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Top 10 Strongest Nen Enhancers in Hunter x Hunter!


With some much needed confirmation and surprising reveals for nen types it's a good time to jump into the hunter hunter World once more and what better way to do that than to rank some of the strongest enhancers in the series from The Phantom troops crazy abilities to teachers and even our main character will be ranking the best of the best.

We'll be judging the users based on their power speed and proficiency as well as innate talents and overall experience let's get into it number 10 komugi our sweet sight impaired Childs comes in at the bottom of the list this in no way means she lacks proficiency or talent in fact it's quite the opposite she's considered a natural level.

Enhancer by tokashi himself and chose to use it for specific things as we know her main interest was gungi and she became the world champion in some ways she even set a limitation on herself to make her playing skill feels more enhanced by admitting if she ever lost she wouldn't be worth anything and should just die but that aside ever.

Since becoming a professional she never lost a game once and not even against the highly intelligent and extremely fast learning ant king merbum and all that talent and proficiency to focus for gungi as well as creating her own move was self-taught further indicating her genius in that field unfortunately since all she knew and cared about was gungi.

Komugi remained a non-violent loyal person to the end she chose to die along with medwem rather than leaving and continuing her own life so there was no chance to see her further growth with time and experience the person above her has the experience but he might still be missing something number nine Wing this Beast spectacled nen teacher came a long.

Way from being ski student he's even the assistant Master of the shingen Ryu style that Isaac Netto created though we don't know a lot about what he does as an enhancer there have been a few instances where he showed off some pretty impressive skills one of them could be related to Wing raising his voice to be heard even over the crowd of.

The heavens Arena though this may have simply been done for emphasis if wing used enhancements on his vocal muscles to raise the sound just like uvogene screamed Pokemon to death that would be pretty amazing we also saw him press his hand against the wall and create a massive dent in it with not much effort something else that comes to mind is.

Whatever secret technique he taught to Zushi and the young boy was scolded for preparing to use it even zushi's opponent seemed worried about what was coming but even with all that it's not easy to say how far Wing's talent and experience goes if we knew more he could be ranked higher that least he's still alive unlike the next enhancer on our.

List number eight Castro this high-speed fighter had the fortune or Misfortune of Being someone within hisoka's sights he was groomed in a sense by hisoka for a short time which implies he showed a lot of potential early on and that was because he managed to get some points during their first match though he ended up losing all the same after facing the.

Fearsome clown Castro almost became a floor master in Heaven's Arena winning all his matches he even surprised kilwell with his speed and how he reappeared behind him in a Flash Castro was also good enough to read the LIE kilowatt told him about not wanting to face him in concrete terms he used his enhancement to strengthen or speed up.

His body like with his tiger bite fist attack it makes his hands strong enough to injure human bodies or possibly break through trees but what he chose to focus on instead of his original typing was creating a double of himself using conjuration and manipulation sure it was good for confusing enemies at least at first but once the technique is figured.

Out he has no choice but to just fight with his clone until he can win the fact that it required immense focus and couldn't copy the injuries his real body would receive made it easy to see through and stop as well he used it against hisoka and was able to fight on par with him for a while until he was tricked into believing hisoka could.

Reattach his own limbs if he had chosen to work on the tiger bite technique rather than things outside of this typing which required more focus and none to use he probably would have been a very powerful enhancer Wing even confirmed that he could have been a master of that technique but his potential was cut short by his silke and.

His need to look outside of his true calling number 7. best Butler goto as far as we know goto was from meteor City Home of some of the deadliest people like the Phantom troop this could explain why he worked for the zoldix who are the strongest family of Assassins we've met so far they trusted him enough to watch over kilua who was meant to.

Become the head of the family it's doubtful they would have given that task to someone they didn't have a high view of right one of the first times we see goto employing his net abilities is during the coin test with gon Leorio and Kurapika and from that we can immediately tell how intelligent he was and his ease at analyzing situations.

With a calm demeanor not to mention the speed at which he could move his hands something that comes back during his real Nan techniques similar to Castro goto ended up facing hisoka in a deadly bad battle but at least we get the chance to see the insane speed he had for throwing coins even impressing hisoka with that technique they were.

