So I'm here in Sparks, Nevada, just about amile or two outside of Reno. I bet you they're doing some real dealbarbecue. This is Carolina Kitchen and BarbecueCompany. We did the chicken wing competition. We did first place for about five years,five wing nachos. Up the smoke queen. Nachos are awesome. Everything that you usually see on nachosnow suddenly is on chicken. They're just devastating. We have our chicken wings.

We're going to make our smoked wing nachos. We're going to rub them down with some oil. Oil only. That's it. No salt, no pepper now. Not yet. Because we're going to deep frythem. We don't want that char flavor. On the rub. Och, that's a big wing. There's a couple of wingless pterodactylsout. There smoking for about 45 minutes to.

75. Oc come out of the smoker in the fryer. All right, what are you into? Dry rub which is half Cajun seasoning, halfrib rebel This is our Cajun seasoning. Paprika, salt, granulated garlic, blackpepper, white pepper, onion powder, brown time, dry mustard and chili powder. Got it. I'm going to go rib rub salt, whitepepper, paprika, black pepper, chili powder. This is going to get interesting in a second. Sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, clumps,granulated garlic. You don't find the burn on the white sugar?.

No, I like it. You've won competitions withthis rub. I have. I won't tell anybody. Should do a little half and half here. And this is what we're going to sprinkle onthe wings. Hit it with some moonshine, Barbecue sauce,cheese, bacon. Pop it in the oven for a minute. Okay. So where the tortillas? There are no tortillas. The wing is thenacho. It has all the toppings on it.

All right. This I got to see. Diced tomato. Hanging it. The tomato to stay on thechicken. One green onion, spicy ranch, sour cream. It's a really good wing. I love the smoke. A little fried to it. Nutty tortilla chip. You get the crunch of the outside of thewing. The cheese melts on really nice.

Then you have the bacon sticking to it. So you get all the best of both worlds allover it. You hit that moonshine sauce on there? Just dynamite. You get yourself some of thecool sour cream. That's one of the most unique dishes I'veseen on Triple D, And you actually pull it off. Well done. Thank you. There's so much going on here, but it allworks really, really well. Sour cream on a wing is delicious.

So we found a place for two buddies thatwent to school together. Build a place that everybody loves to go to. This is LB. If you can take him out in the window. It's our go to date night. Great spot for food, drinking, dancing. Got your low tea over ready to sauce up. Favorite thing on the menu? I had never heard of a poutine.

And they said that this place has gravy andfries and cheese curds all. Mixed in one. And I was like, What is that? Well, it's the kind of stuff Brandon Hers andnow encasing are putting together after a journey that started in high school andended as owners of this joint. We actually didn't like each other in highschool. You didn't like each other in high school. That's a good way to start the business. Well, we worked together in this placebefore.

It was pounds. The offer came up to buy it,and we pooled together money really quick. What's the food? Well, we wanted to take goodculinary foundation and apply it to, like, everyday, everyday concepts. Pork or mac in the window, the barbecue,pork, mac and cheese all around. Just a very flavorful dish. Oh, I think it's kind of a guilty pleasure,actually. What dish should we make it first. Boiled pork on macaroni and cheese withbarbecue sauce. The health craze is taking over Fargo.

We're going to make the spice rub for ourpulled pork. Brown sugar, paprika, chili powder, cayennegarlic powder, onion powder, kitchen sink, dried oregano, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg. Fenugreek. Dry mustard powder. Sumac. Chipotle powder. Nothing else you want to add to it? Why weren't you guys friends in high school?.

Well, I didn't get the seat at the cool kidtable. Well, who's the one on the show right now? The tables have turned. Yeah. Oh. How are you enjoying the lobby? We're going to take our pork. We score it a little bit. We want the salt to be in every littlesquare inch. Really work its way through. Yeah. Black pepper as well.

Pork rub. Now we're doing the mustard. This has vinegar in it, which is going tohelp break down a lot of the connective tissue that we have here. We're going to grill it with the mustard. That's correct. Okay. It's like that char flavored. Now we're going to get our brazing liquidtogether. Beer, cola, cider vinegar, someWorcestershire liquid smoke.

A lot of it salt. Pour this in. Braise this for about two and one half hoursjust until you can shred it. Dig it. Next up, mac and cheese. Half and half. In the double boiler. So he doesn't have direct flame contact. He doesn't burn it. Heavy cream, cream cheese, shredded whiteAmerican cheese.

