Your dog's name is Blue Ginger she's actually a trained sous chef and she has a mini apron she hangs out with me in the kitchen all right welcome to Next Level kitchen where we're elevating your cooking skills to the next level by teaching you the skills and tricks to make some Next Level dishes absolutely and I know some.

Of you are wondering what to do with leftover wine at home but we've got you covered with pasta there it is and some of you are like what do you mean leftover wine I never have wine left over well the perfect vessel for your wine leftovers is pasta but before we get cooking let's get to level one you're cooking in white one yes okay.

What are you using today I'm using red wine oh my goodness so you like cooking with white wine um in this application yes I also enjoy cooking with red wine same I like cooking with both I love that red Wine's a simple sauce right yes so red wine sugar and onion in a pan yes 20 minutes later is a nice sauce for a steak maybe.

Right or a little bit to deglaze a pan if you're braising some meat some short ribs beef anything like that Bolognese a bowling absolutely right and white wine yeah I mean for me I think white wine lends itself really well to like lighter Meats like fish chicken and clams which I see you're about to cook exactly one of my favorite ingredients listen I'm.

From Long Island New York where clams are king I feel like yes there's so much flavor in clams but you're going to tell us all about that absolutely I'm gonna start mine over here at night I'm gonna cook with red wine and I saw this on social media I'm so excited about that and I'm not embarrassed to be like I saw this on social media and I'm gonna give.

It a try I'm going to cook my pasta in red wine but it's a whole bottle of red wine and like this this doesn't have to be super expensive fancy red wine uh but again this is shocking to me I would never do this as a classically trained Chef okay but I'm just gonna heat up my wine and I'm gonna use bucatini which is.

Awesome sort of thick noodle right here and I'm gonna let that cook in my my red wine until the red wine evaporates and the pasta is done wow I'm so excited to see how this turns out I'm sure it's going to be amazing I'm gonna start slicing my aromatics here I have some shallot I also have some Fresno chilies.

And I have some garlic voila what you got amazing yeah so I'm again my my pasta has to cooked and as the uh as the red wine heats up here I'm just making sure that I get all of my noodles uh submerged in that red wine because you know when you first add your your spaghetti or in this case the bucatini to the water you know the ends.

Of it don't aren't quite submerged so I'm just gonna make sure that I get that cooked down in the red wine and just like you I'm gonna start all of my other ingredients so that when the pasta is done I can just do a quick little pan sauce oh I love that pasta is all about like Alma nude finishes isn't it absolutely and my I'm using actually a.

Linguine today so mine will take a little bit less time I'm gonna start to drop my pasta and so by the time my aromatics are cooked and my clams take no time the pasta will be ready to go all right so I'm chopping up some uh a little bit of red jalapenos over here and mine's gonna be simple it's going to be Chili's garlic and a little bit of.

Pancetta I'm gonna chop up this pancetta basically Italian bacon Rosemary black pepper her but if you don't have pancetta you can use bacon or quite honestly any salty pork product that you have at home all right so I got that chopping up I have my pancetta I'm waiting for my pasta to cook down we're looking at us.

Getting our mise en Place organized over here look at us uh getting chilies again all of these flavors spice I'm getting salt from the uh pancetta you're getting salt from clams I'm getting salt from the ocean thanks ocean I love the ocean yes and so uh with this I'm not worrying about my knife Cuts I'm not worried about slicing a perfect beautiful brunwa.

No I just want a nice easy little clam dish to use up the leftover white wine that I have from my dinner yesterday all right so you're getting your pan sauce going yep and there we go I'm getting I'm making sure that this bucatini gets down into the sauce and Cooks away down there and so with the garlic I'm just gonna do a little crush I don't want to.

Chop chop it too much I want I really want that rust thickness in this right and with the clams so quick the most beautiful part about clams is cooking them quickly you do not want them to become tough so you want a nice hot smoking pan and it's really just a toss and it's it takes no time at all and again when you're cooking with clams or.

Over here I'm cooking with a pancetta as a cook yes remembering that they're salty absolutely I'm gonna also finish with some Parmesan cheese over here another salty ingredient love that so just being mindful that we're not over seasoning things makes sense okay Chef so I'm going with in with aromatics straight away you want that ASMR right.

