Hi I'm Valerie Bertinelli and today we'remaking five ingredient shrimp risotto you will not believe how delicious and complex justfive ingredients can become we're going to use the shrimp shells to make a quick stock and thenfinish off the creamy risotto with shrimp lemon and arugula it is a showstopper you guys andfancy enough for entertaining so if you are cooking along with me go ahead and peel anddevein one pound of large shell on shrimp Reserve all those shells and the Tails also goahead and squeeze a half a cup of lemon juice all right let's get cooking we've got three ofthe six garlic cloves the other three cloves are gonna get used in the risotto and we're making ourown stock because Seafood stock is quite expensive and you can make your own Seafood stock with theshell I mean with lobster bisque you do it with.

The shell of the lobster with this you'redoing it with the shells from the shrimp so I want to just give this a nice bigsmash because I want to open up the garlic so it really infuses just plain waterthat we're putting in there foreign this is the easiest way to getgarlic infused into whatever you're making just smash it up it's alsothe easiest way to peel it by Smashing it so our garlic cloves are in now weneed a little bit of salt and pepper salt first so I'm gonna do a full teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of pepper now we need some liquid to build thestock water seven cups fill her right up.

And all it's going to take is 20 minutesto have a beautiful flavorful broth right in okay bring that up to a nice beautiful simmer and meet me back here in 20 minutesand we'll continue making the dish hi welcome back okay so your shrimp stock shouldbe looking really beautiful by now reduced down about two cups or a cup actually we'll seehow much nice pink shell so we're gonna now strain that get a big strainer put it over thesame Bowl that you poured your water in with you want to get everything out because you're going to continue to use this pot.

You're going to pour your stock backin you want to keep your stock warm oh this smells so good let me just getmy glasses out and see if it is six cups it actually does need a touch of waterbecause we want six cups to build the risotto so we're gonna put about a cup or ahalf a cup in here until it comes to six cups a little bit more it really reduceddown nicely that's good lots of flavor let's get it back on the heat time to go get the shrimp so we want to get this pan heat itup with a little bit of olive oil get the heat on we're going to saute the shrimp.

So while this heats up let's chop theshrimp up into little bite-sized pieces depending on how big the shrimp is you can go halfthat's a nice size or if you want to go in thirds you can also go in thirds it's really up to youwhat is bite size to you remember when the shrimp Cooks it will shrink up just a tiny bit this isa bigger one so I'm going to cut it into thirds and we're just getting them into fairlyeven pieces we want them to cook up evenly some of them just get a half some get a third so what we're going to do is we're going to sautethe shrimp until it gets pink and take it out just right before it's done because you don't wantoverdone shrimp it's so beautiful and so tender when it's just perfectly cooked and once youovercook it it tends to not be so tender and.

Lovely so we're going to take it out a littlebit before it's done because then it's going to continue to cook as it waits in the platefor me to build or for us to build the risotto I'll show you what I mean okay we're going to get the shrimp right in here and then I'm going to wash my hands and thenI'm going to get some salt and pepper on there okay let's scooch this shrimparound so every piece hits the Heat it's only on medium-high heatyou don't want to blast it it's already starting to turn pink so let's getsome seasoning on there a little bit of salt and some pep.

I'm going to move that around a little bit lookat that it's already getting this beautiful pink color on the side that hits the heat I love thatabout shrimp let you know when it's done okay so while the shrimp saute is just a little bit we'regoing to start getting our garlic cloves together so we already used three of them in the stock nowwe're going to use three more and slice them up just get that rough root out and I'm not smashing them too hard because I dowant to slice them up and I really want to have some nice pieces of garlic in there so try notto smash them as roughly as you did for the stock you want them to keep some of theirshape but you do want to get that skin off and it ain't easy some tanks like thisone's giving me a little trouble already.

But I have never let garlic get the best of meand don't you let it get the best of you either I will win okay so let's slice that guy up wait you know what move your shrimp around makesure you don't overcook it you want to get every side Ijust love this it's like you can tell which side is cooked by how pink it is move around there we go flip over okay and we'll flip that guyover too and this guy sometimes you just got to get in them and flip them overindividually just got to get in there.

