So here I am in Cleveland, going to anotherone of your favorites, Melt bar and grilled. I need some cheese, please. You don't hear a place that just has grilledcheese. Tell me this place is not off the chain. Dude, it's bomb, man. And a purple palm. I'm going up West SideMonte Cristo. It's delicious. Hot Italian for you. It's amazing. The food's really good andreally awesome. Grilled cheese sandwiches.

It's the best in Cleveland. I'm a big fan. So's my Aunt Polly. The creativeness is just awesome. Yep. Grilled cheese done more than 30different ways. Theresa Potato by chef and owner Matt Fishfarm in Italy working who just can't give up his childhood favorite. I think we can stick anything inside of it. And it's still considered a grilled cheesesandwich. Peanut butter, banana cheese.

Peanut butter, banana. The blackened chicken for you, sir. When I come here, I only get the Big Bopper. I got a big pop for our head in our way. Kind of like a jalapeno popper. Just sandwich. For him. Take it for a test drive, my friend. Wow, Dude, that's hot. That tastes like a jalapeno popper.

There's even one stuffed with this localfavorite giant potato pierogi on there. Farmageddon. Armageddon is so Cleveland, Whydoes he get called Farmageddon. First suburb outside of Cleveland? Going south is Parma. Parma is the Polish hotbed in Cleveland, andpierogies is a main staple. Okay, We're going to start with our grilledbread. Every time, turn our saute pan on. We're going to add our vegetable oil. We're going to brown our pierogis.

They're just fresh potatoes, a good heartycheddar cheese in there. Holy brown. I'm real nice on both sides. And our grilled onions, clam grillsandwiches, girls, nice soft cabbage for us. So this is the crowd spice that we madeearlier today, vodka. And then our some cider vinegar and that'sit. All we're going to do is just let this gethappy. Happy, happy. You are crazy. I try, man.

I'm telling you. Michael Simon, Eric atBamako, Heather at Lucky's. And now this cat. I don't know about this town. Crazy people. Okay, so this is. Going to reduce all the liquid is going to begone. When it flip the bread. Oh, please do. Some sharp cheddar cheese goeson both sides of the bread. We do approximately four ounces of cheese onevery sandwich. Yeah, bro, he's down first.

All that good, good. Caramelization. And it goes on top. Easy flipping that bad boy onto the trayinto the melted vacation machine. Yes. 3 to 5 minutes in that oven to get thisto be the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. All right, let's do this, man. Boom! Oh, man. Out of bounds. Crunch on the bread. Fantastic. Pierogi. Great.

But the cabbage with the vodka and thecider, It's over the top. And a round again. Over the top. Well, thank you. That is one of the bestgrilled cheese I've ever had. You know, I have to bring in here now,Paulie, tell me what you think of this. That's the bomb bursting with flavor. Oh, thank you. Bursting, bursting. Frogs were new to me, so it's nice to have itin the sandwich. Outstanding. It's hard to describe.

It's so much more than a grilled cheesesandwich. Two crab cakes. My idea was to take a 4 to 5star restaurant. That quality of food in. The medium is grilled cheese. Everybody's used to. Burger on blue cheese. Everybody loves grilled cheese. And they just do a lot of different neatthings to it. Well, building that was vacant for about 70years and was about to be torn down until.

Somebody says, No, I'm going to buy it, I'mgoing to refurbish it and we're going to put a restaurant in it. This I got to see. Welcome to Herms. In the word's out, everyone in Logan knowsabout Herms. People come from out of town to come here,and they've done that since the early 1900s because this historic building has been aplace for travelers to sleep, eat and top off the tank. And Chef Riley Brown are in chargeof filling up guests once again in and out. Grilled Cheese. Table nine. I have the inside out grilled cheese.

It's so good. It's got this crunchy cheeseon the outside and on inside there's guacamole and black beans. It's very different than any other grilledcheese that you're going to find. What do we make of chef. Salsa Anaheim's roasted red bell pepper androasted green. Pepper and jalapenos? You've got. It. Whole stewed tomatoes. Have light.

