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Top 10 Strongest Transmuters in Hunter x Hunter!


Hunter Hunter has one of the most complex cast of characters around but that also means a wide range of abilities and levels available to them with so many types of men it would be hard to talk about everyone but we can at least consider who the best transmuters are we'll be looking into some fan favorites like kilua and.

Edero's very own student biscuit we'll be judging the users based on their power speed proficiency as well as talent and experience and as a bonus we'll use togashi's own chart of the most proficient users as a guide let's dive in number 10 saraso is a transmuter from the heavens Arena who came across going and kilua on the 200th floor.

Though he's missing his re-alarm due to an unlucky net initiation he can create a larger one made of aura that he uses to restrain and render his enemies unconscious but we don't get to see him fight much because he gets scared by kiloa's assassin abilities and bails on the match he was meant to have number nine worm before we get into what this.

Shadow Beast can do let's take a moment to recap what transmutation involves number one the user's Nan can change shape replicate elements or even take on the appearance of animals and objects and like other techniques transmuters Creations cannot be seen by someone who doesn't know about nen now for our friend worm as a shadow Beast working.

For the 10 Dawns he had to have been a decently powerful and reliable transmuter however his ability which involves Going Underground and dragging his opponents with him relied heavily on the help of his fellow beasts alone he was at least durable enough to survive uvajin's fist of Destruction long enough to call for help but he still died so.

What else can we say okay there is the fact that he managed to make overjin one of the strongest members of the Phantom troop get blown back with a punch but he also did break his fingers in the process rip Mr Worm but let's move on to his colleague now number eight porcupine this fellow Shadow Beast had the ability to control each of his hairs using them.

For defense and also to deflect things like bullets in other words any physical projectile within reason could be safely stopped before making any damage on the other hand anything that wasn't as palpable be it uvajin's loud scream or maybe even electricity like Kilauea uses would easily get through his thousands of needles another way he could use his.

Hairs is by attacking with him using them as piercing needles but he could turn them soft at will as seen when he protected his fellow Shadow beasts from his attack considering he's a transmuter he likely used his abilities to change the properties of his hair to match that of a porcupine's quills thus his nickname at the same time seeing as.

Enhancement is next to transmutation we can guess that he used it to strengthen his controlled body hair porcupine's net abilities were interesting but mostly worked as defense for himself and not much else he also had to rely on his teammates to finish off his enemies but before before we get into the stronger users don't forget to subscribe with.

Notifications on and smash that like button for more top tens like this number 7. machikomachine our first troop member on the list is Machi the group's number three spider and sixth in terms of physical strength as a resident of meteor City it's clear that her net threads created through transmutation are nothing to mess with not only can.

She use them to restrain people hang them or slice and dice through flesh but she can use them to repair severed Limbs and fix up serious injuries with her skillful stitching we saw this most notably after hisoka's match against Castro left him with two arms to be reattached one of the downsides is that the distance between her and her Target.

Lowers the strength of her threads proportionally so she could theoretically catch someone from a far distance but the threat itself wouldn't be durable enough to hold them for long but even without her transmutation abilities Maji remains a threat to most nen users and that's because of a few things she has a lot of experience from.

Working with a troop she's also considered on par with isoka as stated by kilua when he tried to explain her a nobunaga's levels of expertise and not to mention she has sent is that go beyond normal humans by that I mean she tends to use her intuition to figure things out without even needing to rely on evidence one of the best examples of.

This is when she felt that going in kilua Were Somehow connected to gurapika despite pakunoda's ability not picking up on it and if that isn't enough Machi functions more as a stealth Master within the troop having so much agility and speed that people like going weren't able to react before she caught him that aside heavy damage doesn't stop her for.

Long since she can use her stitches to both repair and possibly enhance her healing abilities but the character above her is someone who could cause a lot of damage with minimal effort from his years of ninja training number six Hanzo the Shinobi staying with the Shinobi theme Hanzo is likely a slight Cut Above Machi not only did he learn.

Then in six months but he already had a kind of feel for it because of his extremely difficult ninja training he trained for 18 years and possibly more given the current time frame that's his entire life by the way being a master of the cloud hidden style or kumogakuriyu of ninjutsu it's hard to argue against his abilities and expertise in what he.

Does he he's even often seen as an older version of kilowatt by fans considering their childhoods and assassin-like techniques if that isn't enough he's a master torturer without needing weapons even kiloy admits hanza would have made Gunn give up if he had pushed further he was basically going easy on him one thing that knocks him down a notch is.

