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Top 10 Strongest Swordsman Gods in One Piece


This is our list of the top 10 strongest Swordsmen in one piece number 10 Vista Vista of the flower swords used to be the fifth division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and the strongest swordsman in the entire crew Vista is a very skilled fighter he was a member of whitebeard's crew even during the time of Goldie Roger his weapons of toys are.

Twin Sabers of purple hilts he fought dracul Miha during Marine Ford and was able to hold his own even deflecting one of mihawk long-range attacks without much trouble mihawk not only knew about this reputation but he also wanted to see him use his sword skills both of them decided to stop fighting which means that not even Miha could easily.

Get rid of the Pirates even if he wanted to Vista is also very good at Armin hockey and observation hockey and for some reason he seems to hate usopp's Dad yasop number nine law Trafalgar D water law is the captain of the heart Pirates and user of the ope ope Nomi although his Dell crude abilities are a bit more Infamous his combat potential wouldn't.

Be anywhere near as high as it is without his swordsmanship his weapon of choice is kikoku and unrank her sword it's a massive odachi or Japanese graysword with a fur trim handle purple grip and yellow pommel this thing is so big that law usually has to carry it on his shoulder or even resort to having Peppo lug it around for him as far as we.

Know the sword itself doesn't have any special powers or abilities but works perfectly with lost devil fruit you think that such a surgically precise fighting style would require a more controllable Blade the law tends to have his reasons lost sword slashes can travel distances they just caught flaw's room manipulation provides an extended.

Range with this sort of spatial slicing he can cut people apart without harming them and manipulate the pieces from there as he so pleases but even without his own fruit abilities law is proficient enough to handle someone like smoker who is vice admiral level laws go to move is amputate which lets him cut a Target without hurting them his sword.

Doesn't even need to touch a target for this to happen with radio knife law take this move to the next level this one puts electricity into his sword aside from shocking the target it also stops them from reattaching body parts this makes up for any counter abilities an opponent might have Vulcan increases Precision by aiming with a reticle over.

His blade or hand and connect while extending his blade when his sword hits something he uses injection shot to fire it like a gun doing a lot of damage to a certain area he can also do this from a distance and even with his arm cut off wall can still use his sword well because of his turban move which uses his blade like a buzz saw and now that.

Law is awaken his devil fruit he can do even more impressive things anesthesia less law code his sword in a miniature version of his room called K room with it he can Pierce through anything without causing harm even though this doesn't seem like much on its own it might be the best way to stop hockey in all of One Piece when law uses shock.

Will he can create an electric current that can cook an opponent From the Inside Out even someone as ridiculously durable big mom was no match for it puncture Wilson's law appears a down target from above while kokoku extends downward phasing through everything in its way Maul then sends out a huge Shockwave that can cause every solid.

Thing his blade is caught to implode in a terrible way using his sword law has been able to take down Kian mon one of wano's greatest Swordsmen he was able to break the shiggy sword with one slash he be trouble at the Don Quixote Pirates he cut a meteor in half and most impressively he killed Virgo who was covered in full body Armin hockey by.

Slicing him in half along with Caesar's whole Lab and the many mountains around it so the next time someone questions if laws a real swordsman or not send them this video number eight Zorro the former pirate Hunter varuno azoro is the first mate of the straw hat Pirates and was the first person to join Zorro swordsmanship training began in.

Childhood at the ishin dojo of shimitsuki Village even when he was young he could beat his adult peers zoro's signature three sword style is uniquely unorthodox wielding of three blades one in each hand and a third in his mouth before losing to his childhood rival kuina's one sword style 2001 times Zora mostly used two sword style but.

After she died and he receives her sword and dream of becoming the greatest swordsman he developed his three sword style throughout the series Zoro has used a lot of different swords these days zoro's weapons of choice are watto ichimonji San Dai kitetsu and enma watauchimonji is one of the 21 great great blades and was formed by.

Shimotsuki kozaburo kitetsu is a great blade and her sword forged by the former Shogun of wano kozuki sukiyaki and malaguaro ichimonji is also one of the 21 great great blades forged by shimotsuki kosaburo and was formally wielded by kozuki Odin Soro is one of the very few characters in the series with access to all three forms of hockey.

