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Top 10 Strongest Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen


Jiu Jitsu Sorcerers are rare even in Japan their Homeland only a few hundred still exists in the modern era but even within such a small group their abilities vary wildly from straw dolls to shikigami few curse techniques weren't the same way that makes it hard to compare sorcerer's powers and skills when one man makes dolls and the other.

Man plays a mean guitar how do you know which is better at using cursed energy well never let it be said that we hear a plot armor shy away from a challenge in this video we are going to be counting down the top 10 greatest Jujutsu Sorcerers we will be ranking them based on skill the versatility of their technique and their raw power as of.

Chapter 186. boiler warning for anyone not caught up to that point in the manga and note that Dead characters are out of running same with characters whose power level we haven't witnessed firsthand let's get to it number 10. and number 10 we have Mr Boogie Woogie himself away Toto a grade one sorcerer Toto has proven himself in.

Repeated battles against grade 1 cursed Spirits during the night of 100 demons even taking out a special grade without assistance since then he has gone head to head with the disaster curses Hanami and mahito his Legend has spread even Beyond Kyoto Hai a mountain of strength and endurance Who has fought everyone that dare try and stop him on top of.

That while he really does give off that Vibe Toto isn't just some muscle-headed brute Boogie Woogie his curse technique is very technical letting him swap two people or objects with a clap of his hands while both parties maintain their momentum Toto chooses his uses of it carefully making calculated limited swaps rather than spamming the power to.

Overwhelm his opponents he is just as willing to fake out his opponents by not using the technique to gain an advantage he's got brains when he cares to use them so what's a legendary badass doing at the bottom of the list well Toto's probably the biggest victim of that stipulation at the beginning with Boogie Woogie and use his power has taken a.

Nosedive he's still insanely strong and has cursed energy despair he shouldn't be discounted in a fight but his technique was phenomenally useful with his current limited access to which he is far from the threat he once was there are potential ways for him to make a comeback though a prosthetic arm or expanding off his new Shadow style.

Knowledge Toto might be down but he's not out just yet number nine next up is our boy and Toto's true bro Yuji itadori and while it is easy to note the sheer power sakuna's vessel brings to the table his personal work ethic and dedication are nothing to scoff at Yuji isn't someone who relies on last minute power-ups he.

Pushes himself to get stronger constantly both through exercise and learning he learned her spirit tracking from nanami he worked out black flash with help from Toto and has been consistent with his Jujutsu training so why isn't he higher ranked here well two reasons firstly Yuji hasn't managed to turn his skills at Jujutsu into anything.

Beyond a direct punch he is very good at punching enough so that it can usually make up for his Focus skill set but his focus is a weakness more powerful Jiu-Jitsu Sorcerers who don't rely on Direct confrontation such as shikigami Summoners or cursed speech users will be tough for him to deal with if he's going to improve some kind of defense or.

Mobility technique is going to be key and second there's sakuna as strong and as skilled as Yuji gets the king of curses is a perpetual problem for him at an eternal risk on occasion sakuna's presence can be useful but most of the time the risk of unleashing a second Shibuya incident is going to hold Yuji back from tapping into the fullest.

Extent of his curse energy unless he can get a firm handle on a situation Yuji is going to have a problem going all out for a while and now before we get into the figures on this list it can give Yuji a run for his money in a fight we have a question what do you need in a fight yeah a weapon would be a great start but there is one thing that keeps.

Everyone safe plot armor so be sure to subscribe punch that like button and kick the Bell go ahead and get your own little training Arc in now on to the next sorcerer number eight say hello to the first character on the list who hasn't appeared in the anime just yet Jujutsu High third year currently suspended following an altercation with.

The higher ups it is they are a close companion of Fight Club operator and fellow suspended third year tinji hakari hanging out with him at the jackinko fight club they even square off with panda and mega me to defend the security office when Kenji is located get out might not have the raw power of some of these figures on this list but they are.

A skilled sorcerer in their own right love Rendezvous is a highly impressive and versatile cursed technique kirata generates a series of five marks based off the Southern Cross constellation these can be applied to other people or objects resonating with a target's curse energy anyone marked by the technique who doesn't follow the sequence properly.

Cannot approach e-latter marks you can't go from one in my to 5 gak rocks without first reaching marks two through four in order attempting to do so we'll see you drag back towards a matching Mark instead love Rendezvous path in my acrox mimosa genon gak rocks this sounds extremely simple and non-threatening Until you realize that the marks can be.

