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What if Rengoku Became a Demon?


Rengoku with no mat for the upper Rank 3 demon akaza his death was pretty much guaranteed the moment they met but not wanting to waste rengoku's potential akasa offered to turn him into a demon when Goku refused but what if I told you that by changing just a single detail of their encounter the flame of Shira would have no choice but to accept this is a.

Story of what if run Goku became a demon so pretty much everything about their encounter Remains the Same Tundra can't fight thanks with wounds tanitsu and Esco are knocked out and a nosuke was just way too weak to get involved without dying but here's the thing instead of vacasa dealing with a time limit thanks to the rising of the sun if.

They were all able to escape from enmu's blood demon art a bit sooner there would be no reason for akasa to run away even with his left eye destroyed his ribs broken and some internal bleeding when Goku refused to let anyone die but in this case the only leverage he'd have to keep everyone safe would be his own Humanity Ringo could accept akas's blood.

Under the condition that they leave immediately afterwards killing no one akasa probably wouldn't like that very much but considering how happy they thought of fighting rengoku forever made him he'd accept the proposal tantro and anosuke would definitely be against this but would still mourn him all the same blaming their own weakness for his.

Sacrifice when Goku would give them both these same parting words as before but this time he'd also tell them to get stronger and face him when they're ready this transformation would immediately make rain Goku one of the strongest demons to have ever existed when Doma turned Doki and utero into demons they went on to become upper rank 6. when.

Kokushibu turned kagaku into a demon he became upper rank 4. as a hashira and someone who was able to stop and keep akasa's fist in place even with his guts pierced there is no doubt that he'll be stronger than them and an immediate member of the upper moons although muzon might be upset with Tundra's survival such a valuable addition to the ranks.

Will be more than enough to satisfy him for the time being akasa has made the same offer to plenty of worthy Ashira in the past but rangoku would have been the first to actually accept incredible power aside rengoku's Insider knowledge of the Demon Slayer core would be a major bonus in the Demon Lord meanwhile news over and Goku's transformation.

Would quickly spread stunning his former comrades everyone loved him for his passionate and positive outlook on light so they thought of him becoming everything he hated would be a major blow the sound is Shira tengen uzui who especially admired him would probably want to take him down immediately and as ran Goku's former student the love is.

Sure amitsurikan roji would feel the exact same way kyotro's Dad shinjiro would probably take this the hardest like the former Thunder shirajigoro Kojima or even the vows we saw from both you and orokudaki related to nezuko he'd probably plan on ending his own life by way of seppuku but with tandro's visit to rengoku's family home he probably.

Changed his mind deciding to instead repent like hirichi tried to with kokoshima he'd do everything in his power to ensure his son's demise so instead of being a complete jerk he might actually train Tundra Lane breathing and Sun breathing are two entirely different styles but Tundra has no doubt proven himself to be one of the.

Most versatile demon Slayers ever when it comes to this sort of thing it also help him better understand rangoku's techniques for when he needs to face them in battle now with the abolishment of the lower ranks ahead of the Mugen train Arc for when Goku to truly be recognized as an upper ranked demon he'd have to prove himself worthy of the.

Position All Things Considered demon rangoku would most likely be in line to become the new upper rank 4. this was shittan Tengu to Upper rank 5 and Yoko to Upper rank six which I'm sure they wouldn't be very happy about but things would certainly be much worse for daki and yutaro daki was certainly strong but not nearly enough to really be.

Considered upper ranked material she and her brother were more or less just a package deal one that with the addition of rengoku had outlived its usefulness so for the sake of their own Survival given the sort of ruler muzon is he likely had them fight against when Goku in blood combat and for as strong as those two proved themselves to be during.

The Entertainment District Arc they'd have no chance of winning against demon rangoku fights between demons were pretty pointless for the most part since they couldn't actually kill each other kyotaro's poison was incredibly deadly but totally ineffective against fellow demons and 10 game could easily decapitate Doki without a second thought.

So there's no doubt that a demon rangoku could do the very same thing and thanks to his nature and blade he'd had the perfect tool to do so permanently Busan will be well aware of how futile their efforts would be instead using the slaughter as an excuse to see his new pet in action because of this the Entertainment District Arc as we know it.

Would cease to be instead of that mission tengen would take it upon himself to hunt down rengoku and thanks to his Shinobi asked locating him wouldn't be all that difficult despite now being a demon renkoku Spirit would still be incredibly strong he might not be able to survive off sleep like nezuko but seeing as akaza refuses to harm or.

Eat women it is not hard to imagine that rengoku would be a picky eater too the best he could do in this new demon form would be to only eat terrible criminals by feeding on only the worst of the worst it wouldn't take long for tengen to track him their fight would be legendary even as a human rengoku's physical strength and speed were enough.

To momentarily overwhelm akazah as a demon these attributes would be even more impressive but even still tenkin had always been the fastest sashira and thanks to his musical score technique the longer they're battle proof to be the more he'd rhythmically adapt to the Demon's movement he might even gain the upper hand but that's all before when.

Goku Reveals His blood demon art as we've seen from both kaigaku's Thunder breathing and kokoshiba's moon breathing a former demon slayer's Blood Demon was usually a greater manifestation of their fighting styles Elemental Affinity in the case of rengoku that would mean greater manipulation of his Planes the fifth form flame tiger would be really.

Cool and allow him to use the Tigers as minions it would be like I have a gun demon he killed to become a hashira was able to summon shadowy hounds and the thing about fire is that it's really really hot for the most part demon Slayers have no choice but to fight up close and personal that would be a death sentence against rengoku But ultimately.

