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TOGA’S SECRET WEAPON! The Villains Win – My Hero Academia


So with the latest events of the my hero academia story after months of intrigue and action it seems as though our war of heroes versus villains is now finally approaching its climax at least for the time being and this is something i have a whole lot of feelings towards as at.

One point a whole lot of fans questioned what could possibly follow an event such as this i mean in the case of plenty other series war is the final frontier the climactic end to something built up over several arcs however it should now be clear to the vast majority of us.

That there is just so much more to explore beyond this now the war arc has been spectacular and mind-blowing on many levels but something that truly blew me away was the fact that our greek mythology mega theory was so damn accurate like i always say plot.

Armor has some of the best my hero academia content on the platform and that video is a perfect example of this it's something you're not gonna find anywhere else and is to date as far as i'm concerned the greatest my hero theory video on youtube now this was a video made.

Prior to the war even starting at pretty much the beginning of 2020 yet here we are in december with it still being proven correct in more ways than one but with such a long time having a lap since its creation i figure it could be pretty fun to consider everything that has come to.

Fruition while also adding a bit more speculation into the mix based on some new found context and if you haven't yet seen that one i cannot recommend it enough it is sitting at nearly half a million views at this point and give some necessary context to this whole.

Discussion but anyways to begin with we liken the presence of my boy hiroshima to that of hercules or heracles strongest of the mortals it was prophesized that he would be integral to the defeat of the giants and so he claimed that kiroshima would.

Be vital to taking giganto machia down and what we received was kiroshima pushing mina out of harm's way after sprinting through a blazing inferno of trees only to then scale the hulking arm of giganto machia all the while proclaiming his name to be that.

Of red riot a hero that does not allow those behind him to bleed as he then chucked momo's sedative right into the monster's mouth an act that several chapters later has now toppled the giant and provided the heroes a chance at a victory past this we also proclaimed that.

Shigaraki and deku would now finally face one another in combat as they represented typhon and zeus respectfully with a fight that would not bode well for deku as he would be severely outmatched but with this my hero academia is of course a shonen story and so in this case.

This disadvantage was very much offset by the assistance of various heroes on the scene but even still we said that as zeus deku would have his tendons cut and as we now can see deku cannot use his arms or his legs but we furthermore describe this loss to be quirk related as well.

Something that deku narrowly managed to avoid happening within the world of one for all and this prediction mind you was prior to our collective understanding that shigurahi would receive all for one at all something that to be fair.

We did properly theorize a few days later in a preceding video but getting back to greek mythology we liken the female presence of the story to be that of athena now as i said previously it is certainly unfortunate that the ladies for the most part all got placed in the same boat but it kind of makes sense.

Shonen stories have a tendency of sucking when it comes to female characters some more than others and greek stories are far from kind to women given the time period they originate from but even still athena was a goddess whose depictions vary so tremendously at times.

That it kinda just works now we highlighted mina to be this for her major assistance to kiroshima as heracles which came to fruition as it was her vial of the sedative that kiroshima used while declaring that her chivalrous spirit was in good hands now roman athena.

Was kinda insane so we pinned her to toga as well but at this point i might just argue something else entirely transformation and or shape-shifting is something of a commonality throughout greek mythology people are made to be animals and monsters alike at the behest.

Of the gods however one particular figure of significance was especially known for the ability to change herself the titan known as metis now mind you the basis for our findings at large happened to lie with the gengato maki war of god vs giant.

As opposed to what was previously the titanomachy god vs titan but even still in later traditions giants were sometimes confused with titans who also happened to be the children of gaia metis was known to be rather cunning and quite the trickster.

And although she didn't play any notable role in the gigantomaki metis was the mother of someone that did the aforementioned athena which made zeus and metis lovers albeit one he feared to lay with for one reason or another which i'd attribute to toga loving deku while he is otherwise very freaked out.

By her but you know what right now toga is a one member of the league of villains absent from the current battle and this is because following the death of twice she began to question the line between heroes and villains something she sought to ask of two characters she loves.

Raka and deku in receiving her answer from uraka she couldn't help but cry but seemed to receive a bit of necessary confirmation as she then began to make her way back to her comrades with her confusion now apparently being cleared and this does not bode well for the.

Heroes during the fight between the league of villains and the meta liberation army toga experienced a quirk awakening wherein she may now use the quirks of those she loves when donning their visage now this is a major power that the heroes have.

