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War Begins in One Piece! Luffy’s Major Upgrade and Kuma Joins The Battle – One Piece Chapter 1067


We get more Revelations about the past the start of a whole new War and what might be the easiest fight win in one piece History Dr vegapunk truly is the no punch man how did the old scientist pull that off well let's get to it we start chapter 1067 with the members of Luffy's group having safely returned to the ground and Bonnie is already yelling.

At the kooky old man specifically she's asking about his head in the past as we saw in the last chapter it was ridiculously tall vegapunk has a surprisingly simple explanation it was getting a bit too unwieldy so he just cut it down to size Bonnie sputters that it can't be that simple to destroy most of your brain they are not talking about.

Getting a new haircut here vagapong Muse is that when he had met Bonnie he was about as tall as a giant thanks to his large Cranium jinbei is taken aback by that he had heard the great scientist's head was big but that big but Bonnie confirms that the old man's bonds had been like a giant balloon when she had met him vegapunk finally explains.

Himself though he has some difficulty going over these specific terms thanks to his oversized tongue as it turns out he too is a devil fruit user specifically he ate the hilarious sounding nomi nomi no me or brain brain fruit this paramecia type is perfectly tailored for a scientific genius thanks.

To it vegapunk is able to memorize an unlimited amount of information recalling everything perfectly the more he learns the Moors bring growth to contain it all figepunk is extremely proud of his fruit ability boasting to the group that he now has the largest brain in the world Luffy knows the contradiction in that vegapunk's brain.

Is now significantly smaller than when Bonnie last saw it he wonders if the doctor put it somewhere in his shoes maybe Chopper doesn't have time to register that cynicism however the little reindeer has become overcome by immediate hero worship he has vegapunk if he's got tons of medical knowledge which the old man immediately affirms.

Chopper looks like he's about to faint from the excitement he's got to be hyped about the idea of learning from a super doctor however much more skeptical is Luffy who gets blunt he straight up asked vegapunk if he's an idiot now that he has cut most of his brain out that gets an angry glare from the doctor though his tongue hanging out of his.

Mouth undercuts that a bit I mean just imagine being called an Idiot by someone like Luffy still vegapunk does not let Luffy's rudeness stop him from showing off he boasts at the half Apple atop his head is actually an antenna linking him to the rest of his brain he gestures up above them to the sky layer and the massive Punk record sign behind that as.

He hangaroo's makeup on keeps the rest of his brain presumably in some kind of Jar or life support of ice even this far away from it the old man can still pick up on his mental activity nicely Apple antenna even his body is basically a satellite now this is where vegapon gets specific finally getting into the issue of the other Vega punks he reminds Luffy.

Of his encounter with Punk Atlas not too long ago vegapunk describes her as his clone to the great shock of Luffy who wants to know if this makes the old man a ninja vegapung does not dignify that I deal with a response just going into more depth about the other six punks each one according to vegapunk is a facet of himself and an expert in their.

Field of study he is proud of the set boasting that because they provide such different perspectives they provide much more valuable experience but what's interesting is that the other clones are not operating with the Apple antenna they have to sync up with the punk records once per day this suggests that there is a bit more to this process than.

Vegapunk is letting on if they were just additional Vega punks they could be linked up to the main brain continually are these six truly just clones or more like Vega pumps assistance family Luffy seems skeptical of vegapon's explanation though he doesn't quite question it jinbei 2 appears unsure admitting that he is having difficulty wrapping his.

Head around this idea multiple people sharing one brain is quite odd dagapunk tries to explain by comparing his brain to a library the punks are individuals who can access these same memories and knowledge base talking about I guess he good doctor excited enough to start speculating he imagines a future where everyone could connect to punk records.

All of humanity would have access to his accumulated knowledge and be able to share their own and with this vegapunk starts sounding like a super villain boasting about his plan for world domination you can see what he's going for we're asking everyone these skills and knowledge he has spent a lifetime accumulating but all of humanity would.