Do you think you want to get a bigger pot,chef? Shredded cheddar? No, it'll mix. Got to give it some time. Oh, I'll get the time for you. What do you want? No, I need my assistant back. Allen. You're into Gouda, All right? It's so Gouda.

Little guy Birdfeeder. Just put some Gouda out there. Now we're going to make our little saucemixture for the mac sauce, buffalo sauce, salt, pepper, onion and garlic. Stir that up, add. It to our sauce, take our immersion blender,and make sure everything gets incorporated. Properly. What do we have left? Barbecue sauce. Ketchup. Doctor.

Pepper. Wurst. Usher. Cider. Vin Brown. Sugar, Paprika. Cayenne chili powder, garlic powder. Onion powder. Bay leaves salt. Bring it up to a boil and then simmer forabout a half an hour. Gosh, there's a lot of ingredients in thismonster.

Take a little bit of oil, pork. Let this sear off noodles into our mac sauceplate, our port sauce. This comes with the side of treadmill,pickled jalapenos. It's a dynamite dish. Everything's me, right? Any one part of this not being right? You just put two sides together and calledit a main dish That's right on top of right. And added some more. Right. The pork is delicious and not driedout.

The barbecue sauce has got fantastic Tangand not overly sweet. The Mac sauce gives you that thin, silky,creamy texture. And the real kicker to the whole thing isthe diced jalapenos. A little bit of the acidity, a little bit ofthe heat, delicious dish. I mean, like really have to take it awayfrom me. I want to eat it all kind of dish. You got the barbecue pork or mac and cheese? The pulled pork has a really nice flavor. And the mac and cheese is nice and gooey.

It's just the perfect amount of sauce on it. Hanging out in Burlington, Vermont, where atthe Bluebird Barbecue joint. And they're taking their classic Q andrunning with it. Got a pitmaster. Ramon and burn ends barbecue inside of RamonNormal? No. However, the flavors really do pair welltogether. It has that smoky flavor. That's delicious. We're going to show you how we make ourburnt ends, which is the topping for our.

Pitmaster. Ramon seasoned this brisket upwith a salt pepper blends. This is going to go on the smoker. How long? 15 hours. We started at 220 and then we'll bump it upto 250 for the final 2 hours of the smoking process. Got it. Let's talk about the beef broth. So this is. Going to be a chicken broth. Really a little different. All chicken bone just.

Backs and necks. They got really greatcollagen in there. The college is what creates that creaminess. Then we have onions, carrots, celery, freshthyme, bay leaves, black peppercorns, excellent and submerged with water. How long is this going to run? 12 hours. And that's the stock that we're holding forthe dashi? Absolutely. Put in some ginger, a littlegarlic. Lemongrass.

Soy sauce, bonito flakes, kombu. Cilantro, green onions. All right. How long is this going to go for? An hour on high heat. And then we're justgoing to drop it for a 30 minutes on a simmer and then strain it. We also add lime juiceand ours for a little bit of brightness. So here's our brisket, gorgeous. We are going to take the point of it off andchop this up into cubes. Super tender, not dry. We cook till an internal temperature of 203.

I can have this. I only cooked at 202. I can't have it. Our pitmaster up Texas style barbecue sauce. Right. Did you make in house also? Yes. Back to the smoker. For one hour at 250. So we're assembling our pitmaster ramenright now. It drop their pre blanched ramen noodles inour dashi broth. Where the noodles.

From Sun Ramen company out of Hawaii. They're the ones are six minute egg. I can only have a 4.3276519. Egg on high heat or low heat. That's on medium. Noodles and broth right into our bowl. Pickled carrot that we do in house PickledHall of Chino. Also done in house shaved radishes. Which we did at the barbershop.

Some chopped scallions. And then comes our burnt ends, freshcilantro, toasted sesame oil. That is how we do ramen. Yeah. Just what I expected to see when Iwalked into the old bluebird. Oh, you guys are still here. I was having a shovel fest. The dashi broth is spot on, and it'sactually a little more aggressive than maybe a typical dashi because you're going to dropin these big pieces of burnt it, which I was so worried. We're just going to turn into asmoke pit.

Absolutely not. Love the acid of thepickling and a really good noodle. Yeah. Legit jetro noodles going in. And meat is so tender and juicy has got thatumami, the whole sweet and sour and deliciousness. So I'm here in Atlanta, Georgia, and I amlooking for what exactly? Some real deal barbecue. You know what it is? Guy with this great 502in here. We just got to bump the timing up a littlebit. That's all it is. So you call your buddyRutledge, who knows a lot about cars and a.

