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UNBELIEVABLE NEW ENEMY! The New Arc Begins – Dragon Ball Super


So with the moral arc now having been officially concluded dragon ball super now stands to delve even further with subsequent ones to follow with the last chapter goku fought valiantly against the then earth-infused moro who stood to jeopardize his safety.

And sanctity of the entire galaxy and as goku expanded all the power he could possibly muster after being knocked out of ultra instinct a divine power from elsewhere would be needed for him to finish his job and so with the energy of the young ube and the transference of which was overseen by vegeta.

Goku was able to then stand taller than ever and put an end to the monster's reign of terror as the earth and many other planets were now safe with the latest chapter we pick up right from there as goku was immediately embraced by krillin and his other friends.

But despite everyone's collective merriment vegeta of course was scowling but not exactly for the reason i had hoped for as someone should have really held this man goku accountable for that situation arising in the first place but people all over were celebrating their victory.

From the lookout to planet yardrat you name it at this point vegeta would confront goku now questioning the source of that incredible power that came to his aid goku would then explain that he's not too sure himself but it just means that there's someone else especially capable.

Here on earth an answer that vegito was not satisfied with in the slightest demanding goku quit playing koi and tell him as goku would say that they'll probably all know at some point from there we would see a further exchange between grand supreme kai and ube as ube would then be referred to.

As the savior of the universe something he didn't understand at all now asking for this stranger's identity to which gsk would say that they're practically family something oob would laugh off as they didn't look alike in the slightest as gsk would just fly off to the shock of ube.

And tell me why this man just looks like captain underpants here is it just me but oob now in disbelief would question if that whole exchange was just a dream gsk would then make his way back to the lookout and after being greeted by dende would shift back into majin buu hercule would be very excited to see his old.

Friend return as buu would then express his hunger seemingly having absolutely no recollection of his time as gsk hercule then deciding that a feast was in order subsequently inviting everyone over as well and really it feels like every arc of.

Dragon ball super tends to end off with a party of some sort and honestly i am a fan of these more simpler times where everyone groups up together and shares these wholesome moments together and i think it's something worth appreciating and focusing upon every now and again with the story.

Just to remind the audience that these guys are fighting for something this is what they are intending to protect also it's either eska is having the finest mineral water he has ever had in his life or they managed to get this super vegan to cheat on his diet before going home as he would then say goodbye to everyone.

Before being brought back by goku with the namekian dragon balls serving to restore all the plans moro had consumed along with all their inhabitants and so with the exception of mirus it was as if moro's return had no impact with the exception of making goku and vegeta.

Several times stronger but days later goku would travel with vegeta buu and jaco back to galactic patrol headquarters for a ceremony that would commemorate their accomplishments and it honestly felt like a graduation as music was playing and everything and they wouldn't be galactic patrol.

After this at least three of them wouldn't be but with this the galactic king would go to shake goku's hand and goku grabbed one of his other tentacles which happened to be his junk and really the exchanges between the galactic king and goku are always the best i am going to really miss this.

All of their names would then be called with each of them striking a different pose and expression that to me are perfect characterizations of each of them however there was still another person left to congratulate miros and through the crowd he would make his way forward to the shock and.

Disbelief of both goku and vegeta to which vegeta would immediately question to which mirus would confirm that he did cease to exist but only as an angel now before we go any further i want to talk about this a little bit dragon ball isn't exactly one of those series where you would expect.

Stakes high stakes as the dragon balls are literal magical artifacts that can be used to grant virtually any wish which includes reviving people or further mitigating any issues that may have arisen from the discourse of a particular arc however.

Miris was actually an exception to this rule and so he had the potential to actually be wife from existence and that would be that but dragon ball continues to not let anyone die or perish or anything like that and at a certain point it is what it is this is what we get from this story we.

Should know that by now but even still it's like why i mean hell not even frieza stays dead but yeah days prior when whis and beerus made their way to the grand priest beerus sweating profusely would place all the blame on whis without hesitation whis then would say that he never.

Expected such a thing for miris then apologizing after the grand priest claimed himself to have been wrong to place him under the care of whis furthermore that technically a law breaking angel would be erased completely forever however in the case of mirus he did so.

Temporarily only to then bring him back as a mortal he now possesses a lifespan and no longer has angel powers the decision being thanks to supreme kai as he offered to give his life in exchange for that of mirroses something that completely pissed beerus.

