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Vegeta’s Son Finally Proves Himself Against The New Cell – Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89


Trunks awakens his future potential by fighting a brand new cell level Android we opened Dragon Ball super chapter 89 with some hacking trunks is trying to retrieve whatever data he can from the disc he recovered at the end of the last chapter unfortunately for the young Saiyan Dr hetto is not a total idiot and actually puts some security on it trunks.

Can't get into whatever secret data is hidden on it however he has a bright idea surely his mother's work laptop can do it soon enough trunks is sneaking into her bedroom taking a few quick furtive looks to either side before plugging it in and with a few quick key presses he's actually managed to find out what's inside however trunks is.

Bewildered by his findings peering closely at the screen the disc has a genetic blueprint for some kind of strange reptilian creature anyway before trunks can get a better look at this lizard creature bulma's computer starts ominously beeping at him it turns out it's been infected with a heado based computer virus trunks injects the disc.

And is about to bail out before he's caught but Bulma and bra are in the doorway trunks tries to cover up the headofield screen but he doesn't manage to do a great job looking inconspicuous Beaumont can already deduce that he's broken it again she signs her sons inherited plenty of Vegeta's talents but he doesn't really take after her trunks.

Apologizes as young bra wanders over to the computer a few keystrokes later and the child has fixed the laptop entirely trunks is bewildered Bulma is grinning out her daughter's show of skill for now though her focus is on her son she's got a job for trunks taking Maya to school yeah Bulma realized that Mai looks like a teenage girl so to stop people from.

Spreading rumors about capsule Corporation flouting child labor laws she needs trunks to take her to school like a normal teenager yes she's technically an adult woman who has been reverted to a younger appearance via wish but Toriyama really wants her and Trunks to be a thing but it'll never not be weird soon enough ma is introducing.

Herself to the class doing the standard anime new transfer student bit and the class is impressed by her and soon enough she's sitting with trunks's friends Rula wants to know if she really lives at capsule Corp and Compass has impressed at how much responsibility she's taken on Dale wants to know if she has a boyfriend but before she can.

Answer trunk steps in to shut down that idea hard the kids got only one thing on his mind huh unfortunately before anyone can call him out on this the teacher interjects they have a second transfer student joining them today beta and Rula is very happy to see that a hot dude is also joining them she volunteers to help him catch up with the work while Mai.

Studies them curiously and Trunks sees my looking at beta and starts to get the wrong idea next up this group has Jim out in the yard specifically basketball and Trunks is not messing around he blitzes right past compass and lobs the ball up from halfway across the court for an easy basket Compass grimaces at his friends not sure what to make of.

This trunks just Grinch let's just say I usually hold back and as soon as he says that he takes a peek at the girls on the benches two are cheering animatedly for him and Mai isn't even looking at trunks she's focused on the person behind him trunks turns but he's a second too late beta steals the ball with ease heading back towards the opposite basket no one.

On trunks of steam is in any position to defend but trunks isn't going to let this pass grimacing he Fades out using some of his martial arts speed to instantly close the gap beta stares at him as do Rula and the girls confused about what their totally normal friend just did but it's still not enough beta pushes past Trunks and lands an easy.

Basket all the same trunks Roars and sheer frustration the girls are impressed beta stands there for just a second before turning around and fixing trunks with a smirk the Saiyan teen keeps grumbling under his breath like he didn't just use his own Superior strength and speed to try and win my continues watching beta as the totally.

Normal team continues being perfectly normal we then go to hedo Laboratories the doctor and Alpha 12 are watching a live stream of the match stream to them via beta's eye they're both impressed by trunks of speed and hedo suggests he might have been the thief who took down Alpha 12 Sushi making operation and stole the disc Alpha scratches his head.

But ultimately leans now that guy was blonde right hedo yells at his Robo zombies asking them if they have a better memory unfortunately all he gets is a lot of scratched heads and embarrassed looks petal groans at his incompetent under wings Alpha points out that rotting brains make all the robo zombies kind of forgetful and the mad.

Scientist admits that this is at least partially his fault heado cut costs when making the zombies and forgot to include a security camera still they have the basics down their target has superpowers and he attends this school thus he has sent his greatest Android to hunt down this vile Thief beta number one yes hedo's greatest Android is still in.

Early beta to be fair to the doctor though he's kind of right his zombies were just making sushi and Trunks stole from him beta openly confirms his orders to hedo talking into his hand in the middle of class rulu and I gave him weird glances the former henchwan fixes the Android with an intense glare but trunks interrupts her he has something.

Very important to share that when beta beat him in basketball it was a total fluke and he'll kick his butt next time is this Dragon Ball Evolution we've got a high school Saiyan focused on his crush and trying to outdo a popular bully she tells the blue-haired sand to stop talking so loudly trunk says this is meaning she's got a crush on beta but.

