Finally all i can say is finally because at long last we have the furtherance of a plot point an alarming number of fans believe horikoshi had outright forgotten yet here we are with the previous chapter we had a now unstable sugar rocky fleeing from star's comrades as he had taken the noma's wing quark prior to his detonation the only thought in his.

Mind being the passage of new order onto a new person as otherwise he would be internally reduced to nothing as new order being the will of star and stripe was said to eviscerate all quirks in its path and that includes all for one and with that a new thought would emerge based on the prior sentiment star had expressed to them almight it was always.

About all might at every turn of discomfort at each and every hurdle for sugar rocky there was a blatant reminder of all might and it was infuriating so now harnessing that anger and aggression the villain would further propel himself at speezy pursuing aircrafts simply could not keep up with we then found ourselves elsewhere in the company of.

Two escaped convicts who rather than causing trouble in a big city like so many other escapees they decided to adopt the domestic and quiet life and luckily for them the place they'd settled upon had both lighting and running water but unfortunately to crash their fun would be this now absolutely raging villain the intent was to steal.

The young man's quirk and replace it with new order as to isolate it from other quirks and preserve the power however it was too late all for one had so many quirks within it that such a revolt ultimately resulted in destruction of new order as well it was to star a shame that she couldn't manage to destroy the entirety of the power in.

Time but at the very least she would express the villain that so long as people are willing to stand up for one another the will of a hero will survive and eventually defeat him as from deep within the compound of shigaraki and all for one there was shimratenko calling out to be saved by dekku the powers that b attempted to pick up.

Shikaraki's trail to no avail they found evidence of the port town struggle but nothing more the entire world would learn of star's defeat that very same day an unsettling reality that scared the various nations of the world into non-resistance and isolation a regression of sorts in regards to progress that thankfully wasn't entirely.

Without its merits as apparently each of the aircrafts present during the battle possessed data from the conflict reading every bio signature and analyzing every present quirk information that would surely prove itself to be invaluable as a study of the villain would be alluded to along with a shot of central hospital from there all might would tell the.

Students what had happened and these shining opportunity star had afforded them as they now had a week to prepare for the fight of their lives with this latest chapter deku would question the status of shigeraki in terms of damage which all might would answer by saying that according to the battle data the americans had recorded that the quark.

New order was more or less like a poison to shigaraki and that despite lacking a definitive number or anything the villain had lost a tremendous amount of quirks thanks to this parasitic exchange as momo and jiro would consider how major of an opportunity this was at the moment the bulk of the country's heroic forces were busy ensuring the safety of.

The populace and so while being busy with that finding all for one was difficult enough but with this injury in mind he was bound to be even more careful than usual but it didn't matter if they found him now or later as one way or another all at war was inevitable what for us as fans should be really exciting as for as crazy as the war arc.

Was it was merely a precursor for what is to come and as a side note i would like to say that our greek mythology mega theory is still going on strong as deku being zeus has now been revitalized thanks to the aids of the quote-unquote other gods who are the students signified not only by his return to them but also the return of the light within.

His eyes but yeah the enemies of the final war being that of shigaraki by far their most dangerous enemy all for one's true body the mad villain dobby whose firepower rivals even that of the number one hero endeavors the ever sneaky toga the remaining six near high and nomu and lastly the remnants of the paranormal liberation front as opposed to.

Prioritizing the capture of all for one in this time what they truly needed to accomplish according to all might was the detainment of the many escaped convicts shoji would then know that there were likely even more enemies abound that they were unaware of as all might would agree their number of enemies was bound to rise meanwhile they.

Had already lost more than half of their forces from the previous confrontation and so all my white expresses desire for them to all grow that much stronger with this final week even if only just a little bit as they would need every ounce of their strength to protect not only themselves but all those who they hold dear as bakugou would loudly.

Interject that they had been doing just that for a while now uraka and ida would point out that almight was so busy with deku and had only been around for a few moments before heading out again ojro would then express that since the war they had all been training with the wild wild pussycats and i'm so sorry there is no way that that is a serious statement.

The pussycats really that's your idea of training we are gearing up to face a global threat that whole countries are afraid of and this is what you're talking about being trained by a group where two of their members struggled against spinner and magnay arguably the two weakest members of the league of villains while the other two members of.

The group were defeated and one was captured are you serious this is a team that at the height of their fame was ranked number 32 and later on account of their hiatus dropped to number 411 on the strobe billboard charts there is just no way that this is the training these kids are flexing right now and i find it so funny.

