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Uraraka’s Feelings For Toga Are Out of Control


Giganto machia is a hero now we've learned toga's secret weakness and all for one has a terrifying new form we open my hero Academia chapter 382 with an oddly quiet moment in the midst of the battle with everything going crazy Hawks and all for one had the same realization this situation is unclear even with all for one still free and.

Toga's Sad Man's parade still going on the situation isn't as bad or as good as it could be there's one world breaking thing that should have decided this fight but it didn't happen we see it firsthand as one of the shigaraki Clones reaches down to the ground he places all five fingers of his hand on the web pavement trying to use Decay but nothing.

He can just feel the ground beneath his fingers his Quirk doesn't work the Clone Narrows his eyes not sure what to make of this if he has any memories of the original shigaraki he must be feeling strange right now odds are good no one noticed that in the middle of this chaotic fight it's hard for the heroes to pick out one shigaraki clone.

Especially when he's not doing anything the parade is in full swing toga is throwing out twice clones everywhere they're almost a solid mass of Flesh rampaging and growing still tsuyu is starting to come to the same conclusion that all for one and Hawks are coming too even as she raka and Jiro continue to run toga's Sad Man's parade really.

Should have ended this war immediately that was an immediate win condition combining her powers with twice's should have let her replicate every League of villains member and their quirks indefinitely all she needs to do is make one clone transform into another League member and clone them if toga could freely make Dobby clones or all for one.

Clones their power would be enough to turn the tide for the villains but that isn't what happened it's just the same sadness parade twice used before self-replicating twice clone spreading everywhere that's bad but it's much better than an endless stream of Dobby clones so there's something limiting toga's Quirk here the heroes can use.

That to try and push to the parade and win all they need to do is figure it out froppy has a pretty good idea of what's going on she might actually be ahead of hawks and all for one at this point suyo's smart twice his clones could use the target's Powers they showed that off multiple times but imikotoga isn't really twice is she her power has an.

Additional limit she can only use the quirks of people she loves it could be that copying Jin's Powers doesn't erase that limit a toga made copy of a Target she doesn't love wouldn't get their Quirk that shouldn't be a problem toga joined the league in this war she should be devoted to them the Clones can't use the original's quirks so there has to be.

More to it than we thought if toga can copy some quirks but not others maybe the condition takes more than just love rather than it just being does she love someone or not toga has to deeply care about her Target she has to truly love them unreservedly and while she has that relationship with twice it's not clear if she truly loves the rest of the.

League in that way this could mean that if toga can get uraka's blood right now she could end up creating a clone army of her we know she loves her enough to duplicate her Quirk or at least she did that wouldn't be as bad as some of the other options but would still be pretty tough for the heroes to deal with toga can do some real damage with that zero.

Gravity Quirk any duplicates would be tough to fight but that isn't toga's only option so you points out the problem with this weakness it's not stable toga is in a life or death struggle her feelings could change rapidly if she reaches the point where she truly does love Dobby or shigaraki and can replicate their quirks it'll be.

Game over for the heroes if all for one realizes this and can manipulate her feelings he triggered this instantly he'd be able to end the fight pretty quickly freeing himself to interrupt Deku vs shigaraki they have to reach toga as soon as they can to make sure that doesn't happen Rocca pauses she wonders about how toga has to be feeling.

At this point she remembers the expression toga made during a previous fight of theirs meanwhile the real toga is buried somewhere in the middle of an endless mass of twice clones and ASO Oraka thinks of her we cut to toga's perspective she's still remembering that moment Dobby claimed they'd keep the sandman's parade moving she'd done all.

This to try and honor twice but now toga isn't doing well she's figured out that froppy's analysis of her Quirk is right she can't wrap application some of the League's quirks but she hasn't figured out why as far as she's concerned she does love shikaraki and Dobby toga doesn't see the difference and can't wrap her head around not being able to.

Copy their quirks she knew going into this fight that it was a problem she'd already tried to transform into shikaraki and Dobby before the war started she hoped that things would be different in the fight but things didn't work out for her nothing's changed but the limited battle isn't what makes this truly devastating to toga it's the fact.

That twice could have pulled this off if he were here with her they could have made this combo actually work even now with everything on the line she can truly become twice his Quirk is something she can't perfectly duplicate her love came up short she's just a copy hidden within the parade while her clones keep chanting every last Hero's.

Gotta Die maybe this is the real problem that kind of anger isn't exactly twice like we can see one twice here but the rest are just Shadows toga's love of twice isn't the only emotion guiding her right now she came here to slaughter the Heroes that was the whole point of trying to recreate the Sad Man's parade she told araka that she wasn't being.

Guided by love anymore her feelings for twice are getting confused with her anger around his death leaving her alone in the darkness these twice clones aren't him the transformation and duplications have been Twisted toga's love when creating them her love of her friend has been clouded by hate but in an instant that's all gone the massive.

Clones who had been hiding their swords is moved away leaving toga exposed right out in the open somehow uraca has fought her way through the whole mob heading right for toga's position she's putting those gunhead martial arts moves to good use but in the middle of all these copies how could araka tell which one was the real toga well rock is a hero.

Who wants to make people happy so she's able to notice a copy of twice that's crying we cut over to the all-for-one battle where tokoyami is still using his ultimate move Abyssal black body light of balder to try and contain the master villain it's almost impossible to make out what's going on in the middle of all that Devastation Hawks is there with his.

