Lightly fried my delicious halloumian courgette cakes squeeze every last bit of flavor out of those vegetables but first i'm preparing a simple slow roast tomato and Watercress salad these cherry tomatoes are perfect if you haven't got cherry tomatoes white Tomatoes good or even just big normal plum tomatoes lay the tomatoes on the.

Tray and these go into the oven for about 90 minutes if you turn the oven down really low you can leave them in overnight to be honest the longer you leave them the better they taste once you've seasoned them with salt sprinkle over with some sugar.

On the salt and sugar combined speeds up the drying process because you want that nice chewy texture and then you get these little thyme flowers and just pick off the buds garlic sliced then just spread that on now the tray looks quite full and compact for 90 minutes in the oven you'll see everything shrink down all.

The Skins blistering and the flavor intensifies so nicely extra virgin olive oil that gives a nice earthy flavor to the tomatoes place your Tomatoes into an oven preheated to 150 degrees C and cook long and slow for an hour and a half now halloumi cakes there's something quite exciting about halloumi cheese.

It's a very firm cheese and it fries brilliantly fill the carrots great not too finely you want that nice texture next courgette the secret is keeping it all grated the same put that into a.

Sieve a sprinkling of salt will draw out liquid from the vegetables then grate the halloumi halloumi cheese doesn't look that tasty but once you've got color on it in the pan it's really really delicious now really important to squeeze out the.

Excess water in the veg and we'll see all that water that needs to come out of there if we didn't do this it'll make your little patties non-friable because the whole thing starts to separate and then mix in with the cheese spring onions chop up the whites and the greens now we're going to season that with some.

Delicious fresh mint and fresh coriander whenever it's vegetarian I like to put a combination of herbs in there tarragon and parsley minted coriander basil and lemongrass all delicious on their own but in tandem their flavors play off each other next two eggs in.

Give that a little mix add the eggs to the mixture and then finally a couple of tablespoons of breadcrumbs the breadcrumbs help dry out any excess moisture mix all the ingredients together before you start shaping these taste the mixture it's really important to identify the.

Seasoning now if you wait until you've cooked them it'll be too late to adjust the seasoning roll them to a large golf ball shape them it's like a little mini burger you can spice these up with some chili in there if you haven't got fresh chili chili flakes and it's something that can.

Be done up a day in advance to get your cakes firm and ready for frying put them into the fridge uncovered for 25 minutes pan on get that nice and hot boss and wait for that I'll get the dressing ready slice of red chili seeds and all on an angle into shards then chop fresh ginger.

A Sprinkle of sugar and salt add some rice wine vinegar add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil to finish off some chopped coriander because that's sweet sour spicy flavor with my chili dressing done I can start frying off my halloumi cakes in a hot oiled pan.

Look at that nice crisp Edge you can already start to smell that sauteed halloumi with the courgettes and carrots smells delicious really important for a nice amount of color on them as my cakes Sizzle away I can finish off with my roast tomato salad one of my favorite leaves has to be.

Watercress just cut off stalks foreign s Watercress and shallot they're brilliantly well together shallot looks so dainty when you open up these little ringlets.

Don't forget to turn your cakes now Tomatoes whatever you don't use just jar them and put them in the fridge just drop those slow cooked warm Tomatoes over the Watercress the sweetness is incredible absolutely delicious a little drizzle of age of ultimate vinegar gives that tartness to.

The watercress Watercress is naturally peppery so it doesn't need any pepper just a little touch of salt and then a light sprinkling of extra virgin olive oil after five minutes on a medium heat my halloumi cakes are ready so important to have taken out that.

Water you can see it doesn't disintegrate and then just get your dressing take a spoon of it and then tilt it to the side because I want the garnish I don't want the juice but that does not turn you on to become a vegetarian for.

The night I honestly don't know what will delicious my crispy golden halloumi courgette and Herb cakes with a Sumptuous roast tomato and Watercress salad all of the flavor with none of the meat first a hearty starter a bruschetta with.

Ricotta and succulent griddle courgettes for my main I'm serving fragrant roasted beetroot and Thyme risotto but I'll be in trouble with the kids if I don't do it but so I'm enlisting the help of my youngest Tilly to rustle up an indulgent chocolate and lime mousse with crushed.

Raspberries so if you want to wrap the chocolate start breaking up in Little Bits we're going to make the most amazing white chocolate mousse our first job is to bring half of our cream up to the boil so loud that is double cream okay so that's gonna make a really nice rich chocolate.

Mousse what's your favorite sort of chocolate is it white milk dark um I love white milk what's yours I absolutely love milk chocolate oh that's my guilty pleasure is it really here we go cream in so that goes in there now you can see what's happening straight away can't you it's melting really quickly melting.