Ton about barbecue. This is the real deal. This is the real deal. This is Fox BrothersBarbecue. Smoked wings up in the window. Fox Brothers is probably the best barbecueI've ever had. All right, play it up. Just one of those places. You got to come toplay it up in the window. Run it. It's legit. Texas barbecue. And they nailed it.

They are. Jonathan and Justin Fox, Just youreveryday barbecue loving Texan twin brothers. How did you guys get this started? We pretty much just started cooking in ourbackyard for our friends. And in 2007 they moved from backyard partiesinto a massive business. We smoked probably £10,000 of pork risk in aweek. Are there no other restaurants? Are we in? We we on an island? Pretty much It's now. It's that good.

Hey, you put good food out there people come. Which includes a big fan of what these twinsare turning out. My buddy Top Gear host Rutledge Wood. It is the best barbecue in Atlanta. Hands down, Fox Brothers. Burger up in the window. The Fox Brothers Burger is a mouthful. It's sort of a misnomer to call it a burger. It's not a burger at all.

It's brisket. You can tell it's just smoked all day on thehickory and your hair smells like it when you leave. And that's how you know you're at agood barbecue joint. All right. Let's get after. This is a certified Angus beef. It's trimmed down, it's fat. It's a little bit now we're going to seasonour brisket with our salt and pepper seasoning. Brisket with salt and pepper.

That is his Texas is a cup. Now we're going to go to the smoker. We're going to go to the smoker. We cook it overnight, 10 to 12 hours at 200to 205. Degrees, basically as low as it will go. Yep. Let's go. Now, what are we into? Our homemade barbecuesauce. Bring it. Dr.. We've got a homemade ketchup.

We got some vinegar. Still, right? Yep. Next up, hot sauce. Anybody particular? Texas Pete? There you go. Well, Texas, Maine. Carolina, Texas. Beat made in Carolina, Usedin Atlanta. Yeah. Makes sense. Next up, black pepper, granulated garlic,Black strap molasses.

Yes. Brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, chilipowder. Hmm. Who's that? Silent grunting. That's what we do in the South. When you like something, you just go onionpowder. Onion powder. And last but not least, salt. Just let it come at the tip and simmer forabout 30, 40 minutes. Beautiful. What are we making now?.

We're making pimento cheese. Let's get into it. Cheddar cheese, pepper,Jack cheese. You know, if you're going to try it, I justfeel like I should. Try it to get right in there. Mayonnaise, pimentos, a little pepper and forsome heat, cayenne pepper, mix it up by hand. Let's make a patty for our Fox Brothersburger. All right, let's make a burger. So we're going to take this brisket. Oh, my gosh. That's good.

Get after it, Zorro. We got some of our Housemade jalapeno mayoright here. Pimento cheese patty. And we're going to take this beautiful thingand throw it under the salamander. We got to hurry up and get this burger out. Boy. Rutledge eats all of the other brisket. That Rutledge. I'm sorry. Here we go. Hit it.

We'll take our toasted bun. You got some of our pepper bacon, a coupleof pickles, tomato, onion. That's a chop beef sandwich. Call it a burger called burger. I like it. Oh, that's a great burger. You just clean it up over there like a lionthat just ate a gazelle. I don't know what happened. I went aftermine. It's super tender brisket. When you chop that brisket up, we get achance to incorporate that fat.

Yeah. So it makes it even a little bit moreunctuous. But adding the pimento cheese and adding theveggies on top of it brings that burger element to it. Hmm. That's Fox Brothers right there. Damn, man. Come on. All right, That's full speed, man. That's all. Throttle. No bottle, man. That is just getting it done. So let's say that you're 2 hours east of LosAngeles and an hour north of San Diego and 4.

Hours southwest of Las Vegas. Where does that have you? Right in themiddle of the wine country of Temecula. And you're saying to yourself, I need aplace to eat. Well, you got to check this out. This is Hobo's barbecue. That is so good. This place is just outstanding. It's the best barbecue I've had in SouthernCalifornia. All right, let's pull this.

Everyone is going to tell. You a bit. Al is a great guy. And he would give anybody the shirt off his. Back. Literally, Al Borda had mad success atthe T-shirt business and then his late wife, Holly, convinced him to open up arestaurant. She loved the barbecue so much she wanted todo a barbecue. Restaurant, and that was it. Holly Love, grills. Barbecue, triple D joint and, you know,gorilla, you know, the great Benny Lynn.

All because of. You. I've known Al for quite a while. You're a great fan of food. You tasted barbecue from all over thecountry, and this is what you put together, hobos. It's a lot different than your averagebarbecue place. What are we going to make? This is going to be our house rub. All right, let's get into it.

