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Uraraka Becomes Deku’s Dream Hero


Uraka is the only one who can stop the nation destroying threat of toga's new power and it all depends on her Quirk Awakening we'll be exploring uraka's Quirk her develop fighting style and her growth potential in this final Arc of the series baraka's fighting style it's important to point out that uraka has martial arts.

Training something that many of her classmates haven't done she is the only person in class 1a and maybe the only person in the whole group of First Years who knows how to fight without using a quirk in a world where people have superpowers basic martial arts might seem like a boring skill Baraka it changes everything scissor Quirk is best.

At long range combat she was kind of lacking in terms of close range offensive moves she had no way to defend herself luckily her internship with the battle hero gun head helped her fill in those blind spots gunhead martial arts uses almost the same moves as a real world self-defense class designed for close combat it focuses on taking down.

An opponent and taking away any weapons they might have since those big time bad guys don't carry regular weapons this course might seem like a waste of time but himiko toga is known for having a lot of weapons and being obsessed with araka if they had met before oraca's internship with gunhead she would have been in trouble because she didn't know.

How to fight close up or with her hands even though toga got away and stole a little bit of blood orraka did pin her for long enough for her to win according to WWE rules unfortunately this fight wasn't a pro wrestling match so it's still a loss gunhead martial arts is useful on its own but it can also be used with baraka's Quirk zero gravity to.

Make it even more useful this alone has helped him make her one of the most versatile Fighters at least among the students with the anti-gravity part of her Quirk then she can land on her opponent are even more devastating a fall from a few feet in the air is much more painful and damaging in a fight than a normal body slam to the ground.

Rowdy plus a hybrid move that hasn't been used much which is a shame because it can be used in a lot of different ways we've only seen it used once when raka fought off a trigger Smuggler and it put him out of commission gravity plus worked well as both defense and offense in this battle so there are a lot of ways it could be used in more.

Serious fights for example it could help you fight off a lot of low-level criminals henchmen or even nomu in the right situation we'll talk about this a little bit later but if uraka can improve her Quirk even more gravity plus could be a key move against even bigger enemies if she can get better at it but what's even bigger and much more crucial.

Than that is subscribing to plot armor with notifications on baraka's Quirk zero gravity Baraka is best known for Quirk zero gravity this is an emitter Quirk which is the most common type of superpower in the series and one of the easiest to understand if she touches something with her fingertips it will float if she touches her fingertips.

Together the thing will fall in its basic form this power is good for defense because if she gets close enough she can move obstacles and drop them on her opponents if she surprises an opponent she can also pick them up and drop them which can stun or confuse them uraka has limited offensive power because she has to touch her opponent to.

Use her Quirk anyone with a power that can put distance between them and araka is a much tougher opponent it's one reason why she always fails to capture a certain League of villains member additionally she has little control over where the objects go once they're floating in the air she can make them go up and down but she can't move them.

Around on purpose so she can't really control where they land it's just not in the scope of her Quirk to move the things she's floated still uraka can easily make blockades or bury her opponents in rubble and she plans ahead and is in a particularly cruel mood as you might guess this style of attack isn't very reliable because it depends.

On her opponent being in a place where they can't get away like in an arena it worked great in situations like the provisional license exam but the strategy isn't used very often because most battles don't happen in controlled spaces there are a few special moves a rocket develop within her first semester at UA as the name suggests skill release.

Takes away the anti-gravity effect she puts on anything she touched this is a pretty interesting skill especially since it turns off work but dropping things that are floating several feet in the air can cause a lot of damage zero gravity is one of the very few quirks that can be turned off on purpose many of the other emitter quirks we've seen.

Keep going until the person's body can't take it anymore uraka can stop our Quirk when she wants to so she doesn't overwork herself she developed two other basic moves as well once she started training at UA the first is common home run which she used during the battle trial she uses Zero Gravity on a large object like a pillar.

And some Rubble which he then swings at an opponent like a baseball bat and ball it's a clever and very effective way for her to deal with not being able to control floating objects and it shows that she was a great athlete even before she learned martial arts meteor storm is her second move and it was almost enough to beat the winner of the sports.

