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Uraraka Can’t Stop Toga’s Rampage


My hero Academia chapter 391 titled the world she rejected begins with the rush of countless hoga twice clones as they loudly exclaim that all heroes must die Pixie bob was exhausted and really tired of this unending Armada using her Quirk Earth flow she managed to slam a huge portion of the ground into the sea of clones in an attempt to stop them but.

Overhead even more clones began to form tiger tried his best to fight back against The Horde but knew that without pixie Bob's Earth flow Quirk they wouldn't be able to contain the Clones in an instant Pixie bob was totally enveloped and smothered by the twice clones and with so many of them although I doubt this will be the last time we.

See her it'll be perfectly reasonable for this sort of thing to kill her being trampled by thousands of grown men would take out almost every character in the series the best she could hope to do is Place herself in a protective shell of Earth but then again this was sad man's death parade so maybe it's as vicious as it sounds and any Heroes caught up in.

The rush are pounded into dust Kami shishikura and even the lion hiroshishido all suffered the same unfortunate fate it was just too much toga wouldn't stop cloning herself and becoming twice ultimately the time limit of toga's transformation Quirk was dependent on the amount of blood she'd managed to consume however there was no.

Way for the heroes to know just how much blood toga had in reserve and even if they did know if they faltered even for a single moment an ocean of clones would easily wash him away in no time at all the situation all around the area was disastrous Shoto and his family were all completely spent after their battle against Dobby yida wouldn't be able to.

Run for a while and the broken and quirkless Hawks remain over his Protege tokoyami valiantly wielding a blade more firmly than he held onto Consciousness Baraka was one of the few able-bodied Heroes remaining in the vicinity and the determination was written all over her face as she made her way into the sky several memorable Columns of twice.

Clones clamored up towards her using one another as footholds as they longed for her death using their reinforced tape measure one of them managed to land a hit onto her which caused her earpiece to fly off of her head toga thought to herself wondering what happened to Dobby had he really died had yet another person left her behind but before toga.

Could think any further her arm was grabbed by metallic wiring it was oraca's support item she called out to the knife-wielding villain telling her to wait she maneuvered past the many twice clones thanks to her zero gravity spacewalk technique asoga rushed to cut the wire Rocco reminded the bloodthirsty villain they had met one another for the.

First time last summer and she feels like the way she thinks has changed a lot since then toga stopped cutting for a moment to remind uraka that it was too late for that now uraka recognized the girl's sentiment and apologized but after all this time she'd finally found her toga with a bit of hesitation told araka to shut up but uraka continued.

She'd speak about how toga had been crying not only that but she was sure she knew the real reason toga can do the things twice could do and why she couldn't fully become him and replicate the other league of villains members and use their quirks remembering the words of Sue barakura called her theory that they could assume toga's love doesn't.

Extend to shikaraki and the others making it impossible for her to access their powers but araka had a very different hypothesis after seeing toga's tears and hearing her words that all heroes must die or Rocco assured that it was because toga had mixed their feelings with murderous intent which now deluded her pure love these words alone.

Were enough to disrupt the composition of toga's form with her rage now reaching a fever pitch toga's face began to expose itself as she commanded uraka to shut her mouth Atop The Sad Man's death parade toga questioned what uraka could possibly understand about her hearing this outcry sent shivers down uraka's spine now uraka is painfully.

Outmatched here full twice abilities or not the Sea of villains is way too much for any of these Heroes to handle frankly Baraka hasn't really developed all that much in terms of strength and abilities support items aside she really hasn't improved physically since the first time she met toga which is a damn shame and something we address on this.

Channel years ago with their current capabilities in mind defeating toga outright is all but impossible if we look at things from a purely physical standpoint it would require a sudden Quirk Awakening to miraculously shift things in her favor the alternative however and what appears to be the content of the case is that uraka.

Manages to convince toga to stand down that by virtue of her Newfound emotional maturity Morocco will be able to be the hero of the toga needs and convince her to end the Sad Man's parade my hero Academia has its many strengths and weaknesses but when it comes to handling these harder-hitting emotional and philosophical points although not.

Terrible they're not exactly anything to write home about so the idea of that being how we go about saving everyone from a nation collapsing doomsday event feels a bit lackluster communication between these characters is definitely important but when this is a full extent to the action it can be pretty underwhelming this Arc of the story was.

Intended to only last for about a year in real time however a combination of horikoshi changing his mind and wanting to further flush these battles out and his health complications as of late have resulted in a concluding Arc that feels like it's dragging his feet through absolutely everything and a run that's already been so much longer than that we.

Spent like four weeks watching Shoji battle thinner this chapter in particular was extremely short and not much was really accomplished it's to the point where it feels like one chapter was split into two because of how suddenly it ended again horikoshi's help continues to be an issue both how things are going I'd much rather he take an.

Extended break to recuperate or work with longer deadlines than continue at this nil's pace I'd love to know how you guys are feeling about all this so please open up the discussion in the comments as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and of an awesome day I love you.

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