Mai shoots that down and actually explains she'd sense something was off with him the new kid's not human trunk stares at the new guy trying to take a closer look at his rival only to see a massive patch of metal at the back of his neck it's pretty blatantly obvious when looking at him from behind trunks comes to the obvious conclusion this.

Guy's another zombie Mai however is more level-headed she's already deduced that someone named beta with metal beneath her skin is probably an Android though he does appear different to 18. the Android cheese had the most experience with trunks now focusing more on beta notices that he doesn't feel any Chi coming off his new arrival starting to.

Piece things together he realizes that the strange arrival is hunting him out for revenge for the events on Mount butterfly but thanks to his mask the Android doesn't know he say a man X1 heado is on the case however he's already determined that the blue haired kid is pretty suspicious probably thanks to the basketball incident he orders.

Beta to do whatever he needs to in order to confirm that this kid has powers so beta goes for a simple approach he checks football at the back of trunks's head trunk sees it from the side of his vision and dug sound to quote unquote tie his shoes the ball bounces all over the locker room before trunks finally accidentally heads it right at the.

Nearest fire extinguisher in a moment it explodes showering beta info much to the concern of onlookers and the smug satisfaction of trunks the Android fumes he's not done yet he goes for the same Approach at lunchtime while trunks is asking for food beta accidentally spills his soup right over him unfortunately trunks once again sees it coming and.

Shifts out of the way catching it all in his bowl he thanks beta for the generosity with the Android forced to run with it while Rula calls him a sweetheart for being so sharing hedo is getting annoyed by this persistence ordering beta to find another chance next up that you are competing in math class both solving problems on a.

Blackboard once the time is up the teacher checks their work and Trunks was steamrolled he didn't get a single one right while beta was utterly perfect hedo celebrates beta success proud of his Android brain work unfortunately as Alpha points out this will not help them confirm trunks is the thief the doctor admits as much grumbling that he just.

Needed some kind of small victory with how bad his day's been going I mean who could really blame him before long the day is over and the students are beginning to leave school beta is hiding behind some construction equipment ready to collapse it on Trunks and mine this is not an easy one for the Saiyan princeling even if he Dodges it this.

Will still hit his Crush unless he says something but before he can point it out to Mai who is waving at someone off screen she's made friends beta is interrupted a tiny ball has rolled under a nearby truck and in an instant some mysterious kid has lifted up the entire truck beta just stares as Goten picks up the ball waving to the two tennis girls.

Who lost it the pair are a little more than freaked out by this random guy who can just lift up a truck like it's nothing finally it Dawns on Goten that he just showed off his powers in full view of everyone trunks is furious that Goten showed off like that he's apparently forgotten what he did during basketball already or he's just a total.

Hypocrite mine is completely unbothered by this just recognizing Gotan meanwhile beta is completely wowed that much strike leaves no room for doubt this is his culprit hedo gives him the final order while goten's trying to make excuses to the girls this is their Mark betas to transform and get that disc back the Android rips his uniform to.

Shreds and steps out in front of Goten proud and certain he's found the thief at last Goten has no idea what's going on he only knows that the new arrivals costume is pretty cringy trunks is gritting his teeth at the idea of a fight going down at their school while Mai is incredulous at the masked superhero Thing This is obviously their.

Classmate beta everyone looks on as the confrontation begins in Earnest beta identifies himself boasting that he's Dr hedo's Masterwork Goten it admits he's never heard of Dr hetto beta boasts that soon enough the whole world will know who his beloved Creator is content cannot even pretend to care he just wants to go home.

Unfortunately the idea of the thief getting away enrages beta he lunges forward startling Goten the young Saiyan manages to dodge but beta stays persistent going for punch after punch before trying a roundhouse kick Goten yells at him to knock it off while Rula and the others watch amazed this looks like a hero show Goten has finally had.

Enough he catches beta's arm trying to get the Android to listen to him school is not the place for a fist fight beta is listening but stands by his point he wants hedo's stolen disc back since Goten has no idea what he's even talking about negotiations don't really have a ton of room to go anywhere beta knocks Goten back with an uppercut yelling at.

Him to stop playing dumb trunks grits his teeth it's clear this guy is far stronger than the janky zombies they fought on Mount butterfly he's got to transform and help Goten he hands his bag off to Mai while beta and Goten come down the stairs beta is continuing to to go all out and Goten is not doing so well he didn't want to risk exposing his.

Powers but he's got to fight back seriously at some point or he's going to lose here thankfully he's bought enough time trunk steps up catching beta's hand as say a man X1 Goten nearly rumbles him but catches himself in time Rula and scale are hyped to see the hero that saved them from the zombies back and real beta is just bewildered that.