The fact that he wasn't involved in the Chimera antar so we don't get a sense of how we do against those powerful creatures that aside he did return for the current Arc the succession contest and displayed his Hanzo skill 4 art of the doppelganger it involves making an actual projection of himself that can fight and kill while his body stays.

Elsewhere it requires him to use a mix of conjuration and manipulation and I'd argue that emission is involved too seeing as it can go through walls but can also become tangible enough to attack people directly the downside of the technique is it requires a lot of focus and if hanzo's real body is disrupted the projection disappears on.

The other hand since it's called number four that implies there are three other techniques that we haven't seen him use some of which likely involve his transmutation skills more heavily regardless seeing as he is placed midway between transmuter and conjurer it should come his is no surprise that he's become proficient in a technique as.

Complicated as projecting his Consciousness and using it for both stealth and combat but because we didn't see the rest of his skills nor how he'd fare against the Chimera ants this is his spot number five kilua zoldik it comes as no surprise that someone younger and more talented surpassed a fellow stealth type does it though Hanzo.

Is extremely skilled at what he does it took him much longer to reach that point kilo on the other hand he got his hunter license as a preteen and got rid of all the other competitors in one Fell Swoop but let's backtrack a bit kilua was trained from a young age to be an assassin and this included stalking prey while risking his life his family.

Considers him the most talented in their history which is crazy considering who he's related to Silva Zeno illumi all powerhouses he's Beyond naturally talented and learns everything quickly and with enough ease to put older net users to shame kilo is also considered to have possibly Limitless potential like it was said of gum and is.

Considered a 1 in 10 million Talent as well but there's more kilua is good with most weapons but chooses to use 50 kilogram yoyos meaning each one weighs more than him he could even take down a unit of Fighters with tanks among them but that's not all kilowatt can turn his nails into claws for his assassination techniques and is practically immune to.

Poison while also able to withstand ungodly amounts of electricity because of his lifelong training he's also an incredible tactician who's able to read opponent's levels and avoid fighting people above him though that sometimes backfired due to illumi's needle in his head which made him flee opponents who were actually below his level with time.

Kilua could open the 64-ton gate of his family's property and is even able to avoid attacks while asleep what can't he do you remember those Nails I mentioned well kiloa can use them to decapitate humans pull out hearts and even Pierce Chimera ants who have stronger outer bodies called exoskeletons but on the defensive side kilowatt doesn't lag.

Behind either he uses extreme speed within a technique called godspeed allowing him to run 40 kilometers in 10 minutes and that's on uneven ground with obstacles early on killuma figured out how to change his Nan properties to be like electricity while modifying the intensity based on who's touching him sadly it also requires him being charged.

Up like a machine to use it as a tax and even then it's not potent enough to kill just paralyze or stun his opponents but seeing as this Prodigy could still grow endlessly we can't put him as high as some older and more vicious entries on the list number four feitan Porter there seems to be an assassin theme within the transmuter group I wonder why anyhow.

Feitan is the number two spider and number five in terms of physical strength among the true members just like the others he's a meteor City resident but he seems to have a secret language that certainly sets him apart being the torture specialist of the troop it goes without saying that getting on his bad side guarantees an.

Awful day feitan is a sword user though it's usually hidden inside an umbrella and he can also shoot with the same weapon he has an extremely fast reaction speed quick enough to catch going but also to avoid getting his ears blown out when uvajin screamed at the shadow Beast to kill it oh and he also jumped out of a car to avoid being caught in fun fun.

Cloth but so did his fellow crew members ask for what he can do with his Nan feitan's pain Packer armor points to conjure operation rather than transmutation considering he wears it to protect him from heat and other elements and he can expel his Aura like an emitter which indicates him having the skill to use three types at once and.

That's certainly no easy feat but his quiet and calculated way of seeing situations likely helps him to achieve these levels of proficiency the ultimate technique we've seen feitan use called Rising Sun is powerful enough to kill whoever is in the vicinity including allies since it doesn't discriminate for this feitan transmutes his Nan into.

Unfathomable high heat that is directly linked to how much damage and pain he received beforehand the more he's injured the hotter the sun emitted is and the longer it lasts while scorching the skin off his victims one problem is that he's quick to anger and even quicker to attack which might cause problems for him if he faces someone who.

Knows him and likes pushing buttons and playing games you know like that clown that pretended to be a true member for a while yeah not to mention that feitan purposely doesn't start a fight using his full power likely to increase the effectiveness of his Rising Sun or whatever other abilities he has up his sleeve or maybe just to enjoy it longer.

