.

Revisited it so when we finally do what's it going to look like well there are a few unpredictable variables in the mix that are definitely going to play a role but what's not unpredictable the awesome plot armor content you get if you subscribe with notifications on to never miss an upload be like toga and show us a Little Love by liking the.

Video too if you want no blood drinking required variable one twice as blood okay this is absolutely the elephant in the room so let's get it out of the way first toga currently this is a vial of twice's blood if you need a refresher League a villains member twice or Jin bobaigawatta was a close friend of togas who was killed during the war Arc due to.

His Quirk double being deemed too dangerous by the heroes double allowed him to create copies of people and objects most often himself with this Quirk he was capable of overwhelming opponents with an all but Limitless number of expendable copies of himself toga's Quirk on the other hand allows her to transform into anyone whose blood.

She drinks if she cares about that person enough she can even use the quirks of the people she turns into something that would definitely apply to her close friend twice the implication here is staggeringly scary for the heroes toga is now able to use double considering that the danger posed by twice's Quirk was the reason he was.

Killed toga being able to use it is a huge trump card it's almost inconceivable to think that she wouldn't make use of the blood for that very purpose so the question here is when will she do it I'll go into more detail about how I think things are going to happen later but what you need to know now is that the battle pretty much.

Hinges upon it why well for one thing it's her best shot at winning but for another it pretty much encapsulates the two biggest themes of this fight love and revenge variable two battle themes okay so love and revenge what's the big deal well to start with toga's character has always been about both of those things love for those she's drawn to and.

Revenge on a world that has always been cruel to her we now have confirmation that loving people at least in toga's terms makes her Quirk more powerful in a series whose fans are obsessed with shipping she's the only person who's ever actually made a love confession and she's made a lot of them her idea of Love becoming one with someone else is.

An integral part of who she is and of this battle there are a lot of layers to that statement though there's her romantic love for ochako and Deku which though she's now claiming to be over it Loom large for a long stretch of the series it's so intense that she doesn't even activate deku's danger sense Quirk because her love masks our potential to.

Harm him so of course a fight against ochako is going to come back to love eventually even though she says that she no longer feels love for a Choco and Deku after being rejected that spurn love might prove to be just as potent as her original affections were but there's also her love for twice it's a very different kind of love but her deep.

Attachment to him is love nonetheless after all he died in her arms and her likely battle plan using twice's blood to turn into him and defeat the heroes with his Quirk wouldn't work if she didn't have some degree of affection for him so there's love on both the Allied and adversarial sides here but that love also breeds a desire for Revenge twice.

His death at the hands of hawks during the first war Loom's large in toga's mind and I strongly suspect that she probably wants to hit the heroes where it hurts as a way of avenging him she may not actually be facing Hawks but she says it herself Heroes and normal civilians are all the same just because a ravity and froppy didn't actually kill.

Twice or marginalize her as a child more on that later does it mean that toga wouldn't hit back at them to try and give the people responsible for twice's death the punishment they deserve it doesn't really make sense but logic has never really been a concern of togas so I don't think that should be super surprising however there's more to her.

Desire for Revenge than just twice toga like many of her fellow villains was mistreated as a child for her strange Quirk because the world has rejected her she thinks it's only right that she should reject it and she doesn't have any qualms about hurting others to do that and this rejection of so-called normal society is even more.

Evident in this fight than it has been before toga is done seeing the good in her adversaries she declares that Heroes only care about those who are like them so now she's got two big reasons to want to hurt the heroes where they live twice his death and her own traumatic childhood in a lot of ways toga's Arc has become about repaying the hurt that.

Others caused her and this battle doesn't seem to be any different so with those being the two big underlying themes of this fight what might plausibly be coming next variable number three toga's emotional state what do love inventions have in common well feelings pretty much both love and the desire for Revenge are heavily.

Influenced by toga's emotions as they is most of what she does honestly toga is a character whose emotions run high and burn hot and I don't think it's unreasonable to say that the outcome of this battle is going to depend on her emotional state that's not to say that uraka nasui don't have their own cards to play both are extremely capable.