Less than obvious get that ass fight against Mega me and Panda wasn't unaided two on one but the Plucky delinquent was able to stall two of Jiu Jitsu High's strongest Sorcerers with it unless the targets follow the sequence properly any person bearing Kiron as Mark will be repulsed from the later marks and drag towards matching marks with unfortunate.

Results given that it affects a target's curse energy projectile techniques and shikigami are equally unviable unless made to follow the path now imagine what kirana can do with that ability when working with a larger group of combatants Mark a strong melee fighter like itadori or hakare Mark enemies with earlier marks and the area you want to.

Protect with higher ones in RPG terms this is a near ideal control ability focusing enemy aggro onto your tanks and keeping more vulnerable Fighters safe if given time to set up on the battlefield you can use it to force an enemy into a trap lay out the path to wreck them whatever way you choose while leaving your own fighters free to move about.

While they might be weak alone the sheer potential power and versatility of LeBron de Vu merits a spot on this list it has directly been compared to one of the strongest known curse techniques put them in the midst of their friends and kidada will burn bright number seven next up is yuji's other brother and the oldest of the three incarnate death.

Paintings choso it is unclear if the half human Brothers count as Jiu Jitsu Sorcerers but having inherited the blood manipulation curse technique of the Como and choso is close enough his inhuman physiology in fact gives him a clear advantage over the combo Clan as a death painting choso naturally converts his curse energy into blood allowing to use.

His cursed technique much more freely his skills speak for themselves blood manipulation is a legendarily versatile curse technique with the ability to strike at a distance or reinforce the user's physical form choso has been perfecting the art for 150 years he's developed at least one custom move Supernova which caused his remote blood.

Explosions following an attack even the former noritoshikamo once a master of blood manipulation found choso's strength impressive this Mastery goes beyond training to a hefty combat record even with his long range moves locked on by water Jose was able to beat Yuji itadori in hand-to-hand combat he beat naoi as aenen in one on one with Nadia.

Being a special grade 1 sorcerer and potential Clan head he's gone up against kenjaku and was only interrupted by urame's intervention he has yet to show the raw power level ranks on this list but joso has faced legendary Traditions to Sorcerers without fear underestimate him at your own peril number six the new head of the zainan.

Clan first reduced the sorcerer we meet in the story and the one man Ryoma sukuna wants to keep alive for some reason it is Megami fushiguro Megami somehow has both skill and power down almost perfectly his 10 Shadows technique allows him to draw on a wide variety of shikigami servants to engage in battle providing him with options for.

Defense offense or Transportation he has proven himself a good tactician able to combo one shikigami's moveset into another's on the Fly he can even figure out a complex curse technique while fighting it he is more than ready to take his enemies head on if he has to though and can give as good as he gets in hand-to-hand combat when in need of.

More raw power megami's domain Chimera Shadow Garden boosts his technique further still providing him with the material to summon multiple enhance shikigami and struggle freely around the area as powerful as Mega me is however he still has a way to go before reaching his Peak his domain is still roughly formed now granting these sure hit.

Effect and not forming the proper containment barrier and the most powerful shikigami you can summon maharaga he cannot control while the 10 Shadows have reportedly been enough to deal with the 6i Limitless wielder in the past a more experienced shikigami wielder will have an edge on Megami for the moment.

Number five the man with a sword and a plan Utah okotsu is the strongest student of Jiu Jitsu High left standing his skill set has ludicrous flexibility but it means nothing without the will to back it up and Utah the dude has Will and strength in abundance first and foremost there is Rika mesorimoto's Spirit may have passed on but her Shadow.

Remains by you to side as the Cornerstone of his cursed technique the former queen of curses may be the most powerful protector we have seen fighting alongside Utah in the culling game against opponents that could annihilate lesser Sorcerers with ease but her presence can Empower Yuta in turn upon activating his full connection to Rika.

With the phrase Rika give me everything yusu's curse energy goes from potent to near unlimited leaving him free to pack as much power as he wants into his blows Utah may have the most raw curse energy of any combatant on this list while his copy ability is still not well understood Utah has shown himself able to use it on the Fly incorporating enemy.

Curse techniques easily when advantageous and retaining useful ones such as Her speech for later use while Megami has solid basic hand-to-hand skills his primary strength is as a tactician giving ores to the creatures he summons Yuta is more of a partner with Rika fighting side by side with her every step of the way there's just one.

Flaw with this setup Utah can only maintain this enhanced connection and thus he had of his power for five minutes he is far from helpless without it but that link is very much Utah's Ace in the Hole a fight going beyond that timeline is going to push him to his limits and there are traditional Sorcerers at Utah's level who do not.

