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War Begins in Hunter x Hunter! Hisoka Can Kill The Phantom Troupe!? – Hunter x Hunter Chapter 393


In the previous chapter we ended with a possible battle between the Phantom troop members and luini of the Hialeah family in this week's one we get more insight as to who the highly family is as well as Kenny the underboss of CHA R oh and of course we see more of hisoka but this time interacting with Henrik there's also something of a resolution.

To the battle between luini and Nobunaga but we'll get to that shortly without further Ado let's get into the spicy details of the chapter called solicit picking up right where we left off previously luini is still playing with the Phantom troop members sure he's clear about his intentions now saying I don't want to fight you he even goes as.

Far as saying he just wanted to team up and kill the other families involved in the three-way confrontation but despite that the members of The Troop especially Nobunaga aren't letting down their guard ready to strike in an instant with luini revealing his plan his hands out placating and trying to convince them to work alongside him Nobunaga takes that.

Moment to slowly walk towards him his sword is still drawn anyone else would realize the danger they're in but luini is just so certain of who he thinks they are and how they'll take his proposition that he's not paying attention to the signs lewini oblivious to what's coming continues on explaining that he'll go after the cha R family first which is.

Where he currently is and then take on she you and finally the royal family but that's not enough luini even wants to take over the ship and cause chaos wherever they can go with it once again we're reminded that though the troop can be ruthless they do so for specific reasons they aren't anarchists like the Joker or even hisoka who causes trouble.

Just because they can they do things mainly to gain a profit to raise themselves out of the slums they came from and sometimes to pass the time but I digress as luini excitedly shouts let's all band together and burn the world to the ground his time in this world has already ended Nobunaga takes but a moment to jab in with his blade.

Right in the center of his forehead it's so fast that luini even has a moment to wonder what just happened as he says huh Nobunaga always more into doing things on a whim and as he pleases admits he wasn't really following that old speech he also adds that killing the guard in the cha or was a mistake since it sent them the wrong message even before his.

Appearance their goal was to end the Assassin and that didn't change clearly when Nobunaga pulls his sword out it's possible luini wasn't completely dead but considering how the sword user follows it up with another slice or two while also saying I'll destroy you it's safe to say he finished him off but anyway before we continue this.

Fascinating chapter be sure to subscribe with notifications on and smash that like button if you want more hunter hunter in your life the members of the cha R who are walking down the Long Hall finally arrive at the door one of them is the super Phantom troop fan sudunke still intent on getting the autographed paper he bangs on the door saying yo.

We're back with no idea of what the people inside just went through seeing as Nobunaga just finished slicing up luini he's the closest to answer and opens the door which obviously makes Sudoku happy he doesn't say it aloud but his thoughts certainly show it not to mention the little heart icon after he's finished fanboying Sudoku finally.

Notices that people are missing like we dead and Nobunaga says luwini did it starting to explain but before we can get any details we instead get a clear and bloody shot of luini with his head cut off and a trail of blood leading from the door this is probably because they dragged his body in to letsudonke and the rest come inside or it's because.

His body collapsed after his power was interrupted by his decapitation either way it shocked sudunke to the point he can't help but Shout is that this is interesting since he thinks so highly of the troupe but he seems to lose all sense of politeness with this situation Nobunaga isn't bothered though he just tells him that's.

The Assassin and here's his head why is he still holding on to it was it because they arrived just as he had cut it off or was he holding it in case there was some men ability that could be triggered after luini's death maybe it was just meant as proof that they'd completed the task of taking down the Assassin regardless Nobunaga tells them luini's.

Severed head in his grasp that they've decided to crush the hiale family oh boy okay so was luini's decision to try and recruit them the worst he could have done it might have pushed the troop to hate their way of thinking so much that they now want to eradicate them from the world zunoke just stares taken aback by the sudden announcement fight hand.