You want that Sizzle right and it's a dump right you want that to heat up and then in goes the white wine easy peasy done done done so those are gonna Steam and my pasta is going to go in right directly into this pan one of the most important elements is thinking about the carryover cook.

Right because I really want this pasta to soak up that delicious and natural juice that these clams are going to get off so I don't want to cook my pasta all the way through I want to cook it just to Al Dente all right so you got the clam steaming over there yes I have a little bit of olive oil but not a lot I'm going to add all of my pancetta that.

Pancetta is going to render but look at this after you know minutes of cooking looks right there now again cooked in the red one you can smell the red one good thing here is yeah please that the red wine the alcohol is cooked out right so if you're if you're thinking about eating this at home like the alcohol as it reduces it Cooks away wow.

Um so what do you think incredible incredible I'm taking notes Chef okay well man it's the first time I'm doing it so I'm taking notes as well I got my pancetta rendering I want that to get nice and crispy you had mentioned it when you were over there uh chopping something you were like you know Italian food it doesn't have to be so what I.

Love about it is that it's so fluid yes and it doesn't have to be like brunoise it can just be like rough chop right there's just such a great fluidity to Italian cuisine 100 I can't wait to get to Italy because I think it's think it's one of the beautiful things about the Italian cuisine is it's really about a celebration of like really.

Amazing ingredients absolutely done well so there we go my pancetta cooked out getting nice and crispy uh now I'm gonna go ahead and add uh the rest of my ingredients in here your pasta is cooking away yep again I want to get these nice and crispy here now I'll add some of my chilies all right so again salty pork spicy.

Chilies oh my gosh a little bit of garlic is going to come in here as well I'm just gonna toss in a little bit of butter a little bit I'm gonna go too classic no I love that but yeah and like listen I noticed also you're gonna get to it right but like I noticed that there is a big chunk of Parmesan over here yes there is with clams yes I know.

It's like it's my take on a pasta what are your thoughts on cheese with clams listen I again as a native New Yorker even though my there's no Italian in My DNA yeah uh you've heard the saying that you don't use cheese with with seafood and I totally disagree I could not disagree more actually if it tastes good it tastes dude that's what I'm saying.

Like some rules are meant to be broken I also feel like if you know the rules you can like break them you know that's true it just has to taste delicious it's a bad experience okay all right there we go that smells amazing over here I'm gonna add my pasta and it's Al Dente same you got your pasta I'm gonna add my pasta over here as well look how.

Beautiful this looks I'm actually so shocked like I might I might actually do this in one of my restaurants oh it's so pretty listen I have my pancetta my chili my garlic yes and then the pasta as you're doing as I'm doing it comes straight from the pan that it was cooked in right to the sauce wow do not rinse your pasta under cold water like my mom.

Would do Peggy did not know exactly how to cook authentic Italian food and again if you rinse your pasta the sauce doesn't stick to it right that's why we're not running any water under it there it is a little bit of pepper little bit of salt I think I'm almost ready to Plate how are you doing yeah almost ready to play.

It just want these flavors to sort of marry up together finish with a little bit of fresh parsley I love that I love that I think we should open up a pasta recipe Chef I'm not mad at it I mean this is nice fresh olive oil oh it's so pretty I'm not gonna get crazy with the.

Presentation I'm just gonna go sort it right to the plate get all of that on there with all of that flavor and then whatever's left in the pan like get all those little bits the chilies the pancetta little little drizzle of olive oil around it.

Listen one of the things I love about presenting uh pasta dish is like just let it go to the plate totally like you can swirl it you can do all of those things but like it's meant to go from the pan to the plate totally really really simple let it fall I always tell my chefs let it fall like it fell from the sky oh I love that that perfectly.

Imperfect look now of course the parachuted very gently exactly where I wanted it to go as a chef but let it fall and then a little bit of this shaved Parmesan which is nice and sweet and salty can never have too much um I want to drink that broth over there yes a little cheese the piece they.

Resisted there it is there it is okay bring it over here you got the cheese I'll give mine a little cheese too double cheese ah then it melts in and kind of makes a rich sauce well I love that nice and salty linguine and clams with white wine sauce just for you it's your favorite dish.

Bucatini cooked in red wine this is what to do with your leftover wine now that's how you make a Next Level dish to get ingredients and more details on the recipes from today check the description below and be sure to subscribe for more episodes of Next Level kitchen.