This was easily one of the most fascinating chapters of one punch man ever titled the Abominable fists that turned against God we firstly opened up to an incredible shot of this ever so monsteriz Garo that is just absolutely brilliant the associated text reads the ultimate in martial arts and also how to be human very obviously placing great.

Emphasis ongaro and his journey from there we would have our collection of mostly A-Class Heroes and wagama as Lightning Max would exclaim that they needed to search for tario advocating that anyone still capable of moving should go along with him back to shore to search for the boy however to interrupt this would be the terrified.

Outcry of ogama which even caught Max by surprise and this was on account of what he believed to be a drowned corpse what we of course recognize to be fat gum which is pretty major because if you remember fatgum had previously swallowed a number of injured S-Class Heroes for the sake of protecting them from the engulfing waves yet funnily enough none.

Of these Heroes recognize the guy despite his especially recognizable Visage believing him to Simply Be an unfortunate civilian that didn't make it out in time only for him to then roll over revealing his identity body and shocking them all but here we go with the continuation of Garo versus saitama as the man turned monster will cry out.

For his opponent to take things seriously and stop playing around following this command up with a sequence of accelerated fists of the points of several appearing to be visible at once this will continue on for a while through the sky of course as Garo has wings at this point now mentally Garo was running through all.

The ways he could possibly manage to defeat saitama first up was technique which if you recall from the previous chapter he realized that in regards to martial arts saitama is a complete and utter amateur and figured that his own exceptional understanding would give him the edge he needed to win it didn't then he'd realize that saitama's speed and.

Reflexes were incomparable so a contest of that would not be in his favor either after plunging the dude into the side of an active volcano and seeing him emerge unfazed it became abundantly clear that attempting to overpower the guy wasn't the right direction either so now he was testing to see if an overwhelming number of attacks would be the solution to his.

Problems yet all these incredibly devastating fists that would likely one shot the vast majority of our cast would be a invaded with ease by saitama as he continued to wear a smile on his face thinking it was pretty cool how it looked like Garo had so many hands as in actuality over the course of this particular attempt Garo had further.

Monster rise yet again as he sprouted an additional set of arms and had these really cool Flames running along his body the attacks approach it failed him as well and so Garo was now on to creativity which was essentially freestyling and hoping something works what was ultimately a pretty desperate attempt but of course these are.

Desperate times for Garo he would then place his palms or at least two of them onto saitama pushing him downwards meanwhile his other set of arms gyrated with incredible power coalescing from his fists they would then be opened up as he would use the force to send saitama and himself downwards like a crashing rocket The Roaring outcry would.

Make it oh so clear just how hargara was trying here and listen if you're trying to see more one punch Man videos from us be sure to drop a like And subscribe to plot armor with notifications on but oh come on man marata truly makes reading this series such a one-of-a-kind experience the artwork is next level it is on real girls extreme power attack.

With Cesar Thoma and himself plunged into a massive mountain and just invert the damn thing plunging into the depths of the Earth the reverberations of which would begin to be felt on the opposite end of the world coincidentally enough an international flight had crashed and was in the midst of sinking the former occupants of which happened to be.

Several Japanese students on a field trip overseas and in their fear and panic they would wonder why no heroes or even a rescue team had been dispatched to save them not to mention they didn't even have Dependable chaperones available as one of their teachers who prioritize his own safety over those of his students but it would not be long.

Before the reverberations of Garo and saitama's Clash will begin to be felt beneath them would be the rise of a previously submerged land mass structure that dwarfed the size of their aircraft several times over meanwhile the unsavory adults have put themselves before the children were plummet downwards and ultimately wind up on what.

Appeared to be some sort of ancient structure that may very well be elaborated upon further at a later point in the story the students were in complete disbelief but if you notice nearby there was yet another structure as well so very interesting stuff it looks like Atlantis has been discovered and yet again despite his attempts at.

Being this oh so horrible monster Garo in his attempts to do bad has done so much good on several occasions he has saved those with no other options those who have been overlooked and or forgotten and you know what if we think of saitama and King to be the utmost extremes I'd have to say that Garo is essentially the middle ground between.

The two he is both absurdly powerful and inadvertently one of the greatest heroes around despite not getting the proper credit he deserves and that's because he himself does not acknowledge what he's doing to be chivalrous and or heroic which for any up-and-coming writers out there should serve to be a bit of worthwhile inspiration you can.

Essentially duplicate an already blow up character and shift their quirks just enough to where you suddenly have a whole new and very enjoyable character on your hands and speaking of enjoyable characters we've transitioned from the other side of the world to a totally different dimension where blast and its many mysterious comrades reside the.