Share one mind yeah that doesn't sound like a Utopia to me it almost sounds like some kind of alien takeover though there is a somewhat more innocent way of looking at it this would basically give the one piece world its own version of the internet vegapedia begins now Chopper isn't seeing the downside though the prospect of getting to study.

Medicine with people from all over the world has a cruise doctor beaming with joy Vega Punk could have made a better impression on the little guy if he tried flaring his new boots Chopper Jets off enjoy as a prospect of everything he still has to learn jinbei however is keeping his feet on the ground literally and metaphorically even though he has.

More information now the Helmsman is still unsure about this Prospect wondering how such a universal sharing of information would work with everyone uploading their own information to punk records wouldn't their biases create an inherent conflict people don't agree on everything I mean even the other Vega punks don't agree on everything Dr Vega.

Punk amends him a first sharp thinking but write that idea off as unimportant it's good thinking but science cannot be held back by little details like that it's interesting that the doctor hasn't considered what discrepancy zz6 Vape punks might create they were all supposedly facets of his personality but they are also different Lilith and Shaka.

In particular are bickering almost constantly his punk records already less stable than it looks regardless vegapunk's dismissal of the wrist finally rips Bonnie's last nerve to shreds she is not in the mood to hear vegapon talk about the need for scientific progress given what he did to her father in the name of creating the.

Perfect Soldier the Supernova pulls the beam sword from her pocket igniting it with the Press of a button and an instant has the energy blade against vegapunk's neck the old man's eyes go wide would surprise this show of hostility he really is pretty oblivious given Bonnie's attitude ever since they met this wasn't hard to see coming Vega.

Punk pleads would be Supernova to stop crying out that the beam saber is defective Bonnie doesn't bite on the idea for a second the old man is obviously bluffing after all she tested the thing out earlier and so she was fully aware of how well it can cut Bonnie has him dead to rights and she has a demand to make she wants vegapunk.

To restore Kuma to normal if he doesn't well the threat of holding a sword to someone's throat is pretty clear jinbei and Chopper pleaded with Bonnie not to kill the doctor pointing out that doing so will make her tons of enemies it would make her the world government's Public Enemy Number One but before the sorbet princess can make the call on.

What to do or vagabon can respond to her demands the whole situation is taken out of her hands as it turns out the doctor was not bluffing about the saber being defective it might be a workable weapon but the beam attracts an enormous swarm of bugs Bonnie only held his saber on for a few seconds before but now a gigantic buzzing mass of insects.

Descends on her like some biblical plague Bonnie tries to swat at the insects with a beam but it is useless in less than a second she is fainted frothing of the mouth and sheer fright at what she went through vegapunk has unintentionally defeated Bonnie without even striking a blow thanks to his kooky design sense Luffy ever oblivious tries.

To share his discovery of a rare giant stag beetle with Bonnie meanwhile Chopra has to point out that the other Captain is in no state to appreciate Luffy's new friend she is very clearly unconscious vegapunk meanwhile has caught up with the situation he has put two and two together realizing why Bonnie wants him dead the hole turned her dad into a.

Cybernetic War Machine thing the old man slumps down on a pile of junk he's lost that manic energy for once the guild catching up with him vagapang dourly knows that it is ironic that one of his failures saved him that thought makes him remember something he had meant to ashy straw hats he knows they were recently in wano vegapunk is curious.

About rumors of a dragon just like kaido recently appearing he asked the trio if they know anything about this mysterious figure Luffy immediately identifies the dragon as mominosuke after all he's not going to hide stuff unless he has to and even then he's not a very good liar they go uses that this Momo must have eaten the defective fruit he had left behind.

On Punk Hazard Luffy doesn't know what he meant by that the doctor explains that Momo's fruit was artificial and a major project of his he had spent 20 years and a ton of money on it researching kaido's lineage factor to replicate his powers however as far as vegapunk is concerned he never quite got it right Luffy doesn't know what he.

