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Top 10 Strongest Paramecia Devil Fruits in One Piece


This is our list of the top 10 strongest paramecium fruits in one piece number 10. hobby hobby know me we're starting with a fruit that can one shot anyone in the series The Hobby Hobby no me allows the users to transform any person they touch into a toy that's right humans toys fishmen toys Giants slightly bigger toys all it takes is a single touch and.

The created toy is forced to obey the user we've seen a whole group be turned into toys with just a single swipe this power even cancels out other devil fruit abilities it also gives the entire world super dementia because once somebody is turned into a toy all memory of their existence disappears your dad could have gone out for sugar and never came back.

But you'd never know sugar was able to decide what sort of toy a Target would become regular toy Minions aren't all that useful in a fight but a user can combine multiple people into one toy like Sugar's headcracker dolls these things aren't only strong they're damn near indestructible and as if all that wasn't enough for some reason this fruit.

Is a key to internal youth as broken as it may be on its own it was the only way to keep sugar from becoming yonko level if she ate this fruit as an adult instead of as a child she'd be able to do something as crazy as her movie Celestial dragons from the world or something absolutely busted and this is only number 10. number nine marrow.

Marinomi another instant death fruit but this one's a bit more versatile this fruit is best known for its marrow marrow beam capable of turning entire crowds to Stone instantly these abilities can be used from range or even in melee but what Hancock has used preferred femur to grit effect petrifying even the most resistant.

Targets with one well-placed kick she can even counter gunfire with slave Arrow which means the power can turn non-living things to Stone too this fruit's powers can be fueled by any strong emotion Boa Hancock uses feelings of love or lust the seraphim a snake can use her cuteness instead and once you turn to Stone it's over you're.

Effectively dead unless a user decides to free you nothing else can fix this if the current user of the fruit is killed any remaining petrification becomes permanent not even a new user of the fruit can undo it it's no wonder Blackbeard wanted this incredible power number eight Ito etonomi doflamingo string fruit is one of the most.

Versatile Bell fruit abilities we have ever seen with it a person can infinitely create and control thin white strings I know it sounds lame but you should know better than to judge based on appearances when it comes to one piece by now because these strings stick to any surface doflamingo was able to connect them to clouds allowing him to.

Effectively fly if these strings are connected to a person's spine the user can control them like a puppet this can be done to dozens of people at a time even strong characters like Sanji or jozu from whitebeard's crew couldn't fight against it sometimes doflamingo use his fingers to control people and other times he didn't at all despise.

Still controlling them a skilled enough user can use it to perform surgery on themselves and others either internally or externally the presentation of doflamingo strings was mostly just for visual Flair they're usually too thin to be sensed by anything besides observation hockey and since the strings themselves can be infused with Armament.

Hockey anyone without strong hockey is as good as dead but even without hockey the strings are too tough for most people or things to destroy I mean not even a blazing meteor could do any damage speaking of which overheat was pretty much doflamingo enjoying his slave master ancestry with a flaming hot Whip made of condensed Rings this group.

Makes finger pistols even deadlier than a real gun just one string is enough to sever limbs like a hacksaw forget as Flamingo this route already has one of the best clone abilities in one piece though Flamingo was able to create an identical copy of himself that was just as strong and because it's made completely out of strings it doesn't.

Feel pain can be killed and is made of one of the most durable materials in the world and can be completely coded in hockey like Virgo but it is the ultimate technique bird cage that makes us through a buster call level weapon of mass destruction with it a user can encase an entire Island the size of dress Rosa in a dome made of strings.

These strings are so thin and so sharp that they pretty much become a force field that drives anything it comes in contact with you can't even call for help since any signals a dead end mushy sends are sliced to bits Awakening tastes though fruit even further by allowing the user to turn the very environment itself into Strings turning.

Entire buildings into deadly strings only makes it that much harder to escape the powers of this top tier devil fruit number seven doku dokunomi majilan's Venom fruit allows its users to create and control different types of poison they also become immune to all the nasty effects of poison even if they didn't make it themselves right out of the.

Gates this power is a biohazard to all organic life its mere existence is a crime against humanity poisons may be produced as a liquid or gas and can range from minor inconveniences to guaranteed death and if the user decides to use several different types of poison at once a Target may become incurable if they aren't already dead this fruit is.

Very close to being lokia level but it doesn't actually turn the user into poison itself although you could argue that because blackbeards can't either and it's a special logia that this should be one too by covering their own body in liquid poison a user of this fruit becomes almost impossible for most living things to fight simply trading.

Blows with such a person hockey or not is a one-way trip to the final sky island with a signature move Hydra matchalon was able to create a three-headed dragon made of liquid poison the poison this thing produces is so strong that it can dissolve a Target outright the Hydra can even be used for travel modulan's Venom demon technique.

