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What if Inosuke Became a Demon?


Enosuke hashibira is easily one of the wildest characters in all of Demon Slayer and that includes plenty of demons from the boar Mass to his ferocity in battle it's no wonder zenitu thought he was some sort of monster at first but what if he was what is the nose gay was a demon beginning with the nosuke's childhood most things remain.

The same a prayer for abusive husband and nosuke's mother kotoha decides to take baby inosuke with her to doma's Paradise Faith cult but when she realizes that Doma is a man-eating demon she tries to escape but is hunted down and although he does eat her kotoha manages to save enosuke's Life by dropping him in a river and hoping for.

The best from there and nosuke is raised by boars and pretty much lives a wild pig version of Tarzan's light but by the time minoska is 15 because her life expectancy isn't that long his poor parents would be dead and he'd be on his own here's where everything changes instead of meeting a Demon Slayer taking his gear and entering final selection in.

Nosuke runs into Doma while exploring at night seeing the strange boar-headed boy although Doma could easily tell that enosuke is human he'd be really curious to see what is under the mask now in those isn't exactly the smartest character around but if there's one thing we can always bet on with him it would be his instincts always being on.

Point instead of just charging at the guy and trying to fight him and nosuke would try his best to stand his ground and keep away from the monster most humans are too ignorant to recognize how dangerous demons are at just a glance so Doma would immediately pick up on this but after removing a nosuke's mask Domo would be surprised to see such a pretty.

And oddly familiar face he'd probably have to dig around his brain a bit to see the resemblance between enosuke and kotoha but once he does he'll be really happy or at least as happy as Doma is capable of being even though he thought enosuke's mom was dumb he also thought she was really beautiful and originally had no plans to ever eat her Doma May.

Lack proper emotions but he has no trouble recognizing a sad or sympathetic story he not only killed a nose to his mother but he also killed inosuke's father and grandmother when they chased after her knowing that a nosuke has no family left just like him doma's Twisted mind would shift towards fatherhood by becoming a nosy's father maybe he'd be.

Able to develop some sort of feelings or emotions he also preferred a female diet so sparing a nosuke wouldn't be much of an issue and to be a proper Father and Son relationship Domo would share his blood with konosuke turning him into a demon after this Domo would take enosuke in as a member of his cult and present him as his disciple now demon inosuke.

Would be really powerful in the original timeline thanks to being raised in the mountains by boers and nosuke had such raw talent that He didn't even need any formal training to develop his own signature breathing style or complete final selection as a demon and noski's fighting style would follow similar principles and nosuke created Beast.

Breathing by emulating not only boars but also bears and wolves becoming a demon would make him much more ferocious and take all of his physical gifts to the the next level specializing in low angle fighting and charge attacks demon inosuke will be difficult for just about any Demon Slayer since they wouldn't be used to facing such inhuman moves which.

May be a bit ironic but is definitely the case demons may be monstrous but they still mostly fight upright making decapitation moves a major focus of most breathing Styles and even if they manage to adapt to him being so low to the ground thanks to his insane sensory abilities hitting him at all would be an even harder feat demon and nosuke would.

Be able to feel even the slightest vibrations in the air allowing him to predict and react to moves very quickly his enemies might just think that he has eyes at the back of his head to make matters even worse demon inosuke would be especially Troublesome to face thanks to his crazy flexibility he could Bend shift and contort in strange ways to.

Avoid being hit and even if a hashira level fighter managed to cut his head off it wouldn't matter because demon inosuke can shift his internal organs too all you'd have to do is place his brain somewhere else the only demon Slayers that will be able to take him down will be the ones that could see into the transparent world something.

That not even those the Demon Slayer marks are guaranteed to develop Panduro muichiro obanai and gomei are the only modern demon Slayers with the ability the only other option for the rest of them would be to destroy demon inosuke's entire body at once something that only the greatest Demon Slayer to ever live here tsujikuni could reasonably.

Accomplish in terms of physical strength and nosuke would be nearly as terrifying as akaza who by the way and nosuke probably wouldn't like so much since he's always so aggressive towards Doma for his blood demon art instead of putting people to sleep or manipulating an environment demon and nosuke could continue to make use of a superior.

Physicality using his long nails like claws demon inosuke would rig across the air to release devastating slashes of pressurized wind when he goes Buck Wild demon inosuke could dislocate his arms to release them as a completely unpredictable flurry of attacks overall he would be a very ferocious monstrous and dirty fighter inosuke's never been.

Much for honor and proper conduct when it comes to fighting and as a demon he'd be the most eye gouging finger breaking groin striking Savage around now perhaps the most interesting thing about diminosuke is that despite being so dangerous he's not at all malicious as much as Doma may try to be like a father figure to him since his own father was.

Stabbed to death by his mother when he was young it's not like he has a very solid understanding of the role in nosuke would pretty much be more like a poorly trained pet than a son but they really wouldn't be able to tell the difference despite having plenty of food available to him thanks to the cult knowing a nosuke he'd much rather go on.

The hunt for strong opponents on his own a lot of demons have preferred targets and diets in nosuke is said to have an extremely precise internal stomach clock because of this as a demon he would habitually go on the hunt at the exact same time every time combine that with the animal desire to Mark one's territory and you got a pretty.

