Onigishima is currently in the midst of hurtling down towards wano and what would no doubt be a major catastrophe costing many of their lives because kaido no longer possesses the strength to maintain the flame clouds which previously kept it aloft and so yet again yamato would cry out to the young lord of wanominosuke to make his own.

Flame clouds and save them all however momonosuke despite his newfound draconic adult body was finding great difficulty in the production of said flame clouds to the point where he would regard such a thing as impossible as no matter how hard he tried they just wouldn't come out despite now physically being a grown man at heart momentosuke was still a.

Young boy and as a result would begin to sob as we recall the bitter past another instance in which he felt incapable of fulfilling an especially daunting task as her abode burned to the ground momonosuke would be urged by his mother lady toki to go along with kianmon and the other samurai here his mother was resolute in her belief that momentosuke.

Would be able to bring the koziki clan back to prominence as was so rightfully deserved by his leaping of 20 years into the future a task which momentosuke thought was impossible for him as he wailed in sorrow that if he needed to go he didn't want to go without his mother and sister which would prompt kianmon to chime in calling out to the young boy.

Urging him to take his mother's feelings into account telling him that a true man of the land of samurai should never question the resolve of a woman with such strong conviction that to do so would be a most shameful act which would prompt mono's case or but that he's not a man he's a child he and mom with rhizo and the treacherous kanjuro at his sides.

Would lower his head and express that with their lord odin no longer being among the living momonosuke was no longer merely just his heir and as he raised his head with tears floating from his eyes he begged for the young lord to allow them this opportunity to fight once more that he would much rather die in honor on a battlefield than away such.

An honorless death by flames begging for but a chance he was willing to do anything just to wield his sword for the boy's sake a determination and outcry that no matter how cowardly he may be momonosuke could not ignore as he would suddenly move from his mother's side and approach his men as he shook he would then call out to her and as he trembled.

And cried would tell her that he was ready and willing to go now so yeah when push comes to shove despite how cowardly he may be momonosuke is truly a remarkable person when it comes to what he is willing to do for the sake of those he cares for this farewell from his beloved mother would lay heavily on his heart making it so that despite his.

Difficulties he refused to have things end in such a way without trying as he would never be able to face his mother in the afterlife otherwise and so his efforts would persist meanwhile as storm clouds crackled above luffy successfully managed to grab hold of a bolt of lightning a truly ridiculous feat indeed would certainly amusing draconic oni as.

Luffy charged in with an electrifying attack now pretty anticlimactically luffy was silly tosses thunderbolts in kaido's direction and with relative ease kaido would just dodge other way now this kind of makes the end of the last chapter a little lackluster but you know lightning strikes pretty quickly and by quickly i made 270 000 miles per hour so.

It's kind of crazy that this missed kaido although you could argue that its speed may have been reduced on accounts of luffy being the one to fling it this could also be a testament to how incredible kaido's observation haki really is and speaking of kaido as he clashed onto a sasai kai refer to luffy's latest efforts as playing around.

And would again successfully manage to land a direct blow on him and after being sent back into the sky luffy would manage to grab hold of yet another bolt of lightning and this time around whirl around it and using momentum of this as a propellant back to his adversary but as he did this and charged up an attack kaido would declare that ultimately a.

Powerful double fruit ability would not be enough to conquer the seas as before luffy could land a hit kaido would play whack-a-mole with luffy's head sending the air that had been gathered in his arm elsewhere and into his leg and maybe it's just me but kaido seems to be especially brutal lately like prior to luffy being able to eat these hits in.

Gear 5th i don't recall kaido putting in that work like he is now and that's probably because oda can get away with kaido landing these direct blows and them not being downright fatal to luffy because again he is way more rubberized but as he collapsed with his face in on itself the man with the highest bounty alive would provide us with some.

Priceless information about the man with the highest bounty ever the king of the pirates goldie roger as apparently roger despite conquering the seas in reality had no doubt through powers which is just insane considering how major devil fruit abilities are and have been in the story and world it is truly remarkable that he was able to stand at the top.

Without them this also starts to exemplify the truly incredible capabilities of hockey that more than simply leveling the playing field can be used to completely dominate the world there is also the fact that after over a thousand chapters into this story and we are still able to learn so much about roger even now i mean i honestly cannot.

Wait to learn more about his life prior to such notoriety and the sort of young man he may have been for most it takes a long while before haki becomes a tool in their arsenal so was roger always such a badass order to take him a long time and journey as usual with this series once we receive an answer a dozen new questions come to take his place but.

When the time for those questions to be answered does arrive hopefully you'll be subscribed to plot armor with notifications on this massive blow from kaido would knock luffy onto rubberized ground which would stretch upon impact springing him back up to kaido who would so boldly proclaim that what was required for such conquest was the power.