On green onions, a little garlic, toastedground, cumin. Beautiful. A little bit of sugar. Thanks, honey. Chop, red onion, agua. That is actually white vinegar, sriracha,cilantro and our house seasoning. And that makes the salsa. Now we're going to make our black beans alittle bit of. Olive oil, sweat the peppers and onions,salsa, canned beans strained and a little bit more of the magic dust. Salt, garlic, salt, black.

Pepper, a swell up like a pufferfish. Then we just. Add a little bit of water. And how long will you let these cook? 15 minutes. After this. We make the grilled cheese. Little butter on the grill, Add our shreddedcheese down. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

This is what makes it inside out. We're trying to get a crispy and a chewyeffect. Cover that lid over there. Let that steam so that that cheese on topmelts while the cheese on bottom crisps up just right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fresh made guacamole onhere. Everybody tuning in home. This is the weirdest grilled cheese we'veever seen on triple D. Take a scoop of beans.

We'll hit with a little Sriracha. And that's all she wrote. I don't know who's trying to be funny. Funny around here, but that kind of lookslike somebody's hairline. I've had a lot of crazy food, dude, but thisis taking it. You get this fried crunch. Call this the skirt. Then you take deliciousbeans and guacamole, stick them inside of a really thick quesadilla. Dynamite. Thank you.

That's how I fist bump. Get a kick out of it. You're getting weird. All right, you guys, I have those inside out. Grilled cheese for you. It's just a really unique flavor. It's really good, really cheesy. That's up there in grilled cheese history. So I'm here in south New Jersey in a towncalled Somers Point. Now, this is where people cruise through togo down to the boardwalk in Ocean City, but.

More importantly, to visit this joint. This is the grilled cheese and crab cakecompany. Dana Somers point funky little joint calledThe Crab Cake Co. It's a catchy name. Everything is amazing. Big, bad fish, which everybody comes inhere, is like. Oh, what are you guys serve here? Grilled cheese and crab cakes. And the guy marrying the two is Steve Novak.

Throw throwing another crab cake, the othermelt. Now, who bought this place back in 2010? Thanks to a little help from the familybrothers pitching in and grandparents backing them up. Got to love Grandma. Gotta love her grandma. She dropped. The coin. Grandma Tarantino, We call our Gtear, though. And Grandma's investment is built on aclassic. Who doesn't love grilled cheese? It's theultimate comfort food.

You can put anything inside a grilled cheese. And he does the best. I got the crab melt. It's a grilled cheese sandwich. And it has a crab cake in the middle. It's what they're known for here. Let's get into it. All right. So first thing we're going to dois add our mayo to the bin. Next, we're going to add our eggs, then ourfresh lemon juice.

I like to use honey mustard. Well, Sriracha, I think Sriracha just makeseverything better. It's just a little crystal hot sauce, alittle extra heat. Now, we're sure Sauce. Old bay seasoning, sharp roll, bay. There you go. Hey, why Pepper? Actually, this is celery seed up. He's hit one point over here. A little celery.

Seed, very nice. And then baking powder. A load of fresh chopped parsley. And then we whisk her up. She's good to go. Next, we add our pankobreadcrumbs. So we want to make sure it's incorporated inreal good. Now, the crowd will talk about that jumbolump. Treat it very gingerly now. Correct? Exactly.

Because you don't want to bust it up. People like to see those real big lumps. My lovely crab bee lumps, that is somecreamy. Actually, this will solidify. Once it sets, it's going to have to. So we're going. To throw a little butter on the grill. We're going to take our crab cake. Right on the butter. Butter.

The bread. You and butter. Monterey, Jack Cheese. I mean, shouldn't you have it, like on asquirt pump or something? Like. Probably we're going to steam the bread. Just make sure we melt the cheese real good. So we're going to let this cook up on bothsides. This is our crab melt.

Wow. Crab cake is a little bit creamier thanmost people expect. Yeah. Crispy on the outside. Tons of crab. No question about the amountof crab in there. Nice crunch to the toast. Not too much cheese. Pull it off, ma'am. Nicely done. Thank you. Nicely done. I love it. It's a favorite. It's moist. It's fresh.

It's delicious. You can either have it plain or angry. Angry here means Sriracha and jalapenos. You make the cheesesteaks angry. Cream of crab soup can get that angry. Having the sandwich angry makes me veryhappy.


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