Even comparable to bullets most likely goto was able to accomplish this by applying nen to his fingers through enhancements or maybe even his whole hand since goto was also an Omission lean meaning it was the next type he could be proficient in it makes sense that he could shoot them that fast during the battle goto was even quick.

Enough to hit his own coins away when hishoka launched them back at him additionally his aim is amazing considering he used such small objects as projectiles and could still hit hisoka's cards away but he wasn't able to read hisoka fast enough to survive being decapitated at least our next enhancer faced extreme situations and.

Still ended up on top before we get to them though make sure to subscribe with notifications on and smash that like button for more videos like this number 6. Palm Siberia Palm is nov's Apprentice when we first meet her with a transmutation lean when it comes to her Nan abilities At first she was in erratic violent and unpredictable.

Fighter she was still a strong enhancer prior to evolving but everything increased dramatically once he did just a reminder Palm was caught by the Chimera ants and transformed through their experiments on her previously she used merman Clairvoyance but with the altercations her technique became wink blue and black widow wink blue is pretty.

Much just a stronger version of her Clairvoyance though Black Widow on the other hand is an entire body transformation using her hair as armor it seems to be a mixture of both enhancements and manipulation since she uses a tangible item to create the outfit something else she could do was to detach her Aura and leave messages.

Which is helpful for situations where she needs to be more stealth healthy or can't stay in one spot for long but it's not known whether she can still do that after evolving once Palm changed through Poof's experiments she overpowered kilwell for a time and her battle prowess increased with the stability of her mood an example of her strength is.

When she broke kilowatt's 50 kilogram yo-yo with one attack if that's not enough meadowam even complimented the beauty and strength of her Aura begging her to let her see komugi he could tell by looking at Palm that there was no way she would break so he had to resort to her Humanity one issue she has is the split between her human and Aunt self.

Which caused confusion during her meeting with the King and even when she was about to injure kilwa before breaking out of Poof's control this could create problems for her in the future or even trigger trauma that she can't deal with seeing as she's one of the few surviving ants let's get to a more active character now though number.

Five Nobunaga hazama he's the number one spider behind only krollo he's also ranked ninth in physical strength Among The Troop members but that doesn't speak for his overall abilities for one he's considered comparable to hisoka by kilwa The Prodigy but he said that of Machi as well as a sword user Nobunaga tends to be better at one-on-one fights but.

Doesn't seem to be bothered about working along with allies his focus is mainly on sword techniques and his n is the same distance as his weapon which is up to 4 meters I'd argue he stretched that distance when he held the very tip of the hilt to try and stab yokotani without entering The hiale Hideout Nobunaga technically did reach the.

Lawyer if not for terabellum neutralizing the attack even without his weapon Nobunaga remains a terrifying opponent due to his analytical skills and in insane speed even kilua recognized he couldn't escape without being sliced or killed when he was captured by the Nobunaga with his sword and it Scabbard Nobunaga can pull it out.

Instantly and take down whoever he chooses regardless this swordsman has an extremely strong Aura though it's a mystery as to what his hotsu involves specifically shalmark did mention at one point that Nobunaga could be replaced as a spider unlike the more specialty types like pakunoda and shizuku this implies nobunaga's technique shouldn't be.

Anything too out of the ordinary but at the same time it would be a mistake to underestimate the damage it could cause it might just be a very simple technique that he honed over time to get it to the level he's currently at besides us seeing him use swords and his impressive iaido techniques not much else is known about his nine abilities thankfully.

Togashi did reveal he a transmutation lean it could be fun to see nobunaga's Aura changing form or maybe even make it into weapon-esque substances when he loses his blade this could come in handy especially now that his sword was taken away by the hiale family recently I'm sure he has Replacements but it could be a good way to find out more about his.

Nan as much as we love Nobunaga we have to let his colleague be one step above for now he thinks mag Cub as mentioned we've got another troop member in the list of enhancers he's currently bearing the number five tattoo and he's second in terms of physical strength in their group but Finks is probably first now considering that uvogin was killed by.

Kurapika during the York new arc he'll still get his time to shine later on though back to Finks the man has immense hand-to-hand combat knowledge that we get to see with him snapping next mainly but he did take kilwa's skin from his his legs when he was trying to stop the zoldik from escaping as well Finks is also great at Close Quarters combats.