Continues saying thanks for your hospitality Finks also says we're gonna get back to hunting hisoka adding that they'll take care of hiale as well if the cha R family has any intel to share with him all the while Sudoku is so blown away and impressed by them that he can hardly contain his excitement women just from being around them thankfully.

He doesn't say that out loud though with another shot of the outside of the ship reminding us that we're steadily moving forward and that there isn't much time left until the delivery deadline Sudoku decides he's gonna get that paper no matter what we move on to the hiale members probably still in their base considering they say we didn't even have.

To leave the base to get kills interestingly we see a body smashed and bloody on the wall as they discuss luini's death and it's almost as if they're seeing his body and commenting on it but from the position and the place where it was severed it seems to just be a victim of theirs by the way the People speaking include demon gelato.

Paragould and belay they're all members of Highly and close to or at least level 20 within their group gelato points out that they can't hunt out in the open anymore because the Army is preventing them from doing so at least there's still some things keeping the highly members from just making a bloodbath Paragould suggests that they somehow.

Recreate luini's ability since it was the best way to catch victims and kill them without being caught and also being out in the open but belay is isn't happy with his suggestion since he already has an ability in mind and it's clearly not that as we get a full view of the room where they're casually chatting it's clear to see there's definitely.

Something wrong with his family there's bodies all around them blood all over the walls and it looks more like a war zone than a base of operations Paragould reminds them and us that everyone is born with something different and you can't decide what your Affinity will be luini was an emitter so the solution would be to get someone else in their.

Family in the same category to fill his spot gelato points out that they only get those positions when they reach level 21 which none of them are at yet belay does want to be an emitter not that he can choose it but he doesn't intend on becoming a replacement for luini at that an emitter named baconte also labeled as a human trafficker.

Raises his hand to get their attention He suggests they just work with what they already have and modified in a way so that it can work in the same way that luini's teleportation did demon asks if boconte is referring to his door power and when he confirms it they realize it's a good idea unlike like with luini though they have to wait for someone to.

Wander into the Trap which might take more work on their part if you consider that luini could just Place spots to jump to look for people there and drag them into his teleportation spots yeah luini had the advantage at that more members of the highly arrive the ones who confronted Henrik previously and ditch pad we when it was clear they were.

No match for the pigeons surprisingly or maybe not considering their mentality Paragould is eating when they come in with the dead bodies still all around them tevolores comments that it's really dark in the room while Corolla asks if there's any emitters who can help them deal with hinrig amusingly the prior group was just discussing how much they.

Need emitters and now these two have the same issue Matt ovelle a level 18 University student interrupts them with pick me pick me but now that we know you can only get your Affinity at level 21 and up it's weird for him to volunteer when he knows he doesn't qualify anyway manovel tells them he's an aspiring emitter hoping to get a projectile.

Ability Corolla asks him if he could deal with handcuffs that turn into pigeons to which madavel is confused yeah can't say I blame him tevolores explains that the shiyu underboss AKA Henrik took out padui using that ability but because it's good at long range attacks and also defense they need a way to deal with Henrik from a distance as.

Well matavel doesn't sound too discouraged and considers that he might be able to deal with it if he tried gelato doesn't seem convinced though she accompanies the two men who faced henrig so they can speak with Morena and try to find a solution for the nen pigeon problem unsurprisingly Morena admits it's not an easy thing to solve seeing.

As it depends on the person involved in their ability she also explains that if one attack isn't enough it would be better to have someone who can do multiple to ensure they're successful if that isn't enough then binding them or nullifying their ability might be better options in order to win she even correctly points out that an emitter.

Type might not be needed gelato considers that saying that she hopes she'll be a conjurer so she can try that out Morena asks if she'd like to know her Affinity but she refuses to find out the surprise is always better getting back to the shiyu family we see zakuro slowly opening his eyes after clearly being knocked out if you recall he was.

Last seen talking to hisoka and leading him to Henrik so they could have a chat now we find him passed out but still in possession of his IV bags lying on the ground next to some garbage Lynch seems to be fine now as she's the one who woke him up bending down in front of him she asks zakura if he's okay and yeah he's great you know why because he survived.