Need to worry about such a limitation number four too strong for Jujutsu high in his former third year kinji hakari creator of the chachinko fight club and Kira ahoshi's partner in crime Genji is a man of passion living for the fever and excitement of risk he says what he feels does what he wants and will punch due to officials if he thinks they're.

Wrong and to suspension from Jiu Jitsu High his domain expansion may be one of the strongest on this list it certainly involved to simplify Idol death gamble turns the battle arena into a flashy Pachinko game attacks trigger a draw potentially Landing a jackpot it is far less openly potent than most domains we have seen seemingly focused on flash and.

Distraction but that jackpot result changes everything it collapses the domain but grants hockity unlimited curse energy once it has been hit Kenji has a full tank for reinforcing his blows and is able to use reverse curse technique reflexively to heal his wounds granting him a wolverine-like healing Factor but wait it somehow gets better.

For hakade this effect only lasts for the duration of the private Pure Love Train theme a total of 4 minutes and 11 seconds while they seems to put hakadi on a firm time limit thanks to his unlimited curse Reserve he can manipulate his domain again as soon as he team starts so long as he keeps hitting that jackpot his unlimited her.

State remains intact the healing factor is up and hakuri becomes all but indestructible Yuta himself is admitted that Kenji while worked up is stronger than him a second jackpot would allow him to outlast Utah's Rika connection while there are many opponents with more versatile skill sets on the list overcoming idle death gamble essentially.

Requires a KO before hakuri gets his combo going however that weakness is something Kenji understands he has shown himself able to stall opponents very effectively and is tough even without relying on his domain he won't be easy prey so who can hope to fight the man with unlimited energy well our top three would give even hakity trouble.

Number three actions speak louder than words hypothesizing can only get you so far the best way to test the limits of your ability is a decisive victory over a strong opponent and nobody has managed a more impressive Victory across the Run of Jujutsu kaisen then the new sorcerer killer Maki zaynen after all she broke the zanan clan one of the greatest.

Forces in the Jiu Jitsu World a family of fully trained and high grade reducing Sorcerers two military groups the kukuru unit and the hey the latter entirely composed of grade one source word they were annihilated in April 3 chapter Onslaught all at the hands of a woman without one Speck of cursed energy my sacrificing her life lifted all limits.

On maki's Heavenly restriction dramatically increasing her strength and speed in her current state maki's superhuman reflexes make a mockery of the zanin frame projection inherited technique being able to view each of these techniques 24 movements per second and matches super Sonic Speed while her enhanced strength is more difficult to.

Track we can get some idea of maki's other abilities from her earlier duel against her father ogi zanan even without her full power relying solely on skill and smart Maki is able to break the sword of a veteran grade one sorcerer if maki's strength and reflexes prior to her power-up allowed her to roughly equal her father it reinforces.

How much further she has gotten now enough to kill Ogie in an instant somewhere tochi fushiguro is looking down on the smoldering Remains the Zayn and Clan stronghold and busting a gut over this as he very well should rest well tochi your successor is here and the Jiu Jitsu world will tremble at her Shadow number two the man the myth the.

Legend himself who can beat just about anyone even while blindfolded satoru Gojo is the most powerful Jiu Jitsu sorcerer to an extent that borders on surreal he holds both of the Gojo Clan's inherited techniques the six eyes allowing him to draw upon the Limitless to its fullest extent unless Limited in terms of power required or Precision it.

Was theorized that his birth increasing power of all curses to compensate when saturu Gojo was born the balance of the world was altered the raw power of His curse energy is off the charts but let's go over exactly why fighting this man is such a goddamn headache Gojo's most basic technique Infinity makes him impossible to hit warping space to slow.

Anything coming towards him to a standstill reinforcing it into cursed technique collapse blue or reverse curse technique red allows him unparalleled Battlefield control repelling or pulling everything in the area to a single point was catastrophic Force combining the two results in Hollow technique purple a devastating blast of pure energy that.

Leaves the battlefield a ruin and all of this is backed by effectively unlimited curse energy basically six eyes lowering his curse energy expenditure to almost zero he can teleport he can blast you into nothing and if you somehow have the physical strength or reflexes to endure against Gojo his domain expansion unlimited void strikes his foes mentally.

Forcing them to process infinite stimuli and leaving them unable to act no amount of strength can get you past this effect the only way out is direct physical contact with Gojo and thanks to Infinity that is not happening if you are his opponent the one time we've seen saturu push to his upper limit is during the Shibuya incident kenjaku's tactics.