No idea about and that's because that entire conflict was covered up to the point of only the likes of hawks and few others being aware of it and even then there is no way that he could have known this particular fact however it does certainly tie into what was his utmost concern.

The presence of twice and twice when it came to greek mythology we liken to the giants known as hekatantris a present that hawks opted to kill as otherwise the heroes would have absolutely no hope of victory but even then the quirk of twice was something that the doctor.

Had certainly replicated in the form of the courageous nomu known as mocha which is to say that the villains came prepared and so with toga's deep feelings towards twice to the point of his death shifting her whole perspective and outlook on life despite the relationship being platonic.

I believe it is possible that she possesses some of his blood not only for the security of it but realistically speaking in terms of the narrative who else would she use i mean we just recently had her specified to uraraka that the blood has to belong to someone that she loves.

She took blood from uraka during the forest training arc and used it during the my villain academia arc and she took blood from deku during the provisional lysis exam and used it during the overhaul arc to our knowledge there is nobody else that she so deeply loves i mean she likes sue.

But it's really not that deep she just thinks that she's cute and although she cut her tongue once that wasn't enough blood for her to save for later and so at that the only reasonable deduction left to be made would be that she'll be using the blood of twice and using it to either aid.

And or save the villains currently on the scene because although she's an expert acrobat without this ability her contributions to such a fight wouldn't even be worthy of taking note of and if there's any hope of machia getting out of here.

It'll take the might of an entire army for sure now unfortunately even if toga does do such a thing it won't be necessarily as destructive as it would have been if twice himself were here the fact of the matter being that for as overpowered as a double.

Quirk may be when it comes to replicating others it is quite complicated as they're effectively sentient clones of the person they happen to be a replica of and to do that in the first place requires detailed measurements of that person's body.

And so in turning into twice toga could in theory then turn into an army of herself which is kinda trippy but she'd at the very least know of her own measurements then again if she's obsessive enough maybe she knows uraca or deku's measurements as well now i highly.

Doubt that as horikoshi as we've seen thus far tends to avoid the utmost extremes of any given threat or presence as made evident by the lack of an almighty prime the death of twice the incomplete nature of both the high end nomu and shikaraki amongst other things the best we can do.

Is think of the craziest thing possible dial it back to about i don't know 75 percent and there we have it but yeah right now if the whole compressed thing doesn't bode well then toga is looking like the villain's only hope of escape but in regards to the hope of restoring.

Zeus we have hermes and pan to begin with hermes we believe to be visually represented by ida while being contextually represented by hawks as a god who could do it all now hawks has certainly played his part throughout the war and in the beginning acted as he won to deliver the message of impending bloodshed.

To endeavor and funny enough the primary job of hermes was to be the messenger of the gods as well as the deliverer of the dead to hades and with that we may then attribute endeavor to be a representation of hades god of the underworld now in pop culture hades may often be associated with fire.

And such when in proper mythology the only particularly fiery aspect of the underworld would be that of flygathon or pyroflagathon the river of fire which was but one of five rivers and happened to be the most difficult to pronounce another.

Thing pop culture tends to do with hades is depict him as a villainous figure when in reality he wasn't any more terrible than any of the other gods the fact of the matter is people are always dying there is always some sort of conflict out there in the world and so he very much had his.

Hands full at all times the voices of the dead however would at times get to him and so he'd often go mad and was rather unkind and merciless but this was only towards those of his charge their conditions were awful and hades feared such chaos breaching into the.

Worlds of both mortal and god so he was ever diligent and you know with the working relationship between hermes and hades it makes sense why endeavour is the favorite hero of hawks and is so admired by him furthermore to the masses like hades endeavour is a hero.

He detains those who would do harm to others while he himself does harm onto those of his realm ergo the abuse endeavors many children were made to suffer but it gets a whole lot worse hades unlike the only god to clearly supersede his power zeus who we liken to be any user of one.

For all in this case being almight was a man faithful to his spouse persephone alone however this is once again greek mythology and so this is not some beautiful love story as he became obsessed with her and decided he wanted her to be his wife and so as opposed to receiving.

Persephone's consent and fear that the goddess that loved flowers and life wouldn't want to live in the underworld with him he opted to kidnap her and effectively imprison her in the underworld with him now to liken this to endeavor rather than really caring for rey he sought her ice quirk.