An encounter with hisoka Lynch says he was already gone when she came to and zakuro tells her that they were supposed to see a movie together but he got knocked out instead talk about a sudden change of heart also who'd have thought hisoko was a fan of movies Lynch suggests they report what happened to henrig which they were men do anyway.

Since the two are no match for hisoka we move to the cinema area where there's snack stands and people lounging around there's also a poster of thing which may or may not be reference to the thing either way zakuro is back with Hinrich and he lets him know where to find hisoka though they have a crowd ready to face him Henrik tells them all to fall.

Back because their goal isn't to scare him off or trigger his bloodlust at the same time they do need to all be there to ensure that hisoka doesn't get away again so Henrik tells them to each take one room and sweep them that way zakura lets his underboss know that he'll be rejoining Lynch so that they can continue looking for crolo Henrik isn't.

Against this plan but he worries that it might put them in too much danger zakuro tells him we'll give them hisoka's location in exchange for wiping out the hiale that's certainly the kind of information the troop is looking for hisoka is seated in room 8 with people in front of him looking worried and whispering to each other but they're not.

Looking at him they're looking at the underboss who has just arrived Henrik some of them even get up and leave probably afraid of a confrontation unbothered hisoka stays in his seat and henrig plops down next to him other members of the shiyu family stand guard around the room probably to stop hisoka from leaving good luck to them if they.

Think they can moving only his eyes Henrik asks sisoka if he is who he believes him to be hisoka only looks at him saying nothing so Henrik tells him I'll cut to the chase I have a request this gets an interesting look from hisoka with with more bravery than others have had around hisoka Henrik politely asks him to move to a VIP room.

They have for him so he doesn't get involved with the inevitable fight between shiu hayali and the troop members he even tells hisoka if you attack the troop you'll be our enemy too which is a scary notion honestly hisoka of course turns to face him at that even smiling a bit and he says it would be fine for him if that happened at bat.

Henrig finally starts to sweat keeping the worry internal we find out that he knew hisoko would feel that way but he's not confident he could fight the troop or hisoka he looks down worried and when he looks back at hisoka who's watching him very closely Henrik tries to appeal to his Common Sense he lets hisoka know that the balance will be destroyed if.

Hialeah is left as they are and the troop are willing to help restore the balance with that he hopes hisoka can just wait a bit longer before starting any fights inside we see that hinrig is actually excited at the prospect of seeing hisoka and the true members facing off but it just wouldn't help his current goal even if he believes their.

Battle would be won in a lifetime what he does say is is that too much to ask hisoka grins slightly asking his own question reply who do you think will win and I wonder if he asked that to help him decide on his choice to follow the request or if he's just playing Curious with hiselka it's always hard to tell what he's thinking not missing a beat.

Henrik admits he prefers the spiders and actually appreciates all the members thehsoka laughs at that impressed by henrik's honesty and definitely seeing it as an extra challenge that this person who's clearly afraid of him still thinks he'd lose on the other hand he accepts the special room that's been provided to him by the shiyu family.

While admitting that if the troop does come after him he'll have no choice but to retaliate but hey at least he won't be seeking them out directly we leave the scene in the cinema and meet back up with the Army guard who made a deal with Henrik for morena's location looking paranoid gun in hand his eyes Dart around but instead of henrig it's Kenny.

Who makes it to the location first Kenny pretends he's asking about the fight Henry had previously with the Hialeah family but it's clear he knows something is up the guard pretends that he would have turned him regard the police if needed but Kenny calls him out on his obvious corruption this annoys him of course and he tells him to beat it Kenny.

Drops the ACT he had been playing and gets down to business he can tell this man is high ranking and that he's likely got plans with Henrik he's not wrong so far the guard doesn't even deny it and tells Kenny what was going to happen when the Corporal says he'll just put the information up for auction instead Kenny seems to be annoyed as the.