Is his strongest he uses it as a last resort to become a demonic poison monster the poison it creates is like a rapidly spreading disease that can even travel through and affect inanimate objects it's strong enough to completely destroy something like impel down this fruit is the ultimate thickness but our next one is the universal cure number.

Six ope ope Nomi Law's operation fruit is one of the most legendary powers in one piece open AMI allows his user to create a room an area of space where they have absolute control over physical matter these rooms can be as small as a hand or as big as a mountain as a doctor the previous user of this fruit was able to perform miraculous operations that.

Should have been impossible with assortmentship and medical expertise law can pretty much turned anyone or anything into buggy against their will what I mean is he can split them apart without the attack being lethal with shambles law is able to switch positions of anything in his room things get even crazier when you realize that the fruit.

Can even manipulate things like Souls by placing them in different bodies the experience is so harsh for some that they immediately lose Consciousness the only way to really resist the influence of this fruit is to have much stronger hockey than the user and if your soul has been placed elsewhere you won't even be able to access your own delford.

Abilities the user can scan for anything in their room like an x-ray machine which makes it really hard to hide something or even use a weapon this disarming ability can shut down most fighters in one piece even if you don't look like law a user of this fruit can steal hearts very easily even against a loco user like smoker this is an instant.

Win condition the user can use their hands like a defibrillator to release powerful electrical charges law can use injection shot to fire his sword like a gun piercing even the strongest of defenses with gamma knife the user creates a small blade of energy that completely ignores the outside durability of a Target instead targets.

Their internal organs this is taken even further thanks to Awakening shock will can Char a target from the inside out even if they're built like big mom puncture will let law Pierce something from above while his sword extends downward phasing through everything in its way followed by a huge shock wave that destroys everything the weapon pass.

Through a room can even be made soundproof for the sake of stealth or to shut down other powers that depend on sound the opioidome is called the ultimate devil fruit because in exchange for the user's life they can give another person Eternal youth whoever called it that must have missed number 10 on this list.

Number five nikyu nikunomi Kuma's paw fruit allows its users to repel anything they touch at extreme speeds emphasis on anything even the air itself can become a lethal weapon with this route defensively it's one of the greatest counter abilities ever Kuma uses ursa's shock to turn a huge air bubble into a Spirit Bomb level projectile and they.

Can do the same thing with emotions visible pain and even memories with a single touch the user of this Rook will remove a target's will to fight knowledge of their own techniques and abilities or even who they are and that's ignoring the ability to send a Target anywhere on the planet with just a touch Kuma uses to dismantle the.

Entire Straw Hat crew in seconds if he wanted to he could send another devil from user into the ocean or hell even a volcano the range of the zofrude's abilities are greater than any other we're also looking at arguably the fastest travel speed of any devil fruit yeah that includes kizarro's light and a Nails lightning since they have to.

Transform into their respective Elements which takes time this is like Von alger's warp fruit but with more perks and at that do you think it's possible for this fruit to remove the dough fruit abilities of another person number 4. soru sorunami this list is full of one-hit Killers but big mom soul fruit can kill without any physical contact at.

All Soul Pocus lets a user drain a target's life force and use it as a please stealing anything from seconds to even Decades of a person's lifespan when done with enough anger this is enough to instantly kill the target the only way to avoid this is to be completely Fearless against the user and listen the user of this fruit doesn't even need to.

Do this business themselves big mom made a bunch of shadowy minions to harvest Souls across whole cake Island the user can imbue so power into objects of any sort creating loyal and Powerful homies which can have magical abilities of their own the stronger the harvested Soul the stronger the resulting homie will be but what's really scary is that.

The user of this fruit can straight up just eat a person's soul big mom's special homies Zeus Napoleon Prometheus and Hera were all created using fragments of her own soul one slap with Zeus was enough to put down sanji's Father Judge Vin smoke and although Souls can't be infused into living things this restriction doesn't really.

Apply to the user themselves by giving up some of their own lifespan a user can get proportionally bigger and stronger they can also turn parts of their own body into homies that act on their own big mom uses feature to bring her own skeleton to life so that her bones would repair themselves yikes big mom had a ton of insane moves but the most.

Impressive ones were combinations of her special homies this fruit is like a twisted version of Disney magic number three Zushi zushinomi Admiral fujitoris pressed route allows its user to create and control gravitational forces the user's power is omnidirectional and can even extend to outer space every ancient Zone user should be terrified of this.

Man fujitora because he uses it to casually bring down massive meteors surprisingly a user can control many different fields of gravity at a time it's like a supercharged version of telekinesis that isn't limited by range like Law's rooms are a user can easily use it to make themselves or anything they want fly it can be used to crush.

