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What Happened to My Villain Academia EXPLAINED! – My Hero Academia


Up to this point the my hero academia anime has been very close to a one-to-one adaptation of the manga series there have been changes but it was never anything sizable enough to warrant outrage or great confusion among the community however now in his latest season five.

Years since the hit anime began studio bones has finally done it they've made a change in the adaptation that has caused outrage and reasonable confusion after the 1a verse 1b training arc we were supposed to have the beginning of my villain academia instead we now have the endeavor agency.

Arc so what happened to my villain academia what is it and is it still going to be part of season 5 let's talk about it if you haven't already please be sure to drop a like and subscribe to put on notifications on to never miss an upload we upload just about daily and would.

Love to have you join in on our conversations now let's get into this my villain academia is a major turning point in the series from here there is little to no smiling and this relatively simple hero story takes a turn and becomes something much more grim for.

Most fans i think it's safe to say it's either the best or the second best arc and if you disagree with that comment below and let us know where you'd rank this arc among the others in the series but yeah this arc is major and for the anime only fans that have been hearing about it but don't really know what it is allow.

Me to without spoilers explain the greatness of this arc prior to the my villain academia arc we only knew our villains on a surface level and by villains from this point on i'm specifically referring to the league of villains we know some things but really up to this point they're simply the enemies we know a bit.

About their personalities but compared to the way we know our main protagonists this is very minimal with this great arc we come to truly know each member of the league and we see their bonds up close for a more extended period of time the story is from their point of view they become our main characters.

And like with main characters typically you will find yourself rooting for them it's almost funny how a shift of perspective can have you momentarily rooting for evil in my villain academia we not only get a closer view of these bonds and characters but those same bonds and characters change.

During this arc our heroes have training arcs and while this isn't that the result is the same from this arc the villains do come out stronger than they went in and like heroes who train together their relationships grow as well and not only that but we also see the product of their experiences earlier in.

The story for example how shigaraki changed since the overhaul arc by the end of this arc the story becomes more balanced it's not just these heroes we love against some pretty decent villains you'll now have deeper feelings for those villains you'll come to no longer.

View them all as just targets to be defeated like how we view the heroes as humans the villains from this point on feel more real more human and with my villain academia i started to personally fall deeper in love with my hero academia because in many stories there's just a strong enemy.

Thrown in the way that the hero then defeats in my hero now we see both the heroes and villains progress the villain isn't just an untouchable forest that appeared from nowhere we see them work to become an unstoppable force.

Now doesn't all this sound exciting if you're an anime only fan there's only one potential concern with the my villain academia arc the story takes a turn and with this turn we lose much of the academia aspect of the story that many of you love while everyone has been dying to see the ark adapted.

Make sure to really take in this softer content we have now because from this point on it will be a rarity with that little rundown of the ark out of the way let's get into what's going on where is the adaptation of this arc i'll put it bluntly first and say.

My villain academia is coming it has not been removed it will be coming in season five now can i say that as a fact no i am not a part of studio bones they haven't put an announcement so i cannot say that's a fact but there is a mountain of evidence that leads me to believe so and no reason to.

Believe otherwise at least from what i know for starters it was teased through a promo art for the season 5 blu-ray disc along with the joint training arc and even the endeavor agency arc and as you can see two of those three things have now been shown next it's been teased again more.

Recently through a clip of shikaraki laughing maniacally during the coming arc and lastly at the end of the joint training arc the author of the series himself horikoshi posted a sketch of toga along with a caption roughly saying that he feels like once the anime is focused on the villains.

His announcement drawings will be toga weekly if you didn't know horikoshi every week posts a sketch on twitter related to the anime episode airing so basically he's saying he'll be probably drawing toga each week once you reach my villain academia so yeah it's coming.

Now as for when that'll most likely be at the end of the endeavor agency arc in a few weeks for those of you that don't know this arc is pretty short so the weight shouldn't be too long i understand everyone was upset because of course we've waited what feels like an eternity to get to this point.

But it's almost here the wait is almost over now as for why studio bones made this drastic change we can only speculate my best guess goes back to what i said previously about this arc being a turning point in the series the endeavor agency arc is not grim like.

The future events to come so maybe it made sense to put this portion of the story which is more like the previous arcs before my villain academia instead of after on top of that my villain academia is also a much more intense conclusion to the season it is a major cliffhanger which will.

Leave all anime fans wanting more and probably will have a lot of you switching over to the manga side of things which makes sense from a business perspective why not to leave on a big cliffhanger that will entice people to read the manga instead of wait for the next season changing things in an anime.

Adaptation is nothing new and while sometimes it goes very wrong if done right it is a good thing i think i'm in the minority here but for the overall story i think it actually made sense to switch the arcs around does it suck right now definitely because i want to see the villains i've been waiting for this arc i need.

This arc but if you take a step back to me at least it makes sense if you look at the story from more outside perspective this might make more sense now with all this information not presented for you guys i'd like to know in the comments if you're okay with the decision to rearrange this.

Portion of the story keep in mind that it's also very possible that horikoshi himself approved this decision or even had a more direct hand in it he's no stranger to correcting his own story we've seen things slightly change between weekly chapters and official volume releases also.

Bones has never let us down with the adaptation of this anime so let's watch it all play out and stay optimistic with that said that is the end of the video i hope you guys enjoyed it if you did and you learned something new or got some clarity on this situation feel free to thank us by liking the.

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