We're gonna make the most delicious veggieshepherd's pie. This is in fact vegan, really really good, but this is one of many recipesthat I'm going to be celebrating across the whole month. I've done a meal planner for you guys whichspans a whole month of budget-friendly recipes. This is going to be good on the planet, it's goingto be good on your wallet, and it's gonna be good in your tummy right, it's gonna be delicious. Nocompromise happening here! So let's get cooking. We're going to go in with some nice olive oil,about two tablespoons goes in right, we'll put it onto a medium heat. I'm going to start theflavour story with a herb. To use a nice little pile of rosemary in this dish is a good triggerfor big flavour. Roughly chop the rosemary. So the rosemary goes in. As you get a little bitof a fry-on there, let's add some garlic. So we're.

Now going to add the first veggies, just you knowstandard mushrooms, button mushrooms, little kind of brown mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, whateveryou can get your hand on. You can break these up like that. Also dried mushrooms are a massivelike, trick if you're veggie-vegan and you're craving that depth of flavour that you can easilyaccess from meat. So mushrooms I put in first, season a little bit now to get that seasoningin to the veggies. You can go quite heavy on the pepper. On the story of spices, that isabout a tablespoon of ground coriander goes in, delicious. Okay, little cheat a little hack, it'snot cheaper actually but it's a good conversation starter. In the supermarket you have got frozenchopped veg. So convenience here what we have here is celery, carrots, onions right, so a wholebag goes in. It's frozen, you can take a handful..

This is a really brilliant product to have inyour freezer, I'm going to turn the heat up now. And I want to let this fry off for about 5 minutesto concentrate the flavours, get them golden and get them caramelised. Most of the time thosefrozen bags of chopped veg are more expensive than buying the raw stuff but let's look at theupside. It's frozen, you can take a little bit or use the whole lot. it's already chopped for you.It's blended as a mix which is kind of convenient, and there's no waste. I'm taking this down,and it's currently quite moist in here but what's nice is all the flavours are mixing around.We're getting darker guys, we're getting darker. That's what we want. So this hasbeen frying for like 15 minutes and you'll notice that the volume has gone down.Look at that! Already smells good. Okay so,.

When doing a beautiful ragu, bolognese,you know mincemeat dish, you know using wine or beer is quite common. There are eggsused in the fining process of red wine okay, so have a look on the back of the label you knowto make sure is it vegan or not vegan? So go in with a good glass. Cheers. So can you see howwe've now gone back in seconds to a dry pan, okay? At this point now I add ourproteins in the form of lentils, and then I'll go in with tinned chickpeas. Soonce we've done that what we need is a little bit of stock, now you can buy veggie stock right,but I just want to give you like a little cheat on how you can make your own. Just boil a kettleand use… this is porcini but I really genuinely do use dried mushrooms. You just put a littlehandful like that in right, that's all you need..

The flavour is phenomenal. Also if you wantedto pep up some flavour like you can cheat with a little bit of Marmite, just a little spoon likethat goes in. Just a little thimble of soya sauce. The other one is miso, amazing flavour. So theseare all really good tips. Then if you've got any herbs lying around you know you can put those inright, but essentially we're making a cup of tea, it's an infusion. You know if you're usingcarrots and you've got peel you know, right you can still you know be clever about it. This willtaste phenomenal. So let's just move it about. It's good! How much effort was that? There's onelast ingredient, you could use tomato puree you could use tinned tomatoes. I'm using just a littleclutch you know, 10 or 12 sun-dried tomatoes. Sunshine, optimism, hope, little pops ofsweetness, mm! You know as we add our stock now.

This is essentially the equivalent of ourmincemeat, our bolognese-esque type ragu. And the mushrooms can go in by the way. Not theherbs. The little masher, just gently crush just to lose you know that blatant shape of thechickpea. Okay, so we're done. Turn it off. Normally at home I would just fill this pan withmashed potato now, but I do want to make it a bit more fancy just because you know… we'remaking a cooking show. It's a little bit wetter than you would think but remember it's goingto carry on baking in the oven and I do want it to kind of be blippy and gorgeous, sointo that dish. I'm going to go on top with my mashed potato, just boiled, mashed.Instead of butter, nice extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper, a little bit of nutmeg is reallynice. You can make it really flat if you want but.

I quite like it rustic like this, look at that.That's basically our kilo and a half of potatoes. Last but not least before I pop it in theoven I'm going to put a little oil over the top of the potatoes and purposefullyuse a different herb, thyme. If you put in you know, 3 or 4 tablespoons of oil likethat right and get in there like this, and then squeeze it through. That will guaranteeyou flavour but a nice crispy finish. That's a really simple way of making a definitivelyconvincing herb oil. In the oven it goes now for about half an hour, 40 minutes, until golden,blipping and delicious. So in we go. Delish. Okay, so, this beautiful veggie shepherd'spie has had 35 minutes. Oh, look at that! Absolutely beautiful. What I lovedabout this, can you see here…

Look at that! So we've got that incredible gravyblipping away here, cooking into the potatoes giving you soggy tasty potatoes. We've got thecrispy potatoes on top, little gnarly crispy bits here look at that look, sticky bits! Likereally really nice, like almost the best bits. Yum! So that I would treat like a normalshepherd's pie. Gorgeous. Some lovely seasonal greens that you can just toss with a littlebit of olive oil. So let's go in for the kill, come on let's get in there, into the heart andsoul of this beautiful veggie shepherd's pie. Look at that. You can see this is going tofeed nicely, like a big old group of people. Look at that! Serve this with whatever lovelysort of steamed or boiled veggies you can get your hands on. I've just got a little bit of kalehere. Mustard and brown sauce, really really nice..

Not that it's traditional but um a little bitof ketchup as well is definitely the done thing in our house. Enough yapping. Time. Time tohave a little taste, and let's get in there. Mm! Yummy texture. First thing the texture it is very similar to what you'd get in atypical meat sort of stew ragu. Mm! Experimenting, having fun, and being open-minded.So there you go! Happy cooking, that's delicious. It's really good!