– Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. – Hey everyone, I'm Jeri. – And I'm Gideon. – And today, our producer has challenges to turn this Popeyes chicken sandwich into a sweet dessert. – Our friend, Tucker, isgonna come in, try our dishes- – And then, we're gonnatry to have him guess what the original dish was.

Are you ready for the challenge Gidsgids? – Always. – Let's do it.- Let's do it. (upbeat music) – So my game plan is I'm gonna turn this into a maple bacon donut. First things first, I'mgoing to be saving this mayo for our white chocolate ganache. Now, I'm going to tear these buns apart.

Now, we're going to toastthese and we're gonna grind it and turn them into breadcrumbs. And by toasting these, itactually intensifies the flavor of the bread, 'cause itgets rid of the water and it's gonna enhancethe flavor of our donut. All right, now that ourbuns are nice and toasted and it's cooled down, now we're going to make fine bread crumbs. (machine whirring).

All right, now this looks perfect and we're gonna usethis for a donut batter. – So after seeing the Popeyes sandwich, I think I'm going to make astrawberry balsamic cupcake. So to kick things off, I'm going to, first, add the sour cream, some milk and vanilla. And then, give this a really quick whisk just to incorporateall of the ingredients.

And once that's all mixed,I'm gonna take the bun and then break it upinto little pieces first. And then, I'm gonna use a fork to really, really get it into the wet ingredients. This is my first timeturning a savory dish into a sweet dish. And I'm really curious toknow what Gideon's doing, but honestly, I'm feelingpretty confident about this. And then from here, I'm gonnamove on to my dry ingredients.

– Now, we're going tomake the candied pickles. The first things first,we got to rinse it. All we have to do is mix water, sugar, and once that's mixed, thenwe'll toss the pickles. So we're just gonna letthis sit until it becomes like a super light brown,then we take it out. These look great, we're gonna let this setfor about 10 minutes, so that they harden.

Hopefully, Tucker doesn'tthink it's too weird 'cause I wanna win. – I'm going to mix into my cake flour some baking soda, baking powder, and salt. And then from there, I'm just gonna givethis a really good whisk just to make sure allof the dry ingredients are well incorporated. Then, I'm going to moveon to creamy my butter.

And whip it on high for two minutes until it's creamy, light, and fluffy. About now, I'm going to add the sugar, and then, beat thatfor another two minutes until it's niceincorporated, super fluffy. All right, things arelooking good in here. We're going to add three eggwhites to the sugar mixture. This is looking so good. I'm going to add my burger mixture.

To these wet ingredients here. The last step is to add mydry ingredients to this. Give it one last mix and we'regood to go with the batter. This is looking beautiful. And I'm gonna fill these just about three quarters of the way up. I'm going to bake theseuntil they're nice and puffy or when a toothpickinserted comes out clean. – All right, now, we'regonna make our dough.

First, we're gonna mixour wet ingredients, which is buttermilk, three egg yolks, one whole egg grape seedoil, and lemon zest. And we're gonna whisk it. Now, for our dry ingredients. Cake flour, sugar, now thebread crumbs that we made, baking powder, baking soda,salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Now, I'm gonna mix it for a couple seconds to mix the dry ingredients.

We're gonna slowly addour wet ingredients. So we're gonna keep mixingthis until it's well combined. It's gonna be sticky,but once it's chilled, it's gonna gonna be easy to work with. Now, it's time to roll our dough. I have this baking sheetlined with parchment paper. I'm a little worried 'causeI'm not that experienced in making donuts. You shall see.

Okay, so it's very sticky. We're going to useanother parchment paper. So we're gonna roll thisto about half an inch thick and we're going to chill thisfor about 30 to 60 minutes. Hopefully, it'll be easier to work by then once it's nicely chilled. – So for this next part of the cupcake, I'm going to be taking the fried chicken, and then create a crispychicken buttercream frosting.

Now, I know that sounds superwacky, but just hold tight. It's gonna be amazing. So here, I'm just goingto remove the batter and try to keep the actualchicken part intact. All right, now, look at that, beautiful. I'm gonna be setting this aside, and then, transfer this overto my prepared baking sheet. And then, I'm going tojust pop this in the oven just for a little bitjust so I can dry it out.

A little bit more to get it super crispy. So in my next step, I am going to give this a really good chop and get the pieces nice and fine. Listen to that crunch. You know, Gideon's my boy, heis the crispy chicken king. But you know what? I'm bringing my game. We're gonna move on to assembling.

The rest of the buttercream. So starting off, I'm goingto, first, cream the butter and here we have the mayofrom the chicken sandwich, and that is a lot of mayo. This is so wacky 'causeI've never added mayo, but I'm super excited tosee how it's gonna turn out. I'm curious to know howTucker's going to feel about having mayo in hisbuttercream frosting. And I don't know if I want to tell him.

I'm going to whip this on medium high until it's light and creamy and fluffy. This is looking beautiful. So we have some vanilla, some heavy cream, and then, finally, some powdered sugar. So I'm gonna need about four cups of this but I'm gonna add it in little batches just so it doesn't get messy in here. (machine whirring)Oh, all right.

Okay, it's looking beautiful. The last step is adding thesuper crispy chicken breading to the frosting. I'm just gonna mix this until the breading is wellincorporated into the frosting. So this last step istransferring it to a piping bag, and then, I'm gonnaset it aside for later. – Now that our dough hasbeen nice and chilled, and it's easy to work with,we can start cutting them.

I'm gonna sprinkle some flour. I'm gonna spray the bakingsheet with just some oil. Now, we have our donut cutter. We're gonna dip that into the flour. Oh, there we go, that's nice. I'm just gonna push it out withmy finger, nice and gently. We're just gonna let thischill for 30 minutes, then we start frying. About a minute and a half perside until it's golden brown.

