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Top 10 Overpowered Villains in My Hero Academia


This is our list of the top 10 strongest villains in my hero Academia number 10 twice twice went from a joke character to a country destroying threat his Quirk double allowed him to make copies of anything he could only make two at a time but could do this infinitely to make a perfect clone twice needed to know a target's exact details like size.

Shape and physical features and because he knew his own Dimension so well he could create copies of himself faster than he could anything else if double was limited to only objects it would be pretty similar to Momo's Court creation but what really makes it terrifying is this ability to duplicate living things doubles look like the same person and.

Had the same skills so it can be really difficult to sell them apart so difficult that twice himself wasn't sure he was the original or a clone for a very long time and because clothes would melt away if they were hit too hard he was very evasive and avoided cloning himself for just as long twice instantly knows if one of his Creations is.

Destroyed even if they're far away from him once he realized he really was the original and got over his trauma twice immediately became a country-breaking threat even Hawks one of the smartest and most experienced characters in the series saw him as he League's most dangerous Lieutenant twice his ultimate move Sad Man's parade is one where he.

Makes many clones of himself then those clones make clones and then their clones make clones and in just a few seconds they can become an army of thousands with enough time their numbers can become impossible to stop his clones aren't very durable but because he honed his Evasion for so long it doesn't really matter and those are just clones.

Of himself twice could easily do the same with any of the villains on this list he can't control any of them but if they're on his side at least according to his memory he'll have an infinite amount of powerful allies he can even create copies of dead people it's obvious why Hawks decided to kill him even if they took down everyone in the.

League of villains he could pretty much keep him Immortal number nine Fleck turn Fleck turn is the main villain of the movie My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission charismatically leading his Global cult human rise flight turn nearly succeeded in causing Mass genocide the world over his Quirk reflect is an emitter type that allows.

Him to absorb and return energy when something makes physical contact with him spiraling energy builds up behind him and is then sent back to the source alternatively he can store the energy to attack later the use of this guard is actually involuntary which makes it nearly impossible to harm him at all times to assist him Fleck turn has a.

High-tech support item known as Arachne it has four mechanical arms and Spike mirrors that can be used with his Quirk the mirrors act as thrusters when he sends the energy is absorbed through them he was accurate enough to make the laser beams from his turns hit a high-speed Deku Fleck turns Quirk was able to defend against deku's one for.

All enhanced attacks for quite some time it took Deku going plus Ultra with his United States of world smash move using the full extent of his power across across many blows to finally overload it there are very few powers and even characters in the series who could ever reach that level of damage output making Fleck turn one of the most durable.

Figures we've seen his fight against Deku also absorbed the budget for season 5 of the anime number eight Hood as the first high and nomu Hood was literally made to be strong besides falling orders Hood's greatest motivation was the desire to fight strong opponents after easily taking down the number one hero Endeavor in a one-on-one fight Hood.

Became bored immediately and longed for another challenge this living weapon of mass destruction had six quirks power gave him super strength muscle augmentation let him grow his muscles making them stronger and longer lasting super regeneration let him quickly heal all levels of damage transforming arms let him change his shape of his arms and.

Attack from long distances he could also use this one to create wings and with shoulder mounted Jets he could make these speeds even crazier his last chord never got an official name but let him store others inside himself and release them whenever he wanted even before he completely became a nomu as he hooded man Hood was still a very dangerous.

Villain in both cases he took several top-tier fighters to finally take him down as a nomu he may not be the smartest around but he made up for that with overwhelming strength and incredible instincts but maybe his siblings would have been even stronger if they were given a chance to stabilize number seven nine nine the main villain.

Of my hero Academia Heroes Rising was born with the Quirk weather manipulation it let him create storms tornadoes call lightning and control the wind because his natural disaster Powers were so beyond the usual abilities of other quirks people feared him like a wrathful god but because his body couldn't handle the power he became very sick and had to.

Limit its use after turning to the league of villains nine was given an imperfect copy of The Quirk all for one this weaker version let him steal and possess up to eight quirks besides his original which is how he got his name airwall let him make super strong Shields out of thin air bullet laser let him shoot purple lasers from his fingers.

Scanning gave him a special Vision that could identify people and their quirks Hydra let him create dragon-shaped attacks from his back nine was a very tactical villain who knew exactly how to combine his quirks it's a shame his last Quirk Cell Activation was incompatible with his body because otherwise his sickness wouldn't have held him back.

This guy was on life support he didn't have eight stolen quirks only four were actually usable and he still fought and broke bakugou and beku at the same time and listen I tried to get nine at number six again but the next villain was way too strong number six overhaul gaijasaki's Quirk overhaul is one of the very few powers in my hero Academia that.

Can kill someone with just one touch with it he can disassemble or reassemble anything he gets his hands on and unlike another one touch chord coming up later he doesn't even need his entire hand do this only one finger this Quirk was so powerful that as an orphan overhaul like two other villains on our list was intended to be a potential successor of.