Could mean by that as far as he's concerned Momo's fruit is awesome he is super strong can breathe fire and now he is even the guardian deity of wano he helped save the flower capital and everything vegapunk's creation couldn't have been any more of a success to all this the old man glummily asks what color the dragon is Luffy innocently.

Admits that it is pink this is enough to get vagapon pounding his head against the ground in frustration to him minor cosmetic defects mean the devil fruit project was a Monumental failure Luffy is confused by the doctor's reaction he doesn't get what's wrong with a cool dragon being pink jinbei however can follow this vegapunk is not only a.

Genius says he is a perfectionist even a little error is enough to make him write off a project looking for a way to cheer the old man up Luffy gestures to the giant robot Vega Punk has to have built it too right he should make it move that would be fun the old Apple Head clarifies however that he did not make the massive Mac this enormous.

Contraption is a legendary Iron Giant that attacked Mary joa over 200 years ago he adds that it was built 900 years ago further staggering his guests theorizing about this old machine has matched sheer Vega Punk up some the master scientist loves to talk shop he explains the attack on Mary joa was something of an in-name only event it.

Climbed up the red line just fine but the giant ran out of fuel before it could inflict any casualties on the holy city being upon Muses the scientists from 200 years ago did not have his knowledge of ancient technology to them this must have seemed entirely bizarre they had no idea where the robot came from or what it had been trying to do.

Still they must have been curious that is why they had the mech on Egghead Island rather than letting the world government destroy it realizing where they are vegapunk congratulates the straw hats on finding this hidden location full of Technology apparently the scrap yard is hidden behind a hologram the path here should look like.

A wall when seen from the town Luffy and Chopper admit that they didn't really find this place they just stumbled around while old and see now under the effects of Bonnie's fruit vegapunk sounds a bit disappointed to learn that but before we see any more of this Christmas Adventures the focus shifts back to the rest of the straw hat crew.

Shock has brought the group into the central control room Lilith Edison and Pythagoras were using and has given the crew a glimpse of The Iron Giant he has shared the explanation with them and the Pirates are struggling to come to grips with this history even now Robin no to this Giant's attack roughly coincides with the point where the world.

Government finally granted fishmen basic civil rights the two things happening at the same time is suggestive Frankie is more impressed that this robot somehow magic climbed the red line Shaka doesn't quite confirm that it did merely noting that it is the most likely conclusion from what they know the logical Punk explains that he designed the Vega Force.

One based on the ancient robot but some aspects of it even he couldn't recreate he is still staggered by the idea that something so advanced was made 900 years ago Frankie is incredulous at the idea that vegapunk the man who made all this amazing technology could not work out some part of the old boss construction Shaka clarifies that he is talking about.

The device's power source something from the past was capable of outputting energy in a way they still cannot recreate some powerful force of energy generation like a sun for example the other straw hats are less invested in the science however they are just happy to see that their captain and friends had made it through still Nami is not.

Exactly sure who the woman that is accompanying the group is usop clarifies that this is jewelry Bonnie Pirates and member of the worst generation Sanji is confused at how her age has suddenly shifted the entire situation is still crazy even before he gets to the whole brain in a jar based internet system while the straw hats are trying to make.

Sense of everything we come back to Luffy's group vegapunk is still okay but he is a bit down over what happened with Bonnie he admits that he did something terrible to the sorbet princess though he does not clarify exactly what Oda is continuing to tease us over what exactly went down between vegapunk and Kuma Luffy remembering a bit of what Bonnie.

Said earlier goes along with the old man's self-deprecation he Jabs a finger at vegapunk calling the old doctor to bow down and beg Bonnie to forgive him even the apple head can tell that Luffy doesn't really know what he's talking about just that Bonnie was mad at him still vegapunk agrees with the principle looking down the scientists knows that.

