This back and forth between luffy and kaido at this point feels unending but luffy with one hand clutch onto kaido certainly intended to change that as the other will become a titanic fist emerging from the storm clouds above coated in armament hockey and rippling with waves of conquerors what would surely demolish the entirety of.

Onigashima in a single blow so it was left up to momentosuke to move the location out of the way a feat which the boy has repeatedly deemed to be impossible yet as he thought back to his beloved family and in particular the words of his late mother as she believed he'd be able to revive their clan in the future momentosuke rammed his head into.

The location now whether or not this was just a desperate attempt an act of frustration or the wake up he needed to get the job done for now we don't know they've been talking about the prospect of him doing this for months now so hopefully it ends up actually happening soon but yeah luffy and kaido were back at it again on the precipice of another.

Major clash and in preparation kaido would acknowledge the hulking fist of luffy and swear to take it head on from which point you begin to make use of the flames exuded from his mouth in a whole new way as he spoke of how wano's hero had burned to death two decades prior this new state of kaido saw him completely enveloped in incendiary.

Flames as he echoed the sentiments of the people in their desperation for the appearance of glorious saviors in the face of such a lawless status quo now as kaido heated up to this crazy extent luffy would actually loosen his grip and recoil from the heat and as he blew on his hand to cool it down kaido would double down in his promise not to evade.

So there was no longer a need for luffy to hold on to him anyways kaido had no intention of allowing luffy's destructive fist to make its way down meanwhile kaido was so terrifyingly heated that the mere contact of his body onto the only intact horn avoiding kashima's skull would be melted which was precisely what he intended to do to.

Luffy's right hand however luffy would fiercely denounce such a prospect as he would not allow it to come to pass after all old man yogurt during their imprisonment provided luffy with a whole new understanding of haki which in wana referred to as yuo and what he learned was how to attack without making direct contact which he intended to use against.

Kaido what does armament hockey advance a mission and what will presumably result in a case of internal destruction which luffy also recently learned of and such masterful use of these newfound techniques should constitute the requirement proposed by kaido in regards to powerful haki being required to claim the seas as opposed to simply having a.

Strong double fruit ability but damn speaking of there are just so many firebase abilities in this series and as the two attacked one another luffy would actually have to shield his eyes for the emerging light meanwhile usof after having been swept away by the watery efforts of jinbei and rizo would beg for the safety of kianmon and kiku as of.

Course they have both been in pretty rough shape for a while now as all the while the very samurai on the battlefield now lacking adversaries of their own would express their belief and faith in luffy and his ability to defeat kaido as some would even be seen praying for his victory all while kawamatsu was exhausted would explain the reality we.

All know to be true the future of wanda will not be prosperous unless kaido was removed from said future we would then flash back to the day of oda's execution his friends were in the midst of fleeing with the pursuers giving chase as they all cried their eyes out kia and mon urged them all to not look back the final shot to put odin down would then.

Be heard the scheming orochi knew exactly where the samurai would be headed as they undoubtedly intended to protect momonosuke as he was odin's heir and with his knowledge kaido decided to take it upon himself to handle the issue the people would then beg for mercy to be shown as opposed to slaughtering the entirety of the kozuki clan bakaido was.

Relentless and would eliminate anyone who got in his way as he made a bloody example of these civilians an act which further spurred rocheon as he advocated for even more death resulting in plenty of people being shot we would then fast forward to the destruction of the kosuki castle along with the confirmation of lady toki's demise and the fact that.

Nobody had been seen fleeing from the burning castle orochi would then call for the country's daimyo to swear fealty to him or go to war which of these honorable warriors was a rather simple and stupid question now we have seen all of these guys at some point or another with the exception of one as here this mysterious figure lacks both an.

Associated region and a visual of their face instead we only see them unsheath their blade this mysterious figure could really and truly be anyone and without one piece works we probably won't know who they really are for a very long time however i will say the hill to their blade does look to be somewhat similar to shusui the legendary national.

Treasure of wano once wielded by shimotsuki ruma the very blade in zorro's possession and so if i were to make any sort of guess i'd imagine this figure is linked to zoro in some way or another this could be a relative or a common link between his ancestry and that of the shimotsuki clan which would actually be pretty meaningful as mind.

