All right so this new chapter of my hero academia again provided us with the perspective of the villains who are currently doing some planning of their own we had the confirmation of a major theory of ours related to toga and the transformation of spinner with the previous chapter the heroes had formed an inner circle of swords in order to.

Plan their strategy against the villains and with this all might would especially stress the importance of splitting shigeraki and all for one up from plan a to plan b this absolutely needed to be executed if they were to have any chance at victory their quota was to be at least six miles apart shigeraki was most definitely stronger than all for one at.

This point but if the two were to work in tandem with one another the villains would absolutely emerge victorious and so to prevent that the heroes would need to go as far as to separate each and every one of these villains and take them down individually and the ideal catalyst to kick all this off would be the presently incarcerated ua traitor.

Yuga oyama razorhead was here to see him as according to their medical analysis there were no hazardous abnormalities linked to all for one that they would need to be worried about however to izawa what was truly given to ayama by all for one was an incredible fear yet even still izawa would be sure to express oyama what his classmates were.

Too kind to he needs to fight as there is no other option left for him whether or not he's able to remain at the school was uncertain but regardless izawa personally had no intentions of expelling him and would in fact express that so long as he was willing to take the hands of those who would extend them to him despite what he's done then he.

Will be safe and protected which inspired yuga to do his best as alongside him to get the better of the villains would be revealed to be none other than isao's protege of sorts shinso but like i said this latest chapter was rather different as we would shift to the perspective of our villains beginning with himiko toga as she.

Revisited her now run down and abandoned childhood home a now decrepit hobble with many unsavory messages inscribed all over it ones that told toga to die and regard her to be a demon or vampire meanwhile toga calmly made her way through the filth ridden abode as she recounted the prior sentiments of her very own parents her parents had felt.

They did all that they could but ultimately considered toga to have been born a monster she was told that no one would ever accept that monstrous side of hers but in that case at least they were wrong as it turns out there were in fact plenty of people who would accept and appreciate her people who were just as.

Messed up and broken as she is so many harsh memories would come to mind for toga being in this place all of which being based in some sort of rejection rejection from her parents rejection from her peers and rejection from society they tell her to restrain herself and go against her instincts and desires claiming this to be for her sake.

And not for the sake of their own comfortability toga then made her way to what was formerly her room what was now completely bare but previously was your typical girl's bedroom with nothing out of the ordinary toga at the time as she laid in bed thought of the things she loved she'd think of birds and how cute they were desiring to be one herself and.

If you recall as a little child toga in her admiration drank the blood of a bird and presented it to her family only to be rejected she then began to think of another girl who she also desired to be as she found her dimples to be especially cute all while beginning to bite herself doing so to the point of drawing blood she would then remember a.

Recurring dream of hers at the time a dream of a red sparrow dancing atop her stomach one that eventually began to eat away at her from the navel until it was dancing inside of her dyed bright red and adorable and all the while she continues to be pleasured by the taste of her own blood staining this otherwise normal and quote-unquote pure bedroom it.

All felt so good that she wished it was real a rather disturbing yet poetic moment for toga this is a character so clearly impacted by her quirk mentally now she does in fact denote the sparrow here to be a he and when paired with a bright red depiction i cannot but consider this to be a foreshadowing of some sort in relation to the hero hawks.

Hawks being the very man to have betrayed and killed someone so near and dear to toga's heart twice but more on that later togo would just stand there for a while before simply saying that they threw away all her stuff before smiling a bit now as togo left the home right next door sitting on a windowsill it would be none other than dobby.

He was surprised to see that even someone as crazy as toga could be this sentimental to which toga would respond that this sort of thing was completely normal she was curious about what her childhood home was like now and checked in on it simple as that dabi would chuckle a bit before questioning if toga felt she had what it.

Takes to put an end to the world as they know it and yet again toga's reply was simple it's not like they can turn back now an answer dobby was pleased by as he would go on to say that the world does not care if they smile or cry that either way the sun will continue to rise on a new day completely impartial and i really do appreciate this line from.

Dobby it's sort of like the antithesis of all my sentiments towards the brightness of a smile and especially considering the current turmoil of the country this statement of dobbies may hold even more weight but as he set his hand ablaze he tell toga the two of them should have a good laugh telling her that people live so that they can laugh.

As he set her former home on fire in an instant and what's interesting is that when it comes to dobby when he is at his most deranged he immediately goes to laughter but as her childhood home burned away together considered this to be a kind gesture but one that might get them in trouble if the heroes were to notice but dobby would insist that the.