There's something he has to give to Bonnie it's hard to say what could possibly make upper Kuma's cyborg surgery though a final message from her father perhaps either way the scientist turns his attention from the moment away from Bonnie and back to Luffy digapong Muses that the straw hat Captain coming here might be fate furthermore he has a.

Request of dragon's son could Luffy take vegabunk away from Egghead Island it's not clear that that just means the original body all seven Vega punks or even Punk records itself I imagine it would be hard to fit that enormous brain aboard the sunny but before we see Luffy's response to that request we cut over to the Seas near Egghead Cipher.

Pulls ship is progressing past an unruly set of sea beasts they are broadcasting over denden Mushi requesting permission to dock at egghead's Port aboard their vessel we see that the Agents of the world government are here in force there is a full division of rank and file armsmen with rifles here to back up the cp0 agents Stussy Kaku and Luchi are all.

Ready for the fight now we're in their cp0 masks even Hattori is now sporting some adorable little face gear matching Luchi of course Lucy has a new report to share with the others she's just heard that jewelry Bonnie was seen on route to Egghead Island Luchi sounds annoyed just from hearing her name he knows that Bonnie has been an annoyance for cp0 for.

A while as far as Luchi is concerned she has served her purpose they can just kill her as soon as they find her Egghead already has a visual on their ship likely thanks to the Seabees they are mechanized creatures vegapunk having implanted cameras and their eyes make sense Pythagoras is already starting to freak out at the site of this government.

Ship he worries what might happen if the Navy found out that the Vega punks are harboring Pirates Edison wonders what Cipher pole zero might want with them and why they have sent Rob Lucci Lewis immediately suggests handling these straw hats over to the world government her cold-blooded streak comes in full force still it is hard to blame her for.

Not wanting to get on Lucy's bad side she unlike her fellow pawns remember that he is an assassin and it is pretty easy to guess why an assassin has showed up to this remote island now they have heard who they're dealing with these Shrine has start to join Pythagoras in fear they can remember how things went down on anus Lobby and no one's eager.

For a rematch with Cipher pole Gustav desperately asked Shaka to give them their legs back while Nami screams at the Vega punks can't let him in Sanji is keeping it together just telling Robin that he will keep her safe no matter how many times Luchi comes back Frankie and Robin and can't comment for now but they look tense as far as they have come from.

That Island the Jaguar man remains an intimidating threat Shaka makes a decision quickly and calmly he orders Pythagoras to tell Cipher Pole to just drop off the seraphim and leave they are declining these ships requested dock Shaka can guess the world government won't take this well so he tells his fellow Vega punks to get ready for.

Battle if cp0 wants to try and complete their mission they're going to have to fight their way through all of egghead's defenses that should be one hell of a tall order with how much technology we have seen the vegapunks put together and those defenses may very well include one element no one was expecting over in kamabaka Kingdom the Revolutionary Army.

Cries out in alarm something strange is going on with Bartholomew Kuma Lindbergh tries to reason with the cyborg yelling at him they are just trying to fix him Kuma is not listening however he's getting to his speech and is starting to run koala yells at him that he is not in any states we moving even as Kuma drags a ton of medical equipment behind him.

The One Time Warner Lord almost immediately proves her right falling to the ground head first still Kuma brings himself right back to his feet he is not the turd the big guy is struggling to breathe but keeps on going he is determined to reach a sea even as dragon and ivankov call out asking their friend to explain what he is trying to do and.

It is with Kuma's dash for Freedom that we end the chapter it seems pretty clear that his pacifist to programming is drawing him to Egghead but will he be able to bring the other members of the Revolutionary army with him and why run when with his devil fruit he can kind of pseudo teleport anywhere he wants what will cp0 do now that the Vega punks are.

Ready for a fight and what does old man being a punk want Luffy to take away from Egghead let us know your thoughts to everything in the comments down below as always I'm celesteobotaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you