And so being the well-known and ever wealthy number two hero he approached her family with a quark marriage what is for all intents and purposes and arranged marriage and with endeavour's growing derangement rey would begin to feel like more and more of a prisoner.

In her own home and interestingly enough with her now being away from it all endeavor sends her her favorite flowers daily oh and by the way hades is persephone's uncle yikes but after procuring himself a captive wife hades would go on to have three children.

Melanoe makaria and zagreus three children that you've probably never heard of as they weren't really of any significance which is kinda just how it goes when you're a god of the underworld and not hades himself but even still this is pretty crazy when you think of.

Endeavour as in pursuit of the ideal core combination he had three failures now melanoe and makaria were both girls which in relation to endeavor would attribute them to having the quirks of their mother as opposed to having his both of which would go on to be.

No names as both would not become heroes but zegrius was a bit different now this was a male god of somewhat conflicting origins as escalus a real world man regarded as the father of theatrical tragedy would at times portray zagreus to be the son of hades or even hades himself.

However in the earliest mention of the god he was aligned with gaia and referred to as the highest god of the underworld and at that zagreus would have to be dobby as toyah dabi was the first son of endeavor who was initially trained to follow down the same path as his father.

Leading to what would later be an identity crisis along with the strung out conflictions of his identity throughout the story's narrative and for a time i suppose he was the highest god of the underworld as his flames were denoted to be superior to that of.

Endeavor however as davi that alignment with gaia who we presented to be none other than the nefarious doctor as the creator of the nomu makes a whole lot of sense as a villain that is clearly the case but on a more intimate level dabi did serve as the one to let hood.

Off of his leash after having been requested by the doctor particularly now at this point you may be wondering why there are only three children what about our boy shoto well shoto was different as he himself would be more so amongst the gods proper having overcome the strife of his once abusive.

Household now following his own heroic path unfortunately however i can't exactly pinpoint a god he would accurately represent in considering the 12 olympians i suppose poseidon would be my knee-jerk conclusion but once again there is no substance to.

Such a claim but now moving on from the underworld and such we have pan god of the woods and planes that resembled a cross between a goat and a man which we concluded was to be airy now pan due to his ugliness was shunned and avoided by the gods but thanks to his mastery of the pan flute.

Would later come to be accepted and adored by them something we believed would represent aries impending quirk mastery as before then it would be dangerous to have her around without eraserhead to oversee her and as such she has properly displayed her capabilities by restoring muriel's.

Quirk and we also assumed that she would be vital to dekker's recovery just as pan was to that of zeus but that has yet to come to fruition as the war is currently still on however we did also mention that the societal ramifications of this war would be costly and would change the.

Landscape of the story forever and it is now clear that this will be the case with dabi's public address to the masses amongst other happenings the giganto machi was described to be the most important struggle of divinity in all of greek mythology as attested by.

Its ever frequent depiction across greek artwork for the greeks this war represented the triumph of order and rationalism over chaos discord and excessive violence and for 5th and 6th century greeks it was more specifically a representation of civilization.

Over barbarism but unfortunately the now unsettled masses of microacademia may have become disillusioned by their protectorate inversely now shattering such beliefs and that's just the way things are trending to go but moving forward i'd like to talk a bit about bakugou and.

Again because we were honed in on the events of the gyanto maki in particular i didn't go to the trouble of assigning a divine counterpart to each and every character but since we're here anyways let us for a moment talk about bakugou since he's finally been getting some.

Epic moments with this conflict so being the self-proclaimed great explosion murder god bakugou is certainly ares god of war now ares wasn't mentioned to have done anything especially crazy during the war against the gods which is why he wasn't mentioned before.

But he was present and to be fair this was a god of little popularity with very few shrines or temples dedicated to him but even still he was one of the 12 olympians the thing is though for as powerful as a guy said to be his character was just downright unlikable he was a.

Major bully and had terrible anger issues but even then in war he favored those of significant courage on the battlefield and so despite his lack of popularity his presence was very important and with this one i don't think i even need to do a.

Translation to the character because it genuinely feels like i just straight up described bakugou but with all that being said that pretty much wraps up everything i wanted to convey to you all lots of information in this long conversation but really and truly this is that sort.

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