Of haki as luffy prepared himself for the brunt of the blow as again kaido would manage to deal some major damage to luffy with another violent swing at this point luffy was looking pretty rough all while maintaining that same cartoony appearance yet despite his spinning eyes luffy would actually manage to grip onto and stretch the.

Flesh of kaido like the folds of a short-haired dog and begin to bring him upwards although kaido would notice and resist this by grabbing old luffy's arm and furthermore slammed his weapon onto the boy's arm to free himself yeah luffy's grip would not loosen and so kaido was swiftly shipped into his full dragon form and capitalized on the fact.

That luffy had so openly exposed his position amidst the clouds as he would then send several incredibly deadly slashing attacks with his scales way up high and considering these who have been fighting against one another for so long kaido was well acquainted with this weakness of luffy's which hadn't ceased to be simply because of his double fruit.

Awakening luffy certainly struggled against this but for some reason still refused to loosen his grip we would then catch a glimpse of the wano fire festival's conclusion here the gleeful attendants would set their lanterns into the sky urging them to reach the heavens where they departed now reside with the festival nearing its end they knew that.

It wouldn't be long before they were made to resume their lives as slaves if they smiled and laughed all the same simply hoping to survive until the next time a sorrowful desire indeed and again we would see toko as she hoped her lantern would reach her recently departed father as on on ngoshima the battle was still raging on luffy even.

Despite kaido's many attempts refused to loosen his grip or return to the ground and with his position revealed kaido would have no trouble hitting luffy directly with his breath attack luffy here had been charred yet again but still manage to hold on tight which is exactly what you should do because things only become that much more.

Astounding later on in the chapter on the interior the collapsible nikoshimo is clear as day to many and to hyogiro this just meant that kaido was nearing his end from which point he would sit up and question the men around him asking them which fate they preferred that if luffy were to win it would mean that all of them would surely die from the fall.

Of the castle yet if kaido were to win they'd be able to cling onto their lives for a bit longer despite the horrendous conditions they were subjected to to this the valiant warriors will begin to smile and laugh as to them the answer was simple they had many they fought for and sought to protect that if luffy were to win their loved ones would finally be.

Able to live in peace an unpayable debt that would mean the safety of their country and its people the many warriors would then happily call out for luffy to forget about them and take kaido down for good which was a wonderfully valiant sentiment yet the small panel of captain kidd's expression to this stands out to me is he recoiling at the thought of.

Such a demise and their willingness to accept it or is this foreshadowing for an unfortunate turn of events we'll have to wait and see it is pretty easy to read too deep into things with this series just as it is easy to overlook them the beast pirates would have to wonder if these samurai had a death wish which kyogro didn't see much fault in.

All things considered in the basement we would then have usop and hamlet frantically running for their lives as the flames continued to consume the premises however it wouldn't be long before the watery combined efforts of rhizo and jinbe would rush into them accelerating their pace elsewhere however the tremors produced by this.

Sudden surge of water would inadvertently loosen the seastone nail or what she was struggling against therefore allowing him to resume his own form despite this considering he had been set ablaze he still believed the time for him to die was drawing near it even still he saw this as an opportunity to claim the life of odin's daughter.

Along with his own as she cowered and hopefully when the water makes his way through as a devil fruit user orochi will become inert this guy's presence itself is bothersome so yeah really looking forward to the day where we don't have to think about him anymore we would then make our way back to luffy's fight against kaido as luffy would.

Suddenly call out to momonosuke catching his and yamas attention as they absolutely could not believe their eyes and for good reason too as from above would be a massive hockey encoded fist of luffy which rivaled the size of onigishima itself the very location which luffy would surely destroy in his assault against kaido and so he would.

Call animo minosuke to move onigima out of the way and let me just say the luffy at this point is like a human buster call because there is no reason he can't do this in gatling form and i really love that luffy is doing this because kaido just called him out on his hockey and he is proving that yeah he has haki definitely momonosuke and yamato would.

Panic at the suddenness of all this but luffy was not stopping and had complete and utter faith in momonosuke even if he lacked it in himself now hopefully unlike the thunderbolt there is no evading this for kaido he is being held onto and this is a big big fist so if nothing else it should land and if onigashima is knocked out away then.

There's really only water below and even kaido's not impervious to the difficulties of being a delphi user so hopefully all things considered this is the final blow that being said i don't believe this fight against kaido will be concluded with this attack no matter how much i wish it to be the fact of the matter being that for a character like.

Kaido to be so well informed in regards to awakening and the like it's hard not to imagine him being able to do so himself so yeah i'm anticipating even more kaido versus luffy action in the chapters to come but we'll just have to wait and see as always i'm solicit otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i.

Love you