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WAR IS HERE!! Boruto’s GODLY POWERS and TIME-SKIP Are FINALLY Here!? – Boruto Chapter 68


Portugal chapter 68 opens with everyone back in konaha following the battle with code we'd begin with board to informing amato katasuke and sai of the karma developments that led to his recent resurrection this sign of peace and normalcy would end quickly later with a war triggered by code but at the moment they were all dumbfounded as expected.

And had a hard time believing bartra's explanation on what had happened at least according to momoshiki 82 percent of the asus ki dna had already finished its extraction and the remaining 18 was used to rebuild the destroyed body parts of boruto his heart and lungs were destroyed which led to his untimely death at the hands of his own brother.

Kawaki momoshiki of course resurrected him which saved them both as amato would point out because boruto is momoshiki's vessel had he died the soul of omashiki would be extinguished as well with that this may sound like a good thing because now in theory having used the remaining 18 to rebuild boruto's body momoshiki can never resurrect however the problem.

Of bore to losing control of his body to omoshiki from time to time still remains not only that but as momoshiki would previously mention boruto's maki is now a genuine pure osusuki meaning he is ready to be sacrificed to the ten tails on top of that the survival was a one-time trick if death were to grip borto again there would be no escape and.

Before we go any further don't forget to drop a like for some plot arm in your life today and subscribe for more boruto content katasuke would mention the medicine being an effective way to prevent momoshiki taking control but boruto would until they surprise of us all reject that he'd simply say that regarding the pills he doesn't need them.

Anymore these pills were originally developed by a motto for a different purpose but were prescribed to suppress osusukiification taking the pills in general was risky because they could have had unknown side effects and on top of that they were of course developed by amaro a newer less trustworthy ally to explain why he no longer needed the.

Pills borto would want to say that he feels like something has changed from before he struggled to describe it but he would boldly claim that he feels as though he could channel momoshiki's power better now and this makes sense there had to be some change that came with becoming a full of suzuki and better management of the power is a very.

Logical development amado would just watch with interest as borrow to express this we would then get an update on kawaki and what lies ahead for him following the killing of boruto sumire would update the others in the room on his current state of unconsciousness following extreme chakra usage kawaki's life at the moment was not in danger.

However and his injuries were already almost fully healed thanks to the nano machines in his blood it was strange that sumirey would be the one looking over kawaki instead of a motto but there were concerns to address before he could be allowed around kawaki it would also be questioned whether kawaki should be left unbound with such strength however.

Shikamaru being a strategist for the leaf knew even attempting that would be futile with sukuna hikona kawaki could just shrink himself and escape and on top of that with karma kawaki could also absorb any jutsu binding kawaki as he is right now would be no small task in other words shikamaru was basically just saying kawaki is built different not to.

Mention antagonizing someone as strong and wild as kawaki would be a dangerous thing and fortunately for them kawaki simply wants naruto to be safe and with that being the case there should be no beef between the two sides shikamaru knew all they could do if they wanted to stick to peaceful solutions is trust kawaki and have faith naruto was liking.

All of this of course it was much better than the energy shikamaru had during the previous battle at that time shikamaru was ready to ship out kawaki with fedex two day shipping after he killed boruto now though he was more calm and rational you could say this next part was important naruto with a focused yet fatigued look would state that they'll.

Have a nice long talk with kawaki when he wakes up and this could be a sign that there will be no long nice talk they may not get the chance and you'll see why a bit later in this chapter sumirey would take note of naruto's comments at that time before later asking shikamaru about it she had concerns about naruto but shikamaru.

Would brush it off explaining that naruto had just narrowly escaped death and was just exhausted next sasuke would make an appearance and this was someone we have not seen in forever so many questions were asked about his whereabouts and finally we'd get answers he'd come stating that he has intel concerning codes whereabouts sasuke.

Would find the borough facility at the edge of the land of snow this is where ada was found by code previously and where they'd been up until now sasuke would then inform shikimaru that at this location it seems they engage in inhumane rituals human experimentation among other things it was even known for disposing of cyborgs that jigen had.

Ordered to be scrapped this was a lead and there was no proof of code being present there however sasuke did mention bug who we previously seen activate ada for code shikamaru would plan to order a deployment however later the heat does come to them instead following the updates on his lead sasuke would confirm that kawaki had killed boruto and he.

Reserved any thoughts and instead opted to ask about boruto's whereabouts sasuke and boruto do of course have a mentor-mentee type relationship so it makes sense that sasuke would be concerned and immediately wants to know where to find him the details of kawaki killing boruto were being kept secret and is part of why sumire couldn't.

Understand the state naruto was in earlier shakimara would give the details on where to find murto and mention sarda as well reminding sasuke to be a father for once back at their hideout which sasuke and konahan now know about aydah would inform code of what had happened with boruto they'd confirmed boruto was alive and know the details of how.

Through aydah using her clairvoyance to ease drop on boruto and amato's earlier conversation she could understand how borto and moshiki were able to have conversations but figured it might have been done through communication on some sort of spiritual plane which is kind of exactly what it seems like it happened previously this conversation would then.

Take an interesting turn like we spoke about in the previous chapter ada and code would have a very clear line drawn they were not real partners ada would explain she was tired of code's displays he had taken it too far in their last conflict especially when he used diamond as a shield without permission code had done so to save himself from death at.