Okay slice up your garlic I like leaving nice big slices in there I really want the texture of the garlic I wantto bite into it I want all that flavor it's going to get sauteed in the olive oil soit's going to taste really good really really really good I love garlic sauteed and oliveoil I mean your whole kitchen smells amazing okay all our garlic is sliced let's give theshrimp another quick turn around the pan now I want you to see this you see how it doesn't quitelook like it's cooked through yet you can really it shows you the way what it needs andjust when it starts to get overall all pink that's when you pull it out this is almostthere here's another one that's almost there.

Same but they're getting therelike this one is done see how that's all white and beautiful most of these guysare done and I have faith that when I pull all of them out they're going to be lumped together therest of them will cook all the way through and then they're going to go into the hot risotto sothat will finish it off let's get the shrimp out foreign counter okay let's get some more olive oilin our pan so we can saute the garlic okay look at all that flavor is in there so it'salmost time for our rice let's get this to a.

Little bit of a lower Heat oh it smells so goodin here garlic sauteing and olive oil I mean okay time to toast up the rice I'mgonna gather the uh all that on the side I don't want my garlic to burn so youwant a cup and a half of your arborio rice arboreo and the nice thing aboutarborio rice is as you mix it around and um because you know usually you don't stirrice you just put it into a pot with some water or some chicken stock or whatever flavor youwant in there and then you let it do its thing now with Arborio it's got nice it's gotall this starch so when you really turn it with some when you really like mix itwith with liquid it really releases all that great starch and that's what givesyou creamy risotto so now we're just getting.

A little bit of toast on the rice with allthat garlic and it smells ridiculous in here I'm sure you guys are enjoying the aroma inyour own home if you're cooking along with me so the first liquid we're going to put inbecause I really want this nice Tangy lemony flavor in here that half a cup of lemon juicethat you squeezed earlier we're just going to pour that in there that's lovely so let's get yourlemon juice in and we're going to let that absorb oh wow that's also going to deglazeyour pan a little bit all of that shrimp flavor is now all the way in to the rice so just let this absorb a littlebit and we have our nice warm shrimp stock sitting right next to itready to go so we're going to grab a ladle.

I just want to make sure all of the liquid hasbeen absorbed all that lemon juice yep okay it's time to start labeling so we're just goingto put a ladle or two in at a time and you're going to wait for that to absorb into the riceand then when it has then you add a little bit more so this is a little bit of a process we'llgo through a few of the the ladles and then we'll just stop down and you guys can do your thing andI'll do my thing until we have about a cup left so I'll show you what we're doing one ladle and this is why you want to keep your stock warm because you don't want it to cool down all thiscooking process that's happening with your risotto you don't want to wait for the liquid toheat up it's going to immediately continue.

To cook your risotto so now we just want this liquid to get fullyabsorbed so we're just going to stir it a little bit and as you stir it like I saidthe arborio rice it releases all that starch so that's gonna that's what'sgoing to make this nice and creamy you want it on about a medium to medium-high heatyou don't need it to boil you just want it to simmer and for the liquid to absorb this is just aprocess you kind of you know when I do dishes like this I kind of get all Zen and it lets me justthink of all the happy things in my life you know we don't want to think about the bad things let'sthink about the happy things let's think about we get to eat this when we're done so you canjust kind of play with your food watch it.

Absorb watch the magic happen with cooking Imean that's the whole fun part it's all magic and then it nourishes us I love cooking so it looks like this is prettymuch absorbed see how that see when you push that you don't see toomuch liquid come out it's just kind of getting starchier and starchier and creamierand creamier it's time to add another ladle let's add another one and now we'll just let this absorb into the rice you don't want to leave it alone too muchonly because you don't want it to burn I like this process I like just stirringlistening to the dogs bark next door.

It's kind of Zen cooking doesn't have to bestressful it really doesn't you can make it fun I mean yes I know itcan be stressful trying to get dinner on the table for four kids or however many kidsyou have and that's what my mom did four kids but you know what it can also be really funto watch the process and to be a part of it see how it looks different it's getting thicker even the liquid is gettingthicker you can see that trust the process I think that's agood saying for Life Trust the process okay it's almost time for another Ladleso I'm going to continue to do this.