Festival bakugou for this one uraka has to quickly touch a lot of rubble and use her work to make a storm event fall on her opponent she used these moves on bakugou and Ida two of the strongest and most well-rounded students in her grade this shows just how much raw potential her power has even with the minimal training she had until this point one.

Thing to remember is that all of these need quick thinking and creativity so many of these moves require Oraka to keep an eye on what's going on around her so she can get enough debris and other projectiles to activate and throw at her opponents this isn't part of her Quirk but it's important to point out because it makes her a Great Hero in.

Training she's very perceptive in her early days at UA raqqa had two main obstacles to overcome with her Quirk first there was a weight limit that keeps her from lifting an unlimited number of things the most she can lift is about three tons which is a lot but it does serve as a limit though raka can't stop the thing she's in charge of.

For moving and it gets harder and harder for her to keep anything in the air as it gets heavier still the fact that she can basically handle three elephants in the air at any given moment is pretty cool the second obstacle is that messing with with anti-gravity does a number on uraka's inner ear in the past she felt very sick when she used her Quirk for.

More than a few seconds or tried to float this stopped her from using Zero Gravity on herself and set an unofficial limit on how long she can have her Quirk active when she uses her Quirk especially on herself it has the same effect as when astronauts use their anti-gravity machines for long periods of time but she has been able to control.

The side effect by training a lot in a big hamster ball during the Force training Arc and making changes to her hero costume no longer gets sick so easily because she has trained her inner ear canal to handle zero gravity and gradually increasing amounts she still gets a little sick when over exerting herself but is much more bearable these.

Days baraka's Quirk training after the Force training Arc uraka gets a lot of power-ups and methods to mitigate these side effects of her Quirk many of these come from her new suit like the equipment in her helmet that keeps her inner ear from getting too stimulated the pressure points in her neck they keep her from getting headaches and the.

Shock absorbing cushions in her feet they keep her legs from breaking if she falls from a high place usually we wouldn't talk about suit upgrades when talking about a character's Quirk because they don't usually boost power in a significant way but these upgrades do work to make sure that uraka can use zero gravity for a long time together.

With her training most of heraca's physical side effects have been much less severe her suit upgrades are second only to deku's in terms of how well they balance out the weaknesses of her quirks Baraka is becoming one of the most well-rounded First Years thanks for a new suit and her training in martial arts her now has several special moves.

Thanks to more training and two internships our first Duo move meteor for pro skis was developed during her second internship with the dragon hero ryukyu uraka can do some pretty impressive things when she works with another student or hero whose strengths make up for the weaknesses of her work with the help of froppy's frog like.

Tongue the floating clumps of debris are shot at opponents at high speeds making the hit more accurate and do more damage this is an upgrade to meteor storm when araka and Sue work together they add two benefits to a well-known and effective move with zero gravity aim is up to chance so araka has to pay more attention and time when she wants to.

Drop something on her intended target the move is much more likely to cause serious damage because Sue actually launches debris instead of just letting it fall this gives the object better aim and speed so when uraka have powers that in a very unexpected way work very well together this paid off when they were able to defeat two huge villains on the.

Spot zero gravity is definitely a quirk that plays well with others anti-gravity can give you more height which can increase your range change or if you're using projectiles do more damage to an enemy uraka has all the tools she needs to be a Powerhouse she just needs someone to help her aim floating objects at their targets the other mover Raq has.

Gained is zero satellites like her other special moves this one needs her to be very aware of her surroundings and a lot of rubble she turns on Zero Gravity on the objects around her then pulls out the grappling hooks on her suit and throws him at her opponents it's almost like a flail of rocks and anyone who gets hit by it will definitely get hurt.

So far the only victim of zero satellites has been toga was araka's opposite in terms of personality and fighting skills up until now Oraka has always been at a disadvantage when fighting toga because Euro gravity puts her in a good position to drink blood from her opponent even though she knows gunhead martial arts it is dangerous for.

Her to get closer toga's knife or syringe machine this year was still obsessed with uraraka the heroine training had to find a way to keep toga at more than arm's length and still hit her zero satellite lights is a perfect solution swinging around household objects at high speeds is a Surefire way to hurt.

Someone and araka is far enough away from the danger with Sue's help she was able to get away from toga again but not before hitting her a few times she has definitely been improving her skills enough to become a real threat to toga since their first fight even though her Quirk has some limitations she has found many ways to use it to her Advantage.

