Bleach's Thousand-Year blood War Arc is continuing strong with just as many bombshell moments as the first episode New Revelations are further revealed as the Vanden Reich are further developed there's a lot to cover in this episode so let's jump straight into it we start off exactly where we left the Vanden rack last time friggin has collapsed.

Onto the ground and is heavily bleeding from his severed arm escuelo beside kneels in shock and Terror as Regan attempts to stand the mysterious man on the throne tells Regan that he can give his report while laying on the ground but he refuses to disrespect him like that this just shows that this man is respected as much as he is feared we.

Then get the new intro theme which is an absolute Banger we've gone far too long without a bleach intro back in karakura town Orihime Chad uriu and the new Soul Reaper Yuki discuss ichigo's fight with that strange arankar Yuki wonders if they should be helping Ichigo but Uria tells him that Ichigo would never lose to an opponent like that orahime points.

Out that uriu and ijigo have become close friends over the years showing how much he's grown as a character at that moment ichio returns and is about to explain his fight with the arankar but Yuki's Soul phone goes off with a message for All Soul Reaper squads the message explains somehow managed to infiltrate the squad.

1 office and attacked Lieutenant sasakibe before reaching the office the vandenreich managed to slaughter over a hundred members of squad 1 in a matter of seconds it's also revealed that Lieutenant sasakibe did in fact die from the attack this information shocks everyone in karakura town the group separates and reflects on the.

Information they've just received to clear his mind Ichigo decides to go on patrol as he's moving through through the air Nell the former third Espada suddenly comes rocketing down and slamming Ichigo into the ground Ichigo recovers and notices that Nell is trying to tell him something about hueco Mundo through her tears back in the van den.

Reich headquarters vegan tells his King that it will take five days for both the soul society and their own forces to prepare for battle the king questions friggin's prediction and points out that two days ago he said that the world of the living and the Soul society would collapse if they continued to eradicate Hollows the King asks friegan if he is a.

Prophet when friggin says no he says that he only wants to hear about the present with a wave of his hand the king blows up luda's head killing him instantly his attention is then turned towards oscaro who's quaking in fear the king states that he failed to defeat Ichigo but that he was successful at holding him at Bay he then points at the.

Arankar and tells him that his job is done now and just like that his head explodes too whoever this new enemy is he's on a whole new level of power than anything we've seen before the king then leaves his throne and drops two major bombs this early on in the arc the first is that he has already gained control over hueco Mundo and can retrieve more.

Arankar whenever he wishes the second is that he's captured eisen's former third Espada haravell he is close to completing his preparations for the invasion of the Soul Society Ichigo learns this information from now and as he's asking more questions peske comes crashing down next to him in the soul Society all of the captains of the 13.

Squads attend a funeral for lieutenant sasakibe back in the Living World Ichigo has called a meeting with uriu orehime and Chad to discuss the news about hueco Mundo peske reveals that haribel has been the de facto ruler of huerco Mundo since eisen's defeat peskate tells the group that haribel has been defeated and taken by the mysterious King of the.

Vandenreich Nell and peske had just barely managed to escape but their friend doron Chaka has been captured by the invading Army the arankar's beg Ichigo and his friends to save doronchaka and of course they accept without hesitation everyone but uru agrees because he is a Quincy uriu can't help Hollows or arankars his only.

Purpose is to destroy them Ichigo understands this and accepts uria's decision without complaints once again proving just how much their relationship has developed at just the perfect moment kisuke urahara shows up and offers to take the group to hueco Mundo after so many years we finally get to see the former captain of squad 12 again bleach.

Is really back Ichigo and crew raced into hueco Mundo just as vandenrak's soldiers are moving a group of arankar captives they quickly noticed that dodonchaka isn't among the group of captives and that the soldiers had just finished obliterating a settlement of Hollows and arankars or he made scans the remains of the settlement and.

Realizes that the vadenreich left no survivors this new organization is as cruel as they are powerful pesky points out the captive arancas will either be killed or forced into the vandenrek army this instantly motivates Ichigo to free the captives even though dononchaka isn't among them urahara points out how ironic it is that Ichigo is so desperate.

To save a group of people that used to be his enemy not too long ago but that's just the kind of hero that Ichigo is no one is truly surprised by his actions and the rest of the group rush off to help we then move to the captives who seem to have been taken to a high-ranking member of the vandenreich stern Ritter J tells the arankar that.

They will be having a competition to see who will be allowed to join their organization he will start killing the arancas if they don't growl before him and arankar steps forward and is willing to accept the bargain if it means that he will be spared this action doesn't save his life though as Ritter J viciously stabs him pinning him to the.

Wall Ritter J reveals that their willingness to growl only grants them the opportunity to enter the acceptance competition he then begins to kill arankar at random his subordinates point out that Ritter J doesn't really care about hueco Mundo or the mission it seems this whole thing is just a game to him suddenly without warning two of the.

Arankar spring into action and fluidly break Ritter J Spear and hold him at the point of their blame the arankara take off their cloaks and reveal themselves as lowly Ivan and meneli Maria eisen's former AIDS this Revelation doesn't even phase Ritter J Who activates his Quincy cross and takes the two of them down with ease Ritter J orders his.

Subordinates to capture them as their King wanted arankar with the guts to fight back as he leaves Ritter J questions eisen's strength since he had such weak aren't cars working under him just as he finishes his thought a blade goes spinning through the air massacring dozens of wanden Reich soldiers when the blade reaches him Ritter catches it.

Without blinking his attackers reveal themselves ready for a fight haribel's three fraction Nila Rose sunsun and Apache have made their Dynamic entrance the Tres Bestia have returned to hueco Mundo to defend their Master's honor as Ichigo and Nell race towards the fight now recognizes the spiritual pressure of the Tres Bestia and Rambles a bit about.

Their history as the battle rages on the trespestia easily Slaughters the vandenreich soldiers but are unable to land a hit on Rita J even when working together Ritter J gives the three women one last chance to surrender and get the opportunity of working alongside haribel under his King naturally they boldly refuse the offer once more we return to.

The soul society as the captains have a meeting to discuss the vandenreich captain kurotsuchi informs everyone that the vandenreik are responsible for the mass disappearance of Hollows that threatens to destroy the world of the living and the Soul Society he tells them that the only people who could extinguish The Souls of Hollows are the.

Quincies at that same moment Ichigo finally reaches the battlefield and finds something shocking all of the Tres Bestia have been defeated by Ritter J who doesn't even have a scratch on him so much has been revealed in this episode does Ichigo stand a chance against this Quincy that's managed to dominate all of hueco Mundo let us know.

In the comments below thank you for watching to the end until next time keep that blood armor on you I'm Anthony fan have a great day goodbye