On that note because we haven't seen all of feitan's techniques he could be ranked much higher in the future when we learn more about his limitations and anything that can stem from his pain Packer from here on out we dive into the best of the transmuters two of whom unintentionally caused their downfall number three men for the UB according to.

Tagashi's then proficiency chart this Chimera and Royal Guard is considered a natural level transmuter this means that given more time he might have reached the peak of his net abilities since he was one step below extreme UB was the youngest of the three ant guards though cold belief he could defeat Nero with his skills this likely would not have.

Been true since Nero easily stopped Peto and Maryland was defeated by his Poor Man's Rose oh and the same poison eventually killed yupi as well according to yubi the extermination team didn't even have one tenth of his power and it would be hard to argue against that considering how he left shoot knuckle and even Moreland kilua basically in the.

Dust he originally relied on General shape-shifting but after evolving he could change more specific Parts as he liked including having his arms become blades to fight with grow multiple arms and eyes sprout Wings protrude spikes to cause more damage Etc at that point he was powerful enough to smash down entire towers and fast enough to speed around.

Looking like a centaur hybrid with no one able to catch him those body modifications could either be due solely to his and Physiology or partially related to his transmutation abilities after nedrow's explosion yubi walked into the heat left over from the poor man's Rose and seemed barely phased by it despite how scorching it had to be.

Even poof was wary of getting close to it seeing if he could modify his body in ways to prevent certain things like adding eyes to cover his blind spots it would make sense if he could strengthen his skin enough to withstand the heat even if just for a bit more specifically yupi's main net attack was a blast of Rage an emission technique that created.

An explosion after his body filled with uncontrollable anger and the need to unleash it yuffie returns to his regular form afterwards his Centaur is the evolved form of his anger burst with only his arms swelling up instead this successfully solved the weakness with the previous version which left his body open to attacks during the time it was.

Growing in size especially since he sense our body also creates a long blade on his other arm unfortunately due to his high level of loyalty yupi gave up most of his cells to help revive meruim when he was almost completely destroyed by nederro yes the Loyalty was nice but it was a mistake for both of them to rely solely on Pito to protect the king.

They were already dead this might have been an instance of his childish mindset as the youngest besides being quick to anger and blowing up literally his lack of experience may have been part of why it was so easy for him to lose his cool and made it easier for people like kilowatt to get the drop on him had he not given up his cells to marrow him.

Would he have progressed further the story seems to point to yes but that didn't come to pass if he had last resort techniques like our next entry maybe he would have gotten farther in life but it's probably for the best that he didn't number 2 hisokamaro another natural level transmuter is our creepy and colorful magician we can assume that.

This is where he stood prior to surviving death through his ability at least as we all know hisoku was a fake true member but ranked third in physical strength anyway this says something when he was with the likes of uvajin and thinks interestingly hisoku is a nicknamed a magician and Grim Reaper both describe him perfectly as a.

Character since he loves to play mind games but also to take down powerful opponents that he feels have reached their Peak hisoka tends to kill for Sport with an obvious example being how he failed the first time he tried to get his hunter license for attempting to kill an examiner now we all know the joke bungee gum has the properties of.

Rubber and gum which means hisoka transmuted his Aura to combine those two things and make them many times stronger than the materials found in the world he's playful cunning but also ruthless and bungee gum reflects that but what does he do with it well he can draw people towards him connected to items walk on walls probably ceilings too by.

Putting it on the soles of his feet and send things away from himself to avoid damage this was shown during the DodgeBall match against Razer but also his fight with goto and his super fast coins besides hisoka's rubbery gum he also has texture surprise which comes in handy to hide wounds and reattaches limbs that were blown off and of course.

To infiltrate groups like The Troop by making a fake tattoo or to create images such as maps to mislead people fish is more so a conjuration skill and can be seen by non-net users as well to fool them nonetheless the implications of this along with his bloodlust and killer skills make him a very dangerous Nan user but let's check out his other crazy.

Abilities we know he loves using playing cards to kill and slice throats but he can also sense things most people can't like kaluto who was using perfect zetsu to hide himself if the troop says your zetsu is impeccable we should probably agree not to mention Nobunaga acknowledges hisoka's ability to see through it as being abnormal.

Interestingly hisoka can also see further distances by using his fingers to look through as if using binoculars whether this is through Nan or just because he focuses his eyes more is unclear but it's impressive anyway in case you forgot hisoka was a floor Master for heaven's Arena a feat in itself but also forced kilua and going.