So we're going to have raw sugar. Brown sugar. Kosher salt, paprika, black pepper, turmericfor color, cocoa powder, garlic, cinnamon. It's a lot of cinnamon. Al Crazy like that. Espresso, cumin. Now, what are we going to use this on? Our brisket sandwiches. Our big guy, alumberjack. A lumberjack sandwich is delicious.

It's got the brisket on it. It's got the potato salad. It's a hearty sandwich. That's a big. Brisket. It's certified Angus beef. And that's pretty high in barbecue, buddy. He's got great fat, got great flavor. So we're going to dry up this. Yeah. All right, So we're going to go to theold Hickory smoker.

Would do 12 hours at 200 degrees and then wecrank it up to 275 for another 4 hours. All right, So what are we making now? Big Al, potato salad dressing. Mayo, apple cider vinegar like pepper. There we go. Onion powder, celery, salt. This is. Parsley. Excellent. Garlic powder, mustard. It's a nice fortified mayo, cooked potatoes,boiled.

Red bell pepper, jalapenos, jalapenos, deepseeded and deveined. So spicy cilantro, roasted garlic. Nice call there. Kosher salt, fresh black pepper. And then we finish it off with our housedressing. All right. Nice looking brisket. Nice bark. Look at this. Fat right here. That right there is whereall that flavors. That is really good.

We're going to use thin slices. A little bit easier to eat in the sandwich. So the potato salad brisket. The housemade pickles, a little bit less hotdressing and sriracha, a little kick. What's it? Did you just eat off my plate, Al? A little bit. Oh, my goodness. Are we going to have a talk napkin? Oh, thanks, man. I get so much richness andgood smoke from the brisket itself.

I get a little bit of that spicy acid fromthe Sriracha, and then I get to taste that pickle. And the contrast between the hotmeat and the cold potato salad on the crispy bun all plays together really well. That's a light chop sandwich. I mean, reallylike a dynamite legit sandwich. Hold on, chef. The meat by itself is incredible. It's just really tender. I really like the potato salad. You get a whole bunch of flavor profileswhile you're eating.

Sitting here with a UFC. Great. This is Dan Henderson and hisdaughter, Danny. I've known Al for a long time. I love the sandwiches. The pull pork is awesome here too, which isjust one of the meats going into the lasagna. Wait a second. Lasagna at a barbecue joint? I've never had lasagna like this before in mylife. It's like a meat pie. It's like the perfectcombination of it. Italian lasagna and barbecue.

So we're brining chicken for what? Barbecue lasagna. Al, we just did great. And now you're going to make me lasagna. Everyone seems to love it. It's very good. We'll see. Hot water. So the sugar. Kind of melted down a little bit. Salt, fresh garlic.

Red chili flake some time. Pull the water down before the chicken goesin so it doesn't start to cook chicken. How long have you left this brine? 24 hours. Bring it out dry. Rub it into the smoker. And how long is going to go on the smoker? About 4 hours. What? 10 to. 25. Shred it.

And now we're going to make barbecuelasagna. That's we're. Oh, that's going be good. Put a little sauce on the bottom to keep itfrom sticking. We got noodles that have been cooked. Off and we'll start doing our layers. Do cool part. First. You think that's enough pork? I was kidding. Yes. One more source.

So we're going to glue it all together withsome cheese. Oh, Where? There you go. A little sauce on it. Second layer ofchicken. As all my favorite food groups in it. Halfway or spicy Cajun sausage. That's been cooked and rendered down meallike this. So you're going to be feeding UFC fighters? We decorate it every one of these initials. A couple of hearts. We wrap it.

Going to go in the oven for an hour. I can't wait to see this. There we go. I'll give you a normal sizedpiece. You got a ton of protein, good amount ofcheese and a lot of noodle. Al, buddy. It's exactly what you want whenyou want some pasta. You want some barbecue? Because that right there shouldn't work fora lot of reasons because of how big it is and how much flavor there is. But it is really good. You've got enoughmeat in there, but not too much just done in.

Balance. That is true. Indulgence. Good. Well done. It's richer and hardier and just has a reallygood flavor. I didn't know what to expect it and. Barbecued lasagna, but it's phenomenal. It's really. Good. We want the best barbecue in town. You go to whole book. Absolutely. Enjoy, you guys.

Nicely done, buddy. You killed it. Thank you very much. I'm impressed. That's an honor. Hardiman, That's really good. Thank you.


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