Heroes with powerful quirks who work well together and they both have plenty of experience dealing with toga by now so regardless of the outcome we can be sure they're going to put up a good fight they might even have a bit of an advantage since they're in a water-based environment and asui's frog Quirk makes her well adapted for aquatic combat but.

Even so I think that at this point the ball isn't toga's court and that's thanks to twice toga's vial of blood is a huge advantage and one that she will no doubt use against her adversaries but how and when she does that not to mention how effectively is going to rely a lot on how she's feeling after all twice's death is an emotionally charged.

Memory and she's up against an opponent for whom she has strong feelings whether they skew more positive or negative right now channeling her desire for revenge and her jilted love for a Choco might make her a more deadly adversary than ever before but letting it distract her could seriously diminish her ability to fight back she might make careless.

Mistakes and give the hero's openings we can pretty much count on toga to at least try to use twice as Quirk to attack the heroes since it would make no sense for her to have been given the vial of blood if she wasn't going to use it but since we don't know yet how she'll handle her rampaging emotions that's about all we can definitively say.

And you know what that means it's Theory time so what's next Okay so we've talked a lot about toga and what we think she's going to do but what about the heroes ochako and tsuyu probably have a few strategies of their own for dealing with their longtime adversary for one it seems pretty likely.

To me that suya will try to use her overwhelming advantage in water somehow maybe she could use it to limit toga's Mobility or launch an ambush attack from underwater I definitely don't think they would ever try to drown toga even though they could but they could use the fact that normal people don't move very quickly in water to restrain her they.

Also might tag team with a Choco using zero gravity to float together into the air and sue you using her powerful tongue to NAB her while she's vulnerable given ochako's sympathy for toga I think a solution like that which is relatively unlikely to be lethal would probably be in the cards for them however what they don't know yet is that they're probably.

Going to have to contend with double too and that's going to be trickier floating as many copies as possible above the battlefield with ochako's Quirk would only temporarily stall toga in which she can just keep on making new cannon fodder it's going to be hard for only two Heroes to keep up it's hard to say how quickly they would adapt to fighting.

A totally novel Quirk that they weren't expecting to see but I definitely think it would take a second to devise a strategy that second might prove to be critical though because that's probably all it would take for them to be completely overrun with copies of twice after toga's transformation that's why I say that I think the ball is in toga's.

Court it's probably going to be what she does in that opening that determines whether or not the heroes will be able to mount a successful defense and like most things in this fight that comes back to her core motivations with that in mind there are a few fight outcomes I can see happening one toga hesitates the first possible scenario is one that.

Would allow the heroes to take the win albeit not exactly of their own Merit while toga seems to think that all heroes are fundamentally the same she does have a special connection to a Choco even if she's over a crush there was at one point something in ochako that toga was drawn to in a sense toga has already unknowingly singled her out.

As a hero who is different from the faceless oppressive masses she despises and I'm thinking that might have its part to play look toga probably knows what a huge Advantage he has if she can use double effectively she knows it's almost the ideal instrument for exacting her bloody Revenge upon the people who took both her innocence and her close.

Friend from her but knowing that would she have any qualms about using it on a Choco I think that toga would say she didn't but the reality would probably be a little more complicated I don't think she would hold back but realizing the extent of the damage her borrowed Quirk could do to a Chaco might at the very least throw toga off and that might get.

The wheels turning it's entirely possible that her own reluctance would make toga realize that in her mind ochako has never actually been like the other Heroes and that she isn't her real Target using the excuse that she needs to save her strength of the heroes who really are in need of revengeance toga could give herself an out without.

Admitting that she actually still cared for a Choco in some way that would likely give the heroes an unexpected Advantage but there's also the possibility that she'd have no second thoughts at all about an all-out assault but wouldn't be able to bring herself to finish them off once she got the chance that too could give the heroes a window.