To learn more about Nan to even get past him ilumi said he was worried about Crossing his path early on in the story and that specific zolic is considered above some of the zodiacs according to hisoka there's a lot of mutual respect between them clearly that's not where he shook his accomplishments as a nen user and though he killed two true members in.

A short period of time shellmark and cortopi and easily could have taken down Machi if he'd wanted to it feels like the only reason he didn't was so she could tell the troop about what he did and make the chase more challenging our resident clown has a good sense of people's talent and as such we'll spare those who could still grow stronger to.

Continue his game of cat and mouse the downside to this is he plays around too much willing to let his opponent choose the time place in situation in order to make the fight more interesting even wanting to face multiple people and their allies If It Means A Better battle also he's high pain tolerance makes him realize too late when something serious.

Has happened to him and he can get fairly seriously injured from that that aside using bungee gum hisoka escapes death by restarting his heart and lungs this means he likely evolved his net abilities now but we have yet to see where it will take him so this is going to be his spot until we get more info and before we get to the top spot keep.

In mind that Silva and zenozolic have been revealed as emitter types and are no longer transmuters as we once thought this means number one biscuit Kruger you betcha she's one of the strongest women in the series and certainly more powerful than a large chunk of the net users we've met it's the one and only biskey when we first meet her there's.

Already a sense that she's hiding a deep power and that going and kilowatt were dismissing her too quickly not to mention that kilua was surprised she could keep up with them that not only demonstrated his lack of experience but how good she was at concealing her true self biskey is at extreme level transmuter yes she's that high up which.

Means she's proficient in other categories this explains how she's able to teach so efficiently seeing as she's skilled in enhancement emission and manipulation now that's not to say she's at 100 in each but she's definitely skilled enough if she can teach people who aren't transmuters that aside bisky is a double star Stone Hunter who learns.

Shingen Ryu the martial arts that Nero created and then she became Wings master who himself is also a teacher now crazy how that works right she started learning nen at 17 and was also an examiner for the hunter exam for a time after passing it herself due to her ease at using nen types she invented ways to practice and strengthen most of them.

With us seeing this inaction during the greedy island arc where she helped go in and killaway improve and she taught them again during the Chimera and Arc in many ways they probably wouldn't have come that far without teachers like her and others who use shingen Ryu like Nero and Wing biskey mostly uses her smaller younger form to subdue people because if.

She uses her original form then her power is difficult to control she hides this true form because she finds it ugly but also warns people that if she unleashes it it can kill them she has no idea where her smaller form came from but she admits she wished for the changes and over the years it was granted to her this sounds like.

Something that would involve a lot of proficiency in men and maybe a little something extra could this be a hint at Biscay being close to becoming a specialist in the future that aside she can stay alert even while asleep just as kilowatt can due to his assassination teachings and biskey has the stamina to run for hours without breaking a sweat.

Or being winded she also moved fast enough to avoid any damage during the DodgeBall match whereas everyone else even hisoka got injured by Razer and his skills and she wasn't even in her true form at the time this brings up the fact that bisky has not shown her full power yet and has only needed to use a combination of her normal abilities to.

Take down or intimidate opponents the one time we saw her fight using her real body the fight was instantly done so there was nothing to measure really even without that information though she's very experienced and respected Among The Hunting Community which makes sense and she's in her 50s now despite usually looking like a young girl if she ever.

Needs to relax she can also use cookie her masseuse for alleviating fatigue and offering healing for pain it also helps keep her young and her organs healthy which explains how she can be so powerful at her age similarly she can also use piano massage on other people to relieve them offering a night's sleep in an hour and rejuvenating lost Aura to.

Help with training her students this makes her a very valuable asset to any team on top of being a strong fighter with these techniques alone it's clear how powerful biskey is considering she uses manipulation with cookie on herself or other people as well as transmuting the products that help with whatever ails the person she focuses on we could.

Even argue that cookie yourself is a conjured or emitted being but even without all that to support her bisky proved she had insane stamina and endurance by helping going and kill offer days on little or no sleep not some mentioned running 70 kilometers twice with the second round being even quicker than the first it seems like her.

Masseuse is just a nice treat to have afterwards but there's so much we don't know about biscuit and her crazy techniques so let's hope we get to see some more aboard the black whale do you think this ranking will change or be added to in the future let us know in the comments below this is Jack Stansbury thank you so much for watching.

And have a great day