Impact of garo's last move had caught their attention as apparently the space around the planet was beginning to distort with the magnetic and gravitational fields going haywire this would therefore prompt blast to open up a riff to observe the situation and good Lord just like how boris's move against saitama forever changed the surface of.

The Moon gara's move against saitama has now forever changed the Earth suddenly there is a whole lot more land and it is unreal none of these interdimensional Heroes could believe their eyes as the Earth was bulging these other figures would remain silhouetted for the time being but the Intrigue has only just begun as one of these characters with.

Feminine features and elongated ears would be seen they seem to be some sort of seer or maybe even perhaps a potential esper considering the whole observing through a pool of what seems to be liquid to further discern the situation as far as they could tell it appeared as those emotionic plays had been subducted into the Earth by way of.

Crystal movements had been pushed back out by some major Force which are Concepts you may be familiar with if you paid attention in science class during middle school but man this next panel had me yell out in excitement when I first saw it a particular Visage that looked to be virtually identical to that my favorite monster in the entire series.

Boros they then wonder who may be responsible for doing such a thing and the way in which they go about saying this leaves room for inquiry as to whether or not they're genuinely in the dark as to who could be the cause of such a thing or not now boros fur as incredible as he may have been is dead and considering it was saitama who did.

Him in we really have no reason to believe that this is boros himself that being said boros was set to hail from an especially powerful alien race he just so happened to be the strongest among them yet considering Burrows went out on a 20-year long Trek throughout the Universe in surgery where the opponent for himself that was prophesized to be.

On a distant planet a lot may have very well changed for his people in that time either way if boris's race is rather long-lived and his power was as incomparable as it was said to be then assuming this person is familiar with his own kind Boro should be able to be recalled or recognized and seeing as Earth ultimately became the final.

Destination for the PowerHouse if that were to ever be acknowledged then a greater emphasis would likely be placed on the planet next up we would then have a big cat looking character who based on that element alone may be likened to yet another monster that say Thomas ordered early on into the series by the name of beast king but besides the whole Lion.

Thing there's actually not much of a resemblance at all they would Express however they're disbelief that any earthlings were capable of such a thing therefore quaint this occurs who merely be an especially major natural phenomenon and this to me is actually pretty crazy because it should be able to give us all a decent idea as to how.

Powerful these guys may be consider the fact that just after blast left to return to all these guys Sage centipede emerged a ridiculously powerful creature and Herald of the mysterious entity known as God that although ultimately defeated by Garo gave him a pretty hard time to have vacated at such a point as to say that the threat posed by.

Centipede was pretty much beneath him and could be handled by those on the scene now unlike harness Kabuto boros or Orochi who are capable of perceiving the vastness of saitama's Might despite his incredibly underwhelming appearance blast isn't still capable of perceiving the strength of others as he himself met zaitama yet placing fate of tatumaki who.

He cares for in the relatively powerless hands of King and if from this Outlook King was to be busy protecting tatsumaki then he reasonably would not be the one to fight Saint centipede meanwhile from such a perspective King and tatsumaki are the strongest Heroes possible if he himself is removed from the equation which he typically is and with the.

Knowledge we have we know that tatsumaki is the only one that is truly powerful among the two for these figures to be able to look down to the potential power of our S-Class Heroes and tatsamaki especially is pretty wild I mean if each of these guys is beyond top Tamaki level it's hard not to be excited for more to come from them and of course he.

Challenges to come that will require such strength and speaking of which what took priority for this group beyond the minutia of Earthly happenings was the opportunity such a thing provided to The Entity known as God as with this the potential for its a breezy so-called dimensional seal had Arisen and it was up to them to repair it so yeah this.

Fight is definitely impacting the future of the series in several different ways and I love it and on that note getting back to the fight itself Gara was still in the midst of pushing saitama further and further into the Earth with as much force and power as he could muster but in the midst of this saitama shot Garo a look and for as simple as say Thomas.

Expressions may be this really is true really just says so much it is not a look of frustration nor anger or just about anything you would imagine to be on the face of a main character places such a situation it says are you done which kagaro entirely off guard as saitama would then provide his forceful response by way of consecutive normal.

Punches on tugaro that time would do this as he too would Spyro back outwards from the hole that Garo had created the monsterized man would do his best to repel and resist with his forearms but it was no use he couldn't possibly keep up with saitama who is now surpassing everything Garo had done previously and during this two of garo's arms will be.

Utterly destroyed in the midst of this flurry Gara would recall the words of the late Sage centipede that claimed to have risen for the sake of destroying the Abominable fists that turned against God he likes of which Garo had previously believed to be himself yet now he realized the truth that the one being referred to was actually saitama.