Even with assassin types like kilua who are trained to escape situations like that and again he was fast enough to capture kilua who was bouncing off of walls to avoid him prior to the skin ripping off that is Finks also pierced through dazzling with his spare hands without much of a struggle as for his enhancement techniques Finks uses Ripper.

Cyclotron this involves him winding up his arms to enhance the power output from his Aura one downside if we can even say that is that Finks isn't great at calculating what is enough power and tends to Overkill his opponents he's definitely not someone they would use for torture like how faton can his rough and violent personality perfectly.

Explains his proficiency at killing and especially when he uses his powerful enhancement attacks it's like a boxer winding up for a big blow and getting a TKO with that one hit if two troop members isn't enough for you there's one more that surpasses them and you should know by now who we mean number three uvogin as a natural level enhancer.

Uvogin was one of the most intimidating characters in the series he was the strongest physically in the troupe despite being designated the number 11. from what we've seen his skills lied within close range fighting and he was perfectly fine against weapons like missiles being shot at him uvulgene even resisted poison in his systems that was.

Injected via leeches directly into his body being an enhancer his character involved him being straightforward and confident in himself he could destroy walls kill people with one swipe of his arm and break kuravika's bones even though he was using Emperor time to limit the damage from the attack even during his childhood uvogin had a.

Massive body and towered over the rest of the founding troop members as expected uvogin enhanced his durability strength and likely most aspects related to fighting including raising his healing factor and this because all he cared about was brawling becoming stronger and facing any and all opponents and winning he could have been.

Considered Near unkillable if not for his tendency to jump into fights without any preparation or foresight then answer problems am I right that aside uvogin was strongest when he fought alongside others especially if they needed his protection one of his best friends was Nobunaga who we saw fight with him briefly through a flashback their Styles.

Being strikingly different uvulgan was also seen using clubs in the past but it seemed he preferred to be bare-handed most of the time being a talented enhancer didn't mean he's stuck to using only that uvogin also employed a type of emission technique when he couldn't use his body to attack he bit the part of the Shadow BEAST's head and spit it hard.

Enough to kill the other similarly he had an amazing aim when throwing through a combination of enhancements and emission we see this when he killed some snipers using some small stones more specifically though his strongest nen technique was Big Bang impact it involved a giant explosion of aura that had been enhanced to its uppermost limit.

And crashing down with it so hard that it created an immense crater in its wake there were possibly some limitations to how this attack worked such as uvogin needing to use his right arm specifically but it's not fully confirmed if that was the case on the other hand he was weak against complex powers like manipulation and conjuration.

Which explains why Kurapika was able to take him down not to mention that Kurapika is a conjurer with a lean towards specialization due to his kurta eyes but uvulgin's loss all came due to seeking revenge for being caught that's pretty ironic considering how much he loved killing those who wanted revenge against him prior to that rip uvogin but.

It's time to get to a main character next number 2. gone freaks our protagonist was classified in the skillful level to begin with due to his endless potential and unbreakable will even prior to learning about Nan gon had enhanced senses beyond the norm and amazing healing skills that had nothing to do with his enhancement techniques.

That came later he fought without much rest against binols for about 10 days in dirt pain no child should have to experience has amazing reflexes and even in ease of hiding before learning about zetsu like when he trailed his soga to get his badge no and for some reason he has an increased resistance to poisons after learning Nan through Wing gon.

Followed Machi and Nobunaga who could sense him but not tell where he was due to his skill at hiding his Aura speaking of which the size of his Aura was praiseworthy though lacking in control at times especially when he was upset so for him to have pulled off that little Chase with the spiders means he was in a good place mentally as for gon's nen.

Jajan Ken holds his strongest abilities but even Rock requires a lot of charge up time paper is an emitted attack that's not as powerful as rock or scissors but still comes in handy and scissors is his transmuted attack that could even cut through lower level Chimera ants like we were saying as long as guns mentally stable his decision.

Making is solid and reliable and he can get out of tough spots with a bit of patience but once he's under too much duress or upset over someone he cares about then he makes bad decisions that are too Reckless and endanger his life this is how offering all of his future potential to take down Pito comes to pass once he successfully did that gon.