All for one but even without that guy overhaul has a genius level mind as a former leader of the Yakuza he ran a criminal organization that withstood the symbol of peace era using Justice scientific knowledge and Aries body he created a drug that could destroy a person's Quirk he did this in just a few years at most it took Dr garaki decades.

To get the no Moon project where it is today if overhaul had more time he'd not only surpass Dr garaki but would have destabilize the whole world by mass producing The Quirk destroying drug and its cure overall was so dangerous that the league of villains refused to take him on by themselves overall could also disassemble and reassemble himself that.

Let him heal himself at will he could even fuse with others he did this so precisely that he was able to take their best physical attributes and quirks without fusing their mind lines if this guy didn't hate quirks and attention so much he could have ended up bigger than you got to Makia and have more quirks and all for one number five number six.

Number six was a Vigilantes villain with five quirks number six also had changes made to his body to help him become stronger and smarter these changes gave him better senses more strength more durability less pain stronger muscles a sludge form clawed limbs the ability to use more quirks and body storage number six suffers from severe agnusia a.

Problem with the brain that makes it difficult to recognize people objects and sounds because he lacked any awareness of self he was easily molded by All For One the villain gave number six his pick of which villain he'd become a twisted version of he picked o'clock that's why number six's main Quirk is overclock which lets him move.

Three to ten times faster than normal but if he gets really excited his speed can increase up to several dozen times faster this Quirk stimulates he brain enough to speed up the the user's reception and thoughts relative to all other things he could see hear and think at amazing speeds he could understand a recording that had been sped up to be.

300 times faster and changed into pure plasma energy what's terrifying is that number six could have become a twisted version of any hero if he'd chosen differently some other potential Heroes were ectoplasm Crimson Riot gang Orca yoroy Musha late in the gun an even Endeavor imagine another insane flame villain self-detonation allowed number.

Six to treat parts of his body like explosives and blow them up his next Quirk regeneration made it easy for him to heal from evenly most terrible injuries radio waves let him send out electromagnetic pulses that could cut off power and Communications and even control a hive mind lastly bomafi let him grow Bombs all over his body number.

Six was a Master of Disguise and infiltration he was smart enough to devise several evil schemes he even figured out Captain celebrity's weakness and would have killed will be popular American hero if it wasn't for all mice Intervention number six is agnosia made it easy for him to take on different personas on the fly one of them was even.

Able to get a hero license no other villain in the series has been able to infiltrate the heroes like this that's a reverse Hawks play number six consider Pro Heroes to be villains while he was a real hero o'clock too he saw himself as o'clock's successor and would have hallucinations of the hero that guided him every step of the way being even.

More of a mentor than all my is to Deku thanks to his many quirks and augmentations number six could easily mimic the fighting styles of others taking on several monstrous forms even all for one had to give him credit for being creative when it helped him out maneuver all might number four Dobby as the first shot of endeavor Dobby's Quirk.

Blue flame is even more devastating than his father's at first he was trained by Endeavor but when it was revealed that his own Quirk was hurting him Dobby began training by himself the Hobby's Flames can get very hot at least 2 000 degrees Celsius or 3 1632 degrees Fahrenheit the stronger his emotions get the hotter the Flames.

Become his fire is so powerful that it can easily break walls but Dobby's most dangerous feature isn't his Quirk at all it's his indomitable will this combination was enough for all for one to secure him as a potential successor but because he accidentally incinerated himself as a child and was in a coma for three years he was pretty much forgotten.

And estimated to only have a few months left to live Dobby not only continues to survive into adulthood but completely destroyed the orphanage of potential successors all for one kept him in because with childhood Burns Dobby's body and nerves were damaged so badly that he can barely feel pain even if he could he can't even cry anymore using.

His core for too long can really mess up his body but Dobby was still able to go blow for blow against Katen the Iceman for a while Dobby may not have an ice Quirk like Shoto but he does actually have a bit of cold resistance from his mother during the first war Dobby wiped the floor with Hawks then continues to do the same to Nigeria's strongest.

Fibers and even one shot his little brother Shoto with jetburn all in the same day he learned that move and plenty of others thanks to his photographic memory and intense study of endeavor from a distance he was even able to do the same to shoto's ultimate move Flashfire fists phosphor only a few seconds After experiencing it for the.

First time meanwhile the development of this move was pretty much a result of shoto's entire school year despite being so volatile Dobby is surprisingly calculated and clever especially when it comes to ruining his dad's life Dobby's Flames are so hot at this point that not even characters of fire resistance can handle being anywhere near him his body.

Has been terribly ruined but even as a Walking Corpse the Flames of Vengeance will let him stay down until he's accomplished his goal a level of determination very few villains possess number three giganto Makia giganto Makia has been all for one's bodyguard and loyal servant for a long time although his body was never actually modified.