Observation Armament and conquerors when Zoro first started sailing he was able to take off dracul mihawk himself even though he lost mihawk was sure that Zoro would be able to challenge him for the title of greatest swordsman one day not long after that mihawk would train Zorro for two years on kuragana island Zoro ran into a huge group of human drills.

Smart monkeys that could accurately mimic any martial fighting style like Zoros or mihawks even mihawk couldn't hide his surprise when Zoro beat them even before that Zoro showed that he was very good at fighting large groups of enemies when he beat 100 bounty hunters from crocodiles Baroque works all by himself even though they use different.

Strategies on Punk Hazard he achieved the legendary feat of cutting off the head of a huge dragon with only his one sword style Zorro has always had a lot of physical strength but his ability to resist the force of gravity from Admiral fujitora was especially impressive Zorro is also incredibly resourceful even when he doesn't have his signature weapons he.

Can use almost any blade to kill also like the human drills he can almost perfectly copy the sword styles of others without being shown how to do it which is how he got the Foxfire style from Kian mon eventually Zoro was successful in creating king of Hell three sword style an even better version of his signature fighting style by using.

His Armament and conquerors haki to their fullest Zoro was able to make all of his techniques more powerful cool and have a wider range the most important part of the skill is his sword Emma and that's because of enma's special ability which allows it to excessively release its wielder's hockey doing a lot more damage than intended the sword was said.

To be so strong that it could cut through to the bottom of hell when Zoro tried it out for the first time he cut off a part of the coast when all he wanted to do was cut a tree for a less skilled swordsman just holding the blade would use up all their hockey and kill them if if all that wasn't enough the strange hockey it gave off when it was.

In zoro's hands scared both the yonko's big mom and kaido and with it Zoro was able to lead a permanent scar on kaido's body it was also used to be king who zunarian body was otherwise almost impossible to harm if Zoro manages to turn enema into a permanent Black Blade it could become a Supreme grade sword the nine sword style is the furthest.

Extension of zoro's spirit and will it gives him the illusion of having two more heads and four more arms which lets him use a total of nine blades in this form zoro's power is three times as strong as it was before it is also zoro's rare sword technique as it took more than 12 years for it to make its way back into the story after the time.

Scale number 7 fujitora fujitora is an admiral of the Marines and a believer in Humane Justice his though through the sushi zushinomi is a paramecia type that allows him to create and control forces of gravity his weapon of choice is an named Katana and a cane of unknown grade which he sends the wield in a reverse grip style despite his blindness.

Fujitora is more keenly aware than most on account of his masterful hockey use because his observation hockey is so Advanced he's able to see living beings through his Mind's Eye not only that but he can read and hear the true thoughts and emotions of others this makes tricking or catching him by surprise very hard as for Armament hockey he.

Tends to extend it to his sword fujitora mostly channels his dog food powers to his sword as well this makes a simple Act of clashing blades with him incredibly difficult not to mention his range can span entire Islands you can also use reverse gravity to repel attacks the only Admiral with a paramecium type.

Devil fruit and he's definitely the strongest swordsman in the Marines number six Rayleigh the dark King Silver's Rayleigh was once he first made ugly Roger Pirates and the right hand of the pirate king Raley's weapon of choice is a long double edged straight sword with a round pommel and crosshilled he's alternatively been known to use a katana.

As well possessing no dough fruit abilities of his own rayleigh's legendary status among history's finest came as a result of his masterful hockey use and swordsmanship Rayleigh has access to all three forms of hockey with observation hockey he can sense hundreds of creatures on an island at a time along with the relative power levels and.

Detect specific targets his Armament hockey is capable of event speeds such as a mission where he doesn't even need to touch something to repel it and channeling where he can imbue his hockey into something and destroy it from the inside out then we have his conquerors hockey which is so potent that even in his late 70s Riley could have knocked.

Out all 100 thousand other new Fishman Pirates you can also Infuse himself or objects with his conqueror's hockey the simple active in drawing his sword like this was enough to make the yonko Blackbeard Retreat really has been capable of some truly ridiculous Feats such as swimming from outside the con belt all the way to Amazon Lily he did.

This all while killing many sea Kings with his bare hands and keeping both of them unlike a certain someone coming up while protecting the straw hats he was able to clash swords on equal footing against Admiral kizaru and even managed to cut his face he's also displayed the ability to create compressed slashes of air although we don't have a ton of.

