Greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today's video is sponsored by baksu and I will talk about them a little bit later so today my lovelies we are going to be comparing the most expensive toaster I could find with the least expensive.

Toaster and see what the difference an appliance can make with bread we're also going to be testing two types of bread today too I was inspired to do so in my last toaster taste video a lot of you said why don't you compare it with another Appliance and also from unbox therapy who also tested this beautiful machine.

They tested two types of bread so I said that's a good idea so here I am to do that now I first learned about the Mitsubishi to ST1 toaster which actually looks kind of like toasty if you look at it from afar I yeah years ago I believe it was AV who first shared it the first time I saw it and said it was a Skookum device and so I looked at the price tag.

And I said what a 300 toaster that toast one slice of bread at a time and here I am today to test it it actually cost more than that it's more closer to four hundred dollars because I had to get a converter to convert the voltage because although Japanese appliances have a plug that looks like it's adaptable to us plugs it fits right in the voltage is.

Different so the voltage in the US is 120 volts and in Japan it's 100 volts at any rate we're going to be comparing the Mitsubishi to St one with this toaster which is a 10 model I had a toaster very similar to this for a very long time it was in white and it did an okay job of toasting things you know it just toasted bread which makes a difference often.

When you're having bread very very simple bread so let's I mean simple toaster alrighty so let's go ahead and test out our humble 10 model first I said that we're going to test that first but let's take out the unhumble model first so it comes with a spatula for your toast.

Nice plastic and this is actually a depth gauge too so you can measure the depth or the height of your bread isn't that clever just a little bit of a slickness t o dash ST1 toaster it's very well packaged wow this.

That doesn't even look like a toaster it's got a faux wood finish look at that little handles on the top okay so let's open it wow there's a metal plate here we'll remove this paper this is so cool have you ever seen a toaster like this before it has like a silicone gasket around the edge here and drop this down.

To seal it and that's it the buttons are on the front here that's regular bread that's frozen bread that's a bread with a topping and this is French toast bread this four five six eight is the thickness of your bread this is how you want it toasted you want it really dark you want it medium you want it just.

Light which they call fluffy and this is the start and stop that's it beautiful look at this so now we've unboxed the expensive toaster let us test out the inexpensive toaster and I've got two types of bread one loaf that I just baked in my bread maker my favorite bread maker the Zojirushi bread.

Maker I've spoken about it before absolutely love it makes a great big loaf so I've got this bread and I've also got some inexpensive just white sandwich bread so we'll try that first I think what I'm going to do is just taste the bread unadultered no butter no nothing and I'll do the inexpensive toaster first.

This loaf of bread costs 1.32 so one plain slice of bread this is a hefty loaf I'm gonna slice it my oldest kid loves the heel loves it request it always loves the heel so this is much bigger piece of bread than this I keep wanting to pull the toaster closer to me but I can't because.

The cord's so short so I'm going to put this on level three it goes all the way to six and because I can I can toast two slices of bread at one time so in goes the inexpensive slice and the homemade let's do it this way all right here we go nope did it if I plug it in okay I plugged it in.

There's no on off switch right it's just on okay let's try that again because when I pushed it down it didn't click down okay let's try it again here we go okay you have to push pretty hard for it to click and it feels pretty inexpensive when you touch the mechanisms feels very plasticky and the build quality doesn't feel all that sound but it was only ten.

Dollars alrighty let's check this once this this bounces mm-hmm called Brad I wish I had the camera on when that popped it was kind of violent when like but here we are two pieces of bread okay here is toast number one level three a little darker than I would like all right homemade bread level three.

All right this is kind of on the outer edges of what I would consider almost being over toasted notice the top part is not toasted because it was too big for the toaster alrighty let's give it a taste this is the inexpensive bread itadakimasu toast crisp nutty a little bit dry.

Pretty dry actually but crisp gotta have crispness in your toast experience right but yeah little dry kind of on the croutoni side but that was at level three so the logical thing to do would be to turn the knob down and cook this at two but I want to know what the mid range of this Appliance is I'm also going to test the mid-range of the other.

Plants next we're going to try homemade bread foreign this bread and toast has more of a textural experience you have the crispness on the outside but the bread itself is chewier and it's not as dry but let's try this end right here that didn't really get any color on it.