Protege physical body cheering him on if tokoyami can keep the pressure up on all for one they'll buy time for rewind to erase him from existence even if the villain seems Invincible he can only last for so long now Endeavor already defeated him once forcing all for one to this point they can stop him here hero calls out to the shikatsu high students.

Taking command of the situation this doesn't just have to be tokoyami's fight his friends have a way to help here Jiro tells the other young Heroes to cover dark shadow if they can help create additional darkness in the area they'll strengthen tokoyami's big move and tip the battle in their favor Kami jumps in ready to project a night sky with an.

Aurora over the battlefield that's the perfect move for this helping maintain the shadow while leaving the hero is able to move and coordinate the group still has to deal with the oncoming waves of twice clones if they interrupt the fight and attack takoyami it'll ruin everything but it NASA plans on keeping the ground safe from the Sad Man's.

Parade he covered his allies from redirection with this wind the heroes are being pushed but they have a plan by bringing their quirks together they can win but then a massive earth-shattering blast breaks kami's takes guide to shreds we see rings of force rise above the battlefield as a blinding explosive light covers everything the sheer Sonic.

Force of the boom kicks up a dust cloud around the battlefield this big beam of power is too bright a Wither Dark Shadow is blasted away calling in pain their efforts to contain the Demon King have failed maybe all for one heard what Jiro said if so then attempt to help backfired hard all for one starts to pick himself up shoving Hefty chunks of.

Rubble away as he gets to his feet he's not worried desperate or injured he annoyed people as powerful as tokoyami can give even a Demon Lord trouble but he's made it through and now all for one looks like a teenager this should mostly be a good thing for the heroes they bought time rewind has clearly progressed so it shouldn't be much.

Longer before he's the Aged of existence but this is all for one at his physical prime it'll be harder than ever to deal with him right now tokoyami shudders at the thought of trying to fight against his young All-4-One even with this pretty appearance the symbol of fear is intimidating enough to scare his opponents it's almost a mercy that all.

For one doesn't want to slaughter the heroes like this he still has his eyes on the prize above all else he needs to get away from them to interrupt deku's fight with shigaraki he's smart enough to approach his situation tactically instead of striking to kill all for one starts to fly away blasting the assembled Heroes with Strokes of Black.

Lightning he doesn't seem to be aiming at anyone specifically but that's the point he doesn't need to hit anyone that'd just be a bonus this Quirk is tough enough to tear up the ground they're standing on the barrage of lightning attacks kicks up a ton of debris limiting visibility hopefully even if the heroes can rally past a.

Distraction this sort of approach will by All For One a strong Head Start fortunately the heroes are quick to respond tokoyami's gotten dark shadow back to a usable point and is ready to pursue all for one through the air Rising above the rubble and also yells out that he can carry the others with his win they don't need to leave anyone.

Behind just because they're heading into the skies and if this does turn into a mid-air fight it'll be hard for all want to match a guy with a quirk Whirlwind the pride of shiketsu should be very in his element here but before the battle progresses we get a call back to earlier in the chapter once again all for one and Hawks have a very similar.

Realization at the exact same moment two of the sharpest Minds even if they're on opposing sides are on the same page this time however their emotions are very different all who one looks excited while Hawks is visibly tense this isn't some subtle complication like with toga's powers something has happened to help the villains they can both make out.

A looming silhouette on the horizon a vague shape somewhere on the edge of the storm and with a perspective shift we see a towering gargantuan figure slowly trampling his way towards the Battleground rubble and spikes dotting his back all for one's most faithful servant is here at long last giganto Makia has arrived all for one doesn't.

Waste time giving a simple order to his pet Colossus finish them and the heroes here the giant doesn't even need to win the big guy just tried to engage the heroes should keep them far too busy to follow all for one to the air however Hawks is talking into his earpiece he's got more hope than you'd expect given how Bleak.

This situation looks apparently makia's appearance now means they've managed to avoid the worst case scenario and detective sukayuchi is somehow the one who set that up what if Hawks and the officer have been plotting we get a taste of their scheme quickly in a shocking glorious moment giganto Makia tosses an entire Mountain write it all.

For one hurling the massive chunk of rock and dirt like it was an oversized dodgeball all for one has no idea what's going on he starts using that lightning cork from before trying to blast him out into bits before it hits him while wondering what on Earth could have mega gantom machia turn against him but then his eyes narrow the master villain is.

Pretty observant looking more closely all for one can make out it's happened his expression darkens as he notices the insects responsible on top of giganto makia's spiky head of hair we see two figures looking over the battlefield another pair of Heroes have come to join the fight and their timing couldn't be better first up is Hiroshima and he.

Looks like he's taken a beating getting up to the top of giganto makia's head he probably had to fight Makia to set up this plan and hasn't had time to recover there's blood and cracks all over the hard-headed hero red riots ready for a fight and ready to stop all for one from reaching Deku and the others they know exactly what they need to do here yet.

Again our Mega theory that predicted the entire story from ages ago linking kiroshima and higato Maki into the story of Hercules has been proven accurate Hiroshima wouldn't be enough to stand up to the Demon King for Long by himself but he's backed up by the source of Machias betrayal Jinzo was wearing his Persona cords.

With the power to replicate all for one's voice the giant would have been an easy target for Shinto's mind control Quirk one of the most powerful villains in history has been forced onto the side of the heroes now this could backfire hard shinzo's Quirk is not perfect if all for one can break the mind control on Makia things can go very badly very.

Quickly but for now the heroes have a better position in this fight than ever before and the villains are running out of options as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.

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