Wow so this latest chapter of dragon ball super was good but i really don't think it's what a lot of people were expecting to receive with the previous chapter we had the saiyan invasion of the planet cereal a brutal raid that saw the deaths of the entire namekian population with the exception of monaeto who wednti entrusted with the two dragon.

Balls of the planet the ceruleans too were being wiped out swiftly as a young granola fled to his mother within a nearby chapel the ceruleans managed to successfully eliminate the moon and ridley saiyans of their great eight forms however it wasn't nearly enough as the saiyans were already plenty strong without it however now with the moon.

Gone bardock's true form would be revealed to granola and his mother and as barak looked at these two he would think of his own son kakarot and his wife jine and with this thought when approached by one of his subordinates leak bardock hid the presence of these two and told lee to go on without him bardock would then use his scouter to.

Confirm these two were the final survivors of the planet that is with the exception of a low power level in the distance with strange movements which in reality was monato who'd suppress his power level and was hiding the remaining dragon balls and after successfully doing so would be halted in the midst of an attack with ease by bardock who would.

Then introduce a sleeping granola and his mother muesli to the namekian urging them all to remain hidden and survive for as long as he could as frieza would be arriving momentarily and it was thanks to this story that goku would finally learn about his father's identity but to continue this story from there manaito would heal barrack surface.

Wound that he'd received from muesli and express that this was the full extent of his healing capabilities as nearby the two would suddenly notice the presence of the heaters who were plotting their sale of the planet and their eventual betrayal of frieza muesli would join them soon after as to follow that granola would awaken from his slumber.

And shriek at the sight of a saiyan which caught the attention of the heaters mineito would put him to sleep quickly but it was too late as the heaters had already noticed barra quickly took the robe of minaito and would pretend to have apprehended the group bardock managed to convince a lack of the namekian's usefulness on account.

Of his strange abilities but in knowing that elec would shoot and kill granola's mother to speed up the process as a fury would well up inside barrock followed by him firing off at the heaters gas would stand to defend him against this as in the meanwhile the group of renegades would escape elect would send goss after them as in the present we would learn.

That goss had actually lost to bardock in the past meanwhile the heaters were on their way to the second dragon ball with this latest chapter the heaters continued their search but would be alarmed to know that granola and the two saiyans had ceased their fighting on account of minato's intervention goss would propose that they slaughtered them.

All now seeing as how they were weakened on account of their prior fighting elect would then grant this request and send them all off as he would simultaneously assure goss that his wish would be fulfilled goss would express that he was just fine as he was however elect would insist as all their plans depended on him and so gods would no longer resist.

Meanwhile granola was infuriated to know the truth that his employers for decades had in reality been his mother's killers and would furthermore responsible for the slaughter of his people and that despite all this his most trusted friend monaeto would keep something like this from him for all these years vegeta would then question who exactly the.

Victor of the battle ended up being as again it would be made clear that bardock had in fact won the fight which surprised vegeta seeing as how bardock as far as he knew was a low-class warrior so he'd now have to question if goss was a weakling in reality which manaito would correct as gas was very strong indeed and i honestly find it.

Kind of funny that this is a hard pill for vegeta to swallow seeing as how goku himself is supposed to be a low-class warrior but tends to outclass him most times but anyways just then the sky would suddenly go dark a phenomenon that was familiar to all of them elec had successfully procured both of the dragon balls and had called upon the dragon for.

His wish and just like that the darkness was gone but in its place was a startlingly massive key signature headed their way as in a flash it was upon them oil and maki would firstly appear taunting the group and mostly granola then going on to present the new and actual strongest warrior in the universe goss who now had.

Grown tremendously in height what honestly had me rolling with laughter i did not expect the heaters to go ahead and use their wish on something like this as they had always prided themselves on being more than brute strength and such but here we are with little bow wow being big bow wow some of you guys are probably too young for that.

Reference granola was in disbelief that this was in fact goss and with this decoration minato's fears would be confirmed that the heaters had in fact made use of the dragon balls which caught goku and vegeta off guard as they had no idea that dragon balls were on this planet to begin with as granola would then confirmed and credit them to.

Being the source of his awesome power gas would then point downwards as a beam would extend from his finger and drag towards the group as he motioned with them all only just barely dodging the attack but with this granola's aircraft was destroyed and they were effectively grounded gas would then cease his fire and create.

A pointed staff which would be thrown towards granola piercing his body and pinning him to the exterior of what was previously the ship's outermost shell goss would then drop down and make it clear to granola that he never liked him that he by his lonesome provided more than enough muscle for the heaters making granola irrelevant a sort of odd.

Jealousy would seem as gas was glad he could now kill granola without objection as goku would rush to his aid only for god to snap his fingers and have cinder block like cubes appear over goku's arms and legs restraining him goss would then recognize resemblance between goku and bardock concluding that he must be the man's son he'd question if barack was.