Now this is very very very fascinating as this may potentially allude towards some sort of connection and or relation between saitama and God when saitama face monster King Orochi previously an absolutely dog walk that thing with the beginning of the encounter like I said previously Hiroshi was capable of recognizing saitama's power to be.

Incomprehensible immediately as a result he desired to use itama as a sacrifice for the sake of his Ascension into godhood a seemingly false notion he had come to believe in on accounts of a misinterpretation of a mural depicting his Visage beneath that of gods it would seem that Orochi was to become a vessel for God but seeing as saitama.

Obliterated him that Prospect was therefore removed so the aggravation of God could be as simple as shaitama robbing him of a potential vessel thereby incurring his retaliation however in the end this was not the complete and utter end of Orochi as a portion of the creature was actually able to persist and replenish itself by.

Way of consumption this eventually led to abusing the psychos who despite emerging as the dominant Consciousness would also end up contacted and furthermore contracted by God hatsumaki would be the ones who take this mysterious Fusion down in the end yet God's prerogative afterwards became the attempt to Contracting with tatumaki by.

Way of deceptive means as opposed to seeking her demise with all that being said to refer to saitama as a fist that turned against God would seem to imply that said fist was once in alignment with God now saitama himself doesn't really know how he ended up being as strong as he is so I don't imagine he was once a willing Herald of God or.

Anything like that but this stuff potentially ties to the origins of his powers that is pretty damn cool and exciting there have been visual parallels in the like but just nothing to really and truly grab onto but this may be the inkling that we need but getting back to the fight saitama with his last punch with sengaro flying in a.

Whole new way as he crashed straight through several mountains before hitting the water where he'd be skipped Like a Rock before being left to lay on his back as he water poured down back on him Garo was exhausted the simple Descent of saitama caused such a major reaction from the water behind him edgaro laid there said TAMU would ask the man if he.

Was satisfied yet Garo from here would try and get back on his feet while thinking of everything that had failed it was no use he was all out of ideas as to how he could possibly win it was over his wings were in tattered and victory would not be his with a defeated expression Gara would wonder if this was the conclusion of his dream his.

Aspirations have been becoming an absolute evil had been crushed but if they were to ever fall apart then he would be able to find some degree of Solace and knowing that it was the Fist of saitama the absolute strongest Zara would then begin to chuckle to himself prompting saitama to question what was so funny but Garo would not say anything.

Back but to himself he'd admit that somewhere deep down he knew things would not work out Gara would then leap forwards and seemingly Rush towards haitama one last time and as he raised his fist towards the bald man he convinced himself that this was how he wanted to die all along believing that saitama would Now kill him but little.

Does he know that throughout this entire fight saitama never had any intentions of killing the guy and so instead of hitting him saitama would just grabbed hold of garo's fist that that was enough of that he would then ripped so hard on tagaro's fist that it made the monster drop down to his knees taitama would then say that there was no point in them.

Continuing then confirming that Gara already knew as much and understandably this would Agra vegaro prompting him to command saitama to just kill him already after all taitama was a hero bagaro has never encountered a hero like saitama and by that I of course mean power but also his Outlook saitama was now convinced that Garo definitely had some.

Hero issues as like a counselor he would let Garo know that if there was something he wanted to talk about he was willing to listen obviously this was all very jarring for Garo but saitama in this time would notice a mostly destroyed home that would serve as a pretty good place for a conversation and that is exactly where they would go and.

What a great double spread this is Garo looks pretty uncomfortable and has his hands on his knees in a way that seems to be respectful of superior meanwhile saitama is pretty loose and relaxed with his elbow resting on the table and has even removed his boots and like so many other shots lately the Moon is very much within view the moon which at this point.

Has pretty much become synonymous with the representation of God now saitama approaching this subsequent exchange like a counselor is at least in the case of Garo surprisingly the most important moment in the chapter and I say this because Garo is truly someone with issues that have gone unresolved for the majority of his life regardless of how.

Outwardly powerful he becomes at his core he is actually pretty vulnerable and has simply guarded himself lot he was viciously bullied with nobody ever listening to his side of the story he wanted to do good but at the same time fully embrace the role of the bad guy they'd been forced upon him like it had when he was a child I mean even in his.

Training under bang it's not too different from a kid getting picked on at school being signed up for karate emotional damage and Trauma doesn't just go away now that you can chop blocks in half Garo for as strong as he has become is still someone in need of saving and Kate Baldi is the only man fit for the job the only hero that can truly see.

Beyond the exterior it's honestly beautiful daitama versus Garo is now complete and it looks like this especially long Arc is finally on the verge of coming to a complete close as well and there is just so much to be excited about from here on out which if you'd like a little sneak peek into I'd suggest you check out our video on the.

Future of one punch man as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you it's outside