I know you love lasagna and this one'sgoing to be a little bit different, I'm going to take some of the pain away some ofthe preparation away, no white sauce, no layering. This is my easy peasy scruffy auberginelasagna with a gorgeous sweet tomato sauce topped with crispy sage leavesand almond crunch, delicious. So let's do this – one of the things that we dobadly in the UK is cook this, I don't know why, everyone in the Mediterranean is celebrating it.But I don't want it to be kind of like woolly and sort of spongy I want it to be creamy andsort of substantial and pull in flavour, and I really think that this method you're gonnalove. So first up we'll just nip off the ends and then split in half. I want about 250 mlof water. Let's get it on a medium-high heat,.

And then I want three onions. You canbreak these little quarters up if you want, and the first part of this recipe is steamingand the steaming is going to make the onions and the aubergine soft and silky anddelicious, and ready to take on flavour. And for that we're going to use 6 cloves ofgarlic, a bit of lemon zest, and a de-seeded dried chilli for some background heat. And thenI want to get some herbage. Now you could use so many different herbs, I want to use sage on thisone. This is a purple sage, get a nice little kind of wadge of that, and then here is your classicgreen sage, so give them a nice little wash. And this is going to give the most incrediblefragrant savoury flavour. Let's have a look at what's going on in here. So the onions andthe aubergine have completely changed texture,.

They're soft. And as this excess water starts tosort of cook away you can hear the sounds in the pan change, right? You can hear it begin to sortof dry fry. Push all the veggies to one side. Then go in with 3 tablespoons of olive oilthen those fragrant flavours, the garlic, lemon and chilli, and about half the sage. As Ipush this around there's sticky bits on the bottom that are like the concentrate, see that on the endof the spoon? It looks like rubbish it looks like mess but that is deep, deep delicious flavour.Now we've fried you can add the wet stuff, squish up two tins of beautiful plum tomatoes andrefill the cans with water, in it goes. And in the next 20 minutes while that simmers and blips awaybeautifully all that caramelisation on the bottom will come off and flavour that sauce. We're gonnawant some crunchy toppings with this guys, so bash.

Up 50 grams of almonds and rub the remainingsage leaves with a little olive oil. And then when that bakes on top of the lasagna it makesthe most incredible almost like savoury crisp. I haven't seasoned yet and there's a reasonfor that because I'm going to use two cheeses for this. I'm using a cheddar and a beautifulParmesan. You can get hard cheeses that are vegetarian in the Parmesan world. Cheddars,they're all over the place have a little look. Whatever you use, 80 grams of each will do.So let's turn the heat off now. If you have a look at the bottom can you see how that'scompletely clean? So the flavour has now gone into the sauce and now we can go in with thatblend of Parmesan and cheddar. Mix that through and it should go oozy. Okay, so I'm goingto use 300 grams of fresh lasagna sheets.

And all I'm going to do is literally tear themup right, into sort of odds and sods. And I'm not going to layer it up I'm not going to getuptight and sort of do an architectural thing, I said it was scruffy right and it's going to bescruffy. So almonds on top. Last but not least, those oil-rubbed sage leaves. In the oven itgoes for 25 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius, which is 400 Fahrenheit, and what's goingto happen in there is pure deliciousness. Let's have a look. Come on! Look at that,beautiful. It's gone gnarly, it's blipping away, it smells absolutely incredible. And it'll worka treat with a bit of salad. Right. Here we go. So get in there with a nice big wadge. Mm! Oh my Lord! It's amazing. I think it's areally fun alternative to your regular lasagna..

Glass of wine, bit of salad,nice company, happy days. Right, we're gonna do mac and cheese butthis is gonna be greens mac and cheese, packed full of the good stuff. This family classicis so mouth-watering kids and adults alike will never believe it's busting with veg. So I startwith the humble leek and I want to show you a way of getting the most incredible flavourout of vegetables. Take this part off here, split the leeks in half, and give it a nice wash.Just roughly slice up the leeks. And then I've got a casserole pan on a medium heat and a knob ofbutter. And I will just nip over here and get some thyme. I absolutely love thyme right, and Ilove growing herbs on the window sills, backyard, garden whatever. And literally just a few littlebits of thyme will give so much flavour. And in.

We go with the leeks. Oh, the smell is amazing!Then three big fat cloves of garlic. Little crack, a little peel, and a little slice. Now the otherveg we're going to use is sprouting broccoli, this is going to give the most amazing flavour.Take these beautiful heads off, right, they can go in later. And then we want to embrace the goodnessin the stalks. By finely chopping them and adding them to that pan, your mac and cheese with vegis going to be way way better in nutrition and in taste. The next 15 minutes of softening arekey so be patient and let the veg do its thing. Then it's time to get saucy. We're going to start with some plain flour,2 tablespoons. And then a litre of milk, and stir the whole time. We'll bring that to asimmer now and just thicken it up a little bit..

