Wow good ings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today I'm going to be making a super simple easy dessert that you can probably make with things you have in the pantry already and it comes from this book this is galagichi home.

Cooking by Emily meggett and they're called Cracklin rolls and these are created by Emily's daughter Elizabeth also known as DeDe and there they are they look delicious and they're so super simple because they're made with sandwich bread cream cheese and cinnamon sugar sounds delicious now I love these kinds of recipes where you can use.

Ingredients you have already to make something fast quick and easy I think this is something that the kids could even make for themselves a little snack or they can make dessert too I love involving my children in the kitchen it just brings me so much joy yes steps recipes take longer but it's just so much fun to cook together and I find.

That kids really enjoy it because they find that the food tastes better because they've participated in the making of it so the first thing we're going to need is some basic sandwich bread plain old simply boring white bread and I'm gonna need a cutting board because we're going to remove the crusts.

Just need a loaf of bread just grab a stack of bread and all we're going to do is remove the crust so I'm using a serrated knife here and just taking off all the crusts if you were like me as a child you didn't like crust I just didn't like the taste of it I felt like there was nothing on it.

There's no cheese or meat or any kind of sauce on it and I think it was also the texture but also the flavor I don't know I now eat my crust but as a kid I did not like crust so my mother very kindly cut it off for me and my youngest child doesn't like crust I don't cut it off for him though he just leaves it behind Okay so there we.

Have it a beautiful stack of bread that's completely crustless this removing of the crust will facilitate the rolling so this will not go to waste my chickens will be very grateful for these or you could cut these up and toss them in a little bit of butter salt garlic powder and make croutons for the filling I've got one.

Brick or eight ounces of cream cheese that I've warmed up a little bit in the microwave so that it is nice and soft and mixable and I'm going to be using my spatula and to that we're going to add some powdered sugar sweeten things up a little bit this will also be very easy to mix into the cream cheese and it won't leave any kind of gritty texture.

At all particularly like a cream cheese frosting right yum so mix that well in fact I'm going to use my whisk see if I can get all those lumps out I think a few lumps is actually fine right.

Couldn't be easier all right scrape down the sides make sure everything is well Incorporated okay there's our filling now we need to pair our sugar coating so in this pan I've got some granulated sugar and we're just going to make some cinnamon sugar by adding cinnamon.

This stuff is so handy for a cinnamon toast for french toast smells so good too and I'm just gonna mix that in oh my gosh it smells so good okay so Shake That All In beautiful okay now I'm going to melt my butter this is one stick of butter.

So while I'm melting my butter we can now assemble our little rolls ready so I've got a baking pan lined with some parchment and that's where we'll put our rolls when we're done assembling them so we've got our melted butter here and now we are ready to assemble right first thing we're going to do is take our bread and.

We're going to just roll it out a little bit just flatten it that's going to be our crust flatten it out that will help us roll it up take a spoon of our cream cheese put on one in and then roll it up just like a little cigar cute.

Push it down I should have think flattened that down a little bit more so it'll stay rolled up okay there we have our little sausage then we're going to dip it into the melted butter and then into the cinnamon sugar this is gonna be good then place it on.

Our baking tray like that and then we're going to pop these into a preheated 350 degree oven and bake them for about 20 minutes or until they're nice and beautiful and golden and then you can serve them more or at room temperature it couldn't be any easier right so simple and so easy okay I'll.

See you in about 20 minutes rid of my lovelies my Cracklin rolls are ready the my gosh they smell so good look at these look at these so good with the cream cheese oozing out of them I'm going to stack them up onto a plate.

And then we'll give them a taste oh my gosh the outside I see why they're called Cracklin rolls it makes a crust lovely that combination of cinnamon sugar and butter has made a crispy hard shell on the outside oh wow those are good lovelies these look incredible I wish you could smell.

Them but if you know the smell of cinnamon sugar you know exactly what these smell like with butter look listen to the outside look at that that is a thing of beauty alrighty my first taste of Cracklin rolls here we go itadakimasu.

Um boy is that good it's like really decadent cinnamon toast the cinnamon sugar coating on the outside with the butter creates almost a crust like caramelly candy crust then you get the bite of the bread the bread actually kind of fluffs back up a little bit even though we flattened it which I really.

Recommend really flatten the bread out it really helps to keep the roll in its roll shape otherwise it will want to unfurl and then in the middle you've got that hot cream cheese filling in there that's slightly sweetened it tastes a little bit like cheesecake and that tanginess is really welcomed because it's so sweet.

But so delicious oh God and so easy oh the crunch is absolutely wonderful it's a crackly sugary kind of candy crunch that kind of crumbles and breaks apart yep it's very familiar if you've ever had cinnamon toast I love that kind of granular crunch of granulated sugar and.

Cinnamon together you get that but it's elevated and bigger and then you get a little bit of The Chew of the bread and then that gorgeous sweet cream cheesy filling in the middle super simple and utterly delicious big Clues alrighty mellencies there you have it a super simple scrumptious easy to put.

Together dessert perfect for any time and most likely you have all the ingredients in your pantry already thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take.

Care bye all right these are all for me bye mmm