The deciding factor of this fight between demon rangoku and tengan would be a lack of oxygen thanks to all the fire tengin would slowly but surely be deprived of proper breathing conditions reducing the effectiveness of his techniques and limiting the brain function necessary for his musical score but despite his victory instead of.

Killing tengan outright rengoku would simply leave him for dead knowing that the kakushi wouldn't be far behind this was the best he could do for his former friend without defying his new master with his grave injuries and missing limbs tengen would be unable to continue as a Demon Slayer thankfully the location of swordsmith Village was kept.

A secret even from the hashira so rangoku would not be able to expedite its Invasion by telling muzon anything so that Arc would play out pretty much the same as how we remember it at most there might be more rough mentions of him from itsuri and muichiro and there's no doubt that aksa would take every chance he could to fight and train.

Against rengoku but for as fun as this would be for akasa at first it wouldn't take long for him to realize that demon run Goku was of the verge of surpassing him as well this was something he had already experienced with Doma who despite joining their ranks later than him was able to swiftly surpass him much to akasa's frustration as someone who.

Longed to be the absolute strongest being possible even as a human when Goku put up a very good fight against him so now without having to worry about injuries and such their fights would be very different all akasa would have over him would be the fact that he'd eaten more humans muzan would not allow Rango to kill akasa so instead the two would.

Have to settle for a bitter rivalry from there we would have the final Arc of the story The Infinity Castle because Tantra would have never called him a coward and muzon wouldn't have scolded him for failing to kill the kid akasa and tantro wouldn't hate each other's guts nearly as much because of this it wouldn't really make narrative sense or be nearly.

As satisfying to have him fight akasa now so instead the ones to fight akaza in this timeline would be goo and Tundra's new master shinjiro rengoku he'd reclaim his position as flaming Shira after being inspired by Tundra after all having him be in the group of people watching over Nesco didn't really do anything for the story he may not.

Look like much on account of all the drinking but to be fair he had only been away from the position for a year or two Max and we can't Overlook the fact that the rengoku family had been demon Slayers for hundreds of years they are the only family Dynasty in Ashura history for a reason the combination of water and Flame against akasa would be.

Magnificent and and since Arkansas couldn't kill kyojiro killing his dad would be the next best thing that along with how fun you was to fight who he more than enough to entertain him and because akaso would have faced rengoku's flame breathing countless times by then shinjiro besides being a bit Rusty would definitely struggle here but here's the.

Thing shinjiro never finished training kyojiro he completely stopped and left his son to figure it all out for himself after his wife died meaning he would be able to catch akasa off guard with some unexpected moves and one of the coolest things about this matchup would be the fact that gingero would be able to represent an older version of his son.

Akasa belittle kyotro by claiming that his incredible skills would be great with age and make him worthless shinchiro would prove him wrong and over the course of the battle you would go on to manifest his Demon Slayer Mark and thanks to having these things spread like a fever gingero would eventually do so as well becoming stronger again.

Despite his age but like the stoner shiragome because she was well past the age of 25 after this fight the Demon Slayer Mark was bound to kill him it would honestly be really poetic both shinchiro and akaza would reflect on the downward spiral of watching those they'd loved fall victim to illness for akasa it was his father and the woman he loved.

And for shinchiro it was his wife with the outcome of this battle like kokoshibo and Doma Ren Goku would instinctively know that akaza had been defeated and from there he'd be met by the boy he believed in most to claim his head Tundra this fight would be absolutely grueling both physically and emotionally despite any reservations at.

The end of the day when Goku is a demon and much of his Humanity will be gone by this point he would hold nothing back against Tundra but recognizing just how much stronger the boy had become in such a short span of time a part of him would be very proud now the reason Tantra would actually be able to put up a good fight against demon Goku is pretty.

Simple Not only was he able to train with and against a flame breather but because the events of the Entertainment District guard would have never taken place he would have never been in a coma for two months that means plenty more time for training and missions and considering the overwhelming majority of the missions we have seen don't even.

Last a day he would be able to get a lot of work done so much in fact that Tundra zinitsu and enosuke would actually be able to live up to rengoku's expectations of them officially becoming hajira and at that level instead of the weak one coma he was in following the events of the swordsman Village Arc he'd be much more like muishiro and Missouri.

Who only needed two days of rest and were completely healed by the third thanks to this and more active involvement from shinjiro Tundra would be able to uncover the secrets of sun breathing far sooner and with that he would be closer to yurichi levels than anyone else and with an arsenal of techniques that surpassed all others all.

Throughout the battle demon rangoku would have a very hard time anticipating his moves but just when Tantra looked to be overwhelming him something miraculous would happen as a swordsman himself in the presence of someone like tandro who was able to push him this far Damon ran Goku would manifest his own Demon Slayer mark this would bring his strength to.

New heights making him almost as powerful as kokoshiba it would take everything tantro had to win this fight but even with the Demon's Newfound access to the transparent world because Tundra could completely mask his bloodlust and do the very same thing with his red knee trim blade and the 13th form of sun breathing he'd finally.

Have a strength to put an end to the nightmare once and for all and on the verge of passing out from exhaustion Tundra would hear the demon expresses gratitude before finally fading away once and for all if you enjoyed this little what if story and want to see more like it be sure to let us know in the comments and if you have any.

Particular suggestions you'd like to see us flesh out feel free to brought those too as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you can you die