Predictable demon on your hands and with such frequency it probably wouldn't take long for one of the hashira to be assigned to take him down the most exciting matchup for him among all the hashira would definitely be against the wind has Shira Cinema is pretty much just as wild as him and it's honestly a shame that these two never had a chance.

To really interact in the original story so let's change that these two would definitely go blow for blow for a good while and considering how beastly demon inosuke already is the scent of senemi's morichi blood which ride him absolutely insane that being said cinemi is definitely one of the stronger hashira and is even faster than he missed the.

Shiromoichiro meanwhile anosuke at this point would actually be really young by demon standards and because of his dietary habits he wouldn't have managed to consume many humans by then certainly not enough to overpower sememi demon in those days relocation of his brain would keep him from being destroyed but it would only last for so long against.

Someone as ferocious as tsunemi in the end just like it was against the Daddy's fighter demon and no skin would need to be bailed out by someone even stronger but this time the dad would be on his side in the form of Doma and for as strong as anemi may be upper Rank 2 would be a terrible matchup for him from a long-range icicle attacks to freezing.

His Troublesome blood this sort of battle would be just too much but knowing tsunami he would rather die than flee from such an opportunity Domo will be trying his best to play a fatherly role here pretending to be especially concerned about his son's well-being meanwhile in those case a demon so it's not like there would be any injuries for.

DOMA to tend to despite his insistence and nosuke would stay out of the way from here on out but Doma at full power would definitely be more than enough to end senemi's life so unfortunately for him senemi would be the first to Shira since shinobu sister Kana a to die and by the very same demon from there with just how sensitive a nosuke can be to.

Such crushing defeats he'd probably enter a bit of a slump but instead of having friends like tanjiro and zunitu to encourage him and nosuke would only have the emotionless Aid of Doma thanks to this he would have a chance to become more familiar with the people that worship Him and Doma since they were all weak he wouldn't have paid much.

Attention to them before but experiencing their genuine care and appreciation for him something would change for the demon payment again demon and nosuke doesn't really have any mouths inside him he was just made and trained to be a monster and thanks to his incredible senses he is very perceptive when it comes to the.

Intentions of those around him only really being around Doma and other demons he'd have no idea what truly positive sentiments could feel like before long he would grow attached to the cult in ways that Doma never could instead of just being a glorified human Farm they grow to become a sort of family to him being mostly made up of.

Women there would be a maternal element to it all that he had been lacking for his entire life but of course nothing would have changed for DOMA so he'd see no problem with just eating them demon inosuke would try his best to defend them and persuade Doma to stop but he would be helpless against his adoptive father's Superior strength not.

Understanding and even trying to dismiss in those case foolishness Domo would kill one and offer to share his food with his beloved Son but this was just set a nosuke off and lead him to battle Doma Against All Odds despite his lacking emotions this this would definitely annoy Doma seeing his overgrown pet bite the hand that feeds.

He'd seek to tap into another aspect of fatherhood discipline but before he could truly retaliate against anosuke the two of them will be teleported along with all the other upper moons to the infinity Castle here their family dispute would be interrupted by the insect the Shira shinobu kocho and her suguko Kano the reason Kano would be.

Here would be because of the Intel tsunami's death would have provided tenemi's Crow sorai is incredibly fast and would have been able to relay the unexpected development to master ubuyashiki and the other hashira having a vague idea of doma's relationship with deepest demon shinoba's plan of attack would need to be adjusted the issue is.

That shinobu and kanao wouldn't be nearly strong enough to take down both Doma and enosuke but luckily for them they don't have to since in those games against Doma too Doma would be much more concerned with disciplining his adoptive son than he would be with shinobu or Kano that being said he was still known to watch out for shinobu's poison thanks.

To muzan's instructions and shinobu might just hit enosuke with a bit of poison before realizing the Tactical Advantage he provides them but thankfully on account of his natural poison resistance demonosuke should be able to bounce back from its basic form as his battle raged on shinobu would of course mention how Doma had killed her.

Sister and the fact that she was here for Revenge hearing this would only shift demon inosuke further onto their side seeing as they have experienced similar pains thanks to Upper Moon 2 and while dealing with his demonic son Doma just might tell the truth about what happened to enosuke's Mother pushing him over the edge even further ultimately.

The plan was always for DOMA to consume shinobu along with all the Wisteria poison she had absorbed into her body but with enosuke causing so much trouble for DOMA and tearing apart his ice structures giving him no time to properly resist and nullify shinoba's poison Hano would have a much easier time cutting off doma's head in this.

Verse version of the story and nosuke shinobu and kanao all managed to survive that being said shinobu still hates demons and inosuke would have eaten human flesh by then so it's not like they'd all be best friends afterwards but with bigger issues like muzon and kokoshibo to face they would probably let the non-aggressive demon go in the.

Aftermath of the infinity Castle Arc and nosuke would probably go back to the paradise Faith cult and kindly serve as people like a proper leader would creating a safe haven for those without families and anyone in need of protection if you enjoyed the story and want to see more please be sure to subscribe to plot armor with.

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