That during a time like this kaminari is just playing with ojuro's tail with a smile on his face tokoyami and mina would make it clear that they intend to fight alongside deku until the villains are defeated and with that deku would tell everyone that bakugou wanted to practice with him that he even said he'll make sure deku masters one for all.

Which really set bakugo off as according to him he didn't say anything like that and in reality he just wanted to test out his new technique cluster that if it could be effective against someone with the power of one for all then it would certainly be of use against all for one and shikaraki so yeah new developments for bakugou putting that quirk evolution.

To good use which i am really excited about shoutout would then look to himself following the statement and consider his own development kiroshima would then offer himself to be a test dummy as well and so yeah it would seem that our predictions for what is to come with this training arc with our previous video are actually happening and.

Speaking of you guys weren't the only ones laughing about that thumbnail i mean we were dying the entire way making this thumbnail for you guys and hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did but yeah the kids would all begin to playfully banter amongst themselves as all might would think back to the beginning of the school year when they.

First received their costumes then noting just how much they have all grown undeterred by the dangers ahead they were full of hope and ready to proceed together he would therefore consider this to be a major miscalculation of all for ones as he knew all too well that class 1a is strong and with that we would depart from ua.

And into the hiding place of the villains that shigaraki was screaming and wretching in pain and interestingly enough would you believe it toga is here toga who during the war was separated from the rest of the villains is present for this what is a tad bit anti-climactic for me as i was hoping she would be up to a bit more by.

Her lonesome and have a grand appearance but perhaps by way of the search quirk they were able to find her and return her to the fold the real offer one would then urge the quote other him to calm down that their quirk factor was damaged and out of commission for the time being that so long as they were able to stall the advancement of their adversaries.

They would be able to continue momentarily the villain would cry out with an overwhelming desire for carnage fueled by a deep-seated hatred he would therefore vow that so long as even a single person remembered all might his hatred would never end which is a very alarming statement and a bold one at that all for one proper would express a.

Newfound level of understanding on account of their fused consciousnesses as this violent rage was one he shared with the man he would then pat the other hymn on the back and say that despite failing to steal new order they were still able to remove their greatest obstacle now deciding to take things slower and be careful as it is never a.

Good idea to stick to a single plan anyways that despite everything having been so meticulously planned they would need to wait just a little while longer which would then take a sudabe who refused to wait any longer as he could not stand the sight of his father nonchalantly carrying on as he would restlessly tap his foot in a way.

Reminiscing to his mannerisms as a child and you know for dobby the character who had waited to reveal his true identity for so long to be this antsy just goes to show how truly bothered he is i mean after all that aspect of his plan was something he'd worked towards for years only for his father to seemingly bypass it in a matter of days but to answer him.

All for one would explain to dobby that despite the two of them being very much alike there was one major difference between them he too is a person with only one goal in mind however he plans out many many paths towards that goal routes that are for the most part intended for emergency use only that everything he has ever done over the.

Course of several decades was to ensure that it all leads towards his ultimate desire a sentiment that disregarding the villainous context is something we hear at plot armor can certainly relate to which truly makes all for one such an incredible character for us he'd leave the other him with dobby until their body was perfected yet during this time.

Deku had officially returned to a now incredibly reinforced ua but it didn't matter as there was the difference all for one has a lot of friends as now using the search work the villainous fusion would pinpoint the presence of a particular entity that of invisible girl toru hagakure and that was the chapter oh my goodness he.

Time has finally come to revisit the ua traitor subplot and this pretty much came out of nowhere because we have not addressed this subject in over 200 chapters now and to be honest with you invisible girl being the traitor isn't very exciting as is this is a character we so vaguely know and so the impact of this information is inherently reliant.

On the fact that there is a traitor more so than who the traitor truly is like i'm no doubt expecting there to be a whole lot to learn about her character however it's not like the contrast will be all that great as again we don't really know her to begin with there are a lot of possibilities as to what may be going on with her that we certainly.

Intend to explore with another video these stakes and or narrative risks being taken with this series are at this point to a lot of fans very safe even if detrimentally so if for instance the traitor was sue or kaminari the response to this would be far greater and really hard hitting as a compelling conflict would no doubt be had by many yet with.

Invisible girl as of chapter 293 she didn't even rank within the top 40 of the japanese popularity poll but hey i'm still interested to see her motivations capabilities and more than anything else what she actually looks like and if you'd like to be here for all that and more be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on.

Because when it comes to bringing you some of the best by your academia content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you