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Continued support so I can make better videos for all of you thank you so today I'm going to be making a dessert I had never heard of until a beautiful lovely told me all about it Aiden King thank you so much for getting in touch with me so tell me about.

Chocolate concrete also known as Chocolate Crunch or chocolate brick do you know of this dessert or pudding as they call it in the UK I have learned from many of my British viewers that pudding is not just that creamy puddiny thing that we think of here Stateside pudding is also a word to describe a dessert so this dessert called chocolate.

Concrete was often served at school lunches or School dinners as it's often coined in the UK and it is similar to a brownie because it's chocolate and butter and it's got some flour and sugar but it is packed down and has a much firmer texture that's why it's sometimes called Chocolate Crunch so it's a much beloved dessert it takes many people.

Back to their Childhood Days from my understanding it is no longer served but another thing I found interesting about this dessert is that it's served with a pink custard a bright pink custard or kind of a milk cream sauce so you've got this beautiful brown chocolate bar served with this cute pink sauce so let's go ahead and make it.

First thing I'm going to do before we do that is I'm going to prepare my pan if you don't have parchment paper to line your pan you can just butter it liberally but I love using parchment paper because it makes it really easy to take the dessert out of the pan so I've showed this before but I will demonstrate again this is how I line my.

Pans and just go like this Square size makes it super easy and use my pan to guide me where the edges are okay so just a square pan makes it really simple put that in there and I'm just gonna put a little Notch so that it sits better in the pan.

So I've just cut it like that and then we can just place it again just so it's not so high in the oven I'm gonna make another notch with some scissors because my oven is pretty small plus we don't want the paper touching the heating elements.

I'm just going to fold that down a bit how you do this does not matter so much it's just that you have your pan lined now we'll set that aside so in this bowl I've got some melted butter smells great to that I'm going to sift in some cocoa powder oops sugar lots of sugar.

And flour plain old all-purpose flour and I've got some granulated sugar that I've set aside for later that's it those are our ingredients I'm going to stir this in the sifting helps us get rid of any lumps especially with the cocoa powder which is so fine that it tends to lump.

Behind me I have my oven preheated to 350 degrees okay so sieve is really great for getting out any lumps oh and the butter I used was salted butter by the way now we're just going to gently stir it a bit now this is going to be a very dry and crumbly.

Mixture from what I've seen and this is purposeful because this is called a chocolate concrete so I imagine that comes from its firm texture but it's also called a chocolate Crunch it's supposed to be quite dry and firm but the ingredients sound delicious I don't see why this would not be delicious okay since it's so crumbly.

I'm going to mix it with my hands I'm gonna grab a pair of gloves there's a mixture very crumbly so what we want to do is just evenly distribute all that butter and really knead it together it smells so good that combination of chocolate and butter so if you squeeze it it does kind of.

Hold its shape see that so just want to make sure we get the flower really Incorporated in there and if you don't have salted butter you could just add a pinch of salt salt mine actually all right I think we are pretty well mixed I don't see any dry patches smells so great already.

I mean we could eat it like this although flour I've been told should not be eaten raw so unless you toast it I've made a cookie dough batter before that's meant to be eaten raw and it recommends heating or toasting up the flour first precisely for that reason okay so now we're going to take the pan that we prepared and.

Pour this mixture right into the pan this is an eight inch baking pan by the way okay so here is our crumbly mixture and now the real trick to this I've read is that you really need to compact this this is the concrete portion now most recipes say to just use your hands and really press it in but I recently heard of a trick that I really want to try I.

Usually use a flat bottom measuring cup like this when I'm making like a tart or something to press down the crumb or a graham cracker crust but I recently heard of this trick of using a loaf pan I happen to have a small loaf pen which would be perfect for getting into these Corners when you're using a square pan so let's try it so first I'm just going.

To give a general Tamp oh yes that works beautifully look at that already yeah okay and then I'm gonna get it just kind of cursory flattening evening evening not like night evening but like you know flat leveling I think is the word that's more precise.

Let me use my paper to help me out here and get me edges very nice very nice and then really press hard so when I press hard it compacts it down can you see that I'm packing it in One Direction and then doing the opposite direction oh this is great this is the great tool.

For this I love having the right tool for the project I also love coming up with ways when you don't have the right tool that's very fun too so I have it collecting a little bit in the corners so I'm using the paper to help me get it out from that edge there I suppose you could just press it on top.

Of the parchment paper as well let's try that so I'm folding the parchment down to make sure I get all the way into the edges and it's interesting as a person from the states to hear the term pudding used generally as a word for dessert I have.

Such strong associations with pudding as something that is thick and cool and creamy or chocolatey so to think of this as a pudding is interesting all right so I think my concrete is hard like concrete nicely firm I think this is about as hard as I can press it alrighty so.

Beautifully flat even and compressed so now we're going to pop this into a preheated 350 degree Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius oven and bake this for 20 minutes we allow it to cool just a little bit and it can be even warm or at room temperature when the chocolate concrete is a little bit cooler it'll have a firmer texture so it'll be more.

Like that crunch or concrete so I think that's how I'm going to have it alrighty lovelies I'll see you in a little bit foreign is baking let's make the hot pink custard that often accompanies it so first thing we're going to need is some custard powder you can make custard or a.

Clam on glaze from scratch if you like with some eggs and milk but I think this is pretty typical and this is probably what was served in the cafeteria so this is what I'm going to be using this is Bird's original custard powder and based on what it says in the ingredients it looks like it's cornstarch and vanilla and salt.

I would have thought this contained some kind of milk but we're going to be adding milk to it so yeah I guess it's mostly corn starch this is what it looks like and let's open it up a slight pink cast to it slightly it doesn't really come up on camera but.