Whatsoever that part just tastes like warmed up bread which I like so I think mostly this is a matter of toasting preference in terms of wanting it to be a little less toasted but all in all toast alrighty let's try the fancy toaster alrighty my lovelies let's take a quick snack break with our friends over at.

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All of you alrighty so back with our beautiful Mitsubishi toaster I've plugged it into my converter and I'm going to turn that on so using the handy dandy spatula I can check the depth of the bread and see that it's oh see that says Max right there that's the maximum thickness of item that you can put in this toaster from right there that depth.

So that's like half that's a four and let's see how thick my homemade bread is Yo thick that's more like a six I would say okay so open it up place an expensive bread into the machine close it goodbye choose regular bread for thickness and.

Medium it's already on there look at that see those settings start gotta love those beeping sounds I love it it's like little chirps okay tells me that it's working oh oh it's rapidly oh steamy yo look at this sexy machine look at that steamy action.

What all from that piece of bread yo yo yo do you see all this steam I think that's coming out of this piece of bread okay It beeped ready look at that that looks about the same level of toastness as level three on our inexpensive toaster look.

But this thing is steaming backside look how even it is all right let's give it a bite here we go oh so good it's different it's totally different no that is so impressive same bread seemingly on the outside same level of toastness although this was much more even didn't have those grid marks and.

The Browning is completely even this tastes fluffier inside the bread has a real nice lightness to it and it's moist hmm and there's a bit of a chew to the bread too same bread the other one was parched and croutoni well this is crisp and super tender but there's.

Almost no bread at all it's just really light and tender fluffy and thin well I only don't be toast wow super impressed all right let's put the bad boy in there the big big bad boy alrighty here we go wow Mitsubishi t-o-s-t-1 all right toast in the toaster and we close it.

Bread is the same level I would say is a six and start it's so cute I love how the sounds are like it's alive it's just adorable I'm sure I have Winston's all over my face but we'll clear them off for all of you who know who Winston is let me know down in the comments for.

Toast comparison this is a little bit late you can see the similarity in color this was with the inexpensive and this is with the expensive toaster and you can see how much more I ate of the expensive one it was really good even though it's the same bread look inexpensive expensive very similar.

Toast coloration okay more sexy steams coming out I cannot get over this all right let's open this up yo darling you're beautiful toast in the middle you a bit light this is a little bit got this has got a little bit of lines and that's from my cutting of the bread so.

My bread cutting was a little uneven all right so we can compare this is the conventional inexpensive toaster this is the fancy toaster again this one is more even even though both of these slices were hand cut okay enough dribber driver let's give this a taste alrighty here we go.

Oh man my belly approves oh my goodness again it does such a great job the bread is Fluffy inside not dry the outside is crisp you have to have Crispers otherwise it's not toast in my opinion but the fact that the bread remains moist in the middle is such a revelation.

mmm so good lovely lovely lovely I think the toasting of this is even better than the balmuta which if you haven't seen that video I'll put a link to that down below another toaster that came from Japan quite expensive as well about 300 you add a little bit of water to that.

Toaster and it toasts beautifully but this bread is even better I feel like the fluffiness is more accentuated in this toaster I don't know how it does it something magicness of the Mitsubishi that I know is as being car makers manufacturers Pretty stinking amazing toaster I mean I took this just out a few.

Minutes ago and still fluffy in the middle amazing best toast I've ever had out of a toaster usually it's all about the texture this is what this machine does it creates a beautifully textured piece of toast is it worth it it depends on how important this Sublime experience of having toast is to.

You if you were to meet it out over a series of days over a year a dollar a day and you've got it so all together this cost me about 400 because I did have to buy the converter but best toast I've ever had drinking great no butter jam.

Nothing just beautiful toasted bread all right my lovelies thanks so much for watching and big thanks to boxu for sponsoring this video if you'd like to try Box 2 for yourself and have a little taste of honey in your own home click the link down below and use my code to receive 15 off your order thanks again for watching I hope you enjoyed that one.

I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media like this video ring that Bell And subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye alrighty now to go find something to put on my toast to make this an even heightened Sublime experience.