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Uraraka The Villain! THIS IS SCARY – My Hero Academia


Uraraka is most certainly a fan favorite character when it comes to my hero academia and she was designed to be just that from the very beginning likeable as she is of course the heroine or main female lead of the story with the start of the series and deku's entry into ua.

Uraka was his very first friend at the school she saved him from hitting the pavement after he overused his quirk and even vouched for his entry into the academy when he received no points she is a sweet and bubbly character with a surprisingly competitive nature at times a desire to make others smile and a.

Drive to be a great hero similar to deku himself but what if she didn't what if uraraka didn't desire to be a hero and was instead a villain now first and foremost like any good hero a good villain is one of burning convictions.

And a reason for doing what it is that they do in the case of raraka her reason for being a villain would be a simple yet effective one money one of the most common reasons for anyone to stray from the path of righteousness even in our world or actually especially.

In our world would be money and a villainous oraca would be no different as a part of her reasoning for becoming a hero is also monetary gain throughout her entire childhood and even now uraca's parents struggled financially to the point where she was quite perceptive of it despite having only.

Recently manifested her quirk at around four or five years old this is something that certainly weighed heavily on her as despite her quirk being readily equipped to help them with their construction business they refused to have her do so in the story proper.

She decided to become a hero and eventually be able to help them out as heroes make quite a bit of capital seeing as they are at the forefront of society and all but what if things were more pressing maybe eviction or an accident on the job made the need for money.

Far more desperate in that case several years as a student then several more as a potential sidekick only to emerge as an independent hero with a low popularity rank would not be an acceptable course of action it would just take way too long and so if oraca couldn't.

Help her parents directly then she would be inadvertently pushed towards doing so indirectly potentially destroying buildings entirely to create work for her parents now these locations would most likely be in close proximity to their established place of work.

Making her targets a bit more predictable and dangerous on her end luckily for her however her quirk float would be spectacular for leaving the scene of the crime quickly making her that much harder to apprehend and honestly in most cases as a hero.

You probably wouldn't want to catch her why because float is an absurdly lethal quirk one that is for the most part curbed and restrained by the character's heroism and conscience in the hands of a character without.

Morals flow is virtually a one-touch killer maybe not immediately but swiftly for sure upon closing that distance and making contact uraca can make someone or something weightless by nullifying the effects of gravity on them from there she could very easily elevate.

A person high into the air and release to have them plummet to their death in a matter of seconds alternatively she could have a person float indefinitely rising further and further into the air at an altitude of around 15 000 feet and beyond.

Most people would lose consciousness entirely due to a lack of oxygen and would eventually die and with no distance or time limit on her quirk just a weight one even if a person required little or no air to survive she could just have them float up to about 62 miles.

Until they end up in space and just continue to flow without her intervention which is just horrible now mind you with this villainous continuity uraca would have never undergone any heroic training and thus would have never learned gun head martial arts.

Which has been a very useful addition to her toolkit but arguably with the capacity to learn that to such an extent so quickly i'd imagine that she could do the same with another fighting style if given the proper chance more than that in relation to her quirk i believe we have received more than.

Enough cases to conclude that unrestricted quark usage generally allows for a better grasp of one's abilities it's to the point where an uncompromising villain can compete and even excel beyond a formerly trained hero so she'd probably end.

Up around a similar place if not better now if making a person float is too much trouble making extremely heavy things float and fall would be her best bet and yes she does have an upper weight limit to her quirk but really if elevated high enough she wouldn't even need them to be.

All that heavy as at a certain height the velocity to which something would rain down would be devastating and more than compensate for the item's inherent weight now i don't know about you but sometimes in fiction the more messed up a villain the better.

And so besides the death and damage aspects i'd like to turn our attention to a means of torture let's say for instance uraca takes a person prisoner she wants to extract some information out of them or simply just wants them to suffer.

Well her quirk is pretty perfect for that make a person float and leave them just like that at first it's not much of an issue but eventually in a matter of hours a person would likely undergo something known as space adaptation syndrome a sort of.

Space sickness that causes nausea headaches vomiting vertigo lethargy and general discomfort furthermore they would then experience a slowing of the cardiovascular system a weakening of the immune system loss of body mass difficulty sleeping decreased production of red blood cells.

Vision problems wounds take longer to heal and plenty plenty more it is just an onslaught of conditions that all originate from a single touch now that is downright diabolical i think uraka would have the potential to be a great villain her reasoning would go from just.

To morally corrupt really fast and to avoid suspicion and discovery by her parents would only be made to go to even further lengths to keep her secret a secret but at least then her ever-growing collection of jordan sneakers would be justified but there you have it.

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