Sword fights from him the sheer fact that Rayleigh is a figure of such legendary status and is never seen without a sword should say more than enough about his skills and again this man is 78 years old imagine him in his prime number five Odin kosuki Odin was a former daimyo of Curry leader of the nine red scabbards second division.

Commander of the white type your Pirates and later member of the Roger Pirates his signature odin2 sword style was a dual wielding form focused on the use of events on Min hockey and strength which increases cutting power to insane levels as a baby Owen threw a grown woman to the ground at two years old he was fast enough to catch two rabbits at once at.

Four years old he destroyed a bear by throwing a boulder at it at eight years old he got drunk and Broad with many grown men at nine years old Odin waged war against wano's Yakuza at 10 years old he went to and trained in prison at 14 years old he curved a river at 15 years old he regularly brought women into his late night Harem this resulted.

In the Harem War a fight that salty many Samurai men in those women's lives take up arms against the young Heir this event even included the yoguro clan in their Prime the casualties caused by Odin alone were staggering at 18 years old Odin defeated the mountain God this was a divine creature of one country legend that easily devoured a Village's.

Worth of people wiped out 25 of the flower capital and took down a young Kian Mon and although Odin split the beast in half the cut was so clean and precise that he managed to avoid killing it as well as all the people it swallowed in just one night he single-handedly defeated all of Curry's criminals including ashra doji Odin's.

Weapons of choice or amino hawakiri which could slice through the heavens and enma which could cut through the bottom of hell both of which were among the 21 great-grade swords Odin was a master of all three forms of hockey although he lacks an especially noteworthy Feats of observation or Compass hockey Armament hockey is where.

Odin's prowess is made especially clear even as a child Odin was able to easily wield the hockey sapping enma as if it were as light as a feather would Zoro struggles to handle even now at 29 years old Odin was able to clash against Whitebeard as murakumogiri one of the 12 strongest swords in the one piece World his token Shirataki technique was so.

Strong that it could match a force of whitebeard's Quake punch we are talking about the strongest paramecium type power in the world and that was when Whitebeard was in his prime after he took down several of the Roger Pirates both Gabon and Rayleigh were prepared to work together against him in a two-on-one fight he even survived a red.

Blow from Goldie Roger with only minor injuries after spending so many years with two of the strongest pirate crews in history Odin returned to wanna more powerful than he'd ever been before at 39 years old Odin managed to fight against kaido on equal footing during their final fight Odin permanently scarred kaido's near Invincible body in.

Its most durable form even 20 years after his death kaido still recognized Odin to be the strongest Samurai and the one who could never rematched number four Shanks red-haired Shanks is the boss of the red hair Pirates and a yonko that has maintained his position despite the rapid changing of times having been with the Roger pirate since he was a.

Baby James has been around Legend his entire life and it clearly shows in his abilities and notoriety his weapon of choice is a large single edge saber with a green Hilt and circular hand guard known as gryphon he can apparently coat this mysterious weapon in a fiery Aura Shanks is yet another swordsman on our list with access to all three types of.

Hockey shanks's observation hockey spans several miles his Armament hockey when infused with his sword is strong enough to repel the magma-powered fist of a then Admiral akinu we're talking about the strongest Admiral using one of the most offensively powerful devil fruits of all time and Shanks handled him without an issue but Shanks is best.

Known for his incredible conquerors hockey with it he was able to knock out dozens of whitebeard's men without even lifting a finger even wipe your chip the Moby Dick which had sell the new world for more than 30 years began to break down in his presence and like Rayleigh Shanks could have knocked out all 100 000 members of the new Fishman pirates.

With it we are talking about hockey levels that when angry release from many miles away was enough to paralyze Admiral yokugu and forces Retreat from wano even jinbei and Yamato two of the greatest hockey users in the world who've seen plenty of other impressive Masters were very impressed by shanks's potency shanks's conquerors haki is even.

Capable of something called Observation killing an advanced technique that lets him control his own presence and stop others from seeing into the future with their own hockey according to flashbacks Chase previously preferred to hold his sword in his left hand which he unfortunately lost but that didn't stop him from absolutely destroying the kid.

Pirates with a single swing of his sword with the technique he learned from our next entry on our list Shanks took down two members of the worst generation he made this the most notable appearance of a character with a 3 billion Berry bounty in the past Shanks was apparently a rival of dracul mihawks and the two engaged in Daily duels against one.