Became an extreme level enhancer through a vow transformation in other words he reached the peak of what he could have become with Decades of work he was believed to be on par with meadowam at that point spy Pizza who deemed him an immediate threat in this form everything gone had built up was enhanced to its upper limits even just basic co-attacks.

Like the kick that sense Pizza flying up into the air uncontrollably gon's enhancer abilities were also greatly improved he easily subdued pizza with rock from his jajon Ken techniques and continued to use it to finish the royal guard off in a brutal way that was definitely reminiscent of uvogin not to mention how he disappeared from pito's.

Sites all together for a moment and was outside waiting for them to begin their Clash even though gone surpassed nettle in physical abilities through this transformation it cost him everything and he's back to square one now only because aluka was able to undo the severe damage that it left him with as it stands it's currently unknown if.

He'll work on none again or even be an enhancer anymore when he does return before we get to the top spot here's some honorable mentions ramots he was a chimera ant that was eventually beheaded by kilwa but he also faced gone and kilua beforehand and tried to get his revenge when he was defeated he turned his feathers into sharp blades through.

Enhancements but it wasn't enough to keep him alive ikalgo this ant is one who uses long-range sniping with his freedom that's a conjuration technique that is both impressive and reliable he has all the perks of being similar to an octopus such as breathing underwater and the ease of swimming he can also use techniques related to conjuration and.

Manipulation the best example is when he uses Living Dead Dolls to control a corpse which gives him access to their Nan abilities where is he now though Maha zoldik is apparently the oldest living zoldic and was originally revealed as xeno's grandfather we don't know a lot about him but netero was stated as the only person to fight him.

And live which is saying a lot about both of them Maha could probably surpass most of the people on this list if he didn't lose half his strength with age but since he's out of the running that means number one Isaac netaro are you surprised that the dearly departed chairman is at the top of course not being in extreme level enhancer it means.

He was at the very peak of his abilities and also mastered many if not all of the other typings besides specialization in other words he was proficient in manipulation and emission or conjuration likely including transmutation as well in some ways we could argue that gon's adult form was above his seeing as his age seemed pretty low to also be at the.

Extreme level however with the great toll it took on him and the complete return to base netaro deserves this spot you'll see why as the Creator and master of the shingen Ryu Style kung fu netaro's teachings birthed other insanely strong Fighters such as bisky and wing and likely more to come he was considered the most powerful nen user in.

The world in his youth but became very Adept at hiding his real strength with age in the past he went to the Dark Continent twice with not much difficult guilty and certainly didn't seem to have been cursed like others were he was well into his 120s when he died and it would be more accurate to say he ended his own life for what he considered the greater.

Good with age he said his strength was only half of what it was but he was still able to stop Pito and send the ant flying Also nettero may have been underestimating how strong he still was it's like if someone said I had two million dollars and now I only have one million that's still more money than most people have an example of his.

Stupendous power was when he performed over 1 000 attacks in under a minute against meruem during his 100 type guanyin borisatva he could also run extremely fast and called it strolling his attacks were faster than the speed of sound and impossible for most to counter or avoid even his could tell he was a strong opponent on first glance.

Back when he was hiding his true power Zeno a master himself praised netaro for being impossible to read in the world of assassination that must be one of the most valuable assets to have and considering netaro was an enhancer it probably wasn't easy to hide his more upfront nature if that's not enough netaro was a master of using Ren which.

Is the Hostile type of men his proficiency with it was so powerful that he even scared meruem for the first and last time ever one of his biggest Feats though was taking down meruem through his planned explosion after having lost two limbs he even stops the blood loss in those appendages through sheer control of his muscles even prior to the.

Fight netero was willing to put his life on the line to succeed he knew the stakes and plans accordingly demonstrating his intelligence and strength of character not to mention he paid for Zeno and Silva to join him in the battle probably to avoid any more unnecessary Hunter casualties he was an amazing fighter tactician and chairman.

Until the very end if not for the Chimera ants and meruem's overwhelming power netero could have continued living and probably would have helped to stop the current Dark Continent Expedition but that would have created an entirely new story did you agree with the list is there anyone you think could be joining the top 10 from The Three Families on.

The ship let us know your thoughts below I'm Anthony fan thanks for watching and have a great day