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Top 10 Strongest Logia Devil Fruits in One Piece!


This is our list of the top 10 strongest lokia devil fruits in one piece number 10 mokumokunomi Smoker's mokumokunomi was the first lokia type we ever saw and is still one of the strongest this devil fruit lets its user create control and change into smoke at will because it's smoke the person can float with it and.

Avoid getting hurt by becoming part of that gray cloud of air after perfecting his doe fruit abilities smoker can shift this form reflexively when attacked it takes some practice to get good at this but smoker can go from visible to Invisible smoke we've also seen smoker use his power to rise with the smoke make him faster and more agile by.

Changing how thick the smoke is he can use more of it to hit his enemies it can also get lighter to make it easier to float and catch targets smoker is able to launch the enemies like with the white snake technique a snake-shaped cloud of thick smoke that follows a Target until they're caught and thrown around a user can hide very well by.

Turning their whole body into smoke we've also seen smoker use his smoke to power a vehicle called bill or bike which can even cross water her when clashing against the fire logia's power the two ultimately cancel one another out if the user wants to make it hard for their enemy to see they can fill the air with smoke then they can blend in.

With it and attack it seems like the smoke smells bad but smoker doesn't use that to his Advantage the smoke doesn't affect everyone in the same way and fire has been able to stop such attacks when that happens smoker uses Armament hockey while hiding his limbs in the Smoke to surprise his opponents number nine Suna sunanomi crocodile Suna suno Nami lets.

Its user create control and change into sand at will like with most logia fruits the user could allow most physical attacks to go right through them they're also capable of flight once her lower body becomes slowing sand all of this route's abilities are further improved if the user is surrounded by an abundance of sand this is why crocodile.

Was so confident that he'd be able to take control of alabasta crocodile claims to have completely mastered the doe fruit can turn into sand without seeing an attack coming and has plenty of move to back this statement up with desert spotta crocodile turns his right hand into a blade of fast-moving sand after sticking it into the ground the.

Blade goes forward cutting everything in its path in desert environments crocodile can use desert girasol to create huge quicksand traps what's cool is that he can also detect underground rivers with it Sables lets him create major tornadoes of sand not even crocodile can control them once they've grown big enough but if he's at the.

Center of it he can use it to suck the water out of living things it's even strong enough to crack steel ground Seko is a near Awakening level ability that crocodile uses to dry out large areas around him turning them into deserts but he can take things to the next level with ground death the stronger version dries up the ground and everything in.

Contact with it such as buildings and people if he maintains the contact for long enough he can turn everything into sand with enough preparation crocodile can always be in his element this fruits liquid absorption is what sets it apart from the rest simply being touched by this power is a death sentence this insta kill ability only gets scarier.

When you realize that a user can easily manifest a hand away from the rest of their body this aspect alone is a far superior version of smoothie shiboshibonomi now for all these incredible capabilities this devil fruit is held back by one major weakness contact with liquids causes the user sand to stick together negating their.

Intangibility but even then this weakness is inconsistent at best number eight Mara maronomi sabos and formerly Aces miramarinomi lets his user create control and change into fire at will they can also control how much of their body is covered in fire at any moment hiken was Ace's signature move and the reason he was called fire Fist Ace when.

Saba received the fruit he was able to replicate this move because the user has a resistance to their own fire the Flames can also be used to increase the power of physical attacks if the user's entire body is covered in the fire they create they can also burn anyone who tries to get near them when the flamethrow belonged to Ace he used it to.

Easily sink ships even before joining whitebeard's crew Ace even rejected an invitation become one of the seven Warlords which just shows how powerful he was with this fruit it provided him with a lot of strong techniques like hatarubi and kagero and even made him capable of destroying cities Ace's ultimate move was dienkai Entei with it.

He creates a huge Fireball that looks like the sun and launches it at his opponent Saba used a combination of his Dragon claw fist along with the flame to create a powerful and hot attack it burns while also launching the enemy away from him with the intensity of Firepower and since it involves the use of armament hockey the strength is even.

Greater Sabo became the second known user of the flame fruit and Trust Rosa after he went back into circulation and he mastered it shortly after that because he hasn't had the fruit as long as Ace did he would Dodge the attacks instead of letting them go through him like a usual logia fruit user this could save him in a tight spot in the future.

Number 7 gasugasunomi Caesar clowns gasugasunomi lets his user create control and change into gas at will kill since it's a lightweight element Caesar can use it to float or slip into tight spaces making it great for stealth the gas is also poisonous to almost all living things not only that but it can catch on fire.

So the gas is even stronger if there is a flame nearby to light it normally the gas would be weak to fire like smokers fruits but Caesar can control other gases in the air he can reduce the oxygen to a bully being caught on fire this technique can also stop someone from breathing causing them to pass out or die with it Caesar managed to defeat.