And you're going to continue to do that at homethe same thing and when you get to about a cup left of your stock come on back and we'llfinish doing it together okay press pause okay how you guys doing on your sideit should look nice and creamy we have about one or two Ladle fills left so let'sget that in to finish it off let it absorb okay well this absorbs we are going to zest a lemon because I wantto really pump up that lemon flavor in here and zest up the lemon just do it right right here againwhen you zest I know I seem like a broken record so I'm always saying don'tget the pith because it is so bitter and.

You really the beautiful lovely oily outerskin is what gives you all that great flavor so so you might just want to enjoy allthat flavor without it being bitter okay almost done great okay and I have a little bit of arugly here and that'sgoing to really pump up the pepper flavor too and I'll should give you some fresh Greens in thereand they're gonna Wilt just a little bit in the risotto and it really adds a great texture a greatflavor so you just want a little bit of arugula and I really do want it in bite-sizedpieces so we're going to get a rough chop give it another stir.

Help it absorb the liquid how's that Heat doing it really just is about patience I mean it lookslike there's so much liquid it's never going to absorb it does just give it time this is the thingI love about cooking it just it has taught me a lot of patience and um as my parents can attestit's probably a really good thing I've not known for my patients so this has really been a goodlesson the more I cook the more patient I get okay you can see how it's thickening up andabsorbing all that beautiful luscious stock I'll let you do some work while I chop up the arugulaand you go ahead and chop it up too really roughly you know even when I have arugulasalad I always give it a chop just.

Because it's easier to eat and justturn it around chop it up again okay so we have all our ingredientsready we have our lemon zest we have our arugula let's get our shrimp it's beenresting back here and it's perfectly done I'm going to take a look at the risotto againjust needs a little bit more time to gather up and absorb almost there so so so close I just want to get it a littleheated up but make sure that it doesn't stick to the bottom ofthe pan so I just keep moving it I always see the hot spots on your stovetop just let it go we just need a little bit more time.

Not much oh boy you can reallysmell the garlic and the lemon it's so close to being thereyou can kind of see when when you push it through the panas it comes back we want it to come back just a little bit slower than thatcoming back a little bit too too fast it's not there yet patients and you really don't want to turn the heat upbecause you don't want to burn it really just have to let it see how it's like bubbling andsimmering right there see little bubbles you just want to make sure it doesn't do thattoo long because you don't want it to burn and brown right under that so wherever yousee the bubbles just give it a quick little.

Getting there it's almost like you're kindof looking for the consistency of oatmeal um like a looser oatmeal it's sort of whatyou're going for and it's getting there it's getting there look see you can see nowremember how quickly the Seas parted and then they came back together see how much more slowlythey're coming back together that's it's so close don't stop now it's so close usually by this timewhen I'm making risotto this is where I start pumping the cheese in there and that thickensit up really quickly but I don't want cheese in this I want that bright lemony flavor and thearugula you don't need cheese it's creamy enough so we just have to be patientwith it thickening up okay see that okay just that little bit look.

See how slow that okay perfect let's get thatshrimp in there no you know what I want to get the arugula in first so you might want to do thattoo so it starts to wilt let's turn the heat off get the arugula in get that shrimpin get the shrimp in don't forget all those juices that are on the platethat's flavor don't leave those behind mix that up we still have our lemonzest let's get most of that in there look at how colorful that is that's beautiful oh boy yes this smells amazing and it'sbeautifully thick just how I want it that patience paid off okay let's plate it up I think I will use this actually this ladle.

Look at that um I mean and little leftovers just to get a littlebit more color and that is gorgeous and you just made risotto with me thank you forjoining me let's have a little bite shall we I mean I want to scream from my rooftop how amazingthis is and you will too you serve this with your family An Elegant book group oh mygoodness this is so good thank you for joining me if you like this recipe go aheadand bookmark it so you can find it again and make it again I'm so glad you guys cookedwith me please come back anytime bon appetit.

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