You this is the very clan is early swordmaster koyoshiro and his late childhood friend kuina are descendants of anyways he's dying samurai refused to accept a shogun who wasn't of the kosuki clan believing it to be their duty to vanquish these false rulers and avenge lord odin a futile resistance that would only stand to further incur kaido's.

Unbridled wrath laying wastely's many heroes as hiroshi laughed all throughout the carnage with the resistance quelled wanda was made to be a massive weapons factory with any and all able-bodied men being made to work in said factories which only continued to be constructed and spread all across the land and pretty much every major wano atrocity.

Would be recounted here we would have men being stolen from their homes forever traumatizing their families the mass pollution of the country's water supply leaving the people with no drinking water extreme famine due to a lack of fertile land therefore leaving them with nothing to eat the ideology of their captors being that of extreme.

Cruelty that if they can still draw breath then they can still work to the point of many meeting their untimely ends on account of overwhelming exhaustion all hope was to be robbed from them and the associated imagery here is simple yet chilling and although these conditions were horrendous there were still some who held onto the words.

Of the late lady toki believing that one day their suffering would come to an end emphasizing that at the bare minimum for some people all it takes is a bit of hope we would then have orochi mocking the people for consuming the defective smile fruit leftovers and their desperation causing them to eternally smile and laugh what is really just so.

Horrendous this wanna arc has been so dark in so many ways and this aspect never fails to disturb me orochi has to be one of the most detestable cretans in all of one piece if not all of shonen i might just hate him more than anyone else in the series and i'm seriously curious if anyone out there actually likes him unironically oda really outdid.

Himself making this character so despicable as oroshi gleefully desired for the entirety of episode town to consume the defective smile fruit so that they would laugh and smile despite the numerous deaths of all those they cared for believing this to be the perfect fate for all of them from there we would then make our way to the.

Present where orochi was still very much engulfed in flames despite being in his own form what was somewhat similar in vicinity current disposition of kaido however of course his bottom feeder's burning is involuntary what could very well be foreshadowing for what is to come for kaido's fate as well which we'll be better able to conceptualize in.

Just a moment but despite being in the midst of burning to death orochi sought to commit one more heinous act by way of killing hiyori whom he still referred to by her cover name komodosaki however just as he intended to do so and later he already braced for impact a figure would make their presence known much of the dismay of orochi as in an instant.

While holding hiori close dendro expertly decapitated these moldering false lord as we would then receive a glimpse of some lanterns being let off into the night sky one of which praying for the disappearance of orochi but i must say that seeing as orochi is a hydra i'm not so sure if this really is the end of him but boy oh boy do i hope.

It is and i mean contextually it would make sense considering the hefty flashback that took place over the course of this chapter although i would argue he deserved to suffer a whole lot more than that but as his severed head slammed onto the ground we would see even more lanterns one of them praying to be freed from their hell and another.

Begging for only but a sip of clean water the conditions of wano are just downright sickening these desires are also very saddening and in knowing all that they've experienced over the last two decades i really hope things get better fast and as per usual oda's writing continues to impress as i myself am questioning whether or not this is.

Actually going to be the end here of kaido i mean despite that conclusion predictably seeming to be the case there are actually instances and inklings that incline me to believe otherwise and truly no matter what the case ends up ultimately being the sheer fact that i have to debate that to myself says a whole lot but luffy as he would be.

Savior of these people was in the midst of clashing against kaido and what for the moment at least appears to be an all-or-nothing final display from both of them it doesn't seem like there will be any more interruptions or interventions during this fight between luffy and kaido and so with luffy being ever so confident in the fact that he.

Will end this fight if he is able to land this punch then i am inclined to believe that he will land the punch and by landing it i don't mean actually physically touching him i mean by using haki because if he doesn't if he fails here then he loses an arm which i don't imagine he's going to do at least not right now but beyond landing the punchy.

Question becomes will it actually end kaido but i suppose if momonosuke is able to move onigima out of the way in time then by making impact kaido is bound to land in the water which will spell disaster for him considering he is a devil for user but i am curious if you believe this is it or not so let us know in the comments as always i'm slice of.

Otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you