Luffy Robin Frankie smoker tashigi Nami and usop instantly to have been able to even take down a fellowlokia user like this is insane the effect is so staggering that the Marines mistook it for conquerors hockey but not even Shanks since conquerors hockey can knock Luffy out like that because of the scary move the safest way to fight the powers.

Of this fruit is from long range we haven't seen it happen just yet but Caesar's fruit might just be a direct counter to every fire-based ability in the series A a user of this route confused with several gases with no negative effects on their body we saw this when Caesar merged with his death gas to get bigger and stronger this has.

A limited range because he's not the source of the gas they can use the oxygen taken from the air to make a blade like a blue sword Caesar used against Luffy it cuts and burns whatever it touches it's so hot that just being near it can set things on fire Caesar can also undo his poison gas with a reverse technique called roko with a.

Certain type of gas Caesar can cause horgis to hallucinate this ability was even powerful enough to trick oven and katakuri to a big bomb's strongest children into fighting each other and by controlling its density Caesar can use it to carry others if needed this shows that the gas can become stronger and last longer number six Mori mourinomi.

Aramaki's morimorinomi lets its user create control and change into plans at will they can create Vines and giant plants to use against their enemies as a marine Admiral ryokigu AKA greenbull he can use his plans in creative ways the limits are whatever the user can come up with and whatever he makes isn't limited to a specific set of movements like a.

Regular plant would be for example aramaki can turn himself into a giant tree and it wouldn't be stuck with its roots in the ground it can move and be more fluid he can even create a giant flower propeller on his back allowing him to fly Armament hockey can also be used to make the planche stronger this fruit can drain energy from opponents.

This is done by taking the water from their bodies and dehydrating them so long as he is an energy source to draw from his stamina could be infinite but I wonder what would happen if he absorb seawater the user is able to control the roots of plants underground in the same way our Maki can use those roots to trap or attack people within a long range and.

Unlike regular plans the user's plans can Sprout anywhere being part of or controlling plants means there's a weakness to Fire and whatever else can cause damage to a forest but aramaki found a way around this by training his body so long as he flame he goes up against isn't too strong he'll be fine and because it's a solid element the.

User can't let attacks pass through their body like most other logian powers but they can regenerate the damage Parts instead if our Maki is cut down to nothing he can regenerate whatever sections were lost he's very hard to kill number five gorogoro know me and Els gorogoro know me lets his user create control and change her body into.

Electricity at will Nico Robin described this lokia as one of the few abilities that could be considered Invincible since it's so hard to overcome even as a natural phenomenon the power created from it is comparable to actual lightning storms and can reach a Max potential of about 200 million volts lightning as an element can cover a wide.

Range it's very hard to avoid or counter especially if thunderclouds are made or exist near the user and now can even create thunderclaps by superheating the air around himself and make it expand at the speed of sound the only real weakness for this electric power is rubber which is not a common issue but was still encountered in the series this.

Devil fruit was also shown to not do much damage to Robotics and even Aid in their power usage but this worked more in a Nell's favor since he acquired an army of helpers on the moon with it the user can travel at lightning speed and avoid most attacks this also allows a nail to move across long distances in seconds touching someone who's covered.

In or turned into electricity would cause problems for an attacker and damage them anel was also shown merging with Objects that conduct electricity like metals and is immune to lightning in general this implies that a user has both an endless supply of lightning and can also charge items and use them as extensions of themselves this fruit.

Allows its users to detect and read electromagnetic waves from the air across major distances when combined with observation hockey this is upgraded to a constant large-scale internal radar it can sense precise locations actions and conversations across an entire Island number four Pika pikanomi Admiral kazarus Pika pikanomi allows its user to.

Create control and turn into light at will with it kizara can move at the speed of light and move from location to location thanks to reflective surfaces this also keeps him from falling into water if he Zips over it fast enough even the speeds of Luffy's gear second is too slow to keep up sadly it's hard to change the direction of movement when.

Merged with a beam since light travels in straight lines but it can be bounced off nearby surfaces to change the course but something everyone gets wrong about this fruit is that its user can only move at the speed of light after taking the time to transform into their element this is why Rayleigh was able to challenge him so well when striking.

People at light speed the impact is much greater than regular attacks and sends them flying we've also seen those strikes cause major damage to anything around from the impact this could also be partially due to the hockey that the user can add to their attacks as well if that's not enough the user can shoot lasers from their fingers and feet with.

Precision then there's a Spam of laser attacks called yasakani nomagatama and when these attacks hit the laser can trigger massive explosions as well this aspect of the fruit's abilities was so devastating that Dr vegapunk himself decides to replicate it with his pacifista Laser Technology and both Frankie and queen decided to mimic it.

Too the user gains very fast reflexes that make avoiding even the quickest of attacks very easy meanwhile physical attacks pass right through them due to the elemental type kizaru can use his light to Blind enemies with a technique called a matarasu this makes it harder for them to counter or take him down the light can also be molded into a physical.