Things even better than weight-based devil fruits like the kilo kilonomi or the Tonton Nomine and I want you to know that we haven't seen anything close to this devil fruits true power think about it fujitor's extreme level observation hockey is like a budget version of Viola's glare fruit you can see things further than regular site can and can.

Hear the true thoughts and emotions of others now mix that with his Beyond Island size range and you're looking at an orbital strike of a fruit it's like crushing a bug that's a city away away from you and listen Everyone likes to Hype up the meteor thing but let me remind you of something even crazier fujitori used this fruit's power to lift.

Up tens of millions of pounds of rubble so much that it covered the sky over dressrosa but that's not even the crazy part he he did this in chapter 798 and dropped it two entire chapters later in chapter 800. he held all that up while fighting Luffy and after that he was just standing there for a while observing the people this went on for so.

Long that Bastille had to wonder how long he'd keep it up and at no point was this a struggle for him this wasn't even a name technique oh and he lifted all that up while avoiding any living creatures even if they were surrounded by it Blackbeard's Darkness crew is encounter to all other devil fruit abilities except this one kinda.

Blackbeard shuts off though for Powers by pulling a Target in and touching them but to pull something in Blackbeard is just creating a strong gravitational force which wouldn't even be strong enough to make fujitora blank number two UTA utanomi uta's Singh fruit drives the entire plot of one Piece Film red it's like Freddy Krueger on steroids it lets.

A person see the spirits of anyone who hears their voice to another dimension in in this inescapable world the user has reality warping abilities that pretty much make them a God the real world bodies of this fruit's victims fall unconscious not only are they completely defenseless but the user can control them giving them instant access.

To an army bigger and stronger than any other in known history this ability can even work over denden Mushi signals with this fruit you could be the greatest Prank Caller of all time imagine calling kaido and making him jump in the ocean also if the user of this route dies then anyone still in the other dimension will be stuck there and listen I don't think.

I've ever heard anyone accurately point out how terrifying that really is the real bodies of these targets will be in an eternal coma leading to death in one piece we know that spirits and or hockey can be infused into things it's How We have forever black blades like mihawk sword with all that in mind forget impel down this is a literal hell of the one.

Piece world it is inescapable and endless and even though this fruit deals with Spirits directly there's no evidence of powerful hockey making a difference at all Luffy and Zorro are two of the greatest hockey Masters in the world but both of these guys were trapped and as if all that wasn't already an accurate depiction of the.

Music industry the user of this fruit can summon and seal dual dimensional entities like top musica inside songs forever I don't even know what this thing is nobody does but it's yet another case of this fruit's Powers extending Beyond Death since it was a previous user of the fruit that sealed this creature and to take this thing.

Down it took the combined efforts of Shanks and Luffy among many others and after ending the kid pirates in a single swing hopefully I don't have to explain how strong Shanks is alone and sure this world only lasts as long as users awake and can be pretty draining to keep up but when you're using this power on 70 of the world's population I'd like to.

Think a bit of fatigue is normal yetuta kept this up for a good while mind you this was just the fruit in utta's hands utta weaker than Nami Diva with low stamina and no hockey this isn't even an awakened devil fruit but if it gets you you may never wake up number one guraguranomi currently blackbeards and.

Formerly white beards the Tremor fruit is widely considered the world's most powerful paramecia when it comes to Raw strength this route is unmatched sengoku infamously claimed that it could destroy the entire world and Oda called it one of the mightiest fruits in the class out of all the devil fruits in the world Blackbeard specifically decided to take.

This one for himself maybe you think another power is stronger let us know but it's hard to argue with these guys or even this fruit's legendary track history it's the only fruits who have been used by two yakos and has the most outstanding history of any paramecia type it lets someone create major vibrations that can travel through.

Pretty much anything according to the ever experienced vice admiral suru even if a person fled to the ends of the ocean there would be nowhere to protect them from the full power of this fruit even as an old man Whitebeard could use fruit to move entire islands and even without land the sheer force of a Tremor enhanced blow can create an enormous sea.

Queen if he wasn't worried about saving Ace or keeping his crew safe he could have sunk Marine Ford in an instant it took the combined Armament hockey a three Marine Admirals to protect a single location from this destructive force weapons are one thing this fruit is an unending natural disaster even without complete destruction as a.

Primary objective or outcome the aftershocks and or tsunamis it creates can even be felt on other Islands Blackbeard described it as a power that brings destruction to all its power can be concentrated in different Limbs and even weapons all of which can also be coated with Armament hockey we still haven't seen this food's true power at.

All but it is the strongest and if you haven't seen our top 10 strongest lokia fruits video tap right here to change that