The hands of kwaki believing he had no other choice of escape and he'd explain this here she would again make it clear that koh's job was to bring kawaki to her and in return she would help him get his power back however the biggest development would be this if ada found code still incompetent after he regains his power she and daemon would dispose.

Of him with diamonds still on him code would comment that it's sad they aren't even comrades aydah would retort by pretty much stating that business is business now we'd get our biggest teaser as to what's to come with borusso's war later code already had taken measures and with that we'd see a claw mark on shikamaru's neck with an ear sticking.

Out of it revealing that code was planning to use shikamaru as a trojan horse using this mark he'd be able to teleport right on the shikimaru at any moment easily invading kona all that was left to do was wait for the perfect timing and look at shikamaru man constant elves first he got held hostage and now he's brought a bomb to kona.

Basically pretty crazy anyway shikamaru would approach a motto he had questions firstly though some things were to be confirmed through blood analysis they could confirm that one borto is in fact usus and two it is 100 impossible for momoshiki to resurrect things would escalate from here shekimar would comment that this was great and then.

Grab hold of a model and start to demand answers on kawaki's karma just like that the mood has shifted this was just a tease though because we would then transition to something equally as exciting the return of sarada in the boruto manga it had been ages since we last saw her i wouldn't even blame some people for forgetting that border had a.

Squad to begin with she would be checking out the new mark on boruto's chest the sign of his rebirth with curiosity bourgeois explained that it was a close call and that code almost got him mitsuki like zharda is pretty smart and would ask a very good question if code wants to feed boruto to the 10 tails why would he be trying to kill him.

Borto would struggle to answer this and remember the order from shikamaru to not reveal that kawaki had killed him this information was being kept secret for the sake of avoiding panic while they figured out what to do from this point on however we imagine this would be revealed somehow in the future tasarda and mitsuki so with the command in mind.

Bort would attempt to lie and just reply that perhaps code couldn't control himself they then note that it's likely both will be targeted from here on out even more than previously interrupting this conversation would come sasuke he'd warned them not to go anywhere alone not even in the village while also acknowledging the irony and the fact.

That he himself is always going places alone with codes limiters in mind sasuke would note that it's not only boruto who needs to be careful but a motto as well and with that we transitioned back to shikamaru pressing a motto the snake he'd confront him regarding kawaki's karma returning again because kawaki had lost his karma and it was supposed to be.

Gone forever however with amado's intervention it returned in the form of a pure weapon amado would of course try to justify his actions stating that he probably wouldn't have been able to get consent however he believed kawaki desired the power enough to protect naruto and chase off enemies despite him planting the seats amado believed.

Genuinely that kawaki ultimately made the choice himself intention was essential for the karma's return being manipulative as always amado would then point to the results and what could have been had he not reconstructed the karma he wholeheartedly believes he did what was right shikamaru was not having it though and with a look of disgust he.

Would state that watamata did was not for the benefit of kawaki or kona to shikamaru and probably all of us by now amaro seems personally obsessed with kawaki's karma itself we needed to know why but before the chance could arrive something else made its appearance from the back of shikamaru to the surprise of a motto it was code like a gentleman.

He'd apologize for interrupting but the opportunity was too good to waste amado was now sweating as he yelled out code and while that entrance was very hype i'm on aida's side as she states that the conversation was just getting interesting so what a shame we do not get to know what a model the snake is thinking at this time we need to know.

Amada's intentions and i'm sure it'll come soon immediately code would pop off and send shekelbar flying into a wall he would then grab a model by the neck and demand the removal of his limiters amado despite his intelligence did not see this move coming and instead of acknowledging koh's command he'd warned that code would be sensed by konoha.

Sensory unit and be immediately found to a motto's surprise code already knew how the limiters could be removed it would only take a couple seconds and require a model looking at code's eyes and saying a command the sensory unit would become aware of code's presence and immediately check on shikamaru who would confirm code's rival he would deny the call for.

Backup though and instead tell them to inform naruto and the others he didn't want to scare code away this was too good an opportunity to waste ino was here told to wait for a signal and with that shikamura would clasp his hands together and begin the shadow possession jutsu they do soon then lurk at the feet of code but this was of no use code was.

Still able to move his fingertips enough to kill him otto with that he'd tell a model to hurry up and remove the limiters a major twist would then develop shikamaru knew all along that kodu was trying to use him to get close to a model this was a setup for code just then the mysterious android pod we've waited months to see inside of.

Would begin to open shikimara would then declare that it was showtime and call for bronco to wake up the android appeared to be delta but something was different the mark on her forehead was different and now somewhat similar to the konoha symbol shikamaru would explain that this was a new model reprogrammed to be a battle asset for.

Kona ha and with that reveal he would give delta commands to attack code and she would begin doing so happily delta would immediately attack sending code flying and freeing a model her fiery personality remained as well delta would now with confidence declare that she would hold back and not use destructive beams to limit havoc in the closed area.

Which simultaneously code would make his play he'd reach his hand into a claw mark tashikamaru disappeared like a retreat he was very wrong this was no escape it was the opposite ada the real enemy like a goddess would not slowly appear from the mark everyone was stunned aydah was now here on the battlefield this was the first time.

We've seen her leave the base and so her appearance is a sign that this is about to reach a new level of crazy we might even see some bodies drop with how her abilities work lucky for them diamond did not appear with her but he just might come very soon in the comments let us know what you think will happen next we first see chaos and all-out war.

Breaking out until next time keep that farmer on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye