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We Waited Years For This Reveal! Luffy and Yamato Surprise EVERYONE! – One Piece Chapter 1057


The straw hat crew have officially left these shores of wano after all the action and adventure of this arc we end the wano country saga with tears a heartfelt goodbye and a promise of things to come there is a lot to go through so let's get into it we start on a shot at the flower capital with the narration that drums of the framing of.

Vice performance back in effect our narrator talks about dark skies gathering over onigashima a growing storm he plays up the roar of the azure dragon and other howling beasts before turning his account to habu port the story he's telling is that of the retainers of kozuki odin who are striving to make his name shine once.

More the crowd cry out the red scabbards as the narrator starts telling the story of the raid on nikishima rather than cutting back to the raid however we go to momo kianman and yamato running to see the straw hats off they are already nearly at tokake ports thanks to riding on the minosuke's dragon form.

The pair are surprised to learn however that yamato is not actually headed out to sea guymon is openly confused about this decision asking if they're truly content with this yamato asks if they're not welcome in wano to which kienman confirms that they are he and moma are just not sure they understand why they've chosen to stay after all yamato.

Just made the dramatic declaration about living like odin yamunto clarifies that they were talking about odin's tour buano prior to becoming shogun it's reasonable for someone who spent their whole life in prison on ngoshima to want to try and explore their homeland a bit especially given yamato's connection to odin a man who is defined heavily by his.

Love for his country and people yamato has always tried to find themselves an odin story so this makes some sense as a next step it still seems like a rapid turnaround from yamato's excited request to join the straw hats especially giving their past promise to ace but the wolf of wano still claims that they are going to make it out to the sea at some point.

They have waited years for this they can wait a little longer momentosuke meanwhile is getting mad yamato was able to talk about their feelings with the straw hats they had this whole farewell moment and extended discussion of yamato's long-term plans while momo and kiaman were seemingly abandoned without a word doubling down on his past logic.

Momos snarls and not being included in the goodbyes must be an insult from luffy the dragon shogun starts thinking back over past events kaido snubbing his father prior to trying to kill momonosuke his first meeting with luffy they're exchanging dreams and insults he remembers luffy encouraging him to stand up against kaido and the strength that.

Gave him the crying little boy was able to stand up to kaido even when beaten within an inch of his life he stopped onigishima falling on the flower capital trusting luffy to be kaido the memories almost call momonosuke the young dragon mentions that they may have had issues but luffy and him have been through a lot together he wonders aloud if luffy.

Really was being heartless that said in less than a second momo gets over his own concerns snarling that he was wrong about luffy he looks to kianman for confirmation that luffy was being rude kieman gives in but asks momonosuke why they aren't flying it would clearly be a lot quicker to reach a port if they were above the tree line rather than having.

To dodge through the forest momos snaps his retainers to be quiet he is not in the mood for justifying himself seemingly content with this kimon's own anger begins to increase this has clearly got into a charge and that is a sure-fire way to infuriate kiaman pointing out that momo is now the shogun of one-o fox fire claims that he may.

Have to cut luffy in half for the insult momo agrees claiming that dramatically murdering your friends over such a snub is the way of the samurai yamato tries to point out to the pair that they are blowing this massively out of proportion and kind of being ridiculous momo has no time for common sense this humiliation demands some kind of violent response we.

Cut to the porch where the straw hats our pirates and kid pirates are finally getting ready to cast off law reminds luffy that the crews are now enemies telling him not to complain if next time they meet the heart pirates are shooting to kill luffy has no problem with this chopper tries to give law a friendly goodbye but.

He is having none of it telling the reindeer to buzz off so yeah law must be in a bad mood if he is snapping a simple politeness like that kid is ignoring this exchange trying to leave as soon as possible he likely had enough of this alliance a while ago before the straw hats can truly leave however they hear a cry looking back to the coast the.

Massive figure of momonosuke the dragon burst through the tree line momo cries you monsters while charging towards the sunny kinman is struggling to hold on to the dragon's back getting out of breath yamato however is waving cheerily at the straw hats calling out that they've come to see them off and here yamato seems a little oblivious to the comrade's anger.

At these straw hats momentosuke's just back to human form closer to the sunny tackling luffy to the ground yamato kneels down beside them happy to see their friend kingman goes straight to draw his sword he and man the first to speak going for one of his usual dramatic speeches he asked luffy how he could abandon two comrades without so.

Much as a word worst of all he is angered momentosuke outraged kiamon demands to know what luffy has to say for himself luffy doesn't understand what the big deal what this is pointing out that they're meeting now after all momentosuke gives him a dark angry look not in the mood for frivolity he is intimidating enough that he manages to.