Like some other characters giganto Makia has seven quirks which should be impossible endurance gave him the ability to turn his own morale into physical strength and stamina pain blocker stopped him from feeling any pain both inside and outside of his body with gigantification he can grow bigger thanks to his emotional stage becoming.

At least 82 feet tall dog heightened his senses of hearing and smell energy saver let his body function with very little food water and sleep he can keep attacking for more than 48 hours straight Fierce gains makes his muscles harder and mole lets him grow mole like Claws from his fingers and spikes from his back in addition to a shielding.

Visor all of these quirks work really well together nobody has ever been brave enough to fight higantomaki alone because he's just too strong he fought the league of villains non-stop for a whole month and he always won easily and don't be fooled by his size this Beast can run at least 32 miles per hour even just his breathing is stronger than some.

Of your favorite characters at full strength number two all for one all for one is feared by all as a symbol of evil as the oldest living character in the series all for one ruled Japan with an iron fist for decades all for one was able to get followers from all over the world and he could use them whenever he wanted to his Quirk all for one let him.

Steal other people's quirks and give them to whoever he wanted to overhaul's entire drug business was a lot like a copy of his natural skills all for one is easily one of the strongest quirks in the series if not the strongest all for one has had and seen more quirks than anyone else in the world most of the quirks he keeps himself are simple but.

They all work well together search lets him know we're up to 100 people are and what their weak spots are he could use warping to make dark slush portals that could take dozens of people to and from his location Force Quirk activation lets him use a person's Quirk even if they don't want to rivet stab extends dark stabbing tendrils from his body with.

Spring-like limbs he can twist his muscles to make himself strong longer impact recoil lets him send the force of a blowback of the person who made it with air cannon he can use his arms to send out shockwaves of air multiplier adds more arms hypertrophy makes his arms bigger rivet gives his arms big bumps spear-like bones builds up bone.

Structures on his arm infrared gave him infrared senses even without eyes he could live for a ridiculously long time because of life force with radio waves he can mess with radio waves and communication devices he can use hard flame fan to make a wall of flames he also has a glue Quirk a vibration detection Quirk a kinetic booster Quirk.

A strength enhancer Quirk a hardening Quirk a razor blade Quirk a levitation Quirk and ooze Quirk a mouth Quirk a mind control Quirk a telekinesis Quirk and a lie detection Quirk at this point it's hard to see where the quirk's end and the man begins all for one is and continues to be the smartest character in my hero Academia the entire plot of.

The main series side series and first two movies are all Odes was carefully laid out plans across many generations he's overpowered the strongest of the strong and how smart are the smartest of the smart he's not smarter than most Brilliant Minds of several Generations based on infamy and accomplishments alone he is by far the greatest villain.

To have ever existed and is at least partially responsible for the majority of villains in the series as an old man with a ruined body he decided to mock the uses of One for All by creating his own line of successors while ultimately intending to take over their minds and bodies like a parasite but after using the power of Aries rewind Quirk he.

Managed to revert himself back to his physical prime and with enough time has even reverted back to his teenage form if he wasn't about to be wiped out of existence there would be no hope left for the heroes against him number one shigaraki shigaraki tomora is a new symbol of fear shigaraki's original Quirk Decay is the most destructive in.

The series with it shigaraki can destroy anything he touches the K can also spread from one thing to another and kill everyone in the city in a matter of seconds shigaraki had his body modified to inherit the original all for one Quirk shigaraki was already as strong as all might used to be even in his incomplete form even with his Quirk.

Suppressed by Erasure he's been able to fight against the strongest heroes in the series at the same time twice even without any quirks he can quickly mutate and become a flesh monster at will his all-for-one brain worm gives him access to his former Master's genius mind even without it shigaraki is still very smart he's a master tactician that's.

Outsmarted the most brilliant characters in the series even all for one couldn't predict shikaraki's will being so strong he can't be controlled even though shigaraki got his Quirk later than most his rate of growth is much faster than that of both his friends and enemies he's turned every problem that got in his way into a new place to stand on he.

Outsmarted overhaul and stole his resources he dismantled the creature rejection Clan he fought against gigantom machia for over a month he destroyed redestro's legs killed many of his followers and kept what was left including a billion dollar Empire he embarrassed the number one hero Endeavor he retired Gran Torino he took one of.

Eraserhead's eyes and forced him to cut off his own leg he survived a nuke he killed the number one hero of the United States star and stripe tortured UA's big three and killed bakugou he has searched super regeneration spring-like limbs radio waves rivet stab Eric Cannon scatter heavy payload wing and maybe more quirks we haven't seen yet nobody.

In this series can handle this guy in a one-on-one fight it is not possible the only Quirk that could ever even have a chance against this guy isn't one for all it's plot armor which you can see more of from our top 10 strongest characters with multiple quirks video