Weapon such as a blade which he calls AMA nomura Kumo number three know me allows its user to create control roll and turn into ice at will this means the power also freezes water ice is pretty much a stronger version of Monet snow fruit goes on delford was powerful enough for him to face one he should have been weak against for 10.

Days it even permanently changed the climate of an island against the marameronomi the two Powers cancel each other out since this logia relates to a solid element the user can't hide within ice or have attacks passed through them but they can rebuild their body after physical attacks by breaking into pieces and reforming the ice they can also use.

The ice to mold their own body at will and let's not forget the high resistance the cold that comes along with it kuzan demonstrated the ability to move quickly by using ice on his entire body if he wants to freeze someone it requires direct contact with his opponent unless he's using ice weapons and that's where his ability to create projectiles comes.

In very handy allowing him to reach enemies at a distance if the user freezes someone that victim can only survive for a short while before getting permanent frostbite damage and if they're unlucky enough to be shattered then and they die right away using heat too quickly will cause a frozen person to be injured more since the body needs.

Time to raise his temperature at a natural pace apparently if the user is eaten in their full ice form they could take over from within the person's stomach this implies that they wouldn't die and would reform while killing the person that voored them as they force their way out a quick punch can break their ice before it forms and can travel.

Across the ground but that wouldn't injure a user of this fruit even though this devil fruit is weak to water like the rest a user can freeze any water to avoid falling in or touching it this makes that common weakness pretty much a non-issue after losing his leg against the devil fruit coming up next kuzan started using his ice as a prosthetic.

Leg number two magu magunomi fully Admiral akainu's magumaganomi allows its user to create control and turn into magma at will magma is the hottest form of fire we have encountered in one piece and with so many Firebase abilities that's really saying something because it's able to consume fire from other sources it's able to negate the.

Intangibility of the marimaranomi but oddly this isn't the case against Marco's Phoenix fire it's explosive and hard to counter so most people avoid getting too close anyone who has this fruit can turn into magma and avoid physical attacks by having them pass through them even things that would normally kill someone only temporarily.

Slow this magma using monster Akino uses magma to turn punches into brutal burning hits like daifunka the technique that he used against jozu's Iceberg attack it involves a large fist of magma that travels in a single Direction without stopping it can Pierce or take down even insanely strong Pirates like Whitebeard who is known for having one.

Of the strongest devil fruits in existence being able to clash directly against a quick punch is really impressive if that's not enough there's the enhanced version called Ryu say khazan which is many versions of the same magma fist but a kainu lets them Reign from the sky like a meteor shower of burning pain.

Instead a kind who uses power for days and cause the weather to be forever changed around punk Hazard let's not forget that he also won their duel mego one of akaimu's fierce's attacks is a combination of a punch and a clawed hand made from magma to cause double the damage it was so destructive that the anime actually censored the damage it.

Did to Whitebeard inugami guren is a magma made K9 that's sent to attack an opponent from a distance the user can even Propel themselves forward with a fiery red magma or they can create Pathways by scorching Rock and earth to travel underground a single powerful technique was enough to destroy the Moby Dick completely akinu can't even be.

Harmed by strong hockey attacks unless it comes from Ultimate powerhouses like Whitebeard or shanks number one yummy Yami Nomi Marshall teaches yummy yummy Nomi allows its user to create control and turn into darkness at will this fruit is considered special within its class and one of the most dangerous in existence because of that with a.

Technique called black hole the user can create large areas of Darkness that suck people into it it's even strong enough to pull in entire towns It seems impossible to resist its gravitational pull a space is created within the darkness to injure or hold whatever is pulled in it's like harubus fruit between much stronger and more effective.

Degree the people and objects can then be shot out in a broken mess of debris and heavy injuries called Liberation people don't seem to get killed by this technique though this deadly power can nullify other devil fruits regardless of the type due to how it pulls in matter as well as objects and attacks but it requires physical contact with the user.

To nullify their fruit this is what we see when Blackbeard uses kurosu using his outstretched hand Blackbeard draws his enemy towards him him movie darkness's intense gravity but there's also the risk of being countered at that range by the person he's fighting and considering the darkness brute is still vulnerable to physical attacks since.

They don't go through the user's body it makes for a dangerous Gamble and Blackbeard believes the injuries hurt more than they would for a regular person with this fruit Blackbeard was able to defeat Ace and Marco after whitebeard's death he started the payback war and one against Marco using the combination of his two devil fruits.

He also fought the Revolutionary Army and wreaked havoc on their baltico headquarters but it seems like the higher ranking members like dragon and Sabo weren't there at the time something that's not clear is how Blackbeard is even able to have two devil fruits at once and if it might have something to do with the darkness fruit and its.

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