Corporal pushes for him to pay up if he wants it Kenny agrees to pay whatever Hinrich had offered not only that but Kenny intends to wait for henrig so they can all go together meaning the guard would be getting 50 million from both parties or that's how it seems at least the details are shared but the Corporal worries that Henrik won't be happy with.

His new agreement Kenny lets him know that their families are working together right now so it isn't a problem ever the honest man Kenny tells the Corporal why they're working together and how they feel about the Hialeah family he even offers the guard 5 million for every family member he reports to them the deal sounds good to the Corporal but his.

Only fear is if any members get away they will would immediately know who betrayed them so he asks Kenny if he can ensure they are all taken down just so we can sleep easy and we get one of the most disturbing panels and smiles we've ever seen there's nothing overtly terrifying about it I think it's just the fact that Kenny is always serious so.

For him to grin so widely and look so happy just seems out of place maybe the fact that he's saying will wipe out every last one makes it that much more scary it's not just us who's shocked by the smile though the Corporal tells us it's called smile Zero ice cold smirk and for it to be known and have such a reputation must mean something negative.

Is attached to it which well the Corporal says that anyone who sees this smile ends up dead so it's like the kiss of death in some ways I suppose but we and the guard don't feel convinced in fact this might be foreshadowing that Kenny doesn't just want to kill the Hialeah family but this Corporal as well so he can get their money back waiting.

With the Corporal he points out that some people are coming towards them they turn out to be part of the shiyu family with one of them being presented as Capo Connery sure Henrik isn't there himself but this person is from the same family so he's there for the deal after all he has a massive bag of money with him prepared to hand it over for the.

Information the Corporal leads them as promised to the spot he found suspicious he explains that it's tier 3's first class area where a lot of unsavory business goes down we get a shot of them as they approach the room and hinrig is there with Kenny after all Connery stays behind them with the money as we're given a floor plan of the first class.

Rooms it does sound a bit fishy that this one is without a wall in the toilet though this is mostly guesswork Kenny does think it would be in a good spot to house some hidden highly members considering it's at the edge of the ship but in order to be safe Henrik suggests that the Corp will do the knocking since he's less likely to be attacked if it's.

The right place as the Corporal knocks someone responds right away and he lets them know it's the cocking Army he makes up an excuse about needing to conduct an inspection and the man slowly opens the door to let him see inside with a shaky almost worried tone he says oh well I don't mind I have nothing to hide after all now this man might fool most people.

But us Hunter Hunter Fans know better don't trust anyone the guard points his gun asking if he's alone inside the room the man looks terrified raising up his arms and begging for the Corporal not to shoot he backs up his arm's still up non-threatening but the guard like us is still worried and orders him to sit on the bed in an instant even less than.

That the guard is inside and the underbosses want to follow him but when they do the Corporal is nowhere to be seen henrig and Kenny are shocked by this change they stay right outside the doorway watching the man inside the room still using his fake scared voice the man says oh he didn't come alone you don't look like you're with the Army.

Even though he suspects them he invites them in but they aren't so quick to step inside in fact henrig only peeks his head in asking where the Corporal went still acting strange the man pretends he's not sure where he is that maybe he went to the toilet and again he asks them to come in see this is where we should have alarms ringing right like.

He's almost too pushy about them passing the doorway henrig the long-range fighter that he is throws a knife next to the man's head to test out the mechanics of what's happening the knife is firmly planted in the wall and hasn't disappeared at that the man is finally scared for real and Henrik orders him to come to them instead but the man repeats.

His Eerie phrase of I have nothing to hide this is the third time he said those exact words and the text on the side of the panel emphasizes this by saying recite it three times does this mean that they're in trouble now that whatever conditions needed to be met have succeeded or is he meant to convince the person he's speaking to.

That he's just an innocent man in an empty room I guess we'll have to wait and see let us know what you think might happen next do you think hisoka is going to respect the agreement to stand down temporarily let's hope so that's all for now this is Jack Stansbury and have a great day