Another Hero has arrived to fight him back in the lab Alpha 12 calls out that's the guy say a man X1 is the one who beat them up and stole the disc hedo confirms as much to Beta who fixes trunks with a grin he's the criminal the Android superhero has been sent after trunks plays Dumb just focusing on the idea that this is a show the great.

Sandman X1 tells Goten to get to safety but not before handing him another transformation watch apparently trunks is not content to fight this guy one-on-one he wants backup do me Fair he might need it beta charges right at him punching him right in the gut and launching him off his feet the Android demands the missing disc but trunks is.

Not budging beta might be tougher than he the other zombies but he's no match for him one punch from the superhero at full strength launches beta over to the football field beta can barely get to his feet before trunks is on him again launching a vicious cycle of kicks at the stricken robot the students are hyped up by this they're all heading.

Over to the football field even Mai's coming along musing that she's seen next one somewhere before back in head of Laboratories the good doctor is Amazed by trunks he's not only impressed by the havesai and strength but his style it complements the doctor sends abilities almost perfectly that's the best costume he's ever seen but he needs that disc.

Back and can't afford to lose the battle he gives beta the order to escalate and the Android confirms as much even as he struggles to get back up after that beat down a press on his belt is enough one puff of smoke later and beta is towering over trunks in a power loader style mech suit trunks stares up bewildered at this twist as beta introduces his battle.

Jacket Android beta number two and its Arsenal is a big step up the left hand flicks up as beta fires an oversized missile right in trunks to the young Sans credit he's petrified at this they can't just blow things up near the school he grabs the missile and tries to wrestle with it guiding the jet up into the air above ultimately he manages to.

Throw it across the city Hedon gang can't see where it's gone until the tombs right past their window and blows up in the harbor descending back to the ground Trump starts going rapid fire on beta number two starting with a flurry of punches before batting the giant robot away with a hefty kick unfortunately despite his condemnation.

Of beta endangering the students he kicked the mech right at his school friends this knocks my to the ground forcing her to drop trunks's back that she was holding trunks at least reaches out towards her clearly upset at this development unfortunately Hado and beta note what falls out of the back the stolen disc my tucks it into her bag and.

Starts trying to run unfortunately beta has a giant Mech he grabs her before trunks can react heatless of mine's objection our young Sandman calls beta to stop but unfortunately the Android has an answer to the hero rear mounted ordinance he unloads a full set of rockets not at Sam nx1 but at the watching teens trunks just gave to the.

Missiles fly over him thankfully he's quick enough to get back there and intercept the attack bashing each projectile out of the sky however beta number two has the ammunition to keep this up for a while and as the barrage continues the upper torso separates a jet engine firing up as beta carries my away from the fight trunks calls out her.

Name and as beta notes his Mac has a separate guiding intelligence in its lower half it can keep up this barrage while he gets away but before he can get away say A Man X2 arrives taking out the giant robot's lower reaches with one Hefty punch the giant mechanized pair of legs stumbles while Goten tells trunks to head out and save mine beta is.

Soaring through the air while hetto looks on in disbelief at this second Sailor Man before beta can escape trunk starts charging an energy attack and unleashes a spiraling high pressure move at the giant robot this does break up beta number two but since beta number two he's currently holding mine that leaves her Falling Towards the ground.

Thankfully trunks is able to catch her and for a moment my remembered Future Trunks something about salmon reminds her of that older dashing swordsman but it's just a moment and soon enough she's back in reality confirming to X1 that she's fine the second Sandman flies off to join his comrade in beating down beta number two soon enough the pair are done.

Leaving the robot a wreck and then they start doing their poses and catchphrases for the watching students while some think this is just promo for the clean God movie they're still happy to cheer scale is amazed while Rula is somewhat impressed but finds them corny Mai is still staring up at the sky lost in that memory as trunks comes running he's.

Changed out of his costume and tries quickly to cover up for his absence Maya is still in her own world she found X1 impressive though that may just be by association trunks however is enthusiastic about this potential breakthrough he's almost ready to confess his secret identity to mine before Goten stops him everyone is still.

Here after all finally realizing what he almost did trunks laughs it off leaving might to ponder maybe one day running into X1 again the young half Saiyan is fuming at this point if he tries to tell her later there's no way she'll believe him the moment's gone back at head of Laboratories betas finally come back to apologize to the doctor headed with.

Admits that this was indeed a total failure they were completely outdone by their enemies costumes they were so cool he asked beta if he got their autographs before remembering the truth he can't just Fanboy about the saman X Duo these two are villains who stole his data disc but it doesn't matter they know who they're looking for now they'll be ready.

Hedo is already planning his next round of Androids one that will be both stronger and cooler than the so-called Heroes and they'll have red capes like saman X2 thank you so much for watching I've been Jack Stansberry and I hope you have an awesome day