Guys this latest chapter of dragon ball super was way too good i have been singing the praises of this current arc for months now but let me be the one to tell you that thus far this is the best arc of dragon ball super yet feel free to disagree but for me it is just too good to be denied at this.

Point with the previous chapter we had the ultra instinct and destruction training of goku and vegeta respectively as the two had seen major improvements over the course of said training and have now become able to be a bit more confident in their abilities as such meanwhile the heaters had touched down on earth.

And in fooling the wives of our saiyan protagonists managed to not only steal the dragon radar but also convince goku and vegeta to accompany them back to the planet cereal and thware a supposedly nefarious villain a villain who in reality was the newly appointed strongest warrior in the universe granola.

With this maki would be sure to antagonize the other side as well by telling granola of the two sane survivors presenting them as frieza's ever loyal hitmen for this reason granola intends to extend his long-awaited revenge plot onto them as well in latest chapter after over two weeks.

Of travel our heroes finally touched down on the planet cereal a location that was oddly peaceful they couldn't send any especially great key signatures around and suspected that the villain may be suppressing their power just as they tend to the heaters in fear of tipping granola off their charade.

Would stay back as he too would rush onwards the heaters planned to observe remotely but apparently elec and goss were on their way as well it had been 40 years since they last touched down but interestingly enough gossel remarked that his memories of the planet weren't entirely.

Pleasant lek would reply that he's changed a lot since then to which goss would shake the feelings off and agree this is really interesting to me either goss did something sinful here or he possessed ill feelings towards what had gone down in regards to their own exploits the heaters are scum and all but maybe.

Goss is the only one with a heart between this and his conversation with elec in the previous chapter god seems to be the oddball of the group and so i am left to wonder what will come from this character from here goku and vegeta would fly over the ruins of granola's former home.

As well as the current civilization of the sugarians it was clear to them that the ruins were old and so vegeta being the deductive mind of the two was growing increasingly suspicious but just as the two continued on a key blast would whiz past them what was one blast would soon become.

A barrage of many they were absurdly accurate to the point of evasion being exceedingly difficult and as if threatened by a sniper they needed to finally source these blasts and quickly vegeta would turn super saiyan and goku would tap into ultra instinct by closing his eyes the difference in.

Their avoidance was evident and actually pretty cool to see goku and vegeta were closing in on the threat but just then it was gone much to their surprise suddenly shots were coming from above like missile strikes they'd then fly up while evading only to be shot at once more from the ground.

The target was moving faster than they could react to and just as goku began to further question the scenario he would be shot from behind it was a direct hit that immediately floored him he had been vitally struck and was down for the count to have done so with such range and.

Accuracy made it all too clear just how powerful the enemy stood to be with this vegeta had no choice he'd have to use one of the two senzu beans they had at their disposal and when goku got back up vegeta would reprimand him for his over-reliance on a half-baked ultra instinct technique.

Telling him that he's better off detecting and dodging consciously for now a reality goku could not argue with as he too would turn super saiyan as well and the very moment he felt the enemy's presence he let off a key blast as granola would now show himself after having.

Dodged it with a form of teleportation a yet unnamed technique that was even faster than instant transmission this was a character claiming to now be the strongest in the universe granola would introduce himself properly but the two were of course unfamiliar with the cerealians however on the other hand granola was.

All too familiar with the saiyans it was clear he possessed some form of grudge against their race but wasn't much for a conversation as he would rise above and by way of hakai destroy the very ground that they stood on having seen his power first hand goku would defer to vegeta.

And ask if they should attack together but vegeta intent on expressing his own superiority had no intentions of doing any such thing however surprisingly he would give the opportunity to fight up to goku first having already been taken down once he felt goku needed to get some immediate.

Payback as such goku would stand before granola ready to go meanwhile vegeta would observe from the ruins as he was still unsure of the situation with goku in front of him granola would question where their monster's eight form was.

Again making it very clear just how familiar granola is with their people however instead of that goku would offer him another transformation that of super saiyan god a name granola was not all too fond of from there the fight would commence the speed of granola even went up against.

The ever quick super saiyan god was staggering goku was barely able to evade his blows and with granola hitting him non-stop goku was given no chance to land a hit of his own but from there oh so casually goku would begin to use ultra instinct in tandem with his super saiyan god.

Transformation and would begin to weave past granola's fist much to his dismay and as surmised by vegeta it's become more accurate in this way now frustrated granola would leap into the air before having a barrage of energy waves rained down.

All of which goku was able to dodge however just then granola with the tip of his fingers was able to poke goku in the stomach at first this blow didn't seem like much but a moment later goku had collapsed on the ground and had been knocked out of his super.

Saiyan transformation granola had targeted a vital point yet again granola having only faced it for a moment was able to fully surmise the premise of ultra instinct but even still such avoidance doesn't remove one's vital points you see granola was able to observe goku's blood flow.

And muscle movements allowing him to devise exactly where to attack his right eye is the sharpest in the universe after all and at this point it kind of feels like goku is just fighting in uchiha now this is an interesting development as yes ultra instinct separates conscious thought from body and gets.

Into instinct entirely however the involuntary processes of the body yet remain which may be considered a weakness of sorts pretty crazy stuff that only someone like granola could ever hope to capitalize on i suppose but in hearing of his right eye vegito would begin to comprehend the situation.

A bit more as he would look down to the ruins having possibly realized something but beyond this granola's perception was also able to reveal that goku was holding back which prompted granola to speak of how he doesn't have time to waste and how he intends to extract frieza's.

Position from vegeta after killing goku but that remark about frieza's location would clearly confuse goku which would cause granola to grow increasingly frustrated only for goku to pry even further now sick of the conversation granola would charge up and claim his superiority.

Which goku would contest as he would charge up as well and tap into super saiyan blue with this round 2 would commence the fight was now way more fierce as they would go blow for blow against one another struggling for the upper hand meanwhile the sugarians of the planet would all feel the aftershock of.

Every hit goku and granola would then fly upwards and clash again and again at this point vegeta wasn't even looking at the battle anymore and was instead investigating the ruins the picture was now all too clear to him as he looked to the footprints of a great ape monster he knew who granola.

Was now and that was the chapter like i said this chapter was great i really enjoyed it and now i am just itching for the next one for goku to have gotten one shot by this guy is insane super saiyan blue doesn't look to be completely thrashing granola right now.

But it does look like the divide has closed quite a bit and i must say that with the mention of them having only a single sense of being left at their disposal we can expect someone to get bodied to follow this so i am excited all around good stuff to come from dragon ball super.

I'm surprised they gave us the ultra instinct super saiyan so easily but man was it cool if you enjoyed the chapter let us know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on to keep up with all that we do we also do our best to keep you all informed on instagram and twitter at plot armor yt.

So give us a follow because when it comes to bringing some of the best dragon ball super content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching have an awesome day i love you.