Off as the two were interconnected as two sides of the same coin however the grand priest wasn't done as the three of them were to be punished for their involvement in the matter from there we would then see the attendance of zen osama leisurely relaxing with some drinks and a hot bath.

As beerus and supreme kai would be ridden like race horses while whis was keeping score zen osama then telling beerus he needs to gallop even faster at her quest beerus couldn't possibly refuse and this was just hilarious apparently their regular attendants needed some time off.

So it just worked out beerus then getting hit over the head by the divine child on his back would be absolutely pissed at goku for causing him this sort of trouble as he would then question goku's proceedings with zen osama now pulling on his ears with whis then describing the award.

Ceremony that goku was undergoing as beerus was now having his eyelids pulled on so yeah yet another after ark party zen osama then going on to jump on the god of destruction's back telling him to go faster as beerus would just curse goku's name and yeah i just love this little guy but.

Yeah with that goku and vegeta's time with the galactic patrol would officially conclude and peace had finally returned to the universe but with jacko now lazing about on the job he would be called to accompany another officer to the galactic prison they would then question the inmates as.

Apparently something resembling a faint distress signal seemed to emit from the crater left by the destruction of moro but on top of this one of the inmates would be pissed that the galactic patrol had killed some of their friends to which the officer with jacko would respond that it was moro who had done.

That with jaco then adding that moro literally ate 7-3 however the inmate would make it clear that you can't kill what was never alive the 7-3 was just another possession that they'd stolen once empty but gradually filled up to the point of being very strong.

Which only made the officer that much more grateful that he had been destroyed however the inmates would question their certainty that 7-3 was truly destroyed as we would then see the gradual restoration of 7-3 as his one-formed eye would begin to blink and glow the two officers would then leave.

Galactic prison just to double check that 7-3 was really gone and when they did they wouldn't find anything in fact the distress signal that had caused them to be concerned had stopped totally so they just chalk it up to interference but hey since they were on earth anyways.

Jacko would suggest that they go and get some cheese something that the officer with him was unfamiliar with as two figures hidden from view would hold onto the bottled up head of 7-3 and they would continue to hide while the two would fly overhead.

Now talking about milk the two would then rush off and blast off and a few months later in the far reaches of space far away from earth the very same group that had collected 7-3 previously had now successfully transferred all his data onto the other units as all now possess the same level of.

Capabilities something that immediately reminded me of metal cooler and apparently these guys created 73 originally referring to him as og-73-i which was then stolen but with the vast majority of such bandits now being gone they now had the potential to rule the universe.

Which seems to be the only thing on the mind of just about any dragon ball villain but following this a mysterious ship would approach speaking to someone named oatmeal seemingly yet another food related name in this series as a person piloting the ship was named.

Granola as well we would then quickly see them as they would swiftly board the enemy ship as guards would be made to intercept them firing off wildly however from the smoke granola would appear with a gun in hand as well hitting each of the guards with.

Paralyzing rounds as we would then see granola fully and they look pretty cool not exceptionally but it is a solid design i feel as the captain of the ship would then tell them all to activate each and every one of the og soldiers to combat this threat.

As they would then all leave their paws in bony diapers that reminded me of a meme that is not safe for youtube and then scanning for a specific target whom i suppose we can all guess granola would then fire off a concentrated finger blast like a pistol at the crystal of the incoming fighter.

Now i have to question just how much was saved onto 7-3 because that would help us better understand just how powerful this character may be but one by one they would all charge at granola and one by one they would all be defeated with ease.

Then breaking into the room that these soldiers had been guarding granola would find his target 7-3 who was still in the process of full recovery and that was the chapter it has been a while since we've had a more dialogue focused chapter and so this one felt especially long to.

Me dragon ball super seems pretty quick to jump into a new arc and by the looks of it we already have our stark character now what exactly he intends for 7-3 and how he came to know of him yet remains a mystery but i will say that i'm not really a big fan of the duplicating abilities thing.

So i hope this 7-3 guy doesn't play a huge role in the arc to come as well now to be fair granola himself could be a villain he could be a bad guy but i highly doubt this because if he were to be a bad guy he would have no reason to use paralyzing rounds with a mechanical gun he could have just shot them like he.

Shot the og soldiers but he didn't and you know hopefully this distance from the end of the tournament of power allows for the return of the anime to be near but we'll just have to wait and see let me know what you guys think about the end of the morrow arc and what's to come with the next one in the comments down below.

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