Against him demonstrate Gojo strength while the forces fought their hardest against saturu going all out with their strongest attacks kenjaku only expects him to buy him 20 minutes even that relied heavily on psychological manipulation ultimately forcing him to sacrifice innocent lives to proceed when he was forced to confront Gojo.

Personally canjaku's plan remained focused on stalling him and relied on a technicality of prison Realms function to succeed he might be sealed away but Gojo Shadow hangs over Jujitsu kaisen when you think of powerful Sorcerers he is the one to beat so why isn't he number one what's the weak point that holds the Unstoppable man back from the.

Pinnacle of jujutsu's sorcery while get to that but first some extra contenders who have their own claims to Greatness honorable mentions first up is sakuna we have not witnessed him at full power just yet while a 20 finger only sakuna would be a contender for the number one spot all we have for now is his capability while sealed within Yuji.

There's also a number of Elder Jiu Jitsu Sorcerers we haven't seen at their full power kakuganji uraume and tsukumo are all likely potential contenders for the list if they decide to step into the field more directly Toge inumaki is in a similar boat his cursed speech is an amazingly versatile technique it can eliminate her spirits in Mass Stop his.

Opponent is dead in their tracks or simply knock someone out unfortunately while we have seen a fair amount of what his powers can do inumaki hasn't gotten into an extended solo fight since the events of jujusu Kaizen zero what we have seen since suggests he might be a contender but there isn't enough evidence of his power yet to place him.

On this list calling game participants are wild cards we have seen one battle from each of them so far while their movements have been impressive they have mostly been faced with enemies who plays highly on this list they could Merit a spot if they come back and we get a firmer idea of the relative power level specifically we should note those who.

Achieved high scores within the game kashimo higaruma and ishigori who amassed 200 102 and 77 points respectively finally there is a devil of sorcery kenjaku while potentially able to go toe-to-toe with anyone on this list curse Spirit manipulation means he's reliant on how many car Spirits he currently has on hand Gatto utilized.

4461 curses he had with him to power Uzumaki in his final battle at Utah impressive but that is closer to two-thirds of his full capacity he had already Unleashed at least 2 000 curses against Shinjuku and Kyoto lowering his power for their confrontation more recently failing to learn from ghetto's mistake kenjaku release an extremely.

Large number of spirits in the climax the Shibuya incident he may have Unleashed as many as 10 million before departing some of those come from the ripple effect of mass idle Transfiguration but at least some have been released directly from ghetto's collection unless we have confirmation kenjaku's reserves are back in place we.

Can't be sure if his power level and thus his rank now for our final pick number one tataru Gojo cannot change the world he is the most powerful Jiu Jitsu sorcerer everyone speaks his name in fear there isn't a single fighter on this list who could safely deal with infinity let alone the more powerful techniques of Limitless but even with.

His Mastery of Jujutsu Gojo as a person is largely defined by what he can't do he can't change the minds of jujutsu's higher ups he can't stop Every curse Spirit he can't even save one everyday girl from a bullet and it eats him up Gojo stands as a testament to the fact that raw power alone is not enough to accomplish anything in his defense he's.

Worked on that Gojo's role as a teacher in Jutsu high is his way of trying to affect change Inspire the Next Generation to do better and create wider progress introduced to society he knows what needs to happen to accomplish his goals but he cannot do it alone can't change everything by himself short of just giving up and killing everyone he.

Meets Master tengen meanwhile can change the world World more fundamentally all he would have to do is simply stop stop maintaining the barriers and seals that have kept your pan safe since ancient times stop caring about the fate of the world this ancient sorcerer is largely responsible for maintaining the Jutsu World status quo his barriers defend Jiu.

Jitsu High keep as many cursed objects as possible safely contained and support the work of other sorcerers at least two groups have attempted to use 10 gen to upend the Jujitsu world and were willing to go up against introduced to establishment to do so following these events and the loss of the star plasma vessel 10 guns form shifted leading to.

His current state of near Transcendence only possessing a physical body due to his barrier techniques kanjaku is planning to use that Transcendence day to trigger a mass Awakening in the human race as you juice the sorcerer is by merging them with tengen while Gojo may be capable of such Feats in theory we have yet to see his powers hit a global.

Scale like this such is the price of transcendence Gojo is powerful but tengen is power Gojo strong have to change the status quo 10 game straws to preserve it while Gojo would likely win in a fight 10 gen's achievements and significance give him a status and importance of the world that outweighs even satoru which is why Master tengen.

Is the greatest introducing Sorcerer of all as of chapter 186. so these are the top 10 Sorcerers in Jujutsu kaisen agree disagree feel free to lay out your list in the comments as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you