Yet again it goes without saying but demon slayer knocked it out of the park with the second episode of the entertainment district arc from the jump this episode came out swinging with the theatrics and went well above and beyond what we had received from the manga in terms of uzui's declaration to be the god of festivals what was originally a.

Block of text with a cool pose was then made to be a series of funny and dynamic shots that exemplify the creative freedoms that have been afforded to these animators and at that i feel as though it was able to give the joke even more weight as the pacing of it was divided up with accompanying visuals to boot not to mention this anime iteration.

Of an already gorgeous color spread from the manga however on the point of pace the contents of this episode and the beginning of this arc in general are especially comedic these jokes were rapid fire and at times felt to be a little less weighty here simply because they were delivered so quickly but even despite this i don't believe it to be.

Much of a loss at all on account of of course what i feel truly makes this such an incredible product the supplementary content this is what especially sets demon slayer apart as an anime and the reason it comes across as the truest form of the contents superseding even its already phenomenal source material in terms of richness studio ufo table is.

Willing to expand on any and everything this is a studio that knows and adores its series so much that it is willing and capable of providing us all with more without stepping on the toes of its source manga which far too many series end up screwing up in some way or another the sequence of events from the exploration of the entertainment.

District to the intent of their mission was switched around in the manga we have their objective be highlighted first and foremost with the wisteria cross safehouse being presented as more of an isolated location separate from the district however it would seem that for the sake of voting confusion the anime decided to relocate now i will admit.

From the perspective of a logistic stickler having these characters enter the district in their demon slayer attire and even enter a location specifically designated for demon slayer corps members within this place where they may be dealing with a demon of high esteem doesn't make much sense at all i mean it pretty much defeats the purpose.

Of secrecy in a lot of ways but i can understand the theatric allure to this approach i do think they could have maintained this decision while also retaining a bit more logic by just having the mission declaration be a flashback of sorts but perhaps that would be a bit more reaching than they are willing to do regardless what's more.

Fascinating to me than this shift of order was the approach to focus in the manga we got blocks of text that explained the ins and outs of this new location whereas the anime however had our three heroes explore the location on their own relaying said information by way of their own experiences and curiosity what allows for such wonderful.

Character moments that we otherwise would not have we additionally had even more interactions with uzui as our leader here which i especially enjoyed the difference in dynamic here with him leading the charge as opposed to late great kyojiro is made especially clear and very quickly these simple moments and the fact that with this new order we.

Have them right after uzui's decoration of being the god of festivals that they had better followed to the letter create such a juxtaposition to his intent that i really really love and subsequently supercharges that difference i mean consider how quickly rengoku had them all praising him like a higher being naturally and here we have tengen.

Struggling to simply get them to stay on board a carriage ride it is so great tengen and rangoku are both weirdos in their own very unique ways and regardless of everything at the very least when it comes to action even minor glimpses they are incredible and worth marveling now in the manga the wisteria safe house will somewhat re-explain.

Briefly as a place where the demon slaves could rest and such but i suppose the anime didn't see the necessity of saying this again and instead just brought focus to the logo with the expectation that audience members would connect the dots and hey even if they don't by placing this location in the entertainment district it comes across.

As perhaps just a regular old inn which doesn't make much of a difference in terms of our understanding of what is going on however the only thing is that the manga made uzui out to be more bossy to the owner of this establishment meanwhile from what little we got with the anime we seem to for the most part be pretty respectful but this was minor.

Enough in the manga to be forgotten so it wouldn't make for such a big difference in the anime or anything now the selling of tundra or rather sumiko was for me way funnier in the anime at least as the husband's reaction really killed me also usually is just drop dead gorgeous good lord this man is beautiful moving on the display of the orion was.

So well done from the emphasis of her stilts to the awe of our onlookers her grace and beauty was far more captivating and overall a whole lot flashier than its manga counterpart the recruitment of vinosuke i feel was also rather well done and i am a big inosuke fan so this was a scene i was already very fond of made that much better so i.

Am quite happy and you know what for someone who didn't really like zenitsu when he first appeared and was pretty annoyed by him in truth beyond the coolness factor of his fights this arc is where i feel he really began to take a turn for the better in my mind at least i mean truly i still find his infatuation with a puppy-minded nezuko.

Unnerving but his place as a level-headed mostly sane and far more informed member of the squad has been solidified and his scenes are actually really really funny and listen we have seen this girl crazed archetype done to death at this point it is decades old but thankfully instead of being sure to perverse or objectifying or anything.

Bothers something like that xenonsu is just a luckless simp and it is hilarious when he was just rocking out that one lady's decoration that zenko would be big one day was easily one of my favorite jokes of the entire arc but going back to sumiko's experience i am so glad that they decided to use the scene of the house manager discovering.

His scar this actually wasn't in a chapter and was instead a bit of bonus volume content but clearly it was too great not to be included and my hope was that it would be and thankfully it was now his brief meeting with the orion and her helpers was done super well but what an interesting approach to the tandro can't lie thing.

For once i wasn't really a fan of a visual overhaul i kind of liked the simplicity of this moment and i feel like the visual shift and filter distracted from what was to me already an incredibly great conveyance now if you're unfamiliar this joke is definitely one taken out of one piece's playbook as luffy is the very same when.

It comes to lying and that is always hilarious i wouldn't say it was a horrible addition as really it's marvelous as the studio is willing to do as much as they do for this franchise but i do think it is a little too distracting and there wasn't much of a need to dial things up here at least now inosuke's investigation scene was.

Recomposed to an extent as well here as opposed to the tail end his frustration with his current attire is brought up first and foremost as he walks the halls furthermore he's told to slow down with an inability to verbally respond which leads to our explanation of his silence which makes a lot more thematic sense in the manga version where he just thinks.

About all of this in the same breath as his dissatisfaction with wearing a kimono without ever needing to speak in the first place as the women don't speak to him there at all from there we have the ominous presence of our demon who has indeed captured one of uzui's wives makio what was yet another shifted sequence of events which instead had the.

Bindings presented first this time with a strange repetition of words that i really liked followed by the inquisitive mouth appearance which was actually wrapped up in the same way with our shot of makio the afterward approach vinosuke was more or less absent in the manga but made for a great building of suspense and anticipation for more to come this.

Episode in totality adapted two chapters of the demon slayer manga chapter 71 and 72 as a complete package plenty was shifted around with this one however all of which were to me worthwhile movements that enhanced the presentation with virtually no disruption we received the outro for this arc and man is it so beautiful like i actually lost my breath.

At the sight of masturbatishiki i love this art from the bottom of my heart and it is already going above and beyond and if you would like to go above and beyond be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes to bringing you some of the best demonstrator content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm.

Celeste otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you