Get luffy to look a little nervous he claims that he is going to give luffy an edict as shogun of wano and that edict is not to leave with those words momento's gives facade of anger and wrath breaks entirely falling into tears the young shogun begs his friend to stay blubbering and slurring his words he's worried that his life without the straw.

Hats will be lonely claiming that he wants to be with them forever and they can't leave him like this gamemon facepalms his momo bass the straw hat captain continuing to explain as far as momonosuke is concerned the only reason he is still alive is thanks to luffy through his tears he thinks he striats.

For avenging his mother and father for leaving him able to laugh again he knows that thanking them for this while crying his eyes out is strange confessing that he still can't express himself clearly above all else momo is scared scared of what might happen without the straw hats scared of life without his friends sanji and zoro grin these swordsmen calling.

This display pathetic nami and chopper however are in tears nami tells zoro to cut momo a break pointing out that the shogun is still a kid inside he's been through a lot but he's going to have to stand up as wano's strongest defender and hey it makes sense that momo might not feel ready for that and i'm not gonna lie this had me feeling really.

Emotional man this chapter was like tear inducing for sure it's just something about one piece man these arcs are so long i mean we've been with kian mon and momo nose case since the beginning of the new world we've been with them since punk hazard so that now leave them oh man it really does hurt we've been through so many great ups and downs but.

Ah it hurts luffy then calls out to usopp who is waiting for this he throws a black package down to luffy who drapes it over the still crime womanos gay luffy explains that these straw hats have been waiting for momo to show up because he wanted to give the shogun this present even if momo has mastered his delphi.

Powers and can come off as a tough shogun luffy knows him better than that in his usual manner luffy calls him a small weak dummy but clarifies despite that luffy sees him as a little brother and i cannot stress enough the gravity of that sentiment we know what brotherhood means to luffy for him to then say that momonosuke is like a.

Little brother to him says a whole lot and really and truly momonosuke is pretty similar to kid luffy he was a big big crybaby but he was tough on the inside and he was tough when it came down to it now the flag that luffy provides to mominosuke proudly bears the straw hatch jolly roger luffy tells momo to hang it up somewhere in wano and look.

At it when times get tough to remember their pirate adventures it's a way for the straw hats to stay with momonosuke in spirit beyond that luffy tells momo that if any powerful enemies show up in wano they should point out the flag to them letting them know that an attack on wano will be considered an attack on the straw hats he is not someone who will.

Just sit back and let his friends take abuse and with this act luffy's yonko status becomes more than just a name the straw ads aren't about conquest organization or holding territory but they will stand by their friends just like whitebeard did when he claimed fishman island as his protective territory even if luffy doesn't rule it.

Wano is now straw hat territory between this and fishman island the straw hats are a growing force in the world if the grand fleet gets together or rather when they get together they will be a force to be reckoned with momo asks if flying this flag makes him one of the crew luffy is a little circumspect in his answer giving it to the group instead.

Kianmon momentosuke and yamato all receive the same offer from the straw ass captain if they want to be pirates at any time in the future luffy will accept them right away yamato looks like they're about to punch the air and excitement at this clearly still hyped to join the group while kianmon gives his usual grin luffy.

Reminds him though that he won't have weaklings on his crew which helps snap mominosuke out of his tears he might not have serious plans to become a pirate but being part of luffy's crew requires strength with that the sunny sets sail while kiaman and yamato wave happily after departing friends luffy calls out to yamato asking them to take care of.

Kiaman and momonosuke the oni confirms that they will with an enthusiastic yeah they might be on a different path for now but it is pretty clear yamato still wants to join the crew yamato has simply put it off for now ominowski keeps his head bowed as his ship leaves even as he shrugs wish him well one last act of respect to the man who has done so much.

For him once his sonny has left the porch momo rises to his feet he turns to kianmon looking to make a promise his retainer will witness one day he will surpass kozuki odin as much as he respects his father's legacy the subconscious and doubting momo is now aiming to go even higher kianman doesn't doubt that momentosa can pull it.

Off for a second promising with a smile that he will be by the shogun side when he reaches that height yamato innocently asks if they're talking about momo surpassing them which he pair emphatically deny back aboard the sunny nami gets to navigating her plan is to set a course for hakumai specifically she's aiming.

For moga report the one place in wano that allows ships to leave the country via elevator brook and chopper are greatly relieved the skeleton admits that since he crew had needed to scale a waterfall to reach 1-0 he'd figured they'd have to fall down one to leave their celebration gets a laugh out of kid the three ships are sailing close.