And we're gonna turn them, all right. Now, I'm just gonna fry up the rest. – Chicken floss, I'm not gonna lie, I am taking a huge risk with this. I've had pork floss,I've even had fish floss, but I've never made my own. So I'm going to rinsethis under warm water just to remove any excess grease. So now that I rinse my Popeyes chicken,.

I'm gonna add the raw chicken breast along with the Popeyes chicken together along with some water and poach it. So the chicken has beencooking for about 25 minutes, it's time to shred it. So I've transferred thechicken over to this tray, but I wanna hold ontothis liquid for later. The chicken has cooled for a few minutes. I wonder if Tucker's gonnabe like, what is that, what?.

All right, you all,chicken is fully shredded. I'm going to add it backto the reserved liquid along with some salt andsugar, and then reduce that. So I'm cook this onhigh heat for 15 minutes until the pot is completely dried out. Look at what I've created. This is straight chicken floss. Oh, my gosh. – Okay, now, it's timeto make the ganache.

All we're gonna do is mix heavy cream, the mayo we saved earlier,and white chocolate. We're just gonna mix this and we're gonna migrate this on high in 20 to 32nd intervalsuntil the chocolate's melted. Now, for the chicken, we'regonna cut this into thin strips. We're just gonna tossmaple syrup and brown sugar until they're coated evenly. So we're gonna bake this forabout three minutes per side.

Until it's nice and caramelizedand look like bacon. – The Popeyes chicken sandwich has bread and butter pickles. So what I'm going to do is turn it into a strawberry jam. To a sauce pan, I'm going toadd some cut up strawberries. I chopped up thesebread and butter pickles from the sandwich, some sugar,and lastly, balsamic vinegar. I know you're probablylike, are you serious?.

Balsamic vinegar, pickles, strawberries? Strangely enough, it'slike a happy marriage of all of these ingredients, I promise. Next step, I'm going tomake balsamic strawberries. So I hope Tucker like strawberries 'cause it's likestrawberries on strawberries on strawberries with fried chicken. I'm going to add strawberries, sugar, balsamic vinegar, and lastly, corn syrup.

So I'm gonna mash up thestrawberries just a little bit and this will really helprelease some of the juices. We're gonna use this immersion blender and just blend it until it's smooth. Look at that, just lookat that, it's beautiful. So I'm gonna let thiscool for about 15 minutes. My strawberry glaze is completely cooled. Now, I'm gonna take the raw strawberries, dip them in the glaze, andthen let them rest here.

On this rack just to let any excess glaze kind of drip to the bottom. I'm gonna set these tothe side for 30 minutes, and then, we are readyto assemble the cupcake. (upbeat music) – Now, we have our Popeyes chicken bacon, candied pickles, mayonnaiseganache, and burger bun donut. It's time for assembly. I'm gonna dip our donut in the ganache.

Now, we're just gonna garnish it with our chicken baconand our candy pickles. Now here we have it, ourPopeyes chicken sandwich donut. Now, I'm gonna finish decorating the rest 'cause why should Tucker bethe only one to taste this? – We have our burger bun cupcakes, our bread and butterpickle and strawberry jam, our chicken floss, our crispychicken mayo buttercream, and last, but certainly not least,.

We have our beautiful shinystrawberry balsamic garnish. So I'm just gonna give it just a little, little insert right there. And then next, I'm goingto get my crispy chicken, mayo, buttercream. Look at this, it's just, it's beautiful. Then, we have these beautifulbalsamic glazed strawberries. I am most proud of this last step. Just the tease for Gideon to let him know.

That I won this, I won this. Tucker's gonna choosethis baby right here. This is for you. (upbeat music) – Hmm, this one lookslike it has rope on top. Is this rope edible? Okay, and then here we have, oh, my gosh, a pickle sliced so thinlyI can see through it. I trust both of these chefs with my life.

So I'm just gonna go really in hard. Ahh. Okay, am I getting cream cheese frosting? Am I getting cream cheese frosting? This thing is gonna be thekey to me figuring this out. I don't think I'm mad at it. I don't think I'd takea bullet for it either. We're gonna let that marinate while I come over to this bad boy.

Mm, oh, my God. I'm getting like chicken and waffles. What was that pickle there? Mm, okay. – I wonder if Tucker'sgonna be like, what is that? What?- What? They're both breakfast deep. This is like your classicwaffle with the syrup. But this one is, you wentto IHOP and you said,.

Give me that TootyFruity Fresh and Fruity. Oh, my gosh, this isreally hard, isn't it? Chefs, please come in. Hello._ Hey. – What's happening here? – I'm dying to know who's the winner. – Okay, this is extremely hard. (drum rolls) Oh, and I think I have to go with this one.

Only because I love thatjerky crunch with this. I think I'm giving it to Gideon. What is the dish? – Before we reveal, one lastguess of the original dish? – I'm saying fried chicken and waffles. – Give it to me Gids.(drumming fingers) – Hello, aPopeyes chicken sandwich. – 100.- You are lying to me right now, really?.

Never have I ever had one. A hot dog, I would orderboth of your things again. A hundred percent. – And that buttercream that you had was like a crispy chickenskin and mayonnaise. – Why did I lap that up like a dog? – Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. (indistinct) – Thank you for watchingfrom Savory Sweet.

– And if there are any savory foods that you want us toturn into sweet treats, let us know in the comments. – I have one, Crunchwrap Supreme. – {Jeri] That's good.- Just an idea. – Good bye everyone. Thank you so much. (bright music)


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