Of opportunity to get the upper hand honestly I don't think this is the most likely scenario since remorse isn't exactly toga's thing but it would definitely come back to the love theme of this battle plus horakoshi loves humanizing his villains and showing toga hesitating to kill would definitely do that.

2. emotional breakdown it's also possible that the emotional stress of trying to use twice as Quirk while fighting opponents she has strong feelings about could be too much for toga who already isn't going into this battle in the best mental state she might falter in her attempts to use it then Panic or perhaps she just wouldn't.

Be thinking clearly enough to coordinate her copies and let them run amok or she might be reminded of traumatic memories of watching twice die when she transforms into him rendering her unable to use his Quirk at all that would be hard to watch and an absolutely devastating defeat for toga but I'd say it's a possibility.

Either way this outcome would give the heroes a much needed win and it would give ochako a chance to try to get through to her while she's at her most vulnerable something I would imagine she's probably wanted to do for a long time the idea of saving the villain is a bit of a recurring theme in my hero Academia so an outcome that will let.

Ochako talk things out with a distrauato would be pretty solidly in line with that at this point I can't see toga reacting very well to something like that but ochaka would probably want to take toga's defeat as one last opportunity to help her see reason and leave a life of villainy behind she could extend an apology to toga on.

Behalf of the society she's trying to reject showing her compassion that might change her mind about all heroes being the same or she could simply appeal to toga's romantic Side by arguing that someone who loves people so intensely has a lot to offer a hateful Society honestly I don't know what exactly she would say but if she gets the chance to.

Try to make toga change her mind she'll probably take it foreign toga tries to escape if ochako is indeed different from the other heroes in toga's mind she might come to a very different conclusion that this fight is a waste of her precious time this scenario banks on toga prioritizing revenge and the idea stems.

From the location of the fight itself why is toga on a kotu island because she's unpredictable and might try to escape the whole point of that isolation was to keep toga away from all of the other battles and I don't think that distance is going to be lost on her think about it if Toco really wanted Revenge who would she be looking to pick.

A fight with Hawks definitely maybe some big shot Heroes who dealt more direct blows to their allies during the war Arc notochaco and certainly not Sue you but here on akotu island she's stuck fighting a time and energy intensive battle against two people who have nothing to do with her coveted Revenge sure heroes are heroes but if her goal.

In this battle is to avenge twice she isn't going to want to stay if that's how Togo wanted to take things she would probably completely blow off a Choco and sue you fleeing to try and find a way to escape the island and get back to the mainland where the Hiroshi really wants to teach a lesson will be it doesn't make much sense to try since.

Even if she can escape it's going to take a long time to reach the mainland by boat but trying would certainly be a toga thing to do however even if she were to say screw this to the okuto island battle toga has some loose ends to tie up namely there is no way the heroes are going to let her disengage and Escape like that if they can help it.

In a way her trying to flee would be a great help to the heroes because of her attention was divided between escaping and attacking she would end up on the defensive and unable to effectively counter them plus she probably wouldn't use twice his blood yet if she thought she had bigger fish to fry but there's one way that toga's Revenge scheme might.

Actually work and it requires a little more trickery instead of making the nonsensical decision to try to return to the mainland alone own this scenario would require toga to let the heroes capture her then take her back to the mainland for security reasons once back where she wants to be toga would Escape captivity and start pursuing other.

Enemies I won't get into it that much since the fight would cease to be between toga ochako and suyu if that happened but if Togo really wanted a whiff of that sweet Aroma of Revenge that would be the smartest and most logical way to get it and for all that toga seems like a pretty impulsive character I wouldn't put it past her.

That's definitely my favorite Theory only time will tell if it pans out conclusion all of that said this fight is just like its main antagonist unpredictable until we see more we won't know what toga has upper sleeve and I for one can't wait if you've got any guesses or predictions of your own we'd love to hear them down in the comments.

And as always thank you so much for tuning in I'm Alexander macedo have an incredible day.