Heroes were currently stretched too thin to be able to apprehend them right now and given what she had said dobby would ponder his own kindness for a moment before considering it to be perhaps why he is so intent on endeavour's misery at which point we would have the major revelation that in knowing toga's ability to copy the quirks of those she.

Loves in addition to adopting their appearance after consuming their blood dabi made sure to collect some of twice's blood before giganto machia completely demolished the forest manor he has since given it to toga and desires for them to carry on the sad man's parade in twice instead what is absolutely insane but if you have been.

With the channel for a while then you would know that we predicted this very revelation all the way back in 2020 because as always plot armor has you covered with this dobby was sure that they would be the ones who have the final laugh in all this and truly i love seeing these two together like this and that's especially because they joined.

The league of villains alongside one another both having been inspired by the hero killer stain and lasting as long as they have dobby already has siblings galore to be fair but even still their relationship at this point reminds me of a brother and sister but to follow all this we would have the other league members in the hideout of all for one.

Here spinner would be alerted to the anguish and pain-induced outcries of sugar who was presently out of view spinner would then begin to approach as eventually a portion of shigaraki's now deformed body would emerge from the darkness all for one would attempt to put spinner's mind at ease here by.

Telling him not to worry as shigaraki was recovering rather smoothly as he was overcoming the quark singularity little by little but more than that as he held onto the last remaining severed hand shakuraki possesses of his family spinner would question to offer one if this was still rocky which all for one would confirm with certainty which i'd.

Beg to differ with but we'll see soon enough from there skeptic would begin to speak to spinner he'd begin talking about societal injustices perpetrated against heteromorphic individuals and how frequent they were even when heroes were abundant that many such mutants have been pushed to villainy and possess a deep hatred for heroics the remnants.

Of the paranormal liberation front had done their par majorly but spinner was now a symbol that by being a part of the league of villains from the very beginning he became a figure in the public eye that despite donning an imitation costume he's become a beacon of hope for countless heteromorphic people spinner would express that he.

Never had such extravagant intentions when he joined up but skeptic would be quick to interrupt him by saying that either way this is how things are now that both prisoners and rebels alike were awaiting his arrival as the ones who stand tall and begin their uprising in the place of redestro and so now spinner does in fact have a grand.

Purpose here i mean all the way back when the meta liberation army was first introduced we presume that spinner would be heavily involved with them but we certainly had no idea that it would take this long for things to pick up in that sense and here spinner 2 possessed a sentiment similar to togas in response to dobby then at this point they were.

Too far to turn back all for one would then express that the step spinner was about to take would be one that would bring hope to everyone followed by sugar rocky sharing the words destroy it all now if all for one is so convinced by the value of this then i'm sure it is a major development and from here spinner would decide to himself that he was done.

Thinking it over that if it was for sugar rocky's sake he would do anything which was followed by all for one commending him saying that anyone can become someone else's hero yet another twisted heroic doctrine as from there we'll receive a glimpse at the various heteromorphs anticipating spinner's direction one of which appearing to be.

The very sludge monster from the beginning of the series that assaulted deku and bakago and in retrospect i must say this guy's quirk is actually pretty terrifying if he latches on to someone he may therefore become like a parasite invading and subsequently controlling their body entirely including their quirk and with that being the case i.

Seriously hope he gets the opportunity to display this capability in some capacity now this heteromorphic conflict is not a new concept at all but is seriously one that i wish is more highlighted throughout the series i honestly feel the same towards the complications associated with heroic society in general to be fair since.

Based on what we were actually presented with for the longest time it really wasn't that bad at all but even more so with this because it is more said than shown by a large margin the heroes are going to have a really tough time handling toga with the quirk of twice even if the transformation is only momentary that is a manpower of an.

Entire nation right there meanwhile the biggest hurdle the heroes currently face happens to be their lack of manpower so this will be interesting not to mention toga is a vastly superior hand-to-hand combatant than twice ever was with that being the case the heroes should absolutely be slaughtered here but of course this is my hero academia and as.

We expressed with that theory way back when when it comes to this series generally if you take the craziest thing possible and dial it back to about 75 percent or so you'll more than likely end up with the most accurate possibility but either way i am certainly looking forward to getting out of this setup phase and getting into the.

Real excitement my hero academia will be on break next week but even still you should definitely subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes to bringing some of the best my your academia content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm sliced otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love.

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