Really quickly so okay oh excuse me at least your Jumper's white so you won't spot it yeah I've got a nice little snap in another Bowl add lime zest cold cream and whisk until it forms soft peaks the lime cuts the sort of richness of the cream and that starts to make the chocolate mousse taste a little bit lighter.

Zenith you're absolutely right next add to the melted chocolate mixture because I'm whisking it's just getting lighter and lighter and lighter have it all taste nice yeah the line gives it a really nice taste Tilly I need the rest for the mousse I need some for my tummy no come on.

Chocolate mousse into the fridge our next job is to separate out three egg whites this is where I need you at your absolute best okay because to whip those whites it's going to be really tough so we'll take it in turns 30 seconds each okay you go first 10 seconds gone come on telly.

Three seconds gone 20 seconds gone come on you can do it 10 seconds to go five four three two one and change excellent hold the ball right no no way you can't do that to me 30 seconds that's the best way of whipping up egg whites.

Slowly good deal don't look very happy in there so contentious whipped egg whites will make our mousse light and Airy and when they've reached soft peaks we can gently mix in our cooled white chocolate and cream mixture once the egg whites hit the cream yeah.

The chocolate sets the egg whites keep the cream nice and fluffy and you get this nice light mousse in the bowl now I need to crush some raspberries please with some fresh mint you can see all the juice coming out now take your mousse wow that looks really cool now look at that down the bottom.

Let's Crush raspberry delicious now I'm going to set that in the fridge if you use the can I open the door please our yummy white chocolate mousse will take at least two hours to set so we can crack on with our Mediterranean inspired vegetarian starter griddle courgette Ricotta and mint bruschetta for this recipe you'll need a griddle.

Pan an essential piece of kit for that char grill look cut thick slices of chapata bread drizzle both sides with olive oil season with a little salt and pepper and griddle each side until toasted then slice a couple of courgettes diagonally into half a centimeter thick pieces drizzle and coat in olive oil and.

Season with salt and pepper sear on a smoking hot griddle pan in batches until all the courgettes are bar marked on both sides next roughly chop mint leaves and combine with creamy ricotta cheese spread your toasty tipata with dollops of minty Ricotta and top with your seared courgette.

Super simple and super tasty now we're going to make a delicious beetroot risotto I'm going to get the shallots just slice them in half and then just chop them like that okay okay now I've even made a risotto shallots please into the pan for Daddy add a Sprinkle of salt and pepper along.

With a couple of crushed cloves of garlic once you start cooking the risotto it's really important to have your stock gently boiling away if we're adding cold stock on top of the rice all the time it just slows down the process generally you cook a nice wide flat pan if you cook in a deep pan all the rice.

Sort of Cooks at different temperatures what stock is that in there dad because that's a vegetable stock yeah because you can't have different stocks if it's for a vegetarian okay I made that mistake once putting beef stock in the vegetarian soup did you no I didn't Matilda I'm positive I'm joking.

Fly off the time how nice is that smell s rice in this arborio rice it's a perfect rice for risotto now it's really important to sear the rice if we were just to put the stock in without sweating off the rice it goes all starchy so keep on stirring for Daddy.

No flambe on the risotto to go with our deep red beetroot theme I'm adding red wine followed by the first Ladle of stock to get things started now we're off wow it's giving it a cloudy sort of look what's happening to the stock is reducing down and the rice is sucking it.

In that's right so the rice is actually getting nice and plump one of risotto is live when it's like this now we can't stop cooking it we have to cook it all the way okay ready for the next ladle ready good girl here we go Ladle in so we have to make this for literally 20 25 minutes and we're nursing it all the way.

Eight words pill them brought them a little bit of salt and sugar yeah and a little bit of aged by some vinegar in there roasted them I'm a great my parmesan how's that Rice doing rice is doing good no no where you want to be now look at that.

Nice glossy textured rice so beetroot I want you to put two-thirds of the beetroot in there for me saving one third for the top good sprinkle the parmesan in there for me please all over again and then we're just going to get some nice butter in there the butter gives the risotto a really nice gloss.

Look at that beautiful come down let it come down first and then after Daddy beautifully there you go good wonderful shaking risotto should be like lava just flows out and then the rest of the beat room on top.

And some extra virgin olive oil that I'll pick up the bruschetta you take that to the table okay let's go die this is my ultimate vegetarian dinner delicious courgette Ricotta and mint top bruschetta anxious roasted beetroot and Thyme risotto.

And put an indulgent white chocolate and lime mousse with fresh crushed raspberries