Maybe that's the annatto coloring in it it's kind of a yellow color so because I'm making a pink custard instead of using just regular whole milk I'm going to be using strawberry milk this recommends adding some sugar to it but my strawberry milk is already sweetened so I'm going to skip that one heaping tablespoon into my bowl.

Pot not a bowl this has an equal amount of sugar but again because this is sweetened I'm just going to add a half tablespoon of sugar and then we get a spatula and mix those two together and add a little bit of milk to it first before we turn on the heat it smells like strawberry poke okay oh.

Look at that pink color I love it love it look at that color can you see it you can't see it okay you'll see it once okay it happens oh and yes look at the custard powder it's kind of orange so pink and orange together might make more yellow might make an orange colored sauce well we'll add more food coloring if need be we.

Want to make the sure that our pink sauce is pink so what we're doing is dissolving the cornstarch into the milk so we can avoid lumps once we add the Heat and then we add the rest of the milk so that's it now we're going to add the rest of the milk Okay pink is definitely taking over but I think I'm gonna add a little bit.

More pink food coloring to that because I want this to be pink you know because the custard pattern has some yellow color in it it's making this look more Peach so I'm going to add a couple drops I think so let's add one drop of red food coloring and see where that takes us not too full.

Oh yeah okay alrighty now we're going to add some heat foreign why are you lighting can a few empty oh yeah let's try that again add some fuel that's full and and yes thank you so we're just going to bring this to a boil and it.

Should thicken and I want that Pinker so I'm going to add a drop of pink see how that looks okay yeah now we're talking yes that's that's it nice soft Pepto-Bismol pink you see that yes.

Beautiful so we're gonna let that come to a boil since we incorporated the cornstarch initially we should not have any lumps all right bring this to a boil then I will be back okay alrighty chocolate concrete is complete almost so right when the.

Concrete comes out of the oven we're supposed to take a little additional granulated sugar and sprinkle it on top some recipes I read you put it on before with a little brush of water but I like the idea of putting it on after a little extra Crunch and Sparkle snowy snowy effect you know what I mean see.

This distribution yeah I don't like okay that's better so this of course will give it added sweetness but it will also add some texture too it smells so good it smells a lot like a brownie it doesn't look exactly like a brownie though I read that these are best eaten the day.

They're made but you can keep them in an airtight container for up to five days so in order to hasten the cooling process I'm gonna take this out that's why I love parchment I'm gonna pull it out place it on a rack to help it cool off a bit and my pan is very clean so.

And let this cool just a bit before we slice into it and it can be served either hot or cold I think I'll cut it first and have one while it's hot and then one once it's cooled off ices beautifully let's eyeball this have a look at that look at that that's beautiful.

That looks like a brownie to me very dense one grab my concrete and then I'm going to take our hot custard put into a pitcher mix in any skin that is formed and now we're going to pour s on the top.

Look at that pink sauce give this a taste my first bite of chocolate concrete itadakimasu oh boy is it ever sweet the first thing I taste is that warm strawberry Pokey flavored sauce it's.

More milky than creamy I like that it's not as rich as it looks that's because we have lots of cornstarch that basically just thicken the strawberry milk but it has that very familiar Nestle Quick strawberry milk flavor it reminds me of being a kid it's great now the chocolate concrete itself to me it tastes a lot like a brownie.

Because it has that beautiful combination of butter sugar and cocoa but the texture is very different so let me have a piece without the strawberry sauce this is warm just a bit crumbly mm-hmm the texture is a little bit similar to like a shortbread cookie a Sandy it's very crumbly yet this is warm and it has.

That really great crunch that comes with granulated sugar kind of crunchy yet crumbly buttery and chocolatey it's kind of a cross between a cookie and a bar cookie you know how bar cookies are a little gooey this one's not gooey it's more Sandy but got a great chocolate flavor and it's.

Surprisingly not as sweet as I thought it was going to be I think combined with the custard sauce it's definitely sweeter but alone it's actually not overly sweet um really like that warm I want to try it when it's cold though and see how it crunches but warm it's.

Lovely and I actually prefer it without the pink custard sauce I like the look of the pink custard sauce and the flavor of the strawberry is very nostalgic but together I feel like the chocolate and the strawberry are kind of competing they don't necessarily complement each.

Other in my opinion in terms of flavor I think in terms of texture it's great you got dry kind of crumbly cookie with this sauce I think the combination of textures works it's just not the flavor maybe vanilla custard plain custard but it's great alone I don't think it needs the custard at all.

Sorry Brits if I have a fun to do um so I'm gonna let this cool off a bit and we'll do another taste with it cooled off but beautiful all right so I'm gonna wait about I don't know a half an hour and we'll taste this again to see what it's like cold already treat a little bit alrighty lovelies I have a piece of.

Chocolate concrete that is completely cooled now let's give it a taste and see how it compares to it when it's warm alrighty once again still very tasty and much more cookie-like than previously previously it was much more crumbly I'm not quite a cake at all but crumbly in this case it actually holds together but it's not as.

Moist as a bar if you're having a blondie for example it's not like that it's much sandier in texture I like the flavor it's very rich chocolatey flavor without feeling dense at all once again it's more similar to a shortbread mm-hmm and it's got a great crunch on the top.

It's got that great Sandy crunch on the top from the granulated sugar which goes really well with the Sandy kind of crumbly shortbread texture of the chocolate concrete itself very good not nearly as sweet as I thought it was going to be I like that I think this would go really nicely with an icy cold glass of milk or a nice cup.

Of tea mm-hmm all right my lovely thanks so much for watching and big thanks to hellofresh for sponsoring this video if you'd like to try hello fresh for yourself click the link down below or go to and use my code 60 Emmy made to receive 60 off and free shipping.

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Lot tastier than concrete I've never eaten concrete before though so now to find a cup of tea