At this point, off goes the heat. And thengrate 150 grams of cheddar then 30 grams of Parmesan. Parmesan isn't vegetarian but there'ssome brilliant veggie Parmesan alternatives out there so have a little look around. For a last hitof veggies and colour I'm going to use 100 grams of spinach. It will just wilt in the residual heatof this sauce, and that is my basic recipe. But, if you wanted to load more veg in, out in the yardI've just got a few small bits and pieces growing. So I've got some lovely Swiss chard here so youcan just nick a couple of leaves and you can bespoke your amazing mac and cheese. Wash and stirin any extra veg then bring on the hand blender. Turns it into a silky luminous green sauce. Add tothe party 450 grams of dried macaroni boiled for just 5 minutes and the pasta will finish cookingin the oven. Finally, fold in the beautiful heads.

Of broccoli. That is like an eruption ofgorgeous mac and cheese green goodness. A little grating of Parmesan just on the top, andthen one last flurry, flaked almonds. Put them in like little individual soldiers and… nah come onjust sprinkle it on top, you know I'm only joking! Bake for 30 minutes at 180 degreesCelsius or 350 Fahrenheit and your family will be begging for this veg-filledsupper. This is too exciting… oh! Yes. Look at that. Proper glorious cheesyoozy food. So let's serve some up. Welcome to the wonderful world of greens mac and cheese. Nice lemony salad.That is a thing of joy. So let's get in there. That is absolutely delicious. Wow. You'vegot that gorgeous creamy oozy cheesy sauce.

But it's full of the good stuff! And that'swhat it's all about right, don't apologize, celebrate with possibly one of thebest mac and cheese ever. Great. I'm going to make a beautiful carbonarapasta, yes I know it normally has smoky bacon but I have a beautiful veggieversion with sweet leeks. And I'm amplifying the sweetness in anutterly decadent luxurious sauce. This is a family favourite in my home and Iwant to show you how to do it so it starts with two leeks. By concentrating on thewhite part of the leeks what we're going to do is get a whiter sauce and a really sweetdeep flavour. So just strip it down the middle and give it a nice wash. Finely slice it.

And by taking the care to make them niceand fine they're just going to cook in a more delicate way and they'll wrap aroundour spaghetti in the most beautiful way. Get a pan on a medium heat, add a tablespoon ofolive oil, a knob of butter, 4 sprigs of thyme and four finely sliced cloves of garlic. Then goin with the leeks, give it a season with salt, let's have a stir-up. I don't want to achieveany colour. What I do want to do is achieve some incredible sweetness and depth of flavour, so whatI need to do is pretty quickly stop this frying and I'm going to do that with some water, 400ml and then we'll turn the heat down to low, a lid goes on top and we're gonna let thatjust gently gently tick over. It will get sweet and delicious and it's that easy.Leave for 40 minutes until silky and soft..

Can you see how it's cooked down? Thatwill be perfect to wrap and coat the pasta. Now we're going to cook a bunch of spaghetti.Spaghetti of course is the classic pasta that goes with carbonara. We're going to saltthis water. Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions, 10 minutes here. So I need todo the egg part of the sauce. Traditionally you'd use just the egg yolk but I'm going to use thewhole egg because I just don't want to waste it. Beat the egg up like that and then we need toadd and grate in the cheese. I'm going to use Parmesan but you know this isn't vegetarian okayit's got rennet in it which is from an animal product but if you have a look around you'll seehard cheeses that are vegetarian. So grate in 50 grams and mix it up. And then I just want to takea little moment to take stock right, we've got the.

Sauce here right it's perfect big flavour.Turn the heat off now, and I want to steal some of that lovely starchy cooking water. Now I'mgoing to add a little bit of that to the Parmesan and the egg and that's just going to loosenit up and it gives you beautiful silky sauce. Drain the pasta and go into our leeks. We'lltoss this together, and you just want the heat to calm down a little bit. If I add that egg andParmesan straight away it will start to scramble and that's not cool. So when the pans cool down alittle bit we'll go in with the Parmesan and egg and then we want to move really fast okay?We want to keep agitating it like this. Look! Look how creamy that is comeon! Amazing. Let's plate this up. Just roll it around in that sauce and you can seelike the leeks have almost cooked into nothing..

They surround the pasta completely but you can'teven see it. And here we go over to the plate. And then hit it quite generously with the blackpepper, it gives it that classic flavour. A little Parmesan and just a kiss of extra virgin oliveoil. Right, let's try some of this. Look at that. The sweet leeks are off the chart. WhatI like is we've taken the humble leek, a vegetable that's often not celebrated youknow, always the bridesmaid never the bride, but we've given it time. And it's justsimple but delicious, quite luxurious.


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