It'll be interesting to see how she used her environment to improve her Quirk and go beyond what it can do and as long as we're talking about the Paranormal Liberation Front it's important to note how much stronger araka has become even though her only picked battle was with toga she had a very important job she had to get civilians out of danger.

And clean up after buildings that had been destroyed even though it's not as exciting as what her friends were fighting with the pro Heroes were doing is another sign of how stable her powers have become she stepped up to make sure the civilians were safe and not in danger even in the middle of a war she was able to handle her Court well and do.

Many things at once even though it would have been cool to see her use her powers in what was arguably the most action-packed Arc to date it was interesting to see how her powers have changed from a more practical angle compared to the other disasters where UA students were sent it's clear that Baraka has gotten good enough at zero.

Gravity to possibly be on a rescue team her Quirk has become so useful in a vast variety of situations Rocca's Quirk Awakening there is a lot of potential for araka and zero gravity her Quirk is now balanced enough that it can be used in many ways during and after battles but there's definitely still room for improvement for example she hasn't been.

In a fight where she can use her skills in hand-to-hand combat hasn't had the chance to shine in a big melee fight like some of our other classmates she's had big fights with toga but she's been on the sidelines during the bigger more destructive fights but the way the final Arc is going now it is very likely that Rocca will finally get her chance to.

Shine in battle very very soon uraka is one of the very few students who knows how to combine hand-to-hand combat with her Quirk it's not very exciting to give her so much potential and then only have her use it on a faceless bad guy so I'm hoping that in the final moments of the series she'll use gun head martial arts and gravity plus a lot more the small.

Group of 1A students are stuck between Sad Man's parade and the increasingly dangerous gunga mountain Battlefield this is a rough situation but one that could end up being her ultimate battle against toga even though it seems like the 1A students earn a big disadvantage right now with the clones and Flame walls coming at them this is where.

Uraka's skills can shine since the twice clones move is a group it'll be easier to use and turn off zero gravity in quick succession this could let her switch between using a quark to clear path and using gravity plus to stun I'm going to assume that a single twice clone wouldn't weigh more than 180 pounds Baraka can hold up to three tons.

Of weight so she can hold on to about 33 clones at once of course there are thousands of twice clones in the Sad Man's parade so the 33 clone cap might sound useless but it's important to remember that araka is not alone the small group she has already decided that divide and conqueror won't work so it makes sense that a tag team approach.

Might be the best way to go Baraka could lead them through the horde by floating clones to clear a path her friends could then destroy the Clones consistently rotating space within uraka's weight limit Baraka and Sue may even have more combination moves by now this would be a great time for araka to show off a new set of close combat skills we haven't.

Really seen her use gunhead martial arts much because she tends to get left out of fights where it would be useful but in her current situation she has the best chance of beating toga even though gang Orca a real hero was stuck on the island with them she took on a leadership role Togo will still be hard to beat because different strategies.

Have different risks and rewards so uraku will have to play on the Fly she can choose to play safe and use zero satellites but risk letting toga escape again the riskier option would be getting close and trying to subdue her but again getting close to toga is a huge risk that is never paid off for araka in the past but she has gotten.

Much stronger and better at fighting with her hands this is the last time she tries to fight close with toga if she can get close to toga and keep her defenses up gravity plus would be a huge help in beating and taking her down for good if she doesn't succeed toga might be able to get her blood again and if arako wins it would be a satisfying end.

To one of my hero academia's longest running rivalries ojako uraka has become one of the best all-around Fighters among UA First Years ability to adapt to new battle situations and a few suit upgrades it's almost hard to believe she was once held backed by a small weight limit and inability to float herself without the built-in Fail-Safe of skill.

Release she would have been a much weaker candidate among the UA students now her Quirk doesn't hold her back as much as she can fight well with her hands even though she hasn't been a big Focus for the last few arcs she has been in a few battles here and there every one of our main 1A cast has received some sort of major Quirk upgrade for.

This final Arc so there's no way that the main girl Oraka who actually has her own dedicated villain unlike a certain main rival is going to end the series Without a significant Display of Power it's only a matter of time but check out our six stages of toga video to see exactly what she's up against