Now I'm going to show you a beautiful homemadewarm salad with shredded brussels sprouts, bacon, spinach, sliced orange and amazing dressingand homemade croutons, come on! It's beautiful, delicious, and it's really fun to make so let'sdo this. Get yourself a pan on. We're gonna use for the beginning of the flavour – bacon. And youdon't have to go mad on the bacon right so we want to make them healthier, so that's also aboutrestraint. So 4 slices is all we need and just slice it up as fine as you can so what we want todo is get that crispy. I'll add that to the pan and immediately that will start crisping it up.Add a little olive oil to the pan and just move it all around, it already smells amazing. At theheart of this dish is the crouton. So a clever little healthy swap is to make your own crouton,because we can trade up from white bread to like.

A mixed seed brown bread right, so you get morefibre, more goodness, and more flavour, honestly. So if you get like three-centimetre slices, justtry and slice this up into like centimetre-ish cubes. We're gonna use this bread to makethe best croutons ever. So if you look in the pan now the bacon's getting lightly golden,take these crouton and just sprinkle these in. We'll give it a nice little shake. We're notgoing to rush this right we're going to kind of take about 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes on amedium heat just keep moving it tossing it around getting it golden, crisp, and delicious.So they're going to blow your mind okay. So, let's get on to the brussels sprouts. What youcan do is just cut your brussels sprout in half, put this onto its flat edge, then we can justrock chop and go as fine as you can, and that's.

Going to give you a completely different texturemore like a slaw. Now if you're worried about your knife skills don't worry, use a food processor,and literally in seconds you just basically… Done. So we have our beautiful brussels sprouts.For the people that are not converted yet, with a little bit of a helping hand from the world's bestcroutons it's gonna be so, so good, people will fight for it I promise you. So next we're gonnado a lovely dressing, so so simple. First and foremost extra virgin olive oil and then I'm gonnago in with some nice balsamic, delicious, about a tablespoon. Baby spinach, beautiful. We couldactually just put the brussels sprouts in raw and I actually love it, but what I quite like to doin this recipe is just soften them a little bit. So what I'm gonna do is just get these croutonsand just shake them to one side like that and put.

These beautiful brussels into the pan, givethem a little mix-around and a little bit of heat for 2 or 3 minutes just softens them, makesthem a pleasure to eat, and makes them cling onto the dressing in the most beautiful way. Thisdressing and this salad is going to come together beautifully. The last bit is the oranges. Justget a bit of that lovely orange zest for later, and this is a fantastic garnish but it'sbeautiful and it smells incredible. And then what I'm gonna do I'll peel it, and then gorgeouslittle slices thin as you can. We can lay that around our plate here. Back to the pan here takeall of this into here, and this is why it's called a warm salad right, so we need a little bit ofspeed. I'm going to put this back on the heat. There's one last thing I want to do and that'sintroduce some hazelnuts, a handful, just to wake.

Up the flavour it's going to be amazing. So whilethey're toasting just get into a nice big bowl get your hands in there, and give it a properdress. Do not let any leaf or bit of brussel go undressed okay, that is the joy of a good saladlook at that! Nice and quick so you don't cook the spinach so it's a big tasty substantialsalad, and then I'm going to take these beautiful toasted hazelnuts I'll whack them in alittle pestle and mortar, bash up the hazelnuts, and we're literally gonna let it rain down. Thelittle bits of orange zest. That my friends is a properly, properly tasty salad. Crispy bacon,homemade croutons, brussels with lovely spinach, orange and balsamic, gorgeous. Just get inthere. I know this is going to be amazing… mm! Those croutons are insanely good.


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