Another to cross Blaze with mihawk is one thing to do it regularly implies not only extreme proficiency but an ability to keep him entertained game and even after losing an arm Shanks was able to clash Blaze with Whitebeard and his murakumogiri one of the 12 Supreme grade swords and in doing so they split the heavens above so how did Blackbeard.

Match the Scar's face number three Goldie Roger the pirate king Goldie Roger was captain of the Roger Pirates and remains one of the most notorious names in all of One Piece Roger's weapon of choice was a slightly curved cut list named Ace as one of the 12 Supreme grade swords Roger used the weapon to deadly effect during some of the most world.

Shaking events of all time Roger never had a devil fruit and instead relied on his masterful use of all three hockey types from what we've seen he was able to pull off Advanced Techniques like conquerors hockey infusion and Armament hockey emission even while he suffered from incurable disease Roger was able to fight against Whitebeard in his forces.

Without rest for three days and three nights not even Odin who would stand his kamusari technique and was launched a great distance away anything less than a prime Whitebeard level strike wouldn't even be able to collide with his blade number two shimotsuki ryuma the legendary sword God ryuma was a direct ancestor of Zoros that lived during.

Wano's country of gold era even now he remains one of his most respected figures centuries after his death his fighting style was like a one of the 21 great great swords shizui today is considered to be the National Treasure of wano but what's truly special about the blade is the fact that it is one of only two permanent black.

Swords that we have seen in the series thus far the level of Armin hakir Yuma would have needed to pull this off is ridiculous shusui was designed to drastically increase his wielder's damage potential and destructive power but using it without experience could be Troublesome as according to Zorro shusui has a bit.

Of a temper it's also a bit on the heavier side so it requires a tremendous amount of strength to be properly controlled the Yuma was also referred to as a king and said to possess the world's greatest Warrior's Soul so I wouldn't be surprised if he also possessed conqueror's hockey one of his legendary Feats was a decapitation of a.

Dragon in a single slash and given his respective time period this was unlikely to have been an artificial Dragon like the one Zorro kill as a zombie ryumo wasn't nearly as capable as he was in his youth Not only was he pretty old by the time he died but his body was rotten and influenced by Brook's Shadow but even in this far weaker stage ryuma's.

Physical strength was equal to that of a thriller bark level Zorro for the people of wano to recognize ryuma as he sword God hundreds of years after his death and even while having figures like Odin means that this guy I was the best the land of the Samurai has ever produced that alone says more than enough to me number one rakul mihawk the former.

Marine Hunter and later former warlord of the sea and now cross Guild chief officer dracul Hawkeyes mihawk is the strongest swordsman in the world with the embellishment of the seven warlord system mihawk's Bounty Rose to a staggering 3 billion 590 million belly that's higher than both Luffy's and Buggies and they're.

Yonkos the fighting style may be broken down into two categories strong blade and gentle Blade with strong blade mihawking casually split giant icebergs from major distances with gentle blade he could deflect bullets with only a slight Touch of his sword mihawk's weapon of choice is yoru a cross-shaped krieg's Messer and one of the 12 Supreme.

Great swords it is also one of only two permanent black blades we've seen in the series and is certainly the strong mihawk also uses a cross-shaped knight named kokatana that he keeps as a pendant which despite its small size is more than enough for him to take on even decently skilled Swordsmen unlike most of our list mihawks use of hockey has.

Been pretty subtle for the most part but he's clearly very capable when it comes to Armament hockey since he turned his sword black forever with it when it comes to Observation hockey mihawk's eyesight is incredible and is even able to keep up with the movements of Luffy's gear second with ease and strike with extreme Precision even before Roger's.

Death mihawk fought endlessly until he ran out of worthy Challengers he fought legendary battles against Shanks in the past only stopping because Shanks lost an arm and wouldn't be able to provide the same level of enjoyment and challenge he single-handedly destroyed Don Creek's Fleet of 50 ships and 5 000 men it was.

To the point where Don Curry had to assumed that mihawk had double fruit powers during Marine Ford mihawk fought against Vista and crocodile and emerged completely unharmed when Zoro clashed with mihawk's clone as Hawk he noted that upon closer inspection the artificial life form actually possessed a bit of humanity which according to him.

Mihawk doesn't have at all now check out our video on every Admiral in one piece history for even more strong characters