Enough for the crews to talk and the captain of the kid pirates heard all of this kid wastes no time in taunting the hats are used in the main port since it is a safe and sensible way to leave the country and thus by doing the sane and rational thing that doesn't risk wrecking their ship they are being cowardly predictably luffy rises to the.

Bait surprisingly however so does law for all his maturity law isn't as above luffy and kids antics as he might like the ark pirates and straw hats try to argue with their captains even as he pair take their respective helms in a few seconds all three ships head straight over the nearest waterfall and with a final screaming plummet our.

Heroes leave wanda behind them as they fall we hear the voice of the storyteller he has rishi climax of the onigima raid over the course of the chapter clearly he's in a bridger he talks about the might of the three pirates momonosuke and kimon recruited claiming that their power obliterated everything in its path like a wrathful.

Tsunami even kaido and big mom or rather the demon-possessed shia oidan couldn't stand against them onigashima shook as they fought the storyteller's focus however turns away from the pirates and towards princess hiyori as a battle raged he claims that she was confronted by hirochi one final time kanjuro's role in these events is the one who set.

Orochi on fire was seemingly omitted he may have been written out of the story altogether the kindest thing these scavengers could do to their treacherous former friend is forget him when talking about the battle the focus of this performance is on orochi the many-headed shogun was still intent on claiming his vengeance against the kosuki clan even.

As he fire burned him but then judo's faithful blade claimed his final head and took his life just as kaido fell the clouds cleared and the suffering of wano was over here though the storyteller may get into some embellishments or perhaps just continuations according to his account even as the battle of owning ashima ended orochi's burning course.

Began to speak and to be fair to our storyteller his words sound accurate he claims that the kurozumi clan's grudge against the kosuki clan will not end with his death that his curse will remain on wano for generation after generation into eternity hiori however is having none of it she held a roach's gaze with 20 years worth of torturous.

Memories in her heart every cruelty every petty indulgence of orochi was still with her dendro claims that she should stay back from orochi but even like this he is dangerous he already however brushed his hand away stepping forward looking the tire right in the eyes she delivered a damning message to the man who killed her father and mother.

The kurozumi were born to burn this is a climax of the storyteller's tale and he crowd eats it up they cry out those final words along with him all too happy to echo hiyori's condemnation for everything wano suffered at the hands of orochi and kaido now they can celebrate their defeat there has been suffering and we can see tears in hironi's eyes.

But this is vindication the ultimate victory of koski odin and the people he wanted so badly to keep safe from here the performers tail most of the day after the festival we see topo happily playing her shamasen accompanying this final part of the performance as the storyteller covers a reunion we witness this chapter the performer claims that.

The blood spilt and reviving the kozuki clan will not be forgotten those who sacrifice their lives to this fight will remain carried by the wind with that we conclude the performance tale of wano and its renowned samurai with a final glorious group shot of momentosuke the surviving red scabbards and yamato while it's not the epic reveal some had.

Expected for the final big panel of wano it's hard to look at this team and not feel happy for them they have been to hell and back but finally their nation is at peace and they're going to have a chance to enjoy it that being said no shinobu like glo for izo come on oda that's just unfair also it would have been nice to have seen the fallen red.

Scabbards one final time omitting kanjuro makes sense he was a traitor who almost doomed everything they were trying to do but doji and izo both gave their lives in the battle of ogishima we have a general line about the sacrifices of the fallen yet their names are mentioned and we don't see them in this final image with that line about these.

Sacrifices and spilled blood it would have been nice to give the dead scavengers some kind of final moment a shot of their graves or just including a see-through image of the two watching over their fellow scabbards in this final group shot we return to momentosuke hiyuman and yamato as they make it back to the flower capital the.

Storyteller closing at his performance with a few final captioned words they are on foot now all urgency and tension from the rush of the port is gone momo really does seem to have made his peace with the straw hats leaving he is already eyeing up where they should hang their straw hat flag as the curtains finally close on the wano country saga.

So yeah we are done the final caption makes it clear this is the final curtain of wano no room for an f4 or five wano is well and truly over there is a lot to look forward to in the chapters ahead the brewing war between the world government and revolutionary army new islands to explore yamato making good on their promise to join the straw hats.

Plus teachers out there and we're getting close to laugh tale with three road ponoglyphs the one piece is in sight but on the high seas anything can happen where do you think their next voyage will take the straw hats who do you think they'll run into there where will momonosuke hang that flag let us know your thoughts down below as always.

I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you