Still alive but vegeta would make it clear to him that that entire generation of saiyans was wiped out by frieza and that only a few members of their people had managed to survive goku then have to question why they needed to die in the first place as goss would respond by saying that anyone who might threaten their plans needed to be exterminated as.

He would create an axe and swing it towards a defenseless goku only to be shot in the back by granola as minaito has successfully removed the weapon pinning him and i must say that gaza's weapon materialization powers are pretty damn cool granola would express that the title of the strongest belongs to him as goss now with a mace would rush in and.

Hit granola across the face as he would follow this up with a flurry of blows clearly establishing his superiority manato would remove goku's bindings as well playing a bit of a support role at this point as he would then offer to heal goku as much as he could then asking goku to save granola which goku would happily agree to granola would.

Continue to swing agas as his attacks would be evaded again and again now questioning why the heaters allowed him to live at all gods would then answer by saying that they only learned that the two had survived several years after the attack on the planet but by that point already granola was a known bounty hunter a resource that elect chose not.

To be rid of again monaeto had kept the truth of the heater's involvement a secret as granola was offered a job as a child work that would allow him to help out monaeto financially in the present manaito would begin to regret his decision to do so furthermore believing himself to be a failure of the namekian as he couldn't restore goku's energy.

Which reminded goku that vegeta was supposed to have another senzu bean the famous senzu bean we'd spoken of in previous videos as vegeta would admit to have stored it in the armor he had tossed aside as at this point granola would be knocked out cold goku would tell vegeta to go find the armor and eat the senzu bean as soon as he found it a.

Sentiment which surprised the prince as goku felt it was only fair considering he had already eaten the first one himself he would then tell vegeta that by doing so he could transform into freaky face mode and be gas as he would then rush over to join the fight goku was of course referring to ultra ego which was pretty frustrating for vegeta.

But now in response to goku's presence gas would create a large blade over his arm and lunge forward as goku in turn would shift to super saiyan blue catch the blade and break it with his bare hands he would then go in for a kick to the side which would be repelled by a shield this would be followed by a number of successive fists which would.

Also be repelled by the shield and concluded with a close range key blast as gas would quickly come from behind with a huge hammer and clapper goku sending him quite a distance away now maybe this is just on account of goss being a more silent and reserved character but i do think it is worth noting that he was not shocked by goku.

Transforming at all does this have to do with his fight against bardock in the past maybe maybe not but in the meanwhile vegeta had successfully recovered the senzu bean however as opposed to eating himself he held onto it instead gas would continue to beat into goku who was now knocked out of his transformation and wouldn't last much.

Longer as vegeta now stood over an incapacitated granola he would wake the cerealian up and offer him the senzu bean claiming that it would restore his strength granola was stunned to know this as if he had something like this all along vegeta could have eaten it and potentially won their fight but vegeta would express his refusal against taking.

The coward's way out as he would now grip onto granola's collar and bring up the necessity of the boy's revenge telling him to now settle this grudge with his own strength what was if nothing else a very telling example of vegeta's development as a character and that was the chapter i really think a lot of us were expecting more bharat.

Content but i wouldn't be surprised if more were to come our way after this but even still this was pretty damn cool either way i honestly expected the heaters to use this wish differently but i guess they saw the potential possessed by granola and wanted some of that action for themselves then again was to stop a elect from hunting the dragon.

Balls immediately after this but yeah with god's having now become the strongest in the universe i think it is a very different thing from granola doing so as far as i'm concerned goss as we have been led to believe was already pretty damn strong it would have been nice to have a prior frame of reference sure but regardless he was already.

Formidable and if he was let's say goku and vegeta level already taking him up to just past granola isn't as big of a leap as granola's power-up was again as vegeta said before being the strongest is not a static thing it is momentary and can definitely be usurped and the way growls wish went to become the absolute strongest it was under the.

Basis that he had spent every waking moment of his life training but even with that that does not mean that he was completely adjusted to and or acclimated to his new capabilities and by receiving in the field experience against goku and vegeta he'd gotten even stronger than that having now unlocked both red cerulean eyes because training and the.

Real deal are very different bruno's potential threshold of power is more than likely superior to that of gas now i will admit that despite the story calling for it and it being a very major development moment for vegeta as a fan i would love to see either of our two saiyans put in that work instead but again for the sake of the story and who.

Deserves the victory most i've gotta give it to granola this arc is pretty damn great despite the villainous force being admittedly underwhelming i feel like i can safely say that this arc is sort of like a small holdover we've gotten a bit of everything and it's all really really interesting it is one of the best for me personally in terms of.

Deposition and such but it is mostly progressive in nature as opposed to being a main event the closest comparison being the likes of the universe 6 versus universe 7 tournament as compared to the tournament of power i don't think we see frieza at all in this arc but it will push the envelope and make us wonder what that sneaky lizard.

Is really up to right now i furthermore believe we can expect the end of this arc to line up pretty well with the release of the new movie then take us somewhere really really exciting maybe the ever fabled end of z fingers crossed at